Friday, March 28, 2008

Pennsylvania's Junior United States Senator Endorses Obama

Barack Obama picked up another timely and strategic endorsement from United States Senator Bob Casey who comes from an old, established, political family. This endorsement is pivotal to Mr. Obama’s success as he travels on his bus tour throughout the Keystone State in an effort to convince the voters of the Commonwealth that he is a better viable choice to be the Democratic nominee for the president of the United States.

Candy Speaks Out on Race

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is to be commended for speaking out on the topic of race. Miss Rice was correct in her historical analysis on how race was conceptualized and legally enshrined into the fabric of American life and culture by the founding fathers.

Stop the Genocide in Sudan

I call upon the Sudanese Arab government in Khartoum and all Arab States to denounce reject and stop the monstrous crime of genocide against the original indigenous Black inhabitants in Sudan (Darfur), Chad, Mali, Somalia and Mauritania. Furthermore, Arab governments and popular movements need to cease and desist from meddling in the internal affairs of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

One America

I am responding to a letter to the editor by Diana Slivinska that appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, dated March 23, 2008.
As a point of information, Blacks played a highly significant role in building the foundation of the American infrastructure. And what Blacks did not build, they significantly influenced the building of all aspects of the United States of America. As Lerone Bennett, Jr., one of the foremost scholars and historians on American history, said: “(Negroes) cleared the forests, drained the swamps and cultivated the grain. The wealth of this country was founded on what Abraham Lincoln called “the 250 years of unrequited toil” of Negro men and women. From the muted wail of slaves going in chains to American plantations came the gold that made capitalism possible; from black brawn came tobacco; from black blood, white sugar.” The American foundation was constructed over two and a half centuries before the greatest wave of European immigration which occurred between 1880 and 1922.
My Black ancestors and relatives fought gallantly and heroically in every major war from the American Revolution to the misguided wars in Iraq and Afghanistan so that all Americans may enjoy their fundamental freedoms and human rights. My grandfather, Thomas Marion, fought in World War I, and his grandfather fought on the side of the Confederacy in the Civil War. I have several uncles that distinguished themselves by fighting bravely in both the European theater and the Pacific in World War II. My brother and a cousin are highly decorated Vietnam veterans. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright loved this country enough to serve courageously in the United States Marine Corps and has been a renowned mainstream pastor for the last 35 years.
It is very unfortunate that Ms. Slivinska like many Americans including many in the media, have not taken the time to thoroughly study and examine all of Rev. Wright’s tapes, sermons and messages. By the tone of Ms. Slivinska’s letter, it appears that she has a basic lack of knowledge of the historic role of the Black Church and race relations in this country.
Inherent in this ever evolving experiment in democratic governance is the right of the people to dissent from our government as well as to have critical critiques of the government’s policies, accountability, actions and credibility. For the record, I have been a lifelong Democrat. But if Hillary Clinton is the presidential nominee, I will not vote for that woman.

Hillary Lies About Dodging Sniper Fire

Hillary lied about dodging sniper fire in Tuzla, Bosnia on March 25, 1996. She admitted to the Philadelphia Daily News editorial board that she misspoke about the Bosnian incident. Hillary did not misspeak. She lied and the media gave her a free pass to lie and to distort the truth. Hillary fabricated the Bosnian sniper fire incident in a vain attempt to show she was tougher than Barack Obama on national security. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton like Bill Clinton has maintained a pattern and practice of distorting the truth by exaggerating and lying relative to their work experiences, accomplishments and achievements
What type of person would lie about putting their own daughter in harm’s way which is an insult to the integrity of the men and women of our armed services and our NATO allies?

Bear Stearns Nightmare

Why should we reward the risky, irresponsible behavior on Wall Street? Those fat cats up there on their high horses on the Federal Reserve Board and in the Bush Administration need to have a walk down the main streets of our decaying cities to see how real people live. The feds bailed out a corporation where the top CEO made a whopping forty million dollars last year. This bail-out is just plain, unadulterated stupidity or is it just business as usual?
Most of the present crisis in the investment banking and home mortgage lending arena is directly attributable to the legislation passed by William Jefferson Clinton in the 1990's that led to the deregulation of banking and Savings & Loans.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So You Wanna Fight Dirty?

The following is a commentary by Mark Q. Sawyer that appeared in the New Pittsburgh Courier for the week of March 12-18, 2008. This is an excellent article. It's unfortunate that the voters in Pennsylvania, Indiana and West Virginia can't see through all the lies and distortions of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

If Obama won’t hit back, I will. Why aren’t we talking about impeachment, Whitewater and Osama? The Republicans will.
This is a dirty campaign and since Sen. Barack Obama won’t say it, I will. The media has not been unfair to Sen. Clinton, they have been extremely soft. There are elephants in the room that need to be addressed. Can anyone say Whitewater? How about impeachment? Let’s not forget Osama Bin Laden. You can bet Republicans will be talking about these issues. So why aren’t Democrats? Clinton’s central arguments in the campaign are basically a mirage, and they are dangerous ones both for the party and the country.
Clinton’s line is that she is “experienced and ready on Day One” and that she is best poised to fight the Republican attack machine.
Sure, the Clintons have faced the Republican attack machine, and they did such a good job that it resulted in a constitutional crisis. The scorched earth battle between the Clintons and the GOP over the Clintons’ lies about sex, dubious financing and other misdeeds nearly brought down the government and terribly damaged the Democratic Party. Were the Republicans nasty, dirty and all manner of evil? Sure. But it took the Clinton spin and lie machine to spiral the country, the party and the presidency downward into impeachment.
Now the Clinton campaign shouts about “Nafta-Gate,” pointing to a supposed conversation between a chief Obama economic advisor and Canadian officials, to assure the Canadians that Obama’s opposition to NAFTA was political posturing. The media made a big deal about it. But it was Bill Clinton who actually passed the legislation at stake (along with the disaster we know as welfare reform and deregulation of banking that contributed to the current mortgage meltdown). The Obama campaign should reveal what happened with the Canadians. But it will likely pale in comparison to the Clintonian backroom escapades during their tenure.
Senator Clinton has also raised the Rezko land deal. At worst it looks as if Obama bought a portion of a vacant lot next door to his home from a dubious character, so he could have a bigger backyard for his kids. Does it really compare with the Whitewater scandal? The phony “Nafta-Gate” and “Rezko-Gate” don’t come anywhere close to Monica Gate, Trooper Gate, Whitewater and the persistent trail of sleaze that follows the Clintons.
Senator Clinton knows how to come at the Republican attack machine, but she’s also the one who gives it all the fuel it needs to rev up.
As for experience and being poised to fight for all Americans, well Hillary Clinton was given one major policy task as first lady, health care reform. She was so effective at “fighting” for it that it went down in defeat and the Democrats lost the Congress as a result.
Legislation is not passed by fighting. Health care reform will only be achieved through bringing Democrats, and some Republicans, together.
Clinton’s claim of experience and readiness is a mirage. Senator Clinton has no true national security experience. Her vote on the Iraq war was cynical, at best. Embattled during the impeachment scandal, the Clinton administration failed to respond decisively to the threat posed by Osama Bin Laden. Bill Clinton’s unwillingness to take out Bin Laden fearing it would create a “wag the dog” scenario in the midst of impeachment, showed a disastrous lack of judgment. McCain will hammer home these weaknesses at every opportunity. And the fight will be messy.
So since Sen. Barack Obama won’t say it, I will: The Clintons are reckless, back-alley fighters who are willing to destroy the Democratic Party, the country and the institution of the presidency if it will benefit them. Yes, they are “fighters,” but not for you or me. They fight hardest and dirtiest on behalf of themselves, and this campaign has proved it. Over the past week, Sen. Clinton has reminded us how dirty she can play to stay alive. But is that good for the Democratic Party? Democrats need to exorcise their Clinton demons and do it fast for the sake of the party and the country. Superdelegates and especially Al Gore, can you hear me?
(Mark Sawyer is an associate professor of political science and African American studies at UCLA and director of the UCLA Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity and Politics).

Friday, March 14, 2008

Go Mississippi!

Barack Obama swept to an overwhelming victory in the Magnolia State’s Democratic primary with a decisive win over Hillary Rodham Clinton. Mr. Obama is on his way to winning the democratic nomination for the President of the United States.
Mr. Obama was able to overcome the duplicitous, deceptive campaign strategy of the Clintons when they disingenuously stated that Mississippians may be able to get two for the price of one thereby relegating Barack Obama to a position of secondary consideration, even though Mr. Obama is the front-runner. The Clintons were condescending to the Black voters of Mississippi by falsely misleading them to believe Barack Obama may be on a ticket with Hillary her and therefore they should still vote for her. The Clintons deliberately deceived the White voters by appealing to the Clintons’ perceived racial attitudes of White voters in rural Mississippi and in Northern Mississippi. The Black voters of Mississippi were able to see through the Clintons playing the race card which was part of the reason they gave their overwhelming support to Barack Obama.
I feel that Barack Obama with increased White support will be able to carry the State of Mississippi in the general election in November.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Obama's Catholic Problem

Mr. Barack Obama does not have a Catholic problem. White Catholic voters have a problem with Mr. Obama because he is a Black man. Indeed White Catholics have a malignant racial problem which is much deeper than the candidacy of Barack Obama. Governor Rendell of Pennsylvania was alluding to this racist problem that Mr. Obama may be faced with in the State of Pennsylvania in his conversation with the editors of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial Board several weeks ago. This past weekend, several white players from North Catholic High School, which is located in the City of Pittsburgh, hurled racial epithets at Black members of the Jeanette High School basketball team who had just trounced North Catholic in a PIAA quarterfinal Class AA game held at Hempfield High School. The Black players from Jeanette responded to the racial slurs by physically confronting the White player(s) who precipitated the altercation. This is the same Catholic neighborhood that the Mayor of Pittsburgh, Luke Ravenstahl hails from as well as Steeler’s owner Art Rooney.
Yes, it’s true that Mr. Obama will have an uphill battle in getting the White Catholic voters in Pennsylvania with its large White Catholic voting population. Mrs. Clinton received 65% of the White Catholic vote in Illinois. Bigotry, hatred and religious intolerance are learned behaviors. A child is not brought into this world hating, disliking and being prejudiced until somewhere in that internal or external environment, adults or others teach, cultivate, nurture, reinforce biased racist feelings and religious intolerant teachings. According to noted social scientist, Gordon Allport: " No child is born prejudiced. His prejudices are always acquired...chiefly in fulfillment of his own needs. Yet the context of his learning is always the social structure in which his personality develops". Kenneth B. Clark, social psychologist and author states: "social scientists are now convinced that children learn social, racial, and religious prejudices in the course of observing, and being influenced by, the existence of patterns in the culture in which they live". Bigoted racist parents produce bigoted racist kids who become bigoted racist adults. It is unfortunate that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, local bishops, priests, Protestant Clergy, and Jewish Rabbis have not spoken out against these vicious, vile, malicious attacks against Mr. Obama which also have a racist component to them. The Catholic Church from the Vatican all the way down to local priests must do a better job of teaching all their members about racial reconciliation and tolerance and that all human beings are part of God’s divine kingdom. The failure to exorcise this insidious, ungodly racism and religious intolerance will ultimately have very damaging repercussions in this country and abroad.
What accounts for organized religions’ silence? Such organizations as the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, the World Council of Churches, the NAACP, the Southern Baptist Association have also refused to speak out against these nefarious attacks against Mr. Obama. Their silence could be another form of oppression. The Catholic and Protestant Churches stood by, along with the free nations of the world, and witnessed the brutal genocidal murder of six million Jews. No one stood up then to stop that carnage and human suffering. If Mr. Obama were Jewish, would we still see these outrageous, abominable, unprecedented, specious attacks without a response from the Jewish community?
These attacks on Mr. Obama are anti-Semitic (Arab) even though he is a proud Christian. But even if he were a Muslim, should he be victimized by hatred that is being displayed by certain people in the media, the Clinton surrogates, talk show hosts reactionaries and racists like the Republican representative from Iowa, Stephen King? Muslim Americans are risking their lives everyday in fighting for this country in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have made invaluable contributions to all aspects of American life and culture.
America remains that vast reservoir of hypocrisy in that America advocates religious freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution on which this country was founded but practices and is addicted to religious intolerance, racism and bigotry.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

John McCain as Commander -In-Chief

Will John McCain have any difficulty, due to his age, answering the red phone at three o’clock in the morning? It has been proven medically and scientifically that all our faculties for hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling and seeing diminish over a period of time and a person’s faculties in his seventies are not as sharp as a person in his forties or fifties. I can’t believe the American people would elect a mediocre, marginal person like John McCain who is nothing but a clone of George Bush and Dick Cheney thus getting more of the same incompetency and gross ineptness.
John McCain was one of the principle persons responsible for securing the forty billion dollar Air Force refueling- tanker contract for the DOD (Air Force) with Northrop Grumman and Airbus and the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (parent company of Airbus). This contract will cost thousands of Boeing corporation workers in Kansas and other states their respective jobs. Hillary Clinton also sits on the Armed Services Committee. John McCain and Hillary Clinton were too busy with their presidential campaigns to pay any attention to this lucrative defense contract that will impact hundreds of thousands of workers in the United States. Furthermore, John McCain and Hillary Clinton’s actions in the tankard contract are evidence of their lack of attention, thoroughness, sensitivity to the problems of the people of the United States they maintain they are desirous of serving.
Are John McCain and Hillary Clinton the types of individuals you would want as commander-in-chief who would franchise out our good paying jobs in the aircraft industry and port security to foreign corporations and foreign workers? This deal with the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company will cost the United States of America the loss of 22 million dollars in needed tax revenues.
Why would the voters in Ohio be so gullible and naïve to believe that Hillary Clinton would become a fair trade president rather than a free trade president?
Ohio lost those 200,000 jobs due to another Clinton by the name of Bill Clinton because of NAFTA. John McCain is also a free trader. John McCain or Hillary Clinton in the White House means that America would lose what little manufacturing jobs we have left to the EU, China, the Pacific Rim Nations, NAFTA and CAFTA. This is John McCain and Hillary Clinton’s brand of affirmative action in that they favor foreign companies/manufacturers over American companies and workers.
Our trade laws need to be changed because of the preferential treatment given to foreign corporations relative to tariffs and taxes. These unfair trade laws were created under Bill Clinton and a Republican dominated Congress. Nancy Pelosi needs to expeditiously conduct investigatory hearings to insure that this will never happen again in order to insure that American companies and American workers will have their interests and rights protected.

McCain's 100 Year War

The surge should have been done three years ago. Right now the surge is a holding action. A phased withdrawal of 20 regiments takes 20 months. Most of these troops would have to evacuate by the road to Kuwait. Can you imagine the IED’s, mines and snipers the troops will face? The Sunni’s from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere will not let the Shiites create a caliphate sponsored by Iran.
The cost of the Iraq war is two billion dollars a week. This debilitating cost of the war in Iraq plus the enormity of the cost for the war in Afghanistan are two of the main reasons our economy is in a recession. The Iraq war and the failure to execute an effective war in Afghanistan against the true enemies of the United States, the Taliban and Al-Qaida and others of the same ilk, are the greatest foreign policy blunders in the last forty years.
Maybe Mr. McCain who is an expert on the economy can figure out a way how our grandchildren and their children will not have to pay for these blatant fiascoes in Iraq and Afghanistan. China and Japan are holding the IOU’s for these wars that should have never taken place as the United States goes further into debt.
Thank you George Bush, Dick Cheney, John McCain, Hillary Clinton and all the members of Congress who voted for this misadventure in fantasyland.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Samantha Power's Comment

I think Samantha’s comments were harsh but accurate in depicting Hillary Clinton as a “monster”. Everyone knows that the Clintons will do and say anything to return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Are there people inside Mr. Obama’s campaign who are intentionally trying to sabotage his candidacy for president? Are there too many former Clinton insiders surrounding Mr. Obama? Mr. Obama has to be aware that his campaign may be infiltrated by ex-Clinton people and others who do not share his political and philosophical views on strengthening and empowering Americans for a better America.
This story on Samantha Power will run in the media for at least a week in which Hillary will exploit this incident to her own advantage in which Hillary will reinforce Ms. Power’s assessment of Hillary being a monster.

Bush's Recession

Thank you George Bush, John McCain and the Congress for our economy has been going south for the past year and a half. Thanks George Bush, John McCain and the Congress for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the $104.00 price for a barrel of oil, $4.29 for a gallon of gasoline, the loss of 63,000 jobs during the month of February, the highest rate of home foreclosures since the Great Depression, escalating food costs, poor performing public schools, the astronomical rise of illegal immigrants, rising crime rate and last but not least, the unaffordable cost of health insurance.
It’s very unfortunate that Nancy Pelosi did not have the courage, determination or backbone to start impeachment proceedings on George Bush for his blatant violations of our most treasured United States Constitution. Nancy Pelosi’s failure to act is also reflective of the present Congress having the lowest approval rating by the American public in the history of its institution. This Congress’ approval rating is even lower than that of George W. Bush.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hillary Counter Punches Off the Ropes

Is Hillary really the comeback kid or is she the Teflon Lady? Mr. Obama needed to have a knockout, and he didn’t deliver. Hillary Clinton effectively counter punched off the ropes to win two of the four rounds. Mr. Obama may be ahead on the score card relative to the number of pledged delegates, but Hillary has been rejuvenated and she will fight to the last bell.
Pennsylvania’s voting demographics are very similar to Ohio’s, and if Mr. Obama is not willing to fight, then why did he get into the ring of fire? It is imperative that Mr. Obama have a crystal clear message in his economic stimulus-job recovery and creation program for Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation. Mr. Obama also has to go on the offensive with fierce devastating attacks on Hillary’s character, work experience, foreign policy experience, her positions on NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, her voting record in the U.S. Senate, her voting record on unionization and promotion of women into upper management jobs while serving on the Wal-Mart board, her refusal to release her 2006 taxes, the failure to release all her papers and documents while serving as First Lady, her failure to live up to her promise of creating five million jobs in the Greater Buffalo Area and Southwestern Corridor of New York State, her ties to corporate lobbyists, the illegal campaign contributions she received for which one donor is currently serving a prison sentence and the source of donations to the Clinton Presidential Library and the Clinton Foundation. It is still not known the source of the five million dollars Hillary lent to her campaign last month.
Attack ads should be short, strong and concise and resonate with the voters leaving them with the feeling that Hillary would not know what to do if she received a call at 3:00 in the morning. The attack ads should show that Hillary does not have the experience, temperament or judgment to be commander-in-chief. The Obama campaign is strongly urged to have their Opposition Candidate Research Committee to work more diligently and thoroughly to equip and prepare Mr. Obama in his new offensive. Everything is fair game in politics. All the Clinton scandals of the 1990’s will have to be evaluated and critically examined relative to how they may be used in an effective manner by Mr. Obama. Obama surrogates need to go on the offensive in a consistent, well-orchestrated, coordinated, positive attack on everything available on Hillary and Bill Clinton.

James and Susan McDougal were convicted on May 28, 1996 of fraud and conspiracy. Arkansas governor, Jim Guy Tucker was convicted of similar charges by the same jury. James McDougal, the former partner with then governor Bill Clinton in the Whitewater Development Corporation, was sentenced on April 14, 1997 to three years in prison for seeking to enrich himself with fraudulent loans. He died in prison on March 8, 1998. There is still an appearance of impropriety of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill’s roles in the Whitewater scandal in which she did six hours of work for an S&L linked to the Whitewater scandal. Hillary testified before a federal grand jury on the Whitewater scandal on January 26, 1996. There are still many unanswered questions surrounding the silence of Susan McDougal’s refusal to testify. Why would Susan McDougal go to jail rather than tell the truth? And why has the media given a free pass to Mrs. McDougal whereby they have not extensively investigated, cross-examined or tried to extract information relative to her silence? Perhaps now is the time.
Mr. Obama’s campaign strategist, Mr. Axelrod did Mr. Obama a gross disservice by constantly having Mr. Obama on the defensive from scurrilous attacks from the media, the Clintons, the Clinton’s surrogates, John McCain and McCain’s surrogates. The best defense is a good offense and Mr. Obama should have never been in a position of defending Louis Farrakhan’s non-endorsement of his candidacy, his wife’s comments concerning her patriotism, his religion, the Rezcko trial, and his failure to explain in his first news conference relative to what happened with his surrogate in conjunction with the Canadian Embassy on NAFTA , and his meeting with people convicted of domestic terrorism. Mr. Obama’s campaign strategist and manager will have to improve their performance as we head into Pennsylvania.
Furthermore, Mr. Obama’s campaign on the ground failed in Texas to turn out the African-American vote which was less than the vote in 2004. Also note that Mr. Obama failed to penetrate significantly into the Hispanic/Latino, senior citizen and White male vote. He was counting on the younger vote in Texas, but Hillary made new inroads with the younger voters and she won 67% of the Latino vote which offset any gains Mr. Obama received from African-Americans and more affluent, educated voters. Apparently, the Obama campaign misjudged the effectiveness of reactionaries as Rush Limbaugh who called for White Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton. We do know that 500,000 Republicans voted in the Democratic primary.
Twenty percent of the White voters in Ohio said that race played a part in their vote. I worked in all of the 23 counties in Western Pennsylvania for the Governor’s Office of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and I know for a fact that Pennsylvania has a reputation for being the Mississippi North of the Mason-Dixon Line. I predict that at least 30 to 40% of the White electorate of Pennsylvania will vote on the basis of race, class and gender. The Clintons will run a down and dirty hardball campaign in the State of Pennsylvania. Look for another racially divisive, polarizing, gender, class battle in the Keystone State.
Barack Obama must mount an aggressive offensive to expose the Clintons for the political fraudulent gangsters that they are.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The UN Sanctions Against Iran

Iran can buy anything they want, even with the UN imposed sanctions. Iran’s oil money has bought them the Fox-Bat-27, the best fighter plane in the world. And they know how to fly it. If you look on Google’s land map scans, Iran has over 20 visible airfields, not counting the ones underground. Our good buddies, France , sold the world’s best Anti-Aircraft Guns and Radar to Iran. Some of these anti-aircraft weapons were given to Hezbollah who used them to foil Israeli air attacks in 2006.
Iran controls access to the sea for all Mid-East oil. So the United States, the EU, Japan, China and other nations of the free world can ill afford to isolate Iran with our antiquated, warped, jingoistic manifest destiny foreign policy of not talking to our purported enemies in the 21st century. Russia is presently building nuclear reactors in Iran. The USA and the EU have protested vociferously but to no avail. Under Putin, Russia did not follow the USA plans for trading and diplomatic ventures. UN imposed sanctions mean nothing to the Russians because Russia, like all nation states, will do whatever is in their best interest.
Therefore, rigid UN imposed sanctions will have very little effect on Iran’s quest to obtain new sources of nuclear energy. It would be in the best interest of the United States to have consistent dialogue and discussions, tough negotiations with the leaders of Iran over matters of shared interests and matters of secutity or risk having Iran further aligning themselves with Russia. Mr. Obama’s foreign policy plan appears to be more encompassing for the 21st century ever evolving global complexities.

Critics Said Clinton Did Not Improve the Experience of Female Employees During Her Time on the Wal-Mart Board

The AP wrote: “Critics said there was little tangible change at Wal-Mart during Clinton’s tenure, despite her apparent prodding. ‘There’s no evidence she did anything to improve the status of women or make it a very different place in ways Mrs. Clinton’s Democratic base would care about,’ said Liza Featherstone, author of ‘Selling Women Short: The Landmark Battle for Worker’s Rights at Wal-Mart.” [AP,3/11/06].

While Hillary Was a Director, Wal-Mart Resisted Unionization

The Village Voice wrote: “At the time, Hillary Clinton was still on the Wal-Mart Board of Directors, the retail giant was still resisting the unionization of its workers”------Village Voice, May 30, 2000.

Monday, March 3, 2008

It Took George W. Bush to Clean Up After Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton has it wrong. It took George Walker Bush to clean up after Bill Clinton. The fact of the matter is, we have not had one attack on domestic soil since 9/11. The Clintons were too involved with a multitude of personal problems, scandals and an impeachment trial which was only the second such trial in U.S. history.
The first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 was the first sign that the U.S. would be a soft target for anyone determined to bring about mass chaos and confusion because Bill Clinton did not place a high priority on foreign and domestic terrorism and their byproducts.
Is this the “clean-up” Hillary Clinton is talking about?

Slick Willie and 9/11

All the operational, strategic, logistical, tactical planning for the 9/11 event, bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen on October 12, 2000 killing 17 sailors, the bombing of the federal office building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 19, 1995 killing 168 people, the bombing of a parking garage beneath the World Trade Center in New York City on February 26, 1993 killing 6 people, occurred on President William Jefferson Clinton’s watch. Hillary and Bill were so busy stonewalling the release of certain White House records linked to the Whitewater scandal, that they grossly neglected paying attention to what was happening on the domestic and international scenes. Hillary counts her years in the White House as part of her 35 years of experience. Therefore Hillary purports that she had a significant role in the decision making process in the White House. However, in all of the above mentioned incidents, Hillary nor Bill showed the experience, knowledge, expertise, sensitivity, depth to grasp or to tackle the very tough and difficult types of terrorist occurrences on the home front or on the foreign front. Hillary’s and Bill’s return to the White House would signal to the extremist elements of all political ideologies that it is open season again on America.

An Obama Supporter

Read what one Barack Obama supporter had to say about the next president of the United States. The following letter was printed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on March 2, 2008. An Obama supporter wrote in response to a claim that Barack Obama lacks the credentials and experience to be president of the United States.
The writer stated that nothing could be further from the truth. The writer goes on to say:
“To begin with, Mr Obama graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law as president of the Law Review. He became a civil rights lawyer for a Chicago law firm and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago for 10 years. During the first eight years of Mr. Obama’s elected service, he sponsored more than 820 bills on various subjects including health-care reform, poverty, crime fighting, economics, human rights, ethics reform and veteran affairs. In his first year in the U.S. Senate, Mr. Obama authored 152 bills and co-sponsored another 427 bills. In total, he has written 890 bills and co-sponsored 1,096 bills in the U.S. Senate.
As a registered “no party affiliation” voter in Pennsylvania, I cannot vote in the April 22 primary election, but if I could, I would vote for Barack Obama. He is certainly qualified to hold this office based on his past academic and public record.
Perhaps if the media would emphasize the achievements of the candidates instead of focusing on their personal lives, voters would be more well-informed on the candidates and able to cast a more informed vote.”

Sunday, March 2, 2008

What Happened to the 200,000 Jobs Lost in Ohio?

In the last seven years, the State of Ohio has lost 200,000 jobs due to NAFTA.
President Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law in 1993 and the law took effect January 1, 1994. Now you want to put another Clinton in the White House with the potential of losing hundreds of thousands or more good American manufacturing and associate factory jobs. What assurances do the people of Ohio have that Hillary Clinton will attempt to renegotiate NAFTA and other unfair trade deals made by her husband Bill? Can you trust another Clinton at a time when families are losing their homes, the price of fuel is skyrocketing, the cost of education is escalating and health insurance is not affordable?
Ohioans are used to politicians coming into their state every four years promising them everything from the kitchen sink to a chicken in every pot. Hillary Clinton does have a stimulus job plan. But Mr.Obama has a comprehensive economic recovery plan which is similar to a mini-Marshall plan that would restore vitality and productivity in which all the citizens of the Buckeye State could take pride and benefit.
So the question for the Ohio voters is: Who do you trust to implement this plan----a Washington D.C. Corporate Establishment Democrat in Hillary Clinton or a grassroots politician like Barack Obama who has had to overcome some of the same obstacles faced by the unemployed, underemployed citizens of the State of Ohio. How can Hillary Clinton claim and understand the plight of the 200,000 workers who lost their jobs when a lot of her experience has been on the side of corporate management. The choice is obvious.

Ready on Day One?

Hillary Clinton has just been inaugurated as President of the United States. On the night of her first day as President, the following takes place.
At approximately 2:00 a.m., Hillary receives a call on the red telephone from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Wesley Walker who informs Hillary that we have just been attacked in Jump Back, Mississippi. Hillary looks around for Bill and emphatically asks: “Where’s Bill”? Hillary informs General Walker to hold the line while she attempts to locate Bill’s whereabouts in order to confer with him on this matter.
Hillary hurriedly rushes down the hall furiously in search of Bill. A secret service agent meets Mrs. Clinton and asks: “What’s wrong, Madam President”? Hillary replies: “Have you seen Mr. Clinton because we have just been attacked in Mississippi”? The secret service agent responds by saying: “Mr. Clinton left the White House at midnight with two secret agents. I assumed you knew”. Hillary looked very disturbed and confused and ran back to her bedroom to talk with General Walker.
Mrs. Clinton informs General Walker that Bill is not present and asks General Walker: “What should I do”? Hillary further states: “I have never had to deal or respond to tough questions and demanding situations like this except in a debate back in February in Cleveland, Ohio”. Hillary also states: “By the tone of your voice General Walker, you seem to be upset and angry with me”. General Walker states: “Madam President, I have been patiently waiting on your response for the last seven minutes regarding what course of action we should take or do”. General Walker further states: “Madam President, you told the American people that you would be ready on day one to be commander-in-chief”. Hillary responds: “I’ll call Bill on his cell phone”. General Walker replies: “Madam President, I am going to have take over your command and declare martial law because of your failure to execute your responsibilities as president and commander-in-chief. Hillary answers by saying: “Did you try to reach Vice-President Obama”? General Walker replies: “Madam President, YOU are the commander-in-chief and since you are incapable of executing your responsibilities, I will take over this command”.
Do you want a person as president who cannot handle or deal with the tough questions on national security and defense as commander-in-chief? Hillary Clinton abrogated a major responsibility as a U.S. Senator when she failed to critically review, examine and inquire about the validity of the National Intelligence Reports before she cast her vote on the Iraq war. Therefore, she like John McCain should be removed from office for dereliction of duty and lack of accountability to the American people.