Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gary Pinney,President Of The Firebirds,A Black Firefighters Association,The Supreme Court By Their Ruling Said The Test Used Was Okay

Gary Pinney,President of the Firebirds,the Black firefighters Association of New Haven you need to explore the possibility of filing a lawsuit on behalf of all Black and Puerto Rican firefighters in the City of New Haven. Black firefighters around the country need to pursue legal actions against those governments that are using tests that have not gone through the proper validation studies before administering said tests.
The U.S. Supreme Court had a mountain of evidence which showed that the test New Haven Used was flawed and racially bias but the court decided that the City Of New Haven could not throw out the test results even though the tests results revealed adverse impact. The EEOC guidelines state that a test with an adverse impact will be considered discriminatory unless the employer conducts a validation study of the test and ,as part of the study,investigates whether there is a suitable alternative selection procedure with lesser adverse impact. The gang of five Justices erred in interpreting Title VII deliberately because they favored the 17 white firefighters over the Black applicants.The majority(Gang of Five) hiding behind those Black robes with invisible white hoods on ruled in favor of the white firefighters thus hacking away at Title VII's disparate impact provision. But Sonia Sotomayor and the majority of the Second Court just followed current law in holding that if New Haven was indeed trying to comply with Title VII as it now stands(and that's what the trial judge found) So the racist gang of four+uncle Thomas changed the law essentially and made their own law in ruling for the white firefighters. Sotomayor was only following existing precedent,under existing law. Sotomayor and the other judges found that the trial judge,Janet Arterton,had written a solid opinion,so they just wrote a short opinion basically saying she got it right.Sonia Sotomayor's job on the Second Court is to follow precedent,not to reach out and make law,and that is what she and the other judges did. The gang of four+Uncle Thomas have made a mockery of the intent of Title VII by making new law. The City Of New Haven invited this lawsuit by the white firefighters with the full knowledge that the test used was not validated. If the City of New Haven had conducted such a study and validated the exams it could have promoted from the list knowing that it had strong defense against any allegation that it had violated Title VII. On the other hand,if the City of New Haven had conducted such a study and found the exams were discriminatory or identified an alternative selection procedure with a lesser adverse impact,it could have canceled the exam without exposing itself to an allegation of racial discrimination by Caucasians who qualified for promotion.
More importantly the City of New Haven should have conducted the validation study after the results came back. Instead,the Corporation counsel,the chief administrative office,speaking for the mayor,and others urged the promotion lists not certified. The Commission,which is appointed by the disingenuous mayor,deadlocked 2-2,so the lists weren't certified. This mayor DeStefano invited this lawsuit on behalf of the Caucasian firefighters,and make no mistake about it DeStefano was silently rooting for the Caucasian firefighters.
The Caucasian firefighters beat the Black firefighters to the punch by outmaneuvering them because of the political shenanigans of the Mayor DeStefano and crew.
The city of New Haven has a long long history like most fire halls in the U.S. of race discrimination in firefighting against Blacks in all the systems of hiring and promotion. Many thousands of people died for the passage of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act,which is designed to combat racial discrimination.
Will people of good will sit back and let bigots with Black robes on the highest court of the land take us back to good old days of Homer Plessy ?

Matthew Marcarelli,The White Lieutenant(New Haven) Firefighter,This Is Only The Beginning And Nothing Will Be Put To Bed Until People Of Color Prevail

Matthew Marcarelli, you Caucasian firefighters won round one, but people of color are fully aware that the deck was stacked against us with those five bigoted Justices masquerading behind those Black robes dispensing their Jim Crow style of justice. Mr. Marcarelli,this 5-4 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court will trigger a new wave of many lawsuits that could be the catalyst for a new Civil Rights Movement. Furthermore Mr. Marcarelli,people of color will not go to sleep until full equality is achieved under the law,and good always prevails over evil.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Justices Rule For Caucasian Firefighters In New Haven Bias Case !

Returning to the days of Plessy vs. Ferguson is right around the corner. Justices Alito,Kennedy, Roberts,Thomas,and Scalia disregarded the original intent of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,and those five justices made their own law in rendering a strict constructionist opinion in favor of 18 Caucasian and one Hispanic Firefighter. The Government of New Haven proved that test used was flawed and not validated but the bigoted Gang of Five Justices ruling in favor of the majority appointed by cantankerous&venomous Republican Presidents made a political decision based upon their own prejudices. Since when did a Paper&Pencil test decide who would make the best firefighter,Commander,Chief,Lieutenant or Captain ? A paper &pencil test is all about memorization and the assessment centers do far better job of evaluating one's skill than a written exam particularly when the exam has not been validated relative to leadership and communication skills of said applicants. Furthermore the assessment centers also present real life emergency situations where the candidates are evaluated for their ability to handle such tasks,and a paper pencil test could never grade accurately those types of real life encounters.

What About Darfur,President Obama ?

Will Darfur continue to be a back burner issue because of the lack of media attention,and the U.S. failure to convince China to persuade the Government in Khartoum to cease and desist with their on going campaign of systematic genocide against the indigenous inhabitants in Darfur ?

Brazil Defeats The U.S.3-2 In A Championship Soccer Game

Unfortunately the U.S. soccer team didn't play the second half with the same amount of intensity,determination,and enthusiasm as their great gallant effort in the first half. The Brazilian team was just simply to talented for the Yanks,and cream eventually rises to the top. It would have taken an extraordinary effort on the part of the U.S. team to defeat the Brazilians but the U.S.is making tremendous progress in playing the game with the Big Dogs in the International arena.

Bernie The Mad-Dog Madoff Get's 150 Years !

The SEC had been investigating Bernie Madoff for the last 16 years,and if they would have been doing their job this whole Ponzi Scheme could been averted.
The SEC gave a cover for Madoff to pull off the one of the most fraudulent investment schemes in American history,and the all the individuals at the SEC who were complicit should also go to jail. The SEC officials should be charged with criminal negligence. Bernie's wife ,Sons,Accountants,and Lawyers should also go to jail for participating in defrauding many greedy investors out of their life's savings. Madoff,and all his family members,accountants,lawyers along with the SEC officials should be sent to the Super Max Underground Prison in Colorado.And Congress again was asleep at the wheel with no sign of Congressional oversight. The people need to fire those Congress persons responsible for oversight of the SEC.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bernie Madoff One Of The Greatest Financial Criminals In American History Should Receive 150 Years Without The Possibilty Of Parole.

The big dogs got away with financial murder while the nations most incompetent,inept,Commission the SEC looked the other way and let the big dogs like Bernie Madoff run amok.
Everyone in the New York Office of the SEC should be indicted for stonewalling an investigation of Madoff long before the fraudulent scandal ruin the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The SEC basically gave Madoff and the other big dog finanacial murderers carte blanche to exploit and manipulate average citizens out of their life-savings while pursuing little dogs who were of no significant consequence. Timothy Geithner was also the head of the New York Federal Reserve when Madoff and other financial Murderers pulled off the biggest financial-Ponzi-Scheme in American history.So doesn't that make Timothy Geithner a complicit fellow traveler relative to the various financial crimes that were committed on Wall Street and Main Street USA ? Geithner is rewarded for his incompetency and egregious alleged crimes with the Chief job,as Secretary of the Treasury. Who is charge of Congressional oversight of the SEC? What was the U.S.Congress doing when all these various ponzi schemes were being committed against innocent citizens ?
The Federal Bureau Of Investigation should investigate the SEC from top to bottom for possible criminal violations,and you can't do the things that Madoff and other big dogs did without internal or in house partners who were assisting and aiding and abetting those crimes by looking the other way or actively participating in covering up Madoff's manipulative financial schemes.
My heart says that Madoff should be executed for his crimes against humanity but my head says he should receive 150 years without any possibility of Parole under any circumstances. Yes his wife was also part of all the fradulent schemes,and she should be locked up also.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

It Appears To Be An Epidemic Of Adultery, Lying, Cheating, Teen Pregnancies, and Abnormal Sexual Behavior Among Republican Party Members

What has happened to the Grand Olde Party of Lincoln, which now has become the self-righteous hypocritical warped institution of Palin family values?
Blogger Black Buzz says what has been will be again, and what has been done will be done again. There is nothing new under the sun.

Jesus stated in Matthew 24:37," As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man."
People will trade truth for falsehood in the last days, and so they have. People will return to what life was like in the days of Noah, when the foundations of righteousness were pulled down and replaced with Mob's version of ethics, which is lawlessness.

Isaiah warns in 5:20," Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

The American Empire is crumbling and hemorrhaging at its seams with immoral behavior and with a populace that is incessantly engrossed in maintaining an Epicurean lifestyle coupled with Machiavellian decadence in all its governmental systems.

This Governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford Is the Same Mean Spirited Man Who Refused to Accept Federal Education Stimulus Funds for Students

Any responsible government official who would turn down Federal Education Stimulus Funds for the Black & White Students or for any student in the State of South Carolina, who are among the nations' poorest performing students on all major academic achievement tests deserves all the pain, suffering, heartaches and hardships that accompanied his open admission of his infidelity and adultery. Hopefully some member of the South Carolina Legislature will explore the legalities for impeachment of Governor Sanford, who should resign immediately from the position of Governor to save the people of South Carolina further embarrassment.
Governor Mark Sanford, you self-righteous hypocrite you do reap what you sow in this life.

......and our children
Children are the bearers of life in its simplest and most joyous form. Children are color-blind and still free of all the complications, greed and hatred that will slowly be instilled in them through life.... Keith Haring, 1986

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How Many African American Commentators Does C-Span Employ ?

It is a known fact that the sponsored media are not Equal Opportunity Employers.

The deposed Shah of Iran's son has no credibility among the Iranian people !

This morning,CNN one of the most purportedly liberal propaganda machines of the corporate elites gave a platform to the deposed Shah of Iran's son,who should be locked up with other family members for their nefarious and egregious crimes against the Iranian people.
The Shah of Iran was far more corrupt and treacherous than Saddam Hussein,but he wasn't a threat to Israeli or Western interest so he was permitted to stay in power by his Imperial overseers.
CNN would probably put a camera in front of a "Red Bone Coon hound " dog if he/she could say they were from Iran.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The beautiful Women of Iran are to be commended for their courage,bravery,and compassion for attempting to address many of the deep seated problems .

The whole world has watched the women of Iran "Take the Bull By The Horns" by exercising their rights as citizens of Iran in attempting to bring about some semblance of change in a regime which has become addicted to the success of the 1979 Revolution in Iran. I give Kudos to those brave innocent women and men who risk their lives for democratic reform in a part of the world that in many ways has been mired in various feudal systems of governing its populaces.
However it should be up to the great people of Iran to determine what form of governance they should have,and they certainly don't need right-wing politicians from the United States dictating or lecturing them on type of Government they need. The people of Iran understand the components Anglo-British Imperialism,and they are not desirous of returning to good old days of the corrupt Shah,where the Brits and the Yankees had a free reign over Iranian oil.

Two Red Line Subway Commuter Trains Crash in Washingtn D.C.Killing seven people and injuring over 75 other passengers

At the height of rush hour at 5:pm two Red Line Subway commuter trains collided killing seven people and injuring over 75 in the nations Capitol. Our prayers and thoughts go out to all the families of the dead and injured in this horrible accident.
I suspect the cause of the accident is as follows :

1.Operator Error,Negligence or Poor Judgement
2.Using the Cell Phone
3.Under the influence of Alcohol or Dangerous Drugs
4. Stress or a lack of sleep or adequate rest
5.Mechanical failure of Trains or Electronic equipment failure
6.Computer malfunction at base command(Train Warning system failure)
7. Excessive speed
8. Sabotage-Extremist right wing supremacist organization
9. Track obstruction
10. Texting while operating the trains
11. Operator fell asleep at the controls
12. Poor Training
13. Lack of adequate background check in the pre- employment process for the position of Operator.
14. Poor maintenance of Subway Trains and Tracks
15. Inspection and Safety of Trains and Tracks
16.Experience of Operators
17. Signal failure
18. Failure to act on recommendations from the NTSB,which should result in criminal indictments of all parties involved who were mandated by their respective positions to insured that all items addressed by the NTSB report were remedied in a timely fashion. If convicted these inept individuals should receive life without the possibility of Parole.

Let me know what you think about this sickening accident ?

Hopefully Obama's positive smart Diplomacy will trigger dissident protests in the oppressive regimes in Cuba,Egypt, Libya,and Syria .

The notorious brutally corrupt Castro brothers have been in power in Cuba since 1959,and their is no such thing as a Civil Rights or Protest movement in these dictatorial regimes in Cuba,Egypt,Libya or Syria.
The Castro's,Mubarak,Qaddafi,and Assad stay in power by the rule of force,intimidation,and oppression of the masses of their respective populations. It is my hope that the Cuban people will one day rise up and overthrow the present racist government in Cuba.Hosni Mubarak has been in power in Egypt since 1981 and he stays in power by crushing all his political opponents by brute force and oppression. The Assad's have been in power in Syria since 1970,and their populace is ripe for an overthrow of this iron fist regime,and Col. Qaddafi is nothing but a repackaged Terrorist who rules by absolute power and control. The main thing all these previous mentioned regimes have in common is they do not permit any semblance of citizen participation in the political process. All these dictatorial Governments will fail in the final analysis its just a matter of time. Apparently Cuba,Egypt,Libya,and Syria haven't learned any lessons from the Soviets or the Third Reich,and all these leaders fear President Obama in his offer of outreach and change in their feudal systems of governing their populaces.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Black Buzz Picks His All Time National Basketball Association Team

Blogger Black Buzz has followed and watched the NBA game since

First Team

Larry Bird-Forward-Celtics
Elgin Baylor-Forward-Lakers
Wilt Chamberlain-Center-Warriors, 76ers, Lakers
Oscar Robertsonn-Guard-Royals, Bucks
Michael Jordan-Guard-Bulls, Wizards

Second Team

Julius Dr. Erving-Forward-Nets, 76ers
Tim Duncan-Forward-Spurs
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar-Center-Bucks, Lakers
Magic Johnson-Guard-Lakers
Jerry West-Guard-Lakers

Third Team

Charles Barkley-Forward-76ers, Suns
Elvin Hayes-Forward-Bullets Rockets
Bill Russell-Center-Celtics
Bob Cousy-Guard-Celtics
Kobe Bryant-Guard-Lakers

Fourth Team

Karl Malone-Forward-Jazz, Lakers
LeBron James-Forward-Cavaliers
Hakeem Olajuwon-Center-Rockets
Walt Frazier-Guard-Knicks
John Havlichek-Guard-Celtics

Fifth Team

Kevin McHale-Forward-Celtics
Rick Barry-Forward-Warriors
Shaquille O’Neal-Center-Magic, Lakers, Heat, Suns
Isiah Thomas-Guard-Pistons
Dwayne Wade-Guard-Heat

Sixth Team

James Worthy-Forward-Lakers
Kevin Garnett-Forward-Timberwolves, Celtics
Moses Malone-Center-Rockets, 76ers.
Sam Jones-Guard-Celtics
George Gervin-Guard-Spurs

Seventh Team

Adolph Schayes-Forward-Nationals, 76ers.
Scottie Pippen-Forward-Bulls, Trail Blazers
Bill Walton-Center-Trail Blazers, Celtics
Lenny Wilkens-Guard-Hawks, Super Sonics,
Cavaliers, Trail Blazers

Pete Maravich-Guard-Jazz, Hawks, Celtics

Eighth Team

Alex English-Forward-Nuggets
Connie Hawkins-Forward-Suns, Lakers
Patrick Ewing-Center-Knicks
Nate Archibald-Guard Royals, Kings, Nets, Celtics
Clyde Drexler-Guard-Trail Blazers, Rockets

Ninth Team

Dominique Wilkins-Forward-Hawks
Bob Petit-Forward/Center-Hawks
Dave Robinson-Center-Spurs
Allan Iverson-Guard-76ers, Nuggetts, Pistons
Dave Bing-Guard-Pistons

Honorable Mention

Robert Parish-Center- Warriors,Celtics
George Mikan-Center- Lakers
Earl Monroe-Guard-Bullets, Knicks
Gus Johnson-Forward-Rockets
John Stockton-Guard-Jazz
Bob Lanier-Center-Pistons, Bucks
Wayne Embry-Center-Bucks
Paul Arizin-Forward-Warriors

Willis Reed-Center-Knicks
Wes Unseld-Center-Baltimore Bullets
Dave Cowens-Center-Celtics
Dwight Howard-Center-Orlando Magic

Nate Thurmond-Center-Warriors
Bill Ramsey-Guard-Celtics
Bill Sharman-Guard/Forward-Celtics
Calvin Murphy-Guard-Rockets
Steve Nash-Guard-Suns & Mavericks
Dirk Nowitzki-Forward-Mavericks

Carmelo Anthony-Forward-Nuggets
Bob Love-Forward-Bulls
Chet Walker-Forward-76’ers & Bulls

*Jerry Lucas-Center/Forward-Knicks
*Billy Cunningham-Forward-76'ers

Extra Noted Players

Greatest Impact Player:

Wilt Chamberlain

Most Complete Players:

Michael Jordan
Oscar Robertson

Greatest Rebounders:

Wilt Chamberlain
Bill Russell
Moses Malone
Gus Johnson
Dennis Rodman
Dave Robinson
Elgin Baylor
Dave Cowens
Julius Erving
Charles Barkley
Nate Thurmond
Shaquille O’Neal
Maurice Lucas
Dwight Howard

Buck Williams

Greatest Foul Shooters:

Rick Barry
Calvin Murphy
Larry Bird

Greatest Clutch Players:
Michael Jordan
Jerry West
Magic Johnson
John Havlicek
Larry Bird
Bill Russell
Kobe Bryant

Most Dominating
Wilt Chamberlain
Shaquille O’Neal

Greatest Forwards:

Elgin Baylor
Larry Bird

Best Passers:

Bob Cousy
Pete Maravich
Magic Johnson
Nate Archibald
Oscar Robertson

Best all around Guards:

Michael Jordan
Oscar Robertson
Bob Cousy
Majic Johnson
Jerry West
Kobe Bryant

Greatest Players:

Michael Jordan
Oscar Robertson
Wilt Chamberlain

Present College Player To Watch-Gerald Henderson, Jr. who is a senior at Duke University, is the most complete player since Michael Jordan and is ahead of Jordan in this stage of his development. He is a smaller version of Michael Jordan and if he works extremely hard he may well become more proficient than Jordan in most categories.

* Rated Higher

The US Mainstream Media: Selective Omission and Planned Misinformation

by Solomon Comissiong
There is method to the maddening homogeneity and shallowness of the U.S. corporate media. “Keeping the public as dumbed down as possible keeps their corporate clients happy and their political partners in power.” Media corporations advertise that they sell “news,” but what they're really marketing is a daily defense of imperial rule. That's why, for example, “they won’t tell you how so-called 'free trade' policies create sweatshops, plunder, mass migration, and civil unrest.”

The US Mainstream Media: Selective Omission and Planned Misinformation
by Solomon Comissiong
“The American mainstream media system continues to be the perfect tool for those who control the empire.”
The idea that the American mainstream media system is a reputable source for comprehensive news and information should be the punch line for any series of good jokes. However, the mainstream media is actually taken seriously within United States borders. And because it is taken seriously, it does immeasurable harm by sustaining a vastly misinformed and isolated American populous. This misinformation begins in public schools and colleges from sea to shining sea.
Far and extremely few between will one find a classroom in the U.S. that actually portrays America, her founders, and her policies as the “bad guys.” Instead of that being the point of reference in which we begin our history and social studies courses, we find the complete opposite: premeditated lies, kicked off bright and early in the morning with the cultish reciting of the “pledge of allegiance.” The pledge, ending with the words “with liberty and justice for all,” should be laughable to anyone that has studied history outside the mainstream channels. With liberty and justice for all? Those words have been disingenuous and insincere since the Pledge of Allegiance’s inception in 1892. I don’t think living under the terror of Jim Crow, lynching, and the US convict lease system embodies “justice for all” for its citizens of color. The sad but honest truth is that most Americans have absolutely no idea of the vast carnage – the crimes against humanity - their country has committed since its tainted “inception.” And for that reason, the American mainstream media system continues to be the perfect tool for those who control the empire.When a majority of the populace has no accurate historical reference whatsoever, and is isolated from the rest of the world, you can feed them whatever pack of lies you wish.
An analytical, diverse, and well working media system informs, engages, and educates its viewers/listeners/readers. The American media system performs none of these beneficial functions. Whether it's the white supremacist Fox “News” or the so-called liberal CNN (whatever the word ‘liberal’ means to them), the limited range by which they cover current events is pretty much the same. They basically all carry the same narrowly focused news, with different voices and overhead. They all (MSNBC, FOX “News,” CNN, et al) purposely leave out huge chucks of contextual information when they actually do report on events that occur outside of the US. For instance, I recently viewed a “news” story on the so-called liberal MSNBC which was headlined, “War Planes strike Taliban in Pakistan.” I was intrigued to see if the report would have any mention of the masses of civilians that have been destroyed by these US air-strikes. Needless to say, I was not pleasantly surprised. There was no mention of the civilians who were disproportionately affected by the aggressive US policy.
“Since taking office the Obama administration has carried out the same hawkish military approach as did the mentally challenged George W. Bush and his band of war mongers.”
If you believe the “news” out of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, U.S. armaments are deployed with precision accuracy, destroying only “enemies.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Since taking office the Obama administration has carried out the same hawkish military approach as did the mentally challenged George W. Bush and his band of war mongers. As Obama fans continue to ride the hollow wave of “change you can believe in,” civilians are perishing by the score in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Why does much of that part of the world hate the US? For an easy answer, start with US foreign policy. If the American mainstream media were actually concerned about professionalism and raising the consciousness of their audiences, the public would be presented with all sides of the story. Given that MSNBC’s parent company is General Electric, the weapons contractor, we shouldn’t be surprised by their pro-military reporting.
US mainstream media abhor historical context and shun expositions of root causes. They won’t tell you how so-called “free trade” policies create sweatshops, plunder, mass migration, and civil unrest. A recent example would be the mass killings of civilians ordered by Peru’s pro-western president, Alan Garcia, when indigenous Peruvians protested the selling off of enormous chunks of the Amazon rainforest. If no change is made, the indigenous Peruvians will see North American gas and oil companies, like ConocoPhillips, destroy vast tracts of their land to serve greedy capitalist interests. You won’t see a full and fair presentation of this story on any mainstream outlets. And you can bet that whatever coverage of the Peruvian crisis is allowed will be from the capitalists' perspective. As a result, Americans are at least partially shielded from the suffering caused by their own country’s long legacy of imperialism.
“The corporate media keep us in the dark because they have to.”
The American mainstream media system is a very powerful and dangerous appendage of a system that does not give a damn about the advancement of the rest of humanity. Its true function is to project the worldview and culture of the imperial system, of which it is an integral component. Popular apathy and disengagement, and an abysmal general ignorance, are the inevitable and natural result. The criminal minded mainstream media have no interest in putting domestic and world events in their proper context. Keeping the public as dumbed down as possible keeps their corporate clients happy and their political partners in power. After all, if most Americans truly knew that their country’s government was at the root of most of the nation’s international disputes, they actually might try to rise up and do something about it. Whether it be murderous coup d’├ętats, illegally funded clandestine wars, assassination attempts, unequal and oppressive “free” trade agreements, or inhumane sanctions - the US government has participated in all of the above.
These are the dirty little secrets that, if exposed to the majority, could provoke real change in the way America does “business” with other countries. The corporate media keep us in the dark because they have to. These private communications corporations dictate to Americans what they need to think, when they need to think it, and who they need to hate. They fulfill the role assigned them by the larger corporate structures.
After all, if Americans knew the real truth, they might recognize that the nexus of their – and the world's – problems is located in their own government's policies.
Solomon Comissiong is an educator, community activist, author, public speaker and the host of the Your World News radio program (www.blogtalkradio.com/Your-World-News). He may be reached at: sunderland77@hotmail.com.

Senator Lindsey Graham,the great people of Iran don't need you telling or dictating to them on what form of governance they need !

Mr.Graham, the present day people of Iran are the descendants of one of history's oldest highly developed civilizations dating back to the Proto-Elamite Civilization, 3000-2800 B.C., and they don't need you lecturing them about what form of governance they should pursue.
Senator Graham, while Persia was a world power, your ancestors were running around in Europe practicing cannibalism and killing each other like Barbarians with no semblance of being able to govern themselves in any organized fashion. Perhaps Lindsey, you could take a bona-fide World History course from the University of Virginia or Harvard, or remain like most Americans in the dark about the contributions of the Iranian people in the development of Western Civilization. Mr. Graham, all people are entitled to self-determination relative to what type of governance they should have and seek.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blacks built the U.S. and suffered 300 years of brutal White Christian Terrorism and now you offer a bogus apology telling us we can't get paid !

I guess African Americans are supposed to accept the United States Senate's Resolution apologizing for slavery,segregation,Jim Crow like good little"Pickaninny's ? African Americans who don't support the concept of reparations are sellouts, traders and house servants and ignorant of American history.

The historical roots of American racism are conscious and deliberate,but sheer ignorance perpetuates it without any extra effort.

Most White Americans don't even know the history of slavery and the long continuing struggles of Blacks to overcome it.

Andrew Young,1996.

Chris Matthews,MSNBC Host of Hardball,African slavery did exist in Pennsylvania and it was only abolished in the state in 1847

Mr. Matthews you need to know your history of the Keystone State,and cease and desist from bating the misinformed public with your historical inaccuracies.
William Penn,the so-called founder of the Colony of Pennsylvania owned 12 African slaves,however he gradually became a supporter of the abolition of slavery. Mr. Matthews the uninformed media commentator all the Colonies,States,and territories had African slaves doing all the cheap work and infrastructure building. Pennsylvania, and all the Colonies and States got wealthy off the blood,sweat and tears of Africans in American. Therefore we are entitled to Reparations with compound interests and penalties. Now smoke that in your pipe !

Perhaps the very first thing we need to do as a nation and as individual members of society is to confront our past and see it for what it is.

It is the past that is filled with some of the ugliest possible examples of racial brutality and degradation in human history.We need to recognize it for what it was and is and not to explain it away,excuse it or justify it.
John Hope Franklin,1993

Friday, June 19, 2009

The permanent scar of the European&American Trans-Atlantic and Arab slave trade !

Two hundred and forty-four years of slavery and nearly a century of institutionalized terrorism in the form of segregation,lynchings,and second-class citizenship in America.......has left its toll in the psychic scars and personal wounds now inscribed in the souls of Black folk.
By,Dr. Cornel West,1993.

Old John McCain put up or shut up ! Show us the proof of your scandalous accusations about Iranian election fraud !

It's well worth remembering that Jim Crow flourished during the very time that millions of Europeans entered the United States.

A deeply racialized U.S. society transformed ignorant and impoverished immigrants into white people. And as whites,European newcomers enjoyed access to the American transition belt of upward economic mobility.

By Nell Irvin Painter,1998

Slavery has always been the defining event of American society.By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,1996

A society is always eager to cover misdeeds with a cloak of forgetfulness;

But no society can fully repress a ugly pass when the ravages persist into the present.America owes a debt of justice which it has only begun to pay.

Martin Luther King,Jr., 1967

Certainly it was no accident that slavery was the major moral issue the signers of the Declaration of Independence failed to address:

The framers proclaimed liberty,equality and justice for all,and went home to oversee their slaves. Just as it is no accident that our public dialogue on race
today is more a monologue of frustration and rage.

By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,1996

The Congressional Black Caucus should stop,delay,or fillibuster Tom Harkins meaningless duplicitous Senate Resolution apologizing for slavery.

What did those Senators promise Roland Burris the lone African American in the Senate for his endorsement of the Senate's apology for slavery ,a yearly supply of Thunderbird wine and a Gold Cadillac each year ?

I have met many families whose ancestors were enslaved by my family.

I've apologized only to one of those families because I don't think that words are enough.......They're like a Band-Aid on the wound
Edward Ball,1998

U.S. Senators Apologize For Slavery !

There is an old expression which says"Actions speak much louder than words".
The Senate apology without Reparations is meaningless. African Americans don't need symbolism ! They need action !
The great American Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said in 1967"To find the origins of the Negro problem we must turn to the white man's problem.

The U.S. Senate Apologizes For Slavery,Segregation and Jim Crow

The Senate has unanimously passed a deceitful,empty,worthless resolution apologizing for slavery ,racial segregation,Jim Crow Practices,and they sent the measure to the House. These are the same group of Senators who voted for such right-wing Judicial Activist Justices as Sam Alito, Anthony Kennedy,John Roberts, Antonin Scalia and Uncle Clarence Thomas who have done every thing in their power hiding behind their Black robes in dismantling and diluting the original intent of the various Civil Rights Laws and the U.S. Constitution with their warped strict constructionist interpretations.These Senators and Justices have made a mockery of the Civil Rights laws and the Constitution.
In reference to paying Reparations the U.S. doesn't have enough money to pay Blacks for the overt and horrendous crimes of the past and the continuing egregious systemic injustices of today. But I do believe that you will reap what you sow.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

President Obama's positive outreach to the Muslim World particularly Iran and his speech in Cairo sparked the protest of the election in Iran !

President Obama should be given credit for providing the leadership with his brand of diplomacy for triggering and igniting the yearning for some semblance of participatory democracy by the opposition party in(Iran) as they move forward in their quest for a recount of the votes cast in last weeks election. President Obama's direct,candid,dialogue and outreach to Muslims all over the world could have a positive effect in changing some of their feudal 12th. century systems of governing their respective populace and their perceptions of the United States.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Poor looser John McCain where is your evidentiary proof to show that Iran's election was corrupt,flawed and a sham ?

Why does the sponsored media continually give this cantankerous poor looser John McCain a platform and free audience with his absurd, and ridiculous comments in reference to Iran's recent election ? Mr. McCain if you have any verifiable proof of voting fraud in the Iranian election would you kindly share that evidence with Iran's Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khomeni. It appears to me Mr.McCain that you are just blowing typical smoke and whistling in the wind about complex issues that you really don't understand or comprehend.
President Obama is intelligent enough to know that you don't make false inflammatory scurrilous accusations about voting fraud in another country without any evidentiary proof. To do otherwise Mr McCain, is not good statesmanship. McCain is just pure and simply politically grandstanding about the Iranian election for which he knows nothing of value or substance. I'll bet anyone ten to one that John McCain can't locate Iran on the world map.
John McCain the duplicitous dumb Scotch-Irishman still can't get over that fact that a more intelligent skinny Black man with big "Monkey looking ears" beat him in an legitimate election last fall.
Why should the President of the United States talk tough about the Iranian election with know substantive knowledge of the Iranian election.
Mr. McCain talking tough about the Iranian election will only heighten the tension between the U.S.and Tehran. Further the pro-American Iranians will perceive of our public utterances about the results of their election as meddling in their internal affairs. The present day election crisis in Iran is in the United States best interest in keeping the Ahmadinejad Government temporarily off balance and out of sync.
The United States has been effectively silently working behind the scenes in fueling,aiding and abetting the "Opposition in Iran,and apparently that strategy is working.
John McCain have you ever heard of the expression" Walk softly and carry a big stick"? The United States has the biggest and most numerous sticks in the world,and that's the reason why Obama's smart Diplomacy may work in the long run in dealing with Iran and the thuggish regime in North Korea.
Sorry,Mr McCain you lost the argument again,and you need to take that Reich-Wing Manifest Destiny foreign policy philosophy back to hijacked state of Arizona and retire. And by the way Mr.McCain, where did you finish in your graduating class at the United States Naval Academy? I was told by a reliable source that your recently graduated son finished higher than fifth from the bottom of his class at Annapolis.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The SEC Leads The Nation In NFL Draft Selections For 2009

Thanks to the Modern Day Civil Rights Movement the best College football by far is played in the Southeastern Conference in the land of Hominy Grits,Cornbread,Buttermilk, Fried Chicken,Chitlins,Greens(Collard- Kale- Mustard -Turnip- Dandelions and Poke Salad) Red Beans&Rice, Corn On and Off the Cobb,Hog Maws,Pork Chops, Pig Feet, Pig Ears,Ham Hocks,Hog Jowls,Neck Bones,Oxtails,Turnip&Beet Tops,Lima Beans,Butter Beans,(Native American Succotash)Green Peas, Kentucky Wonders, Liver mush, Biscuits, Yams,Okra, Cat Fish,Whiting,Porgies,Bluegills,Virginia Spots,Oysters,Crab, Corn Meal Dumplings, Chicken Dumplings, Chow-Chow, Sweet Tea,Hoe Cakes,Hush Puppies,Crackling's,Country Fried Steak, Onions,Garlic, Bay Leaf, Bread&Rice Pudding,Squirrel,Opossum, Rabbit, Deer,Raccoon,Guinea Corn,Salmon Croquettes,Red Velvet Cake, Black- Eyed Peas,Virginia Ham,Sweet Potato Pie, Gumbo,Southern Potato Salad,Duck,Quail, Pheasant,and Spuds.

The SEC had the most selections in the 2009,National Football League player draft. The SEC had 37 of its players selected followed by the ACC with 33,the Pac-10 with 32,Big 12 and Big Ten with 28 each and the weak Big East with 27.
The Mountain West Conference had 16 players selected while the Western Athletic Conference and Conference USA had 10 each.
Boston College is the only ACC school located North of the Mason-Dixon Line,which reinforces my point relative to where the best college football is played.

Eleven of the 12 SEC schools had at least one player selected in the draft,South Carolina led the SEC with seven players selected followed by Georgia and LSU with six each and Alabama and Ole Miss with four each.

The SEC has now led or tied for the lead in the most selections in an NFL Draft in 10 of the last 12 years.

Since 1990,the SEC has had 739 players selected in the NFL Drafts,tops in the nation. "Go Dawgs"

The SEC had eight players selected in the first round,which was tied fourth highest in SEC history. In 2007,the SEC had 11 players selected in the first round,2005 and 1998 had 10 each,1999 had eight in the first round.

Since conference expansion in 1992,the SEC has had 107 first round selections in 17 drafts,an average of 6.29 selections per draft.

*The SEC like all college football Conferences has an atrociously poor record of affording equal opportunity to African American candidates in all the systems of hiring for Head-Coach and promoting to Coordinators and hiring Assistant Coaches. Playing football in the SEC is reminiscent of the old Ante-Bellum south where the Black slaves did all the work and labored on the plantation with white overseers in the central positions of power. These Colleges and Universities bring in millions of dollars in revenue each year off of the blood,sweat,and tears of many Black athletes. So why would anyone with some semblance of smarts labor and play for a team that would not hire one of their race as an overseer or(Head-Coach)?
African Amerian high school recruits and their parents should show some intelligence and avoid going to those Institutions that refused to hire qualified African American candidates for the position of Head-Coach,Coordinators,and other Staff and Faculty positions.The lack of hiring of highly qualified African American candidates by 99.9% of all Colleges and Universities in the United States will only change when Blacks in concert with white allies"Take The Bull By The Horns" as this is the part responsible for guidance. Many times the Black Coaches Association headquartered in Indianapolis Indiana,has spoken out about the lack of hiring of African American Head Coaches,an equal number of times the matter has been dropped."For a dog to be effective,he must not only have a bark but a bite." The ultra conservative College Presidents along with Athletic Directors, Alumni Associations,Booster Clubs are the principle culprits for the lack of hiring African American candidates for the position of Head football Coach and other positions throughout their Institutions of higher learning. College Presidents and the rest of the college hierarchy don't think Blacks embody the ideas they think their school does and most suffer from the "Al Campanis Syndrome." The NFL Rooney rule was brought about by pressure from Black players,and there is no such demand among College players or their parents.

Monday, June 15, 2009

How can there be an Arab State along side Israel with no Military ?

Will Israel give up all its Weapons of Mass Destruction along with it's nuclear arsenal ? Benjamin Netanyahu,Prime Minister of Israel has manipulated the Obama Administration with his duplicitous ploy in his pronouncement and advocacy for an Arab state along side Israel with pre-conditions that he knows full well that no intelligent Arab living in the so-called occupied territories will ever accept. Israel will never give up the West Bank,which is the ancient Hebrew (Kingdom) of Judea-Samaria. Show me the data or polling that says the Arabs living in Gaza,West Bank,and East Jerusalem are willing to live side by side their Jewish brethren in peace,and tranquility. A two state solution for the Holy Land is indeed a "Mission Impossible",because Israeli politics are so heavily laden with religion as it's moral compass and guiding light.
Many Christians and Jewish-Christians believe their will be no peace in the Holy Land until the Prince of Peace returns to rule in the land,but Arabs are also members of the human family of God who should enjoy all the rights to statehood went they have met all the prerequisites for a viable Arab nation alongside Israel.
It has been pointed out by the Society of International Law at London that there have been only 268 years of peace during the past 4000 years of human history,despite the signing of more than 8000 separate peace treaties

Barack Obama'breaks four aid pledges for Africa

United States President Barack Obama has broken four campaign promises on overseas aid and risks reversing the successes of the Bush administration in combating HIV-Aids.
A pledge to spend 4.3 Billion on bilateral Aids programs under the Obama's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief has been shaved back to 3.3 billion.
President Obama had also promised to contribute about 1.8 billion on the Global Fund to fight Aids,tuberculosis and malaria,but his budget request fell short by 1.2.billion.
It calculated that this meant that one million people will not receive treatment for HIV,and 2.9 million women will miss out on services to help prevent passing the virus to their unborn children.
Underfunding these critical programmes has grave consequences,especially during the current global economic crisis," said Paul Zeitz,director of the GAA,speaking in the Kenyan capital,of Nairobi.
"President Obama has a moral obligation to demonstrate global leadership on behalf of the poorest and most marginalised people of the world,especially in Africa.
The two other broken promises related to stalling promised payments to fund education,and failing to increase foreign aid as a whole by a rate which will allow the President to meet his commitment to double such assistance by 2012.
It appears that the Obama administration and the politicians in Washington are counting on the public not to read about or research the important issues confronting this country and the world. How many of the Congress people read all those Stimulus bills before they voted on this them ?

All Judges and Justices are affected by their background,and that to believe they rule without" their personal expierences affecting them is false

Unless you live in fantasy land,all Judges and Justices are affected by their background in making decisions on the bench(Samuel Alito).

Lakers 99 triump over sluggish Magic 86

Blogger Black Buzz says this was one of the most boring uninspired N.B.A. finals playoffs in the history of the N.B.A.but Kobe Bryant made his case for possibly moving up from the third team on my N.B. A. All-Time team.
I don't care how many titles Phil Jackson wins he is no Red Auerbach,whom in my opinion was the greatest N.B.A. coach of All-Time

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

U.VA.Remains'Leader by far'Among Nation's Publics in Graduating Black Students

For the 15th straight year,the University of Virginia's African American students posted the highest graduation rate among those at all public universities in the nation,according to the annual compilation published by the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education.The Journal reports that U.Va.'s graduation rate of 87% percent makes it"the leader by far in successfully graduating Black students" at flagship state universities.
Admissions :
High preference among high achievers
Admission to the University of Virginia is very competitive. A December 2005 National Bureau of Economic Research study of "high-achieving"undergraduate applicants found U-Va., at twentieth overall,to be the most preferred college located in the state of Virginia.some twenty-three spots ahead of Washington and Lee University,and the second most preferred in the American South,just one spot behind Duke University. The study also revealed the University to be most preferred public university in the entire United States,placing five spots above both the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of California,Berkeley. The stated purpose of the NBER study was to produce a ranking system that "would be difficult for a college to manipulate" by basing it on the actual demonstrated preferences of highly meritorious students.
The University of Virginia places#1 among state-supported universities in the United States in the production of Rhodes Scholars.It's most recent winners were two awarded in 2oo4,bringing it to a cumulative total of 45.
Tuition is lower for both in-state and out-of state students than most other top universities. The student composition of the University is such that it was described in a feature article in the 2006 America's Best Colleges edition of U.S. News and World Report as being "chock full of academic stars who turn down private schools like Duke,Princeton, and Cornell for, they say,a better value. Indeed,in 2008 the center for College Affordability and Productivity named the University of Virginia the Top value among all national public colleges and Universities in the United States in a separate by USA Today and the Princeton Review.
Much of the consistent academic success of the Black students at UVa is directly attributable to it's Nationally recognized "Peer Advisor Program headed by the dynamic Dean Sylvia Terry.
The American Association of University Administration and the John Templeton Foundation have recognized the Peer Advisor Program as "exemplary" in achieving campus diversity" and exemplary"for character development".
How Does The Peer Advisor Program Work
The Office of African American Affairs Assign each entering Black student with an upperclassman,a "Big Brother" or Big Sister," who serves as a resource throughout the academic year. The parings are based on academic and extracurricular interests. For example,Engineering students are matched with Engineering Peer Advisor,Architecture with Architecture,Education with Education,etc.Peer Advisers.
The typical UVa Black student is a highly motivated success driven individual who's grand parents may have graduated from one of the HBCU's,and the vast majority of their parents are college graduates.
The University of Virginia is one of a handful of schools in the country that has been able to provide&offer outstanding academics coupled with excellence in Athletics.
The University Of Virginia is located in Charlottesville,which was ranked the best the best place to live in the United States(2004) in the Book Cities Ranked and rated by Bert Sperling&Peter Sander. Sperling and Sander ranked the Cities based on Cost of Living,climate and quality of life.
Charlottesville is best known as the home of three great U.S. Presidents(Thomas Jefferson,James Madison, and James Monroe). The city is also known for Jefferson's Monticello,his renowned Mountain-top home which attracts approximately half million tourists every year. The University of Virginia is the idea place to study&learn in an environment that is conducive to human growth and development surrounded by the Southwest and Blue Ridge Mountains in the scenic Shenandoah Valley.
I have visited at least fifty Colleges and Universities such as Dartmouth,Notre Dame,U.Georgia,Purdue, Grove City,U.Maine, WVU,Davis Elkins,Westminster,Emerson College,Tri-St.U. in Angola,Indiana, Allegheny College, St.Vincents, Ohio State, and many more. But UVA is by far the most tranquil,peaceful,scenic,historic,and picturesque of the schools I visited.
So how could anyone with a modicum of intelligence select an inner city brick campus over a school like UVA located in America's most livable city(Charlottesville,Virginia)?

The University of Virginia was the only school in the country that had two African American female alumnae as candidates on President Obama's short list of candidates for the high court. They are as follows: Met Life Chief Litigation Counsel, Teresa Wynn Roseborough who earned her B.A. from UVA in 1980 and Leah Ward Sears, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia who received her J.D. from Emory University School of Law in 1980 and received her LL.M. degree from University of Virginia School of Law in 1995. The J.D. is the first professional doctorate in law. The LL.M. is a Master of Law which can be obtained in a particular specialty for more depth after obtaining the J.D. Very few practicing attorneys have an LL.M. More importantly, none of the present nine Supreme Court Justices has an LL.M. degree. Jusitces Breyer, Ginsburg and Kennedy have LL.B. degrees and the other six Justices have J.D. degrees. Chief Justice Sears earned her LL.M. degree 15 years after having obtained her J.D. which reveals how much drive, determination, discipline and intestinal fortitude she had in being the best legal counselor in her field. Justice Sears was my first choice for nomination to the United States Supreme Court.
*Another UVA grad who was under consideration for the High Court was the highly distinguished Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, who graduated from the University School of Law in 1983.

Malcom X said: "Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow only belongs to the people who prepare for it today".

The African American students, the African Caribbean students, Blacks from the Continent of Africa and Blacks elsewhere in the Diaspora at UVA have done a yeoman outstanding job of preparing for a very bright future.

Russ Boss Hogg Limbaugh and the overweight version of(Mr.Peepers) Karl Rove look exactly like two Razorback Hogs.

It is quite evident that the Republican Party presently offers little hope or real promise for Blacks or Hispanics for the future.The Republican Party holds the reasonable assurance of a return to approved bigotry,bias and Jim Crow as a standard; Racist-Bigoted types as Judge and Jury and the real threat to law enforcement by lynchropes and mobs as an American Way of Life.

The Party of no ideas has Sarah Palin an intellectual dropout and Newt Gingrich the man who should have gone to jail in the nineties as their leaders.

It should be clear to all who wish to see it,that the Republican Party,the once venerated party of Lincoln has unceremoniously yet convincingly become the bed for right-wingers,reactionaries,Gun Nuts, Pro-Life Terrorists,misfits,neer-do-wells and the party of holdover Nazis. All to often,we are what we have been carefully taught not to see! We have all always been a country which has celebrated violence.

Monday, June 8, 2009

26.6 Million Russians and other Ethnics within the Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics died in World War 2

Some historians estimate that the Soviet Union lost 10% of its population in World War 2,and Europe and the West should thank the people of Russia for bearing most of the brunt of the brutal Nazi aggression in the war to end all wars.
Only a bunch of fools or lunatics would think that they could win a World War fighting on three ,four or five fronts with a limited population.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It was the Christian Nation of Nazi Germany(Third Reich) that perpetrated the Holocaust in Europe against the Jews and other population groups.

Many hypocritical Christian nations,and individuals collaborated with the Nazi's and they are as follows:
1.Albania-70% Muslim,Albanian Orthodox 20%,Roman Catholic 10%
2. Austria
7.Channel Islands
8. Czechoslovakia
14.The Irish Republican Army(IRA)
17. Lithuania
18. Luxembourg
22. Norway
26. Slovenia
27.Soviet Union
29.Vichy Government in France

Also note that 45,000 Norwegians joined the Nazi Party and few Arab Muslim legions fought with the Nazi's in Bosnia,Albania and elsewhere. The governments of Turkestan and South Africa were overt Nazi sympathizers.
How and why did the so-called Christian Nations permit this horrific carnage called the Holocaust ?
Why was the Vatican so silent on the persecution of Jews in 1930's and 1940's ?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

President Obama what are you doing to get Israel to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty ?

When will the State of Israel join the Non-Proliferation regimen,and subject its nuclear weapons to that process ?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The upstart Penguins triumph over the tough Red Wings 4-2 to win game three.

This series is over and the Red Wings need to go back to Detroit and retire with the Pontiac and Oldsmobile. This is Pittsburgh's year for winning Sports Championships,but the hapless Pirates are not included in the present equation.

Obama's smart diplomacy has boost Cuba's Tourist industry putting an enormous amount of cash into the hands of the corrupt Castro Brothers

Cuban Americans should give thanks to President Obama for re'establishing diplomatic ties to one of history's most nefarious Dictators,Fidel Castro.

What steps is the Obama Administration taking to remedy the genocide and suffering of the indigenous people in Darfur,Sudan ?

When will President Obama's so-called smart diplomacy start working to relief the suffering and genocide perpetrated on the innocent people in Darfur ?
Why hasn't President Obama spoken out more vociferously against the thugs in Khartoum,who hijacked the government ? President Obama's campaign rhetoric on Darfur hasn't translated into concrete assertive action in the Darfur region of Sudan. Is President Obama afraid of offending the Communist Chinese who are the real movers and shakers behind the rogue government in Khartoum ?
Did Timothy Geithner bring up the plight of the people in Darfur when he met with the Chinese last week ? President Obama allegedly will be speaking to the entire Muslim world tomorrow,and Egypt borders Sudan. So will the President of the United States mention Darfur in passing in his speech before the entire global family of nations or will he be trying to massage the egos of the Saudi's ?

GM sells the Hummer which is a spin-off of our treasured U.S.Military vehicle to the Communist Chinese

I will bet anyone 10-1 that Timothy Geithner was the bag man for this Hummer deal with the Republic of China(PRC). The whole Geithner family has strong ties to the Chinese Communist business community.
One may also look for the Chinese to sell the world Pontiacs in the very near future called the Dragon 2+2.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Please President Obama,Don't bow down to the Saudi King !

President Obama,a true Christian doesn't bow down to any man or woman.
Perhaps the Rev. Jeremiah Wright didn't teach President Obama correctly on what constitutes proper Chrisitian decorum. Loving your neighbor doesn't mean you bow before them !

Sotomayor's 8-to-1 ratio of rejecting discrimination claims filed by Blacks raises a major Red Flag !

Judge Sonia Sotomayor ruled against Black plaintiffs seventy-eight times out of a total of ninety six cases that came before her on the Second,United States Court of Appeals.It is quite apparent that Black litigants did not have someone in Judge Sotomayor that favored their claims of racial bias..
I find her rulings in the seventy-eight cases quite troubling and her actions raises many questions that will have to be explored by all members of the Senate Judiciary Committee for greater clarification. Perhaps the Black litigants lost their claims because they were represented by someone like Clarence Thomas. It will be incumbent upon Patrick Leahy,the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee to call some of the Black Charging Parties before his committee to ascertain the true nature of their charges of racial discrimination,in which they appeared before Judge Sotomayor. It is obvious by her rulings that Judge Sotomayor sided with Business and Repondents rather than with the poor Black litigants that came before her on the Second Court Of Appeals. It is my hope that this Obama nominee Sotomayor will not get rubber stamped by the Senate Judiciary Committee.
It appears as though Sonia Sotomayor is a true strict constructionist and perhaps that's why daddy Bush appointed her to the U.S.District Court.
Take the case of the Black female nurse who was seriously injured during her work at a hospital and is forced to take a medical leave of absence.When she returns a year later,she reapplies for new jobs but doesn't get any offers of comparable salary and seniority.For one of the jobs for which she was turned down,two white women with disabilities are chosen.For another job for which she was rejected,a younger white male is hired. This Black female nurse had a severe disability and President Obama's nominee to the high court,Judge Sonia Sotomayor ruled against the Black female. Also note the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission(EEOC) had ruled in this woman's favor and they issued her a right to sue letter when they were unable to remedy her charge.
Judge Sotomayor's nomination is the type of change we can truly believe in.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The EEOC reports that race discrimination complaints(Black) have been on the rise for the last six months at an alarming rate.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission(EEOC) under both the Democrats and Republican administrations has always used voluntary compliance with Respondents rather than enforcement of the law,thus nullifying the original intent of Title Seven of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
The rise in the number of of race discrimination charges filed by African Americans with the EEOC comes at a time when the economy is still floundering and hemorrhaging at the seams.
President Obama nor Eric Holder,the Attorney General of the United States don't appear to have the desire to aggressively pursue enforcement of our vast Civil Rights Laws governing employment discrimination ,but hopefully the Obama administration will prove me wrong in my analysis of its' efforts to combat unlawful discrimination in employment.