Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rep. Jane Harman Needs to Resign

The flamboyant California Democrat with a long time involvement in sensitive and highly classified intelligent data, was overheard on a NSA wiretap, telling a suspected Israeli agent that she would lobby the U. S. Justice Department to reduce espionage related charges against the two officials of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee which has been purported to be the most powerful pro-Israeli lobby in the nation’s capital.
How long will the cover-up of Ms. Harman’s role in the lobbying continue? Who in the Obama administration is giving her a free pass? Why should Ms. Harman and any other American citizen or illegal alien be above the rule of law? Will Holder appoint a special prosecutor to look into these alleged violations of law by Ms. Harman? Don’t count on it.

Was the Captured Somali Pirate Smoking Weed or on PCP at the Time of the Hijacking of the Maersk Alabama?

After a court of proper jurisdiction in the United States sentences the Somali pirate to a life in prison without the possibility of parole, we shall see how much laughing and smiling he does after the sentencing to a life of confinement. The best thing that could have happened to this sea pirate is his coming to America. He couldn’t obtain three square meals a day in any East African nation. Or we could send him to the Castro Brothers in Cuba who have perfected the art of capital executions.

Michele Bachmann Is Barred From Speaking at the UN Conference on Racism

Breaking News: Geneva……….April 20, 2009
Michele Bachmann, Congresswoman from the sixth district in Minnesota was barred from entering the UN Conference on Racism. According to reliable sources at the UN Conference, Ms. Bachmann was told it would be more appropriate for her to attend The United White Supremacist of America Annual Conference which is presently being held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Presently, it is not clear as to whether Ms. Bachmann will attend The United White Supremacist of America Annual Conference.

President Obama Steps Up the Pressure on Israel!

Breaking News: Washington, D.C. April 23, 2009
Since when?

The April Tea Party Protestors

Fox News, in concert with a group of right wing zealots on the internet, TARP Zombie Bank Lobbyists, accompanied by the duplicitous arch right wing demagogue, New Gingrich, orchestrated a vile vicious mean-spirited attack on President Obama in which they used the issue of excessive taxes as a pretext to vilify Obama. Most of the crowds around the country were made up of disenchanted Joe/Suzie Sixpacks, misfits, ne’er-do-wells, right wingers, reactionaries, hold-over Nazis, Boss Hogg types and gun nuts who are nothing but unadulterated undercover and recovering racists minus the white hoods.
The Tea Party protestors are merely a group of whiners who can’t get over the fact that a Black man kicked John McCain’s butt.

Friday, April 17, 2009

U.Va. Law School Team Wins Mock Trial National Championship

News Source: Law
March 25, 2009 — A team from the University of Virginia School of Law won the National Black Law Students Association Mock Trial Competition, which concluded March 21 in Irvine, Calif., and other U.Va. students either won awards or earned positions in the organization's national leadership.The team of third-year law student Stephen Anthony and second-year law students Saira Karim, Erin Crowgey and Jordan McKay won association's Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Competition."BLSA Mock Trial was one of the most enriching experiences here at law school," Karim said. "Not only did I develop meaningful relationships with my teammates, but learning trial advocacy from experienced coaches and team members was a great learning experience. I would love to be a part of it again next year."First-year law student Melinda Hightower and third-year law student Kurt Davis were runners-up in the NBLSA International Negotiations Competition, and Karla Hardy was first runner-up for the NBLSA National Best Advocate Award in the mock trial competition."Participating in this year's national competition has been one of the highlights of my time at U.Va. Law," said Hardy, who competed in a field of 78.Last year, she was a member of a team that won the regional championship and advanced to nationals, but her team this year faced challenges, including replacing a member before the national finals."Despite the hurdles, we competed well at nationals," she said. "My teammates Erva Cockfield, Kara Akins, Suzanne Libby and Bobbie King are all extremely talented trial advocates, and we have learned so much working together."Hightower, who will serve as U.Va.'s Black Law Students Association president next year, will also serve on the association's national board as vice-chair. The students from the winning mock trial team won the regional championship Feb. 19 in Philadelphia to advance to the finals, where Anthony praised his teammates' performance."Throughout the competition, I saw their confidence grow, their comfort grow and the competitiveness grow — as a result, they carried us to the championship," said Anthony, who was the only team member with mock trial experience. "I will remember this experience and this team for a long time!"In the competition, the team is given a set of facts about a hypothetical case, and team members assume the role of prosecutors, witnesses or defense counsel.Their case at the national finals was an expansion of the case from the regional finals, which involved charges filed after a fictitious hazing incident at a college.

This story originally appeared on the U.Va. School of Law Web site.

Blogger Black Buzz says congratulations to the highly esteemed intelligent students from the University of Virginia (BLSA) for winning the National Thurgood Marshall Moot Court Competition held on March 21, 2009 in Irvine, California. The students from UVA won the competition because they were better prepared than their opponents and they simply worked harder to win the competition. The success of the BLSA students from the University of Virginia is also directly attributable to an outstanding exemplary world renowned Law School faculty which is second to none of the so-called elite Law Schools. The UVA BLSA students defeated BLSA students from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, St. Johns, University of Southern California and others.
I commend all BLSA students who participated in the annual Thurgood Marshall National Moot Court Competition and through your efforts, our country will continue to develop into a true representative participatory, egalitarian experiment in democratic governance. Perhaps we can look for and nurture a future President or Vice-President of the United States from the winning University of Virginia students and other students that participated in the Thurgood Marshall National Moot Court Competition.

How are we faring? Equality in the workplace

How are we faring? Equality in the workplace
16 Apr 2009
Some 38 years since the Equal Pay Act came into effect, women are still, on average, paid less than their male counterparts. According to government figures, the median gender pay gap has fallen from 17.4 per cent in 1997 to 12.6 per cent in 2007 (mean figure from 20.7 per cent to 17.2 per cent). It seems clear from this that women are still facing discrimination in their pay or are encountering other barriers to earning more than meet the eye. The Government Equalities Office (GEO) cites several reasons as to why women are being paid less. These include: differences in educational levels and work experience; women being more likely than men to have career breaks to care for children and other dependants; many women working part-time; and willingness or unwillingness to spend time commuting, which puts constraints on earning potential.In addition, says the GEO, "women's employment is highly concentrated in certain occupations (60 per cent of working women work in just ten occupations)".The GEO continues: "Those occupations which are female-dominated are often the lowest paid. In addition, women are still under-represented in the higher paid jobs within occupations - the glass ceiling effect."Despite the apparently narrowing gender-pay gap, this still makes for depressive reading. Recent analysis of Department for Transport driving licence figures by the RMI National Franchised Dealers Association suggests more women than men are buying new cars. Ladies, think about which of your work colleagues can afford to buy the fast car, and which have the battered family saloon or MPV with seats smeared with melted chocolate biscuits and a glove box not opening to reveal a swish fridge for beer or champagne but plastic toys? According to a recent study carried out by sociologists Elizabeth Gorman of the University of Virginia and Julie Kmec of Washington State University, British and American women think they have to work harder than men. In addition, television presenter Konnie Huq (formerly of Blue Peter) and agony aunt Denise Robertson have agreed that women feel they have something to prove in the workplace.Responding to research by Sky Learning that revealed boys are more confident in school exams but perform less well, the duo said girls and women "panic" about under-achieving.Ms Robertson said: "I wonder if it's because, until comparatively recent times, girls were only supposed to be pretty, be able to cook and get married."Now that we have achieved equality perhaps girls feel they have something to prove, they've got to do well, whereas the men assume that they will do well."They agreed that this attitude gravitated from school into the workplace: Ms Huq said: "I do feel that women are often perceived as much more conscientious than their male counterparts. "It's a relatively new phenomenon that we have equality and so women often have to live up to that."Looking to our leaders for inspiration may be just the thing: Blair's Babes was all the rage in the early years of his career at number 10; however women are still under-represented in the House of Commons (19.6 per cent).Spain, in fact, became the first European country in modern history to have a government comprising more women than men in April 2008. This is perhaps more important a development when you realise, as the Independent points out, that under General Francisco Franco (who died in 1975), a woman could not open a bank account, apply for a passport or sign a contract without her husband's permission.

Blogger Black Buzz says:
This is a great article that appeared in the University of Virginia Today Daily Report Newsletter. Women continue to be victimized by the gross double standards in all the systems of pay equity in the workplace. When will the practice of treating women as second class citizens cease? It seems to me as though the women's movement which is presently moribund needs to be reinvigorated with new blood and bold ideas to meet the ever evolving workplace pay disparities. The National Government and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have had a very supercilious attitude about enforcing the law in the area of employment discrimination on the basis of sex or gender(female) in the systems of pay equity. Males hold all the operative power in all the institutions in our society. So when and how will conditions of male hearts change to treat women as first class citizens who should be able to enjoy all the benefits of first class citizenship without regard to their sex or gender?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Banking While Black?

The following article appeared in The New Pittsburgh Courier the week of March 18, 2009.

NAACP says lending institutions discriminated, forced Blacks into subprime mortgages

(NNPA)---The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is accusing Wells Fargo and HSBC of forcing Blacks into subprime mortgages while Whites with identical qualifications got lower rates.
Class-action lawsuits were filed against the banks March 13 in federal court in Los Angeles, said Austin Tighe, co-lead counsel for the NAACP, in a statement released by the civil rights organization. It states: “These lawsuits allege systematic, institutionalized racism in subprime home mortgage lending. Said Tighe, “Black homebuyers have been 3-1/2 times more likely to receive a subprime loan than White borrowers, and six times more likely to get a subprime rate when refinancing. Blacks still were disproportionately steered into subprime loans when their credit scores, income and down payment were equal to those of White homebuyers.”
Both Wells Fargo & Co. and HSBC are receiving federal bailout funds.

Similar NAACP lawsuits are pending against a dozen other subprime lenders.
“This is systematic, institutionalized racism,” Tighe said. “Once you take out factors relative to income and credit risk, the only difference between the borrowers is the color of their skin.”
Tighe estimated that “tens of thousands” of Blacks had been forced into bad loans but said it was difficult to gauge the scope of the problem because banks keep much of their internal data private. The lawsuits could force banks to divulge closely guarded information, such as how banks can determine the race of a loan applicant and how federal bailout funds are being spent.
The NAACP is seeking reforms from banks such as increased transparency in the loan process, educational outreach and internal training.

Information from the Associated Press contributed to this report.
(Special to the NNPA from the St. Louis American.)

Blogger Black Buzz says that Caucasian people and other non-Black people in the home mortgage lending and banking industry made discriminatory decisions by treating African American applicants differently under like or similar circumstances as Caucasian applicants. Therefore, the NAACP should not be seeking to reform the behavior of the bigoted personnel from the top CEO’s to the individual mortgage specialist/representatives who discriminated against Black applicants in the systems of acquiring home mortgages. Where there is clear evidence of disparate treatment in Blacks acquiring home loans or mortgages, those actors need to be fired or terminated. Let the unbiased clergy members deal with the racists.
We should always remember when one has racial or ethnic prejudice plus a degree of real power in which their decisions or actions result in treating various protected classes of people differently under same or like conditions, this cowardly behavior equals pure unadulterated racism.
Prejudice + power= racism.

For the past eight years, the U.S. Justice Department Civil Rights Division, HUD, the FBI and other agencies that have regulatory statutory authority over the home loan mortgage industry have been doing absolutely nothing relative to enforcing the law and insuring that applicants are treated fairly without regards to race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, religion, disability and veterans status. Will the U.S. Justice Department under Eric Holder’s leadership and HUD, directed by Shaun Donovan, continue to have this very cavalier, laissez faire attitude towards African Americans in treating them as second class citizens in a country that they built?

All Lawn Jockeys Be Aware!

Michael Steele To The Lawn

Michael, don’t worry, Rush Boss Hogg Limbaugh will call you to the house later. Is Michael Steele’s chairmanship of the Republican National Committee, the Grand Olde Party’s idea of affirmative action? Michael Steele has to be one of the biggest buffoon’s in modern day political history.