Friday, February 29, 2008

What's Going on with Blacks and Hispanics/Latinos?

It is very unfortunate that the mass-sponsored media continually fuels the flames of discontent and class warfare between Hispanics/Latinos and Blacks. Both communities don’t have the types of leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Caesar Chavez, members of the Protestant clergy or the Catholic Church that can unite Black Americans and the Hispanic communities in their quest to gain entry into the mainstream of all facets of American life. It is the White political power structure along with the multinational corporations in California, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas that have historically pitted one group against the other in order to harvest the benefits of that class warfare and to keep both Black Americans and Hispanic/Latinos at the bottom of the socio-economic scale.
It is my opinion that Hillary nor Bill Clinton cares about Hispanics or Blacks. They are only courting the Hispanic/Latino vote in Texas to offset the overwhelming support that Barack Obama has with Black Americans, White males and female voters. Mr.Obama has worked consistently with Hispanic and Latino groups on the streets of Chicago, has marched with them in their parades and has been a champion of their causes. Mr. Obama received 90% support from the Puerto Rican population in the City of Chicago in his state senate campaign and in his U.S. Senatorial race.
The Hispanic/Latino and Black communities need to build stronger bridges to understanding and realize that the Afro-Hispanic coalition of voters would pose one of the most formidable alliance of voters in the history of this country. Also note that the Brown Berets, a Mexican-American militant activist group of the 1960's and 1970's in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, shared many of the same views as the "Black Panther Party For Self Defense". The Young Lords, a Puerto Rican militant organization from New York which was an offshoot of the Black Panthers, worked cooperatively on many community related projects in conjunction with the Panthers and other progressvie organizations. Perhaps one day Americans will evolve and become emancipated out of the ethnic, racial, gender, generational, class identity politics of the present into a more unifying 21st century new type of politics that is not strapped in the divisiveness, polarization or special interest politicos of the past and present center politics.
Many Hispanics realize that Mr. Obama has been the most consistent on the issue of immigration relative to providing a pathway to citizenship as well as the granting of bona fide driver licenses to illegal immigrants. Hillary Clinton on the other hand has flipflopped on the illegal immigration issue based upon which state she was in for political expediency. Many young Hispanic/Latino voters recognize the inconsistency and hypocrisy in Hillary's position in dealing with illegal immigration. I say this to the Hispanic/Latino and Afro-American communities: after all is said, I would submit that our best gain and our best advantage lies in working together in a cooperative spirit rather than in a climate of acrimony and personal enmity. We have common friends and common enemies. We must be considerate to the one and proselytize the other and if possible convert them. If all else fails, abandon and isolate the enemies of both Blacks and Latinos. For the treasure will be found in the old and new found alliance between Blacks and Hispanic/Latinos rather than in a climate of indifference and perpetual conflict.


Before the passage of NAFTA, my brother’s wife had a small, productive apparel business in Northern Virginia. She employed 25 to 30 people and the business was quite successful. When NAFTA passed, she could not compete with the mega giants as Calvin Klein, Ann Taylor, Jones of New York, Levi Strauss, Ralph Lauren who moved many of their manufacturing operations to Mexico, Dominican Republic, the Philippines, Honduras, Guatemala, Chile, Indonesia, Panama, Peru, Columbia and China. Thanks Mr. William Jefferson Clinton.

Hillary Clinton, the wife of Bill Clinton, was in favor of NAFTA in 1996 and also supported NAFTA in 2001. Hillary only changed her position on NAFTA after she was positioning herself to run for the White House in 2006. Ohio and Pennsylvania voters should be cognizant of the fact that Hillary Clinton has always promised the creation of jobs just as she did in the State of New York and has failed to deliver. It was pointed out by Tim Russert, moderator in last Thursday’s debate in Cleveland, Ohio, that Hillary in her first senatorial campaign had promised the creation of five million new jobs in the Greater Buffalo Area and the Southwestern Corridor of the State of New York. However, according to Tim Russert, the area in question has lost 30,000 jobs. Hillary responded by saying that she made that promise thinking that Al Gore would be the next president of the United States. Upon careful review and scrutiny of Hillary’s first senatorial campaign in the State of New York, Hillary never mentioned that the promise of five million jobs in the above stated areas would be contingent upon Al Gore becoming president. Therefore I have to conclude that in this case, Hillary Clinton was disingenuous, misleading and not forthright in talking with the voters in the state of New York. Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania voters----beware!

McCain' Birthplace Disqualifies Him for the Presidency

When the framers wrote the U.S. Constitution in 1787, they expressly stated that only a natural born citizen could become president. John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone. The original intent of the framers was that only a person born on American soil could be eligible for the presidency. The framers were quite clear on this point to guard against foreigners becoming commander-in-chief. In 1787, the U.S. did not have any of its military stationed on foreign soil.
So what is needed is either a constitutional amendment to settle the matter or for the U.S. Supreme Court or Congress to make a final ruling on said eligibility requirement for the office of president of the United States. If one follows a strict constructionist interpretation of the original intent of the Constitution, John Paul McCain does not meet the eligibility requirements to run for president of the United States. The Republicans have traditionally appointed and supported judicial candidates who give a very narrow, strict constructionist original intent view of the Constitution. But in the instant case, involving the eligibility requirements for a person not born on American soil, the Republicans and their operatives give a very broad, liberal interpretation of the original intent of the framers.
It seems to me that any American citizen, political party, or organization would be able to file a causative action against John McCain’s candidacy. Therefore, since John McCain is a so called honorable man, he should step down as being the Republican front runner for president until this issue is adjudicated by a constitutional amendment, the Congress or the United States Supreme Court.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Democrats Don't Practice What They Preach

In my opinion, the present Democratic Party is the most contradictory, hypocritical party in the United States. The Democrats profess and preach that they are concerned about fair and equal representation. But under the present Democratic Party rules in selecting a nominee for president, the voice of the people is relegated to a position of secondary consideration. The Democrats give more credence to the delegates and superdelegates in selecting a nominee for president. This system is stacked against the concept of “one person, one vote”. Furthermore, the Democratic Party leaders have adopted this duplicitous superdelegate system for the benefit of a select few, hand picked power brokers who are not elected by the masses. The present system is not fair to the Democratic electorate and has the effect of nullifying the will of the voters.
The present system in selecting a presidential candidate is based upon an antiquated, archaic, obsolete 18th century concept of the electoral college which is not based upon the concept of one person, one vote. Therefore our present system in selecting a president needs to be completely overhauled so that the votes of the American people can truly count.
Dr. Larry Sabato, Director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics and the Robert Kent Gooch Professor of Politics, has a new book titled: “A More Perfect Constitution”. In his new book, Dr. Sabato calls for the enactment of 23 proposals to revitalize our constitution and make America a fairer country. Dr. Sabato further states that we need a new Constitutional Convention to fine tune our constitution. Hopefully progressive thinking people will be able to influence our congressional and state legislators to acknowledge that our Constitution which is an 18th century document is in dire need of revisions, clarity and specificity as we move forward in the 21st century.

Grand Old Party of Lincoln

The Republican Party argues emphatically that they support traditional American values of family and home. Yet no administration has done more than Bush –Cheney to destroy the Black family and the poor American home. While it is quite evident that the present Democratic Party offers little hope or real promise for Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans and Muslims, for the future, the Republican Party holds the reasonable assurance of a return to approved bigotry, bias, Jim Crow as a standard, throwback era civil war Reconstruction types of judges and juries and the real threat of law enforcement by lynch ropes and mobs as an American way of life.
It should be clear to all people who wish to see it, that the Republican Party, the once venerated party of Lincoln and Frederick Douglass has unceremoniously yet convincingly become the bed for arch right wingers like Dick Cheney, Trent Lott, Karl Rove, Pat Buchanan, John Paul McCain, neo-conservatives, George Wallace Deomcrats, reactionaries like Rush Limbaugh, Bill Cunningham, Anthony Scalia, John Roberts, Bill O’Reilly, ne’er-do-wells, misfits and the party of holdover Nazis. All too often we are what we have been carefully taught not to see. How can such outstanding Afro-Americans as General Colin Powell, Secretary of State Condelezza Rice belong to a party that treats their fellow Afro-Americans and other people of color with contempt, indifference, disdain, hostility and is racist in their actions and deeds.
The Black Republican surrogate apologists and strategists are forever trying to convince us that the White right wing reactionary Republicans always mean just the opposite or something other than what they’ve stated or written or that they are badly misquoted, misunderstood or misinterpreted. These Black Republicans have it backwards and need to learn more of the facts of life and nature-----it is the dog that wags its tail, not the tail that wags the dog.
Barack Obama’s unique candidacy offers that little degree of hope that most unbiased Americans are desirous of seeing in a president of the United States of America.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Battle for Ohio-----Cleveland Debate

Battle for Ohio---Cleveland Debate
During the entire 16 minute back and forth debate on healthcare, Mrs. Clinton never explained how she would enforce the mandatory healthcare plan she is advocating for the American people. Hillary conveniently tap danced around this line of inquiry because she is really afraid of telling the truth to the American voters. Mrs. Clinton should have just said she would garnish the wages of those individuals who failed to comply with the mandatory medical insurance. When Obama informed Hillary that under her plan the insurance companies would be the biggest beneficiaries, Hillary did not counter Obama’s claim. Therefore, Hillary lost that round.
When Hillary Clinton was running for her first U.S. senate campaign in New York, she promised the voters five million new jobs in the Greater Buffalo and southwestern corridor of New York State. Tim Russert of Meet the Press, one of the moderators of the debate, asked Hillary about the authenticity of those figures since the Greater Buffalo Corridor has lost 30,000 jobs since the beginning of her first senatorial campaign. Hillary looked befuddled, dumbfounded, perplexed and waffled in responding to Mr. Russert’s line of inquiry on this subject matter.
Throughout the entire debate, Hillary’s body language indicated she was upset, strident, insecure and emotional. Hillary’s lips tightened up on several occasions when confronted with some basic truisms about her inconsistent positions, her flipflopping, her attacks, her distortions of Obama’s speeches and the sinister acts directed at Obama and his campaign by Clinton operatives or surrogates.
Mr. Russert finally got Hillary Clinton to begrudgingly admit she made an error in judgment in voting for the war in Iraq. Mr. Obama won the argument on NAFTA. Mr. Russert revealed how inconsistent Mrs. Clinton has been on NAFTA in changing her positions for political expediency. Obama looked presidential during the entire debate. Hillary at times appeared confused and on the verge of crying when confronted with her inconsistencies and distortions.
Mr. Obama won this debate hands down. Hillary needed a knockout punch. Instead she delivered weak counter punching and soft jabs. Barack won the debate with sharp, crisp counter punching, but he still failed to deliver a knockout punch.

Showdown in Austin

Mr. Obama needed a knockout punch to beat Hillary Clinton. But instead Hillary counter-punched off the ropes to a draw. Hillary needed an effective knock-out blow but failed to deliver when pressed back into the corner on the war in Iraq, on the issue of immigration, health care, talking to the new Cuban leader, solutions for the economy, development of an effective bi-lingual plan of learning, and her readiness to lead.
Based upon Barack Obama’s performance, he exhibited an acute awareness and understanding of utilizing diplomacy and negotiations which are more in tune with the world complexities of the twenty first century. That hard, intense, consistent, intelligent diplomacy would have prevented the war in Iraq. In the instant case, the Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld philosophy of preemptive warfare coupled with a ground war was a failure. Mr.Obama is correct in asserting that the invasion and war in Iraq was a classic example in poor judgment and lack of experience in dealing with international diplomacy. Hillary Clinton and John McCain were willing to give George Bush and company a blank check without scrutinizing, critically examining, cross examining the validity of all the necessary intelligence data that was available for each senator to review and discuss.

This showdown really became a melt-down of the two candidates with them lightly jabbing at each other over the issues they have discussed over the past several months without delivering the necessary knockout blow.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Racial Harassment On the Rise

In an article in USA Today dated February 6, 2008 by Marisol Bello, it was reported that the number of racial harassment filings at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which investigates workplace incidents, increased from 5,646 in 2006 to 6,977 in 2007. According to USA Today, the annual figure has more than doubled since 1991. These are the reported cases and there have to be hundreds of thousands of undocumented cases. All the presidential candidates need to have open, honest discussions and dialogue on the subject of racial harassment and its byproducts. Dialogue or discussion on racial harassment/discrimination is not playing the race card.
Why hasn’t the sponsored media—CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS or FOX asked the presidential candidates in the debates or in other forums, questions dealing with ethnic intimidation, racial harassment/discrimination, sexual harassment/discrimination, affirmative action, racial profiling, religious intolerance and civil rights enforcement? These issues to many Americans are of far more importance than asinine, imbecilic, unintelligent, absurd questions dealing with candidates use of borrowed “words” in speeches. The above mentioned issues are very pervasive in our society and must be addressed in a positive, timely and constructive manner. The next president of the United States may be nominating judges to the Supreme Court and to other judgeships throughout the federal judiciary. We need to know the positions of all the presidential candidates and how aggressively and consistently they will enforce the civil rights laws in this country.
Not talking about racial harassment/discrimination does a disservice to all the citizens in the United States as we move forward in the 21st century as we try to set an example for the other nations of the world to emulate in this evolving experiment in democratic governance.

HIllary's Nondisclosure

Mr. Obama has released all of his tax returns. So why has Hillary refused to release her tax returns for examination by the voters. Where did the alleged five million dollar donation by Hillary to her campaign come from? As voters don’t we deserve to know the genesis of this five million dollars? At a time when Bill Clinton has been masquerading around the globe, freelancing, making all sorts of deals with blatantly corrupt dictatorial regimes who are allegedly donating to his presidential library and foundation, it seems to me to be a very relevant question as to the five million dollars Hillary donated to her own campaign. What do the Clintons have to hide in not disclosing information regarding their taxes and finances?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

McCain's Appearance of Impropriety

Is John McCain the political equivalent to Rodger Clemens? John McCain appeared to be nervous and strident in answering questions of news reporters in this morning’s news conference relative to his alleged improper relation with the female lobbyist, Vicki Iseman. Either the New York Times has committed gross journalistic malpractice or John McCain is not telling the truth. If the New York Times is part of a left wing conspiracy to derail or torpedo Mr. McCain’s presidential aspirations, why would they endorse him for president? The jury is still out on Mr. McCain relative to his truthfulness.
I recognize that leadership cannot be predicated upon faulty premise but instead on good, solid, unwavering character and an inherent strong personality much like the foundation of a strong building built upon solid bedrock. In order to replace a good solid building, one must often rent the old foundations to solid bedrock. Mr. McCain’s alleged impropriety raises questions as to his suitability, character, fitness and integrity to be commander-in-chief.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama's On the Move

On February 12, Mr. Obama soundly defeated Mrs. Hillary Clinton in the Potomac and Chesapeake primaries. Mr. Obama also won on February 19 in the states of Wisconsin and Hawaii giving him ten decisive, hard fought victories in a row. The results of these victories were more devastating defeats for Mrs. Clinton than the often misleading public opinion polls predicted. Mrs. Clinton’s campaign is like a freight train rolling downhill without brakes headed for a crash at the bottom. But before the Clinton campaign lands at the bottom of the hill, the Clintons and their surrogates will continue to hit below the belt with their distorted, despiteous, vile, negative attacks on Mr. Obama’s speeches, character and voting record in the Illinois and United States Senates. Hillary Clinton cannot stand on her own ideas, her record, her values and her character to run this country if elected president.. There is no doubt that Bill Clinton would influence a Hillary Clinton presidency. Do we honestly want to return to the scandals and corruption of the 1990’s? Without the support and aid of Bill Clinton, Hillary would be a non-entity. Hillary wants to ride into the White House on the coattails of one of the most incompetent presidents in the history of the republic, William Jefferson Clinton.
Mr. Obama’s victories in the states of Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, Hawaii and Wisconsin have shown that Mr. Obama has increased his voter support among White men, White women, Hispanics/Latinos and senior citizens.

Mr. Obama’s advisors need to tell Mr. Obama to quit lightly jabbing at Hillary and throw more fierce upper cuts, left hooks, right crosses, overhand rights and bolo punches. Mr. Obama has Hillary up against the ropes and he needs a knock-out punch, not a split decision victory. Mr. Obama needs to have clarity and specificity on all his accomplishments and achievements in the Illinois and U.S, Senates, or he will continue to be unfairly maligned and discredited.
The more I listen to Hillary out on the campaign trail, I feel that she is trying to convince herself when she says: “I’m ready on day one to be commander-in-chief” because it is said without any self assurance, confidence or sincerity in her tone of voice. Hillary’s campaign is in a precarious position of desperation which is the reason she is demanding a series of debates. In the past presidential debates, Hillary has always double talked, twisted the facts, tried to look tough, when actually she has made a buffoon out of herself with her flip-flopping on the issues and with her mean-spirited attacks on Mr. Obama.
The battles of Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania will be the pivotal contests in this nomination process. I predict these upcoming primaries will be the most polarizing, racially/class divisive, gutter politics of the Democratic primary campaign season. This is Hillary’s Gettysburg and it is win at all costs or she can pack her bags and go back to carpetbagging as a U.S. Senator in New York state.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hillary's Attack On Obama Was Petty

At a time when Americans are seeing their homes lost due to foreclosures, predatory lending practices, escalating college costs, lack of a bona-fide health care plan, loss of jobs and under-employment due to NAFTA, inferior veterans’ benefits, a downsized military that doesn’t have the personnel to properly deploy to fight on many fronts simultaneously, a warped jingoistic manifest destiny foreign policy, high fuel costs, the lack of a comprehensive energy program, crisis in learning in public education for grades K through 12, a depressed economy, and Hillary lashes a vicious attack on Barack Obama for using words and statements in a speech that were made by his friend and supporter, Duval Patrick, governor of Massachusetts. Typically in political campaigns, sound and appropriate phrases that have been used, are often repeated by other politicians. By Hillary’s criticism of Barack’s use of Patrick’s “words”, she shows a desperate attempt to attack the totally unimportant issues of a campaign. Voters don’t want to hear personal attacks on the type of speeches a candidate uses. Hillary is playing on the intelligence of the American voters in Wisconsin, Ohio and Texas whom she feels will not see through her ploy. Mr. Obama has pointed out how Hillary is guilty of using his words and phrases when out on the campaign stump. Furthermore, it has been reported Hillary has used parts of Pat Buchanan’s speeches verbatim when Mr. Buchanan was running in the Republican primary in 1996.
The voters want to hear comprehensive plans to remedy the problems affecting their everyday lives. The truth of the matter is that Hillary is jealous of Barack’s oratorical skills which is one of the areas in which she is lacking. Thus this is further evidence of the pettiness and smallness of Hillary’s character and a demonstration of Hillary’s lack of judgment . Would you want someone of this caliber as commander-in-chief of the United States military?
Look for more ambushes by Hillary in the CNN debate on February 21st . She will attempt to create a diversion from the real issues that the candidates should be debating.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Hillary’s performance on the Task Force on National Health Care Reform was a disaster. She failed miserably in this endeavor. Is this the type of work experience that the obscure ambassador Joe Wilson and the race batting Governor Rendell of Pennsylvania are claiming that Hillary brings to the presidency---the experience of failure?

Hillary's Baggage

Hillary Clinton has more baggage than the UPS and FedEx can haul. The American people do not need a repeat of the scandals, the appearance of impropriety, the lies and distortions of the 1990’s. We need a respite from the Clintons, the Bushes, John McCain and others of the same ilk.

Hillary Is Trying to Change the Rules in Midstream

Why should the rules be changed in midstream to seat Florida and Michigan delegates? Why didn’t Julian Bond, chairperson of the NAACP, speak out more vociferously before Hillary lost 8 in a row? Mr. Obama’s name was not on the ballot in Michigan nor did he campaign in Florida. Can one imagine playing in the Super Bowl and the NFL officials unilaterally change the rules in the third quarter because one team is winning over another team? If Mr. Bond was so interested in protecting the minority voting rights in Florida and Michigan, why didn’t he take affirmative steps to remedy the perceived voter disenfranchisement in Florida and Michigan long before now? Furthermore, if Mr. Bond was truly concerned with minority disenfranchisement, the NACCP would be filing more lawsuits on behalf of Black voters and other minorities throughout the United States. The vast majority of Black voters and other Obama supporters did not vote in the Michigan primary because Mr. Obama’s name was not on the ballot. Are these the voters that Mr. Bond is saying have been disenfranchised?
Hillary and Bill Clinton are maneuvering and manipulating trying to have those delegates from Florida and Michigan seated on her behalf at the Democratic National Convention. Given the history of the Clintons, they obviously believe the rules and laws are made to be broken. Also, if the rules are changed now, how fair would that be to John Edwards who dropped out of the race without having the benefit of having run in the Florida and Michigan primaries?
Stick with the rules or we are headed right down the same path of the 1968 Democratic National convention.

Australia's Apology for Past Sins/The Apology Is Worthless!

Australia's new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has apologized for the past mistreatment of his country's Aboriginal population. The native indigenous population has in the past and continues to the present to be discriminated against by a ruthless European majority whose ancestors came from the most debased elements of European society. The Aboriginal people were victimized by land manipulation, treachery, deceit, ethnic cleansing, relocation settlements, genocide, rape of their women and the bastardization of their race. Now Mr. Rudd has the audacity and gall to give an apology for his country's past sins while the Aborigines are still being misplaced and discriminated against in all the systems of Australian life and culture. If Mr. Rudd is really serious about an apology with a plan of action, his country should consider the following: PLAN-A..... All the descendants of European ancestry pack up all of your belongings and go back to the British Isles or to their countries of origin within a one year period. PLAN -B…..The Australian Government in conjunction with their multi-national corporations give to each Aborigine and their descendants a herd of Kangaroos with 1,000 acres and a check for $1,000,000,00. Constructive, sincere and consistent deeds coupled with strong action would be in the best interest of the Australian government and the Aborigines. There is an old saying: “Actions speak much louder than words”.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Allegheny County Demcratic Plantation Politics

The Black community in Pittsburgh and in Allegheny County has always given their overwhelming support to the corrupt Democratic Party. What has the Black community received in return other than to be taken for granted by a banal, callous and ambivalent Democratic Party who has come to depend on us and who has always taken our vote and support for granted. For the last 75 years, the Democratic Party has been the biggest impediment to progress in the Black community in Pittsburgh and in Allegheny County. But yet and still, Blacks give their complete allegiance and loyalty to this scandalous Democratic machine which is beyond my comprehension. It is imperative that all Black and intelligent White voters abandon the Democratic Party. If it means developing an independent third party as a vehicle to address the true needs of all the people in Allegheny County, this needs to be done with undue haste to offset the power of the Democratic and Republican strangleholds on the voters in Allegheny County.

I am supporting Mr. Barack Obama not because he is Black but because he is better prepared, qualified and has a clearer vision on how to make the United States a true egalitarian society. I voted for presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Carter, who were White, because they were better qualified than their Republican opponents. The race of the candidate for any political office should be completely irrelevant as we move forward in the 21st century in trying to eradicate the individual and institutional structures of race and socioeconomic class of the past.
The Allegheny County Democratic Committee members in their pandering to the Clintonian establishment chose Hillary Clinton to endorse who has not distinguished herself in any career endeavor and who struggled through Yale Law School. The distinguished Barack Obama who was the editor of the Harvard Law Review, an award you bestow upon your brightest, intelligent and most capable law student and who also has had a stellar exemplary career since he left law school, did not receive the endorsement which goes to show that it is business as usual in Allegheny County and relegates Blacks to a position of secondary consideration in all matters of importance.

The Hillary Shuffle

Mrs. Hillary Clinton has replaced her grossly incompetent campaign manager Patti Doyle with the inept, crude Maggie Williams. Maggie Williams was known around the Clinton White House as a strong-arm bully. Maggie Williams is the same person who directly witnessed other Hillary Clinton subordinates removing files and documents from Vincent Foster’s office after his purported alleged suicide. There is also the question of whether Maggie Williams ordered subordinate White House staff to remove said documents from Vincent Foster’s office. Nevertheless, a cloud of mystery and suspicion still surrounds the death of Vincent Foster.
Character and integrity are essential qualifications in choosing the president of the United States. In the instant case, Hillary Rodham Clinton receives a poor and failing grade. What is it about the Clinton persona that attracts sleaze and unsavory individuals? If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee for president, the Republicans will have an open field day and feast upon this troubling episode during Bill Clinton's presidency.

Barack's Down East Victory

Ain’t no stopping us now, Barack’s in the groove thanks to the caucus voters in the great vacationland State of Maine.
Ain’t no stopping us now, Barack’s in the groove!!!!!!

The Clintons' Female Surrogates NOW

Hillary’s support by the Illinois, Connecticut and New York Chapters of NOW is of no consequence because the vast majority of American women view NOW as a misguided lunatic fringe group whose views conflict with decent traditional American values of family and home. The duplicitous Clintons and their conniving surrogates such as NOW and others have split and fractured the Democratic party. These misguided ne’er-do- wells have lied and distorted the voting record of Mr. Obama relative to his voting record on abortion in the Illinois Senate. According to Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D.-Conn.), NOW Chapters in Illinois and Connecticut were deliberately distorting Mr. Obama’s record on abortion bills. .Ms. DeLauro further wrote that the facts are clear---“in the Illinois State Senate, choice advocates asked strong, pro-choice legislators like Senator Obama to vote “present” on Republican designed bills like a ban on partial birth abortion to protect a woman’s right to choose”. Senator Obama has always had a 100 percent pro-choice rating, and he is the only candidate running for President who spoke out when South Dakota passed an incredibly restrictive ban on abortion. You misguided souls in NOW, why didn’t your girl Hillary speak out in opposition against South Dakota when they passed that restrictive ban on abortion? The Republicans will be the beneficiaries of the Clintons and NOW continually playing the race, gender, and generational card..

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hillary's Health Care Plan

At the Jefferson Jackson dinner at Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Hillary Clinton said health care “is a fundamental human right and a moral obligation”. Under Hillary’s premise, should auto and life insurance be considered a fundamental human right and a moral obligation? Also, since when did any Clinton determine what is morally right for the American people? Their history has shown to be one of political expediency, duplicity and of moral turpitude. The main beneficiaries of Hillary’s health care plan are the drug and pharmaceutical companies as well as the insurance companies thus creating another layer of government bureaucracy that would have to monitor and have oversight of such a gigantic program. Obama’s plan on the other hand would search for affordable health insurance for adults and mandatory health insurance for children. Obama’s plan would eliminate the need to have a bureaucratic apparatus in place to serve as an enforcement tool for those adults who did not pay for the mandatory health insurance.
Mr. Obama was successful in working with Republicans and Democrats in getting health care legislation passed while in the Illinois legislature. Mrs. Clinton’s prior experience in dealing with universal health care was one of failure, polarization and overt partisanship. Is this the “experience” the American public wants in the oval office? I certainly don’t and any intelligent voter wouldn’t either.

Obama Trounces Hillary

Barack Obama swept to victory in Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington and the Virgin Islands. If Obama wins Maryland, Virginia and D.C., he will probably be considered the front runner. Look for the Clintons to be arm twisting, strong arming and doing anything in their arsenal of dirty tricks to get the support of the super delegates. Right now, Hillary has the overwhelming support of the super delegates. But how can the super delegates support Hillary if Barack wins the primary race outright?
The democratic candidates were not supposed to campaign in the states of Florida and Michigan. However, in true Clintonian fashion, Hillary violated the pledge and rules and kept her name on the ballots in Florida and Michigan. Florida and Michigan represent 10% of all the delegates. Look for Hillary to be maneuvering to have those delegates seated at the national convention in Denver, Colorado.
Mr. Obama will have to contest the awarding of the Michigan and Florida delegates to Hillary Clinton. There should be a legal show down at the democratic national convention if Hillary is awarded the delegates from Florida and Michigan. If Obama has the most delegates going into the democratic national convention, that will negate the power and influence of the super delegates. The super delegates will have to accept the will of the people in supporting Barack Obama.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Slam Dunk Victory for Barack

It was a slam dunk victory for Barack Obama in last night’s presidential debate in Los Angeles, California. Barack won the debate for the following reasons:
1. health care-------Barack’s plan takes into account the millions of people who
cannot afford health care but who wish to have it, if affordable It also brings
the American public into the discussions with an open door policy for their
input. His plan brings together all parties including members on the other side
of the aisle as well as leading health care experts. Hillary’s experience in this
arena was one of behind closed door meetings, exclusion and polarization. Is
this the experience Hillary would bring to the White House???? Hillary’s
mandatory health care would cause people to be in the same position many
are in today. That is, Hillary’s plan would cause people to choose between
health coverage and purchasing food.
2. immigration------As Barack pointed out, Hillary has changed her position on
Illegal immigration on several occasions. In one debate, Hillary stated that
she was for giving driver’s licenses to the illegal immigrants and in the same
debate said she was not in favor of granting the driver’s licenses. Obama on
the other hand, has been consistent on his position with illegal immigration.
He is in favor or giving driver’s licenses even though this is certainly not the
popular position with the American public. Because Hillary lacks depth and
knowledge on this subject and changes her position for political expediency,
we can ill afford to have Hillary as president because of her lack of
decisiveness and principles. Last night, Hillary revealed her consistency in
being wishy-washy and duplicitous.
3. Iraq------Last night, Mr.Obama showed the entire nation that Hillary Clinton
does not have the temperament or judgment to be president of the United
States. She appeared dumbfounded, baffled, perplexed relative to her vote
in support of the war in Iraq. Contrast that to Mr. Obama’s position since 2002
which has been consistent against the war in Iraq. When questioned by Wolf
Blitzer of CNN, she refused to say she was naïve or that she had made a
mistake in her vote in support of the war which points out that she is rather
disingenuous and lacks the character and integrity to be commander-in-chief
and president of the United States. Any senator who did not read and
critically examine the NIE report, is not a person in either party fit to lead this
country. Going to war by any nation is the most serious problem and
responsibility of a head of state because we are ordering men and women to
make the ultimate sacrifice in giving up their lives. Therefore, it was
incumbent upon each United States senator to exercise their responsibility as
an elected representative of the people to read all the necessary intelligent
information, to critically examine the information and to call for a hearing on
the subject before we committed our men and women to be placed in harm’s
way. There was no credible, tangible evidence to show that the United States’
internal security was being threatened by Saddam Hussein. Hillary Clinton’s
failure to read and question the NIE report points out her cavalier attitude, her
lack of thoroughness and her dereliction of duty as an elected official of the
people of the United States of America. This is why Hillary is not fit and is not qualified to be commander-in-chief of the proud US military. I ask you Hillary Clinton, John McCain and George Bush and company---was it worth 4000 American lives, 200,000 Iraqi deaths, 4 million refugees, one hundred thousand wounded and the total destruction of the entire infra-structure of the country of Iraq because of your lack of knowledge, depth and judgment? It should be clear to all the voters going into Super Tuesday that the choice for the democratic
nominee for president is Barack Obama.