Friday, August 21, 2015

The Great American Road Trip from Pittsburgh, PA to Black Hills South Dakota

Black Buzz News Service
Ronald B. Saunders Project
Pittsburgh, PA
August 21, 2015

                                              Western Heritage Center   Spearfish, South Dakota

                                                                Deadwood, South Dakota

                                                                          Photo of First American

 Deadwood's Methodist Church was the first church ever visited by Calamity Jane.  It was her own funeral.

                        For 108 years, the Historic Franklin Hotel has played host to America's elite.

                                                                    Old Gold Mine

                                                              Custer State Park

                                                                       Custer State Park
                                                              Open grasslands and wildlife

                                                               Custer State Park
                                                                  Bighorn Sheep

                                                          Crazy Horse Memorial Center
                                                Crazy Horse Memorial Avenue Of the Chiefs
                                                              Crazy Horse, SD 57730

                                     Painting of Korczak Ziolkowski, Sculptor of Crazy Horse

                                                  Sculptor of Crazy Horse by Korzac

          Ruth Still with Ruth Ziolkowski, widow of  Crazy Horse sculptor and former Senator, presidential                                                       candidate and World War II hero George McGovern

                 Most of the pictures were taken by Ruth Still while on her trip to Black Hills, South Dakota.