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WAHOO BUZZ: Virginia Cavaliers Knock Off No.15 Minnesota Gophers 87-79 in ACC/Big Ten Challenge

Lightfoot Virginia
November 30, 2010

Lightfoot ( BBSNS)- Mustapha Farrakhan, the grand-son of the great Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, scored a career high 23 points and Mike Scott had 17 key points and pulled down 12 rebounds to lead Virginia to an upset 87-79 victory over the highly ranked No. 15 Minnesota in the opening round of the ACC/ Big Ten Challenge on Monday night in Minnesota.
The tough Trevor Mbakwe had 18 points, 11 rebounds and five blocks for Minnesota. But the Gophers scored just two points during a seven-minute span of the second half and couldn't complete a furious rally in the final five minutes.
The old reliable Tubby Smith was just simply out-coached by the young upstart Virginia coach Tony Bennett.
The Virginia Cavaliers came back on the Court in the second half fired up and they played like they were struggling for their lives in quick sand. What a tremendous effort on the part of the young Cavaliers, who were sinking in quick sand in the first half. The Virginia team was determined not to go down to defeat to the Golden Gophers. The Cavaliers victory over the ranked Gophers just goes to prove that when you have great intensity, determination, discipline, an a super great effort that you can beat a more talented club such as the Gophers.
Mbakwe's put back cut the Virginia's lead to 73-67 with 2 minutes to play, but Scott responded with a three-point play to put the game out of reach.
On a team with seven Freshmen, it was the steady senior Farrakhan's presence and cool shot-making that stabilized the Cavaliers during a very scary start.
Devoe Joseph had 16 points in his return from a six-game suspension and Blake Hoffarber added 19 points for the Gophers, who led 14-5 early and were in control during a dominant first half.
That's when coach Bennett went to one of his three captains off the bench.
Mustapha Farrakhan hit all four of his 3-pointers and scored 14 points in the first half to keep Virginia from getting sunk in quick sand.
Joseph, whose violation of team rules included troubles in the classroom entered the game just over five minutes into it and made an immediate impact. The smooth as silk combo guard hit 3 3 pointers and scored 10 points in the first half, helping to offset Mustapha Farrakhan's solid shooting.
With Mbakwe controlling the paint, Minnesota led by 10 at half time. But the Cavaliers kept making jumpers to stay in the game. Will Sherrill's 3 pointer from the corner-Virginia's ninth 3 in 10 tries-capped a magnificent 12-1 run and gave Virginia a 49-48 lead with 13:23 to play.
The Virginia ACC All- Academic player Sherrill had to be helped off the court with a injury nearly halfway through the second half, but Jontel Evans got a layup off a steal and Harris blew by Colton Evans for an easy layup and a 57-52 lead.
The Virginia Cavaliers were blown out by the overrated Washington Huskies and also lost to likes of Wichita State in the Maui Invitational. The Wahoos grew more confident by the minute in the second half as they fought gallantly to come back from the halftime deficit.
UVA Frosh sensation KT Harrell from Bam gave the Cavaliers a 61-54 lead with under 9 minutes to play and Farrakhan's fast break layup capped the 17-2 burst that put the Cavs in the driver's seat and control of the game.
Ralph Samson III son of UVA legend Ralph Samson was a non-factor throughout the game as his great father watched UVA put forth the better effort of the two ball clubs.
I will assume that the UVA legend Ralph Samson advised his son not to go to UVA because he didn't feel that former UVA coach Dave Leitao was taking the team in the right direction and making the necessary progress in the highly competitive ACC.
Both Bennett, and football coach Mike London indeed have UVA moving in the right direction relative to establishing winning programs in both sports. But it will probably take three or four years for both programs to win consistently in the ACC. So will the UVA Administration, Wahoo faithful and Alumni afford both coaches the opportunity to succeed?

* I would also like to advise coach Bennett and his staff to have his players spend more time passing the ball in practice.
Basketball is still a game of dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, and playing aggressive defense. The UVA players should watch a lot of film/video of such great players as Oscar Robertson, Bob Cousy, Mike Jordan, Pete Maravich, Jerry West, Nate (Tiny) Archibald, Guy Rogers, Walt Frazier, Dick Stockton, and Steve Nash. All of the previous named players were great passers, shooters and dribblers, and the Lakers Kobe Bryant is also in this class. The great Magic Johnson was not included in this class because Ervin was not a great shooter, but he was an adequate clutch shooter. Elgin Baylor and Larry Bird were two forwards that combined great passing, shooting and dribbling skills. Most of the today's players are not fundamentally sound in passing, dribbling, rebounding, shooting, and most like the ferocious mindset in loving to play defense.

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The Ronald B. Saunders Project
The National Black Political Caucus Archives
Pittsburgh PA
November 29, 2010

Blogger Black Buzz received the Silver Poet's Award from the World Book of Poetry in 1987 for his poem titled the Yom Kippur War of 1973.


Out of the night came the gallant Egyptian Army in a sudden surprise attack
Only to be driven back by the Israelis with the sand of the Sinai at their back

The proud Syrian Army from Damascus attacked Israel on the same night
However they were halted by the tough Israelis at the Golan Heights

Egyptian and Syrian Ironclads slugged it out with the Israeli Tanks,
Exposing their very vulnerable left Flank
When the dust settled from battle the victorious Israelis had won,
While the Arabs lie defeated in the torrid hot sun, which was no fun
as they fled north and south on the run.

Will the Arab Armies ever attack Israel on its most holy day of the year?
Nor shall the Israelis yield an inch of their reconquered land, a point Mr. Begin makes very clear.

copyright 1977


Ronald B. Saunders
Chairman of the Board
The National Black
Political Caucus

* The Yom Kippur War began on Saturday, October 6, 1973 and ended on October 25, 1973.
Blogger Black Buzz notes the following:
1. At exactly 2:00 P.M. on Saturday, Israel was attacked simultaneously by Egypt in the South and Syria in the north. Most of the Jews had been fasting during the previous twenty-four hours, for October 6 was the most sacred time of their entire year- the day of atonement.
2. The attack had originally been set for 6: P.M. but two Russian Orbital Sputniks had relayed information that Israel had finally taken invasion threats seriously and had begun mobilization.
3. The raw power and massive troop movements were astounding. In fact before it ended, this would be the largest conventional war, in terms of armored forces, since the end of World War II in 1945.
Some 5,000 tanks alone were employed more than Adolf Hitler used when he invaded Russia, and more than the combined total owned by the Brits and France in 1973. Over one million men would fight, of which 838,000 were Arabs, pitted against 275,000 Jews. Abba Eban foreign minister of Israel, in his statement to United Nations on October 8, 1973 said: "Egypt attacked us with 3,000 tanks, 2,000 heavy guns, 1,000 aircraft, and 600,00 men."
4. By any conventional measurement the Yom Kippur War should have been the annihilation of Israel. Israel was caught off guard and hopelessly outnumbered both man and machine wise. Indeed, for awhile it looked just this way. Golda Meir would later confess: "For the first time in our twenty-five year history, we thought we might have lost."
At one point in the war, only seven battered tanks stood in the way of the Syrians in the North and less than ninety separated the Egyptians in the South. But for some unknown reason or reasons the Egyptians and the Syrians stopped their advances for a full forthy-eight hours. This gave Israel the time they needed for complete mobilization. Why did the Egyptians and Syrians stop their advance when they could have defeated Israel? Military Historians have been pondering the previous question since 1973 and they haven't come up with a satisfactory reason or plausible explanation that would justify why the Egyptians and Syrians halted their advance.
On Friday, October 19, the greatest tank battle in world history was fought in the Sinai desert. Thousands of these armored war machines slugged it out. When the battle smoke had cleared, Israel had won a decisive battle.
5. Why did Jordan's great King Hussein remain out of the war? King Hussein had taken part in the previous three attacks upon Israel. If King Hussein would have helped his Arab brethren that would have assured an Arab victory.
6. When the United Nations finally was able to enforce a cease-fire, the Israeli troops were within twenty miles of Damascus. Why did the Israelis stop from taking Damascus. It is believed that the Russians send President Nixon a cable stating that "If you don't stop those damn Jews we will." Note the Israelis stopped. Nixon apparently wasn't ready to start a nuclear show-down over Israelis advancements toward Damascus. Thus the Bear and her client puppet states of Egypt, and Syria had been defeated again just as they were in the Six-Day War. The Bear's backing of Arab states in the Middle East Region against Israel had gotten then absolutely nothing in two major wars. Shortly thereafter the Bear would go down to defeat in another obscure place called Afghanistan. The Bear has been loosing wars and battles every since 1946.
7. On October 25, 1973, the fourth ( and by far, the biggest ) Middle East War came to an end. Arab causalities exceeded 15,000. Israel losses were over 4, 000.

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North Koreans Unveil New Plant For Nuclear

Powhatan, Virginia
November 23, 2010
Breaking News

Powhatan.. What has the Obama administration led by their super stars Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton been doing for the last eighteen months while the shrewd and highly intelligent North Koreans now have centrifuges that they developed under the supposedly watchful eye of the U.S?
Everyone knows that George W. Bush was also asleep at the wheel as the North Koreans developed their centrifuges.
I have always contended that it was a blatant mistake for President Obama to put Hillary Clinton in charge of the State Department because of her true lack of relevant experience, skills, and substantive knowledge in foreign affairs. We needed a heavyweight in the position of Secretary of State, and what we have in Hillary is a lightweight who is in over her head at the State Department. Oh Hillary knows how to put on a good show!
Politics indeed makes strange bed-fellows.
The Korean conflict or war has never ended, and the North Koreans will not let the U.S. bully them like they do most of the nations around the globe. The Chinese have the North Koreans back, and any move by the U.S on the North could result in an all out war which could develop into World War III.
Presently the the South and North Korean Jets are shooting at each other as the North Koreans Jets shot dozens of rounds onto a populated South Korean island near their far western border.
Last March the North Koreans sunk a South Korean ship that killed 46 sailors, and the only thing the Obama administration did was play war games on the Korean Peninsula.
The United States of America keeps on under estimating the regime in North Korean and one day my good friends the boys in Pyongyang could start a war that can't be stopped.
Truly the North Koreans believe that the United States of America is a paper tiger with its warped 21st Century Manifest Destiny foreign policy And can you imagine some mental-midget fringe nut like Sarah Palin behind the buttons as Commander-In-Chief?

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Pamela Spagnol, News Department at CHANNEL 11 NEWS sends Mr. Saunders a copy of a Letter that she sent to a potential INTERN

The Ronald B. Saunders Project
The Archives of The National Black
Political Caucus
Pittsburgh PA
November 22, 2010

This is a copy of a letter that Ronald B. Saunders received from Pamela Spagnol, Business Manager in the News Department at Channel 11 News which was based upon a letter that I had sent to the Station Manager at Channel 11 News highly recommending Ms. Linda Siracusa for an Internship position at said station.

July 29, 1986

Ms. Linda Siracusa
Pittsburgh PA.

Dear Linda:

Your letter of recommendation from the National Black Political Caucus was forwarded to me. Let me explain the internship procedure for Channel 11 News.
Our internship program is available to second semester juniors and seniors who will be receiving college credit while working in the newsroom.
As part of the formal application it is required that you get a letter from your internship department or sponsoring department stating how many credits you will receive, the number of hours you need to work to complete the credits, your date of graduation and your major. You should provide a resume and cover letter requesting the internship.

Should you want to be considered for the fall term, please send all information to my attention by August 25, 1986.

If you have any questions or want further information, I can be reached at 412-237-4983 during regular business hours.
Pamela Spagnol
Business Manager
News Department

cc: Ronald B. Saunders
Chairman of the Board

Was U.S. interfering in Manila ?

The Ronald B. Saunders Project
The Archives of The National
Black Political Caucus
Pittsburgh PA
November 21, 2010

( Pittsburgh Post Gazette)
Feb. 26, 1986

Every week, the Post-Gazette poses a question to a roundtable of Pittsburgh-area residents. They speak only for themselves.
The question this week is:

Did U.S. pressure on Ferdinand Marcos amount to interference in the Philippines sovereign affairs?

* Ronald B. Saunders, chairman, The National Black Political Caucus: The United States under both Republican and Democratic administrations has shown a lack of comprehension and gross naivete in dealing with the complexities of South East Asia, and the Far East.
Indeed, we have continued to support unpopular, corrupt, dictatorial regimes around world and those regimes have not been in the best interests of the majority of the indigenous natives in those countries.
The U.S. government has permitted its niggardly greed and geo-political interests to take precedence over the will and self-determination of the populace in many of the Countries in South East Asia.
What we have recently witnessed in the Philippines is the inconsistent, flip flop foreign policy of the Reagan administration coupled with the President's irresponsible flippant remarks about voter fraud, which only helped to exacerbate a volatile situation. The Reagan administration had been a staunch supporter of Marcos and when the going got tough the administration left him out to dry-- just as the Carter administration did with the Shah of Iran.


Lawsuit Claims Discrimination Against Racist Apartment Complex In The Baltimore Maryland Area and Vicinity

Special Report
Baltimore, Maryland
November 21, 2010
Breaking News

-- A Baltimore nonprofit organization filed a discrimination lawsuit claiming a local apartment complex made a few apartments available to Black residents.
According to Baltimore Neighborhoods Inc. two Black people they used as testers were told the Middlebrooke apartments and townhomes complex in Westminster had one unit available.
White people used as testers were told there were between 12 and 14 possible vacancies, the group said.
An attorney for the complex said the company had not been yet served.

* Blogger Black Buzz notes that most Apartment complexes in the USA discriminate against potential Black renters even the those Respondents that rent to a Black family or two. The discrimination against new Black home buyers and renters is very pervasive and widespread in such Maryland County's as Anne Arundel, Baltimore County, Carrol County, Cecil County, Hartford County and Howard County, particularly in Columbia Maryland. Most of these discriminators know that the State, and Federal enforcement efforts are virtually non-existent.
When Realtors, Apartment Complex Owners, and Home sellers break the law by discriminating against Blacks, they have little to fear from the government and the courts.
I would like to commend and give Kudos to the Baltimore nonprofit organization that has taken action against said Middlebrooke Apartment Complex. I hereby give you my STAND UP FOR JUSTICE AWARD for taking the Bull By The Horns against this white racism and discrimination, which is still America's number one dilemma.

Read and Review http://blackbuzz.blogspot.com/ Ending Bigotry in Housing Dated February 23, 2009
Note that Ronald B. Saunders' excellent article Ending Bigotry In Housing appeared in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette on February 16, 1986. That was twenty four years ago.

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Doomed Black Boys!

The Ronald B. Saunders Project
Taken From The Book Titled
Crossing Limits
Pittsburgh PA
November 20, 2010

The following poem titled Doomed Black Boys by Charlotte Meade Bacon is on page 68 in the Book Crossing Limits Anthology.
Charlotte has performed with Blogger Black Buzz on programs that promote inter group harmony, and community understanding through the art of Poetry.

Doomed Black Boys!

Black Boy! Hey, Black Boy! you gonna die!
Listen to me, I'll tell you why,

In America you're programmed to fail and fall
'cause ya keep heeding the wild life call,

Accidents used to get you dope and drugs still,
But the biggest threat now is "kill for a thrill."

Run, Black Boy, run like a fool!
Run from Death, Black Boy, stay in school!

Learning may help you avoid strife,
Education could be key to saving your life,

Education could be key to saving your life,
Run, Black Boy! Run, Black Boy! Run, Run, Run!

Darlene Stradwick Of The James Paige Learning Center in Wheeling West Virginia Sends a Letter of Appreciation To Ronald B. Saunders

The Ronald B. Saunders Project
The Archives Of The National Black
Political Caucus
Pittsburgh PA
November 20, 2010

Mr. Ronald B. Saunders received this letter of appreciation from Darlene Stradwick, an Extension Associate of the James Paige Learning Center in Wheeling, West Virginia.

February 17, 1994

Dear Ron:
Thank you for speaking on Black History at the James Paige Learning Center. I feel that your speech to the children was very inspirational. I received a lot of feedback from the children as well as their parents. I feel that your message got through.
I am sending you the banner that the children signed for you.
It was made on the computers at the Learning Center.
Again I'd like to thank you. I hope that you will make a return trip to speak or even visit. It is always good to have black male role models in our community.



Letter From Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, State Civil Service Commission, Executive Director Richard A. Rosenberry

The Ronald B. Saunders Project
Saunders Family Archives
Pittsburgh PA
November 20, 2010

Blogger Black Buzz received this letter from the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission in 1974 for service as an Oral Examiner of Candidates for various Field Investigators positions within the States Civil Service Commission.

Mr. Ronald B. Saunders
Human Relations Representative II
Pa. Human Relations Commission
1100 Penn Center Boulevard
Pittsburgh, Pa 15235

December 16, 1974

Dear Mr. Saunders:

You recently served as an oral examiner of candidates for Field Investigator. The oral examination is an essential part of their evaluation.

The Civil Service Commissioners and I know that the effectiveness of the oral tests is directly dependent upon competence, impartiality and integrity of the examiners. We genuinely appreciate your contribution of these qualities to the service of the Commonwealth.

Sincerely yours

Richard A. Rosenberry

Executive Director

* Note that Ronald B. Saunders was recommended to be an oral examiner by the former Pittsburgh Steeler running back James Brumfield, who was an employee of the Pittsburgh Regional Office of the Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission. Mr. Brumfield was also an outstanding running back at Elizabeth Forward high school, and an Honorable-Mention All American running back At Indiana St, which is the same school that the famous kid from French Lick Indiana Larry Bird honed his basketball skills.
Jimmy Brumfield also played on my Flag Football team in the Allegheny County Flag Football League, which was headed by the former Steeler and Green Bay Packer Lloyd Voss. My Flag Football team also had two great Peabody high school standouts Vernon Philips and Dwayne Ashley.
Vernon Philips is retired from the Pittsburgh Public Schools and he was a longtime Principal at Peabody high School. Dwayne Ashley is the present Director of the City of Pittsburgh's Department of Parks, and Recreation.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Letter That Angus McEachran Editor of the Pittsburgh Press Received From Rabbi Joseph Spector

The Ronald B. Saunders Project
The Ronald B. Saunders Papers
Archives of The National Black Political Caucus
Pittsburgh PA
November 19, 2010

This is a letter that Angus McEachran Editor of the Pittsburgh Press received on March 23, 1988 from Rabbi Joseph Spector of the Tree of Life Synagogue, Uniontown, PA. 15401.

Dear Mr. McEachran:

I am writing this letter to you as a means of expressing appreciation for the forthright letter to you from Ronald B. Saunders that appeared in the Sunday Press on March 20, 1988.

I am grateful to Mr. Saunders for his observations, especially his inclusion in his factual analysis of the well-documented 1929 slaughter of 67 Jewish students in Hebron by Palestinians of that day. It prompted me to write a note to each of my four children recalling for them how I could have been one of those killed had it not been for my mother, of blessed memory.

I thought you and Mr. Saunders might be interested in that note. As I do have Mr. Saunders' address, I would appreciate your sending him a copy of this letter and attachment.

You may print all of this if you feel it appropriate.

Sincerely yours,

Rabbi Joseph Spector
Tree of Life Synagogue
Uniontown, PA 15401

March 20, 1988 " Note to my children"

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recognition for Outstanding Performance

The Ronald B. Saunders Project
Saunders Family Archives
Pittsburgh PA
November 18, 2010

On December 4, 1972 Ronald B. Saunders received an commendation from the Deputy Director Of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission Headquarters Office which was located in Harrisburg PA.

December 4, 1972

SUBJECT: Recognition for Outstanding Performance

TO: Ronald Saunders, Field Representative
Pittsburgh Regional Office
Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission

FROM: Elizabeth G. Henderson, Deputy Director

It has been brought to my attention by both Mr. Eugene V. Nelson, Supervisor of the Pittsburgh Office and through correspondence from the Allegheny-Kiski Valley Branch of the NAACP that you greatly contributed toward resolving a housing complaint in Fawn Township which also grew into what could have been a rather bad tension situation.
The Executive Director and I are most impressed with the dispatch you exhibited and the fine cooperation that you gave to the various community agencies which permitted this matter to be adjusted to the benefit to all concerned.
A copy of this memorandum is being forwarded to Mr. Eugene V. Nelson and a copy of same is being placed in your personnel record.

EGH: jer
cc: Eugene V. Nelson

Racial Conflict In Monssen PA

* Stay tune for the story on how Pennsylvania Human Relations Representatives Ronald B. Saunders and Ralph DeCostro of Midland PA walked bravely into a crowd of angry hostile White & Black students at Monessen Sr. High School who where hurling rocks at each other after a white man named Kavolchick murdered a Black man named Lucas in the town of Monessen PA in 1973.
The entire town of Monessen had erupted into major racial war between Blacks and whites, and it took all the resources of the state of Pennsylvania to reduce the level of tension. Mr. DeCostro and Mr. Saunders played a major significant role in reducing the level of tension between the Black and White Students, and all the town residents. Dr Palone the Superintendent of the Monessen School District said " Without you gentlemen ( Saunders & DeCostro) in my School District my kids would still be fighting and possibly killing each other."
Monessen Mayor Thomas Delfonso said "you two men have helped to save my town from total destruction."
One of the ring leaders of the white students was a football player named Rechichar, and because of my great knowledge of Professional football I asked him was he related to the famous Bert Rechichar of the Baltimore Colts who kicked at the time a record breaking a 56 yard field goal, which was later broken by the Saints Tom Dempsey. The student Rechichar said " he is my uncle." I informed the young Rechichar that I had a 1954 Tops and Bowman football cards of his uncle while he was with said Colts. I also informed the White students Rechichar that his uncle was drafted by the master Paul Brown coach of the Cleveland Browns in 1952 after having a stellar college career with the Tennessee Volunteers. I told the younger Rechichar that I thought his uncle was a very good defensive back and vastly underrated. I further stated that Paul Brown knew good talent, and the Director of Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission Homer Floyd once had a tryout with the Cleveland Browns.
Rechichar was astounded about knowledge of his uncle, and Paul Brown.
So immediately I was able to strike a bond with him because of my knowledge of his uncle, and that aided significantly in getting the other White Students to give up on the use of violence as a way of dealing with the aftermath of the Lucas killing.
Ronald B. Saunders' involvement in the racial conflict in Monessen PA in 1973 is part of the history of the Keystone state, and he played a major role in the making of that history.
* Mr. Saunders notes that Homer Floyd is still the present Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mothers' March Volunteers: Hill District History Is Pittsburgh History

The James S. Robinson Jr, Project

Mrs Beatrice Lee Saunders Robinson Project
Robinson & Saunders Archives
Pittsburgh PA.
November 17, 2010

The article Mothers' March Volunteers appeared in The Pittsburgh Courier on Feb. 7, 1953, and this article is part of the James S. Robinson Jr, Project.
Mothers' March Volunteers

Mrs Eunice W. Cook, chairman of the Hill District March of Dimes, and Mrs Alberta Williams, President of the Jack and Jill' Club wish to express to each chairman and each worker in the drive, for their splendid cooperation. The total raised was $ 1,024.58 on that night, and since then,more money is constantly coming in.
Orchids to the following chairman and workers: Mmes, J. Beatrice Willis, Carolyn Tate, Leila McNeil, Ruth Butler, Annie B. Norad, Mary L.Bennett, Norine W. Cyrus, Elizabeth Jones, Clara Crumbly, Jesse Anderson, Catherine Ramsey, Martha Talley, Bernice Utterback, James S. Robinson, Richard Syphan, Lillie Thompson and Mildred Brown.
Hill City children who took part in the March of Dimes are: Willie Montgomery, Daniel Lanier, Joanne Collins, Beverly Braxton, Benjamin Glascox, Harold Burke, Janet Upsher, William Phipher, Gerald Ragan, Lawrence Ragan, James Leonard, Alvin Caldwell, Kenneth Wright, Levi Williams, Margaret Lomand, Joyce Caldwell, Agustus Parris, James Wright, Betty Brown, Edith Baskin, William Butler, Jimmie Braxton, Mary Ellen Lucas, Ernestine Upsher, George Bradley, Samuel Lanier, Ethel Holt, Chestina Mallory, Mervin Porter, James Lanier, John Allen, Roland Pryor, Henry Caldwell, Henry Rodgers, Robert Almond, Pearl Herring, Karen Mosely, Thurston Mosley, Darlene Williams, Nona Smith, Georgianna Gordon, Ronald Ragin, Rufus Ragan and Margaret Almond
Mmes, Katerine Ramsey, Beatrice Willis, Annie Evans, Elizabeth Jones, Mary Hugely, Sarah Hardy, Myrtle Jones, Frances Watkins, Minnie Ledbetter, Dorothy Goodwin, Naomi King, Lenore Jackson, Mary Ray, Sarah Hicks,, Ruth Butler, Clara Crumbly, Al Herbert, Ann Wells, Emma Coleman, Laura Lane, Emily/Emory Bond, Annie Norad, Hawthrons, Sallie Bradley, Mary Garvey, Paul Knott, Augustus Cyrus, Susie Jiggetts, Essie Hughes, Everette Utterback, O.Crafton McNeil, Robert Lavelle, John Hayes, Leroy Randall, Louis Mason, Edgar Flood, Benjamin Taylor.
Mmes, John Price, Bernard Scott, Howard Champ, Olivia Johnson, Garland Spencer, William Miller, Morris Hill, Ruth Hill, Clifford Williams, Stoney Gloster, Harold Tolliver, Lynn Hord, Doris Finch, Carolyn Tate, Roland Sawyer, Harold McGruder, Joseph Baber, Cornell Talley, Mamie Henderson, Irvin Harper, James S. Robinson, Mary L. Bennett, Estelle Frazier, Jody Harris, Ethel Patterson, Lillie Thompson, Leulla Gardner, Mildred Boxter, Elizabeth White, Berna Mae Andrews, Lottie Hall, Margy Boswell, Nora Henton, T.A. Burleigh, Lula Morgan, Sadie Burgess, Tomis McCombs, Ethel Goodwin, Victoria McCombs, Grace Jackson, Gertrude Dunson, Helen Reynolds, Dotie Green, Eva Tyler:
Mmes, Smith, Carrie Holmes, Ruth Hill, Elosie Martin, Margaret Wrat, T.H. Patrons, Naomi Watson, Genera Hamilton, Samuel Patterson, Annie Redman, Beatrice Bankston, Betty Burwell, Fred Clark, Anna Gush, Dorothy Tolchin, Jean Ramer, Mildred Williams, Ella Shelton, Jessie Jones, Gloria Frazier, Toki B. Johnson, Mae F. Chaucallor, Rose Albause:
Mmes, Josephine Marsh, Leona Starr, Eleanor Porter, Estelle Banks, Anna Webb, Orlan Ricco, Margaret LaMarr, Wakefield, Mattie Davis, Mary Rhodes, Lillian Chapman, Charles Pace, Josephine Payne, Jeane Page, Bertha Horne,, Alice Scott, Gladys McNairy, Vera Garner, Jessie Anderson, Germaine Haynes, Mattie Spencer, Edythe Adams, Mattie Sharp,, the Richard Spencers, Ruth Christiani, Mary Sakolsky, Ruth Kruse, Linda Levinson, Paul Levinson, Mary Grezzo, Betty Bononcos:
AlsoMessrs, James S. Robinson, Rudolph Jeffries, Tennie Harris,
John Brice, Cornell Talley, George Talley, Raymond Page, Samuel Lanier, George Bradley, and Edgar Butler:
Olive Gordon, Lillie Nelson, Margaret Roberts, Carl Redwood, David Cook Sr., Ruth Guyu, Doris Garner, Ida Lanier, Betty Burwell, Barbara Groom, Artie Kimbrough, Celeste Davis, Calle Maddax, Lulu Manly, Martha Talley, Louise Bryant, Eloise O'Neal and Helen Morton.

* I know many of the above people, and my dad was familiar with all of them. The Rev. Harold Tolliver married my mother and father at Grace Memorial Presbyterian Church on Iowa Street in the Hill District, and my family were once members of said church. Also note that Reverend Harold Tolliver provided an excellent character reference on me to the Feds while they were investigating me and my organization for my activities in the Military and in civilian life. George Talley was my child hood buddy and one of the sons of Rev. Cornell Talley pastor of the Central Baptist Church located on Wylie Avenue. Martha Talley is the wife of Rev. Cornell Talley, and the mother of George Talley. Teenie Harris worked at the Courier with my mother and my dad said Teenie was one of the best basketball players of his era. Teenie took many photos of all my activities at the Centre Avenue YMCA, and my dad's activities at the famous Hill City Youth Municipality, Kay's Boy's Club, etc. We still have many photos taken by Teenie Harris in the Robinson & Saunders Family Archives.
I remember the late Leroy Randall loading up stacks of The Pittsburgh Courier's in his station wagon to deliver to various Courier paper boys like Timmy Stevens, and hundreds of other famous Courier paper boys of that era. Mr. Randall would also deliver The Pittsburgh Courier to various news stands, and Black business establishments.The Courier paper boys would travel and deliver on every street in Pittsburgh that had any Colored people living on said streets. The Randall family lived on Ewart drive in the Upper Hill District called "Sugar Top."
I remember Tim Stevens going up and down Francis Street in all kinds of weather saying " Get Your Pittsburgh Courier or "Courier." We called Timmy " Skinny Tim." Timmy was not a great athlete, and he never participated in our Francis Street football or baseball games. Tim Stevens was never considered part of our group on Francis Street. Timmy's great mother Georgette Stevens was an Officer in the Francis Street Friendly Circle Club, and his father Jasper was one of the leading citizens in an extraordinary community.
I'm not sure about whether Paul Levinson is a brother or relative of Aaron Levinson, of Levinson Steel out of Homewood. AAron Levinson invited me for membership in the elite Pittsburgh Athletic Club back in 1987, and we discussed many business matters there.
The late Gladys McNairy is the former president of the Pittsburgh Board of Education, and her dynamic daughter Dr.Francine McNairy is the present President of Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania.
Toki Johnson was a longtime Courier employee and a personal friend of my mother and father, and who I knew also. The late Mattie Sharp was the long time Historian of the Francis Street Friendly Circle, and she had three daughters, Molly, plus Anne, who is the wife of Leon Hailey and her younger sister the late Ida Joyce who was a personal friend of mine. Robert Lavelle Sr. was a personal friend of the family and a fearless warrior in the Civil Rights Movement. The late Jody Harris was a personal friend of my family, and he was also my Principal at the famous Herron Hill Jr. High School. I Knew Donald Ragan who is part of the whole Ragan clan. The late Carl Redwood Sr. is the father of Carl Redwood Jr, who also worked with my father at the Hill City Youth Municipality.
I'm not sure if this is the same Betty Burwell that married Fred Meyers or is this another Betty Burwell? I think Roland Sawyer is the father of my late friend Stephanie (Stevie) Sawyer. There are probably many Hill City children that are still living throughout the Pittsburgh area and USA.
My family was also members of the Jack and Jill' Club back in the 1980's and 1990's.
Dr Paul Knott was one of our family doctors along with the great Dr. Winstead. I understand that one of Dr. Knott's daughters is living in the Pittsburgh area.
I'm quite sure whether Ernestine Upsher is related to the late Tony Upsher but I do recall my dad saying he had to put Tony Upsher in check at Hill City.

Monday, November 15, 2010

AuburnGate/ MississippiGate: Where There's Smoke There Has To Be Fire



November 15, 2010

Truth or Consequences New Mexico..The jury of public opinion is still out on Cam and Cecil Newton, but in the instant case what we do have is an appearance of impropriety on the part of the elder Newton. Who is telling the truth, and who is lying? Something just doesn't smell right with Mississippi St.' & Auburn's recruitment of Cam Newton. And where there is smoke there has to be a little fire or perhaps a spark or too.

Auburn and Mississippi State's entire season may be in jeopardy, and Newton may not win the coveted Heisman. Hopefully the NCAA & FBI will not do a typical rubber stamp whitewash investigation in their search for the truth.

At Florida Cam Newton didn't want to stay behind the all world Tim Tebow, because a JC offered him a show case and his daddy took advantage. Most SEC schools have a few "good men" under contract. Cam is a much better NFL prospect than my man Pryor at Ohio State, and everyone should remember that Vince Young was a dominant run-pass QB in College. But Vince Young's skills have not translated into NFL stardom. How about Quick dog Vick! He's one former convict who's playing very well, and the Steelers sex fiend Big Ben has looked terrible.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The Ronald B. Saunders Project
The Archives of The National Black Political Caucus
Pittsburgh PA
November 9, 2010

The following is a letter that Ronald B. Saunders, Chariman of The National Black Political Caucus received from the Secretary of the South African Embassy after meeting with a delegation of Caucus members along with the South African Ambassador to the United States, Johnannes Albertus Hermanus.
The National Black Political Caucus met with officials of the South African Government and demanded the following:
1. Release all Political Prisoners being in held in South African jails and prisons.
2.Dismantle Apartheid now
3. Set up a Commission of Reconciliation as soon as possible
4. Cease all joint military Operations with the state of Israel
5. Cease with your joint nuclear weapons program with the state of Israel.
6 Set up and establish a Victims of Apartheid Compensation Fund for the payment of Reparations immediately.
7. Set-up an Assistance Fund for whites who want to leave South Africa.
7a. There should be a comprehensive plan for the redistribution of all the stolen land to all the indigenous natives living under the cloak, and brutality of Apartheid.
8. We made it clear that we support all groups in South Africa that advocate for the total destruction of Apartheid by any and all means necessary, and for the dismantling of the racist regimes in Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein.
9. That we support all world-wide Sanctions
and Disinvestments against SouthAfrica.
10. We reminded the South African Ambassador that South Africa exported $ 1.97 Billion in goods to the United States in 1986.
11. That his government would not be able to survive 45 days without the complicity of the U.S. and other racially insensitive regimes in Europe and Japan.
Ambassador Hermanus stated that we would advise his superiors of our
concerns, but he felt that the President Reagan's policy of Constructive Engagement was the best way to solve the problems of his country, which The National Black Political Caucus vehemently disagreed with him and President Reagan's position on the dismantling of Apartheid.

January 12, 1987

Mr. Ronald B. Saunders
The National Black
Political Caucus
Pittsburgh PA 15230

Dear Mr. Saunders

Oliver Tambo, the President of the African National Congress (ANC), is scheduled to visit the United States later this month. His itinerary includes:
* An address sponsored jointly by The Foreign Policy Association and the African-American Institute in New York City on January 22nd;
* delivery of the Keynote address to the 75th Anniversary Celebration for the ANC that will be held at the All Souls Church, Washington, D.C. on January 24th;
* a speech at the New Bethel Baptist Church in Washington D.C. on January 25th;
* a meeting with Secretary of State George Shultz;
* visits to Chicago and California.
Because of your interest in the ANC and its efforts to bring about a Marxist totalitarian state in South Africa through violent revolution, I thought that you would find the enclosed materials useful.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you desire additional information.

Farrie Marais


Monday, November 8, 2010

Letter To Dr. Leon Sullivan: Board Member of the General Motors Corporation

The Ronald B. Saunders Project

Archives of The National Black Political Caucus
Washington D.C.
November 8, 2010

Dr. Leon Sullivan
Zion Baptist Church
Broad & Venango
Philadelphia, PA 19140

Re: General Motors Corporation
(Saturn Project)

Dear Dr. Sullivan:
We just wanted to drop you a short note to express our appreciation for your interest and willingness to meet with us on such short notice.
Again Leon, allow us at this time to personally thank you for your time and great consideration during our meeting on Thursday February 7, 1985, and for your statement of personal regard for Mr. Plato and your acquiescence to the request of the National Black Political Caucus to meet with us, Senator Timothy Shaffer of Pennsylvania, and Marthann Rettig, Executive Director of the Community Development Corporation of Butler County. Quite plainly, you are a distinguished individual concerned with all humanity and pre-occupied with the well being of people of color; one who clearly recognizes the interests of all are inextricably tied together. This is the quality that sets one apart from a typical politician.
Your continued cooperation is most appreciated. If we can be of further assistance, do not hesitate to call or write.
Respectfully yours,

Reginald D. Plato, President

Ronald B. Saunders, Chairman


The Ronald B. Saunders Project
The Archives of The National Black Political Caucus
Washington D.C.
November 8, 2010

The Ronald B. Saunders Project is about the life, accomplishments, achievements of Ronald B. Saunders who has been involved in the Civil Rights Movement, Black Liberation Struggle and the Anti-War & GI Resistance Movement since 1954.
For the next two years Blogger Black Buzz will be working on the James S. Robinson Jr. Project, the Mrs Beatrice Lee Saunders Robinson Project along with the Ronald B. Saunders Project. James S. Robinson Jr. is the father of Ronald B. Saunders, and Mrs Beatrice Saunders Robinson is the mother of Ron Saunders.
Ronald B. Saunders received his first Youth Membership in the Pittsburgh Branch NAACP in 1954 as a gift, and investment in freedom from the late Mrs Roma Hatcher who lived at 557 Francis Street in the Hill District section of Pittsburgh. Mrs Hatch er was also the Honorary President of the Francis Street Friendly Circle Club, and Ron's mother Mrs Beatrice Saunders Robinson was the President of said club.
The below article is about Ron's' efforts along with his organization the National Black Political Caucus to locate the GM Saturn plant in the Keystone state of Pennsylvania. GM turn down the offer of Pennsylvania to built the Saturn Car in PA., and they made a decision to locate the plant in the worker friendly Volunteer state of Tennessee. GM ceased all production of the Saturn last year (2009) at its production facility in Spring Hill Tennessee.
Ron's was commended by Pennsylvania Governor Richard Thornburgh for his tireless amount of time, and effort spent in trying to attract and lure GM into said state of Pennsylvania. And Ron was awarded the Humanitarian Award for Community Service from the Nationally acclaimed Operation Dig Careers, Inc on June 13, 1987 for his exemplary effort in attempting to attract said GM to Pennsylvania.
Nate Smith, the Chairman of Operation Dig Careers stated that Ron is just like his father Jim Robinson, and that he would never compromise his core principles or integrity for personal gain and self-aggrandizement.
Ronald B.Saunders was part of the history of the state of Pennsylvania that made an effort in attracting said GM plant into the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that would have provided thousands of jobs for Pennsylvanians building the Saturn automobile.

The following article appeared in the Pittsburgh Press on January 26, 1985.

GM site wins black support
Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON-- The black political leaders have pledged their support in an effort to lure General Motors new Saturn plant to Butler County.
Ronald B. Saunders, a spokesman for the National Black Political Caucus, said his group has written letters to GM Chairman Roger B. Smith and other executives of the new corporation asking them to build the subcompact cars in Butler PA.
Saunders said, he also will ask the Rev. Jesse Jackson to lobby GM officials in favor of a site in Northern Butler County.
"Our interest is simply finding gainful employment. It's decent community."
The Community Development Corporation of Butler County wired a bouquet of balloons to Smith earlier this week along with their proposal for building the plant in Butler---- which promises 6,000 production jobs and related work for another 14,000 on a 1,000 acre site.
Martham Rettig, executive director of the development group has linked arms with Penn's Southwest Association a regional development group that has suggested several sites to GM.
She said the Butler County location will be added to a list of 10 already submitted by Penn's Southwest and that the agency will represent the County during a formal presentation next month.
Ms. Rettig said Saunders contacted her after hearing about the county's plans, "I think we're all just in this economic development effort together."
Meanwhile, members of Pennsylvania's congressional delegation will meet next week to plan their strategy for winning the GM plant. An aide to Senator John Heinz, R-Pa, said its likely that the GM officials will meet with the delegation.
Already, the aide said there's talk of offering tax incentives and providing easy access to water lines and major highways.

* Blogger BLACK BUZZ states that he, Reginald Plato President of the NBPC, and State Representative Tim Shaffer from Butler met with GM's only Black board member Dr. Leon Sullivan in his Philadelphia PA Church office on February 7, 1985 in an effort to lure said GM plant to northern Butler County. Dr. Sullivan stated that he thought our sell and presentation was excellent, but he couldn't promise that Butler County would be selected as the site for said plant.


* Other Blog Posts about Ronald B. Saunders are as follows:

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19. Operation Dig/Careers, Inc., 1987 Humanitarian Award Recipients:Featuring Jean Bryant, Reporter Pittsburgh Press & Ronald B.Saunders of The National Black Political Caucus.
20. Specter's Loyalties With The President ( Reagan)
21. Block Bork Coalition: September 25, 1987

You may read or review all of the above posts at

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How Sweet It Is: The Whole Country Is Waiting To Hear Obama's Lame Excuses For The Democrats Getting Trounced

Washington D.C.
November 3, 2010

Last night the tan duplicitous fake puppet in the White House Barack Obama was eating crow as part of the main family meal. It is also my understanding that today, President Obama will be inviting all of his Democratic colleagues in the Senate, and the House over to the White House for some leftover crow. Maybe George Soros will direct the Obama's to serve Turkey today rather than Crow.
Watch today how the somber timid subdued President Obama stutters his way through his misleading talk with the media. The Democrats lost the Midterms elections because of the failed ill advised bad policies of Barack Obama, and his true lack of leadership skills. Leadership is predicated on three essential elements which are as follows:
1. The ability to lead
2. The ability to guide
3. The ability to direct
President Obama has failed miserably in all three of the above areas in his role as the leader of the U.S., and the free world.

*His fellow faculty members at the University of Chicago School of Law stated that he was lazy, didn't show up for faculty meetings, that he was always tardy, and he was the most incompetent faculty staffer in the history of famous Law School. How did Obama get his position at the University of Chicago School of Law? Note the University of Chicago School Of Law gave Obama the necessary cover of being called a professor, but actually he was a Lecturer.
I wonder who the Jack Ass is now? It ain't Kanye West! No excuses Mr.President.
I had a Negro tell me that Obama "has a lot on his plate" no sh... he's the President of the United States of America! Didn't war-mongering Geo Bush also have a lot on his trifling plate?
Another Negro from the Black leadership class (pastors, politicians, professors, lawyers, doctors, social workers, engineers, teachers) in Pittsburgh said "Ron don't you think you are being a little too rough on President Obama." The person who asked the previous question of me was the type of Negro that would cut their own grandmothers' throat in order to get ahead or personally succeed. Malcolm X correctly called these Negroes House Servants, and they are dangerous.
It very unfortunate that Black Americans appear to follow + endorse Barack Obama in a cult like fashion similar to their religious following of such notorious people as Daddy Grace, Jim Jones, Father & Mother Devine, Bishop T.J. Jakes, Bishop Taylor, Bishop Eddie Long, and a whole host of other slick-hip-pimp mentality false pulpit hustlers who are only concern with leading an ostentatious lifestyle coupled with thirsty lust, greed, power and self- aggrandizement. These same so-called men, and women of God are driving around in Rolls Royce's, Bentley's, Mercedes Benz's, Gold Cadillacs, Lincolns, while most of their parishioner's drive Chevrolet's, Fords, Honda's or they don't drive at all.
And many in their respective congregations are totally dependent on government largesse, and welfare.
President Obama wasted precious capital on Cap & Trade, and that farce of a poorly crafted Health Care Bill commonly called Obama Care, which he never read or reviewed in its entirety. Obama also missed the boat on jobs, along with the economy, and on those fraudulent misguided wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Our Harvard Wonder Child(Obama) saved capitalism, and still lost the Midterm elections.
The only true winners in yesterday's elections were the filthy rich Zionist Nazi Koch Brothers, Harold Simmons, Trevor Rees-Jones, Fred Rowling and other corporate ruling elite interest, who along with the Chinese, and Saudis bankrolled the Republican victories.
This was the Koch Brothers victory over Obama's main sponsor George Soros. And the brain-dead gullible disengaged American white public believes that they voted for a change of direction in casting their votes for the Party of Lincoln.

The Koch Brothers used white voter dissatisfaction with the Democrats to further their own agenda that has noting to do with Joe & Suzie Six pack or the middle class.
It amuses me how the Republicans state this was a victory for the people, and how they had to protect the people's interest. The Republican front men like John Boehner, Mike Steele, Mitch McConnel have used the term victory for the people in the last 24 hours more often than Lenin, Marx, Engels, or Trotsky.
But what the Republicans really mean is that this was a victory for their corporate sponsors for who they are beholden, and the ruling elite families.

Yesterday's political battle that pitted the Democrats against the Republicans was a contest of mediocrity between two great monoliths- the other side of the tug-for votes being an inept, hostile and racist Republican Party clumsy in its handling of the bride it is trying to woo, fearful of scrutiny, angry and strident of questions and adversity and biased of those it does not understand and know intimately.
Watch how these dumb Negro middlemen, and white mental midget liberals flood the airwaves, and print media with political dishonesty about what happen to the Democrats.

The American public is hooked on ignorance do to the intense brainwashing of the Democrats, Republicans and the ne'er-do-well Republican (Tea Baggers).
I still have hope that one day the average American will wake -up and see the need to establish, develop, and to cultivate (viable) well financed third & fourth political parties to offset the monopoly, and stranglehold of the Democrats, and Republicans on our present class based Plutocracy.
With the Roberts Supreme Court decision in Citizens United it almost assures that all of our elections will only be available and open to the highest bidder with the biggest pockets. Thanks to United States Supreme Court decision in Citizens United led by John Roberts, corporations possess the same First Amendment free-speech rights as individuals to spend hundreds of millions on political campaigns while individuals run attack ads from behind the scrim of 501(c)(4) filings with the IRS.
The only true God of the Democratic
and Republican Parties is money, power, and more money.
The present Green Party perhaps is the only viable political option for anyone that has a modicum of intelligence, and a high degree of astute political savvy.
What is vitally needed is a political revolution in the mindset of each citizen in the USA, and that will only happen when the average Joe in the street gives-up on their addiction, and fascination with the corrupt parties of the Democrats and Republicans. But as long as most of the American public remains in denial about their addiction to both the Democrats and Republicans parties nothing will (change).

The draft Hillary movement is shifting into high gear because Obama is toast.