Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Clintons Have Always Played the Race and Gender Card

On January 26, the voters of the first state to secede from the United States of America leading to that great internal conflict called the Civil War, South Carolina will have the opportunity to exhibit some semblance of Black voting power. Thus, an Obama victory in the heart of the Old Confederacy would ultimately force the Clinton establishment to have a super strong showing on Super Tuesday or the Clinton dynasty will be finished. That’s why from the beginning of the present Democratic primary, the Clintons have been playing the race and gender card. It was the Clintons and their surrogates who first introduced race into the Democratic race not the Obama camp.

Long before the Iowa Caucus, the Clintons had their surrogates deliberately plant false stories about Mr. Obama such as he attended Muslim extremist schools; he was a crack dealer and he has a drug problem; that his foreign policy experience consisted of living abroad at the age of ten. All of these actions by the Clintons were designed to create White voter fear in the overwhelming majority of the voters in Iowa and in New Hampshire who are White. Bill Clinton said that Obama was on a fairytale ride, in which he later had to apologize for making such a ridiculous remark.

According to George E. Curry, former editor-in-chief of Emerge Magazine, the Clintons accused Mr. Obama of playing the race card by exploiting an insensitive remark Hillary uttered about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Hillary said in an interview that “Dr. King’s dream began to be realized when President Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964….It took a president to get it done”. Then Bill Clinton made an asinine effort to engage in damage control relative to Hillary’s remarks by going on Al Sharpton’s radio program and saying Hillary’s remarks were taken out of context. Hillary’s comments were insulting to all Black people and to all people that have an acute awareness, understanding and appreciation for the role that Dr. King, other leaders and the foot soldiers who actively participated in the struggle for their basic human and civil rights and in the struggle for black liberation. Bill Clinton dodged the civil rights movement and Hillary was an avowed supporter of the Neo-racist Barry Goldwater. Mr. Goldwater voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Bill Clinton’s mentor was one of the most notorious Black hating segregationist, J. William Fulbright. And it has been reported for years that Bill Clinton’s brother Roger uses the “N” word more often than most of the hard rappers. The Clintons think they can say and do anything to Blacks and we will give them a free pass because of our inherit slave mentality.

In the past, Bill Clinton demeaned the beautiful Black woman, sister Souljah with his vicious attack on her character after she exposed him for who he really is. How many remember when Bill Clinton left the highly qualified Lani Guinier out to dry as she was faced with a series of unprecedented attacks from Republicans when she was up for an appointment as head of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. Harry Alford, co-founder, president, CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce states that “I have never seen my people so in love with someone who has done virtually nothing for them”. Why are Black people so na├»ve? As a people, we simply don’t read, study, evaluate, investigate, or cross-examine the records of the people we vote for public office. This blind loyalty to the Clintons and the Democratic party is more reminiscent of the master/slave –servant relationship of the old ante bellum south. Recently, Hillary has made jokes about other ethnic groups, such as Asians. Hillary said: “ I know Mahatma Gandhi. He runs a gas station in St. Louis.” She has also made remarks about Barack Obama’s name saying “I thought Barack was on odd name, but then I found out it meant Bubba in Swahili.” The Clintons are the most unadulterated closet racists on the planet and only fools amongst us would say otherwise. I would gladly debate anyone on the civil rights record of Bill and Hillary Clinton. You name the time and place.

The Clintons support of Blacks is more about show and style than substance. Other than attending a few Black churches, playing the wrong notes on the saxophone, giving out a few medals to war vets and making a condescending apology for slavery, Bill and Hillary have had an atrocious record on civil rights and on the support of Black families. In May, 1996, the centrist Dixiecrat closet Republican, President Clinton signed into law the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, which replaced the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), with state block grants. This action by Mr. Clinton substantially cut programs that were designed to help the poor, particularly millions of Black women and children. Thus as president, Bill Clinton set the moral tone in the country thereby providing a platform and atmosphere that were conducive to negative anti-affirmative and civil rights laws and legislation. That on November 5, 1996, the State of California passed Proposition 209 which outlawed affirmative action in the state. Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Clinton and Ward Connerly for denying equal educational opportunities for African-American and Hispanic youth so that now the African-American student enrollment in California institutions of higher learning is at the same level that it was in 1968.
And since the passing of Proposition 209, contracts awarded to female businesses are down 35%. It has also been reported that Hillary Clinton, while as First Lady, consistently urged President Clinton to dismantle many of the programs that were designed to help poor people, mainly Blacks and Hispanics.

Who was the President of the United States when genocide was being committed in Rwanda by Hutus against Tutsis? The Rwanda genocide was the most severe carnage in the loss of human life in such a short period of time in modern history. What did Bill Clinton do to stop, prevent, contain or limit the slaughter? Mr. Clinton, as Commander-In-Chief of the strongest military on the face of the earth, did absolutely nothing to stop the genocide of 1.5 million Black African tribespeople. The patronizing, misguided author, Toni Morrison has the gall to call Mr. Clinton the nation’s first Black President, which is a blatant insult to all African-Americans. Mr. Clinton sent thousands of U. S. troops into Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo to prevent the slaughter of millions of Muslims and non Serb Bosnians who were being trounced by the Serbs and Croats. These people just happen to be White. You draw your own conclusions!!! It must be noted that Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail or in the debates has not mentioned one word about the suffering of the innocent victims of the genocide in the Darfur region of the Sudan. Unlike Senator Obama, who has a comprehensive plan in his campaign platform to aid in the resolution of the catastrophic suffering of the people of Darfur, Senator Clinton has followed true to her conservative voting record on foreign policy matters in the Senate and therefore has not rocked the boat on the Darfur issue.

The Clintons had one of their female surrogates, Gloria Steinem fiercely attack Obama saying females have had it harder than Black males in this society. This whole negative effort by Ms. Steinem was designed to obtain the support from particularly Black women and White female voters. Steinem’s comments were a deliberate attempt of “divide and conquer” relative to pitting Black females against Black males so that Hillary would be the recipient of that harvest of discontent. However, professor Ogeltree of Harvard University said Steinem’s comments do not square with the record. According to professor Ogeltree, there are 16 White female senators and 8 White female governors. Professor Ogeltree rested his case……Where was Gloria Steinem and the White feminist movement when sister Shirley Chisholm was running for President of the United States? The White feminists were A.W.O.L……Hillary also has been making the rounds
on the various talk shows appearing weak and weepy in a deliberate attempt to court the female voters. Do you want your Commander-In Chief to appear weak, weepy and teary in front of the great world leaders of our time? I’ll give Hillary a cameo for her performance in
the New Hampshire diner right before the New Hampshire primary and for her stellar acting on the Tyra Banks show.

I believe that neither Hillary nor Obama can win playing the race card as a strategy. The Republicans would certainly use it against the Democratic nominee. Barack Obama especially is the potential loser because no African-American can win while appearing to be playing the race card or being racially divisive. Obama understands that playing the race card would be political suicide and this is why he has stayed away from anyone who has given the appearance of playing racial politics , unlike the Clintons who are masters in playing racial politics. A recently released NBC poll shows Obama leading among African-American voters in South Carolina and coming in last among White voters in South Carolina. Hillary Clinton is in second place among African-American voters and is in second place among White voters in South Carolina. John Edwards is in last place among Black and White voters in South Carolina. It appears as though Hillary is more damaged by John Edwards’ continued candidacy. However,
polls can be very misleading and in most cases are not an accurate indicator of how people feel on the inside which was evidenced by Hillary’s showing in New Hampshire. Since the Clintons are judging the pulse of the polls, evaluating the feedback from their campaigns, and listening to the sponsored media with their false deceptive polls, they, the Clintons, have pulled out their big guns in a well orchestrated campaign of lies and distortions. THAT’S WHAT THE CLINTONS DO BEST!!!!!!!!

The Clintons have many of their Uncle Tom surrogates, such as Bob Johnson, the anti-Black purveyor of obscene, indecent, smutty, filthy videos, John Lewis, Charlie Rangel, Andrew Young and a whole host of others who have been propped up to prominence by the Democratic establishment and the decadent business community. These Uncle Tom surrogates are not too discerning or demanding concerning matters of principle. These Black surrogates have put interests of the Clintonian establishment over the interests of our respective Black communities. Furthermore, these Black surrogates receive many of their funds for their campaigns from the DNC and other Democratic front organizations. They support Hillary Clinton because that’s where they receive their financial support from the
corporate democrats. Oh yes…………these Black Toms talk like they are Black but most are the complete antithesis of everything that our foremothers and forefathers died for. Sadly, a majority of s0-called local, state and national Black surrogate leaders in their pandering to the Clintonian establishment have sold their communities and traded their souls for a dry bone from the Clintons table and for the honor of currying favor with Whites in power. They have not been as selective in their choices as a pet dog would be. Moreover, in their desire to be loved, they have required no more than a patronizing pat by the Clintons on the head, just like a dog. These Blacks are regarded as toilet tissue by the Clintons. They are useable and disposable to those who use them in order to maintain the status quo and to return America’s most dysfunctional political family to the Oval Office. People like Bob Johnson, John Lewis, Charlie Rangel, Andrew Young and other sell-out Toms in their service as footstools and patsies to the Clintons have betrayed, misled and misinformed other Blacks for whom they assumed representative or leadership status. They serve as surrogates in maintenance of the status quo. Brother Malcolm X correctly called all these Uncle Toms modern day house servants. Unfortunately for Blacks in America, it also involves a quest for the soul and the vote of Blacks who are not involved in the making of America by a banal, callous and ambivalent Democratic Party who has
come to depend on us and who can always expect to take our support and our vote for granted. It is a contest of mediocrity between two great monoliths---------the other side of the tug-for-votes being an inept, hostile and racist Republican Party, clumsy in its handling of the bride it is trying to woo, fearful of scrutiny, angry and strident of questions and adversity and biased of those it does not understand and know intimately.

It is the sponsored media that continually fuels the flame with race-baiting and with false misinformation about the Black gender and generational gap among African-American voters in South Carolina and throughout the country solely for the benefit of Hillary Clinton. In the final analysis, the only group that benefits in the Clintons niggardly campaign of racial politics is the sponsored media. Propaganda, regardless of the slant is designed to bait the misinformed public. The media is implicit in the overall scheme of things for without the media, propaganda would not exist.

Mr. Obama does have the intellect, vision, integrity, character, experience and foresight that are required to become the President of the United States of America. I also believe that Mr. Obama has an acute understanding of how to promote and build a true egalitarian society by making all segments of our population feel that they have a bona-fide stake in fulfilling their hopes, aspirations and dreams. When you get Hillary Clinton, it’s just more of the same with a different label. She’s old wine in the same old bottles. I thoughtfully and sincerely feel Hillary does not possess the foresight or any of the necessary qualities and/or attributes to address in depth with understanding and compassion the needs of this country both domestically and internationally. I’m afraid with Hillary we will get the “two for one” with more of business as usual for as we know, the Clintons are solely about self aggrandizement, greed, power and maintaining the status quo-----------and certainly not change.

Ronald B. Saunders

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Is Iowa Truly a Microcosm? Great Victory for Obama in Iowa


Is Iowa truly a microcosm of America? Iowa is 98 % White. How will Obama play in South Carolina ?? He could be the beneficiary of all the hard work that Jessie Jackson and his organization put in South Carolina in the eighties. If he receives 70% of the African-American vote in S.C., he should win. But there are large number of Black evangelicals that vote in South Carolina. And I'm not sure if Mr. Obama has totally convinced them that they should vote for him. On the contrary, the Black voters might perceive of Obama's candidacy as something that they have been striving for all of their lives relative to judging a person on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.The Democratic Caucus vote in Iowa was indeed a referendum on Hillary Clinton and she lost.

As I have stated on numerous occasions, the American people would or could elect a female as President of the United States but not Hillary Clinton. Hillary and Bill have far too many negatives and the American voters are tired of Bill Clinton masquerading around the country with all his lies and distortions. The Clintons have been known to play down and dirty hard-ball politics. So look for them to pull out everything in their arsenal to defeat Obama in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Furthermore, I'm told that the Clintons have a big smoking gun at their disposal and they will use it when the time is right on Obama.

Iowa may be the first sign that the American electorate is simply fed up with the Clinton and Bush dynasties and that there is a deep crack in the Clinton armor. The Clintons are the biggest political frauds ever perpetrated on the American people,and indeed Bill Clinton may be the most dysfunctional politician of our time.

Ronald B. Saunders