Thursday, August 28, 2008

Barack, Can You Run the Anchor Leg and Win?

Bill Clinton ran a great lead-off leg to put the Democrats in the lead. John Kerry ran a strong second leg, and Joe Biden ran a powerful third leg to keep the Dems in the lead.
Now, Barack, can you run an effective, outstanding anchor leg to secure a victory for the Democrats against an old, over the hill runner in John McCain who’s running the anchor leg for the Republicans?

Barack Makes History

Bill Clinton, John Kerry and Joe Biden all gave electrifying, superb speeches in support of the candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama. All of the previous mentioned speakers were able to show contrast between Barack Obama and John McCain and why it is vitally important to elect Obama to the presidency over the cankerous and bombastic John McCain.
Basically, the Clintons stole the show for two days at the Democratic National Convention and now it will be up to Mr. Obama to deliver the best speech of his life with specificity on what (he) is going to do for the ailing, floundering, bankrupt economy and the immoral, misguided, jingoistic foreign policy of the Bush administration.
“Ain’t no stopping us now,
Barack’s in the Groove”!

McCain Works Hard to Keep Barr Off the Ballot In Pennsylvania

Old John McCain and crew are doing everything in their power to deny Bob Barr the opportunity to have his name placed on the ballot in the State of Pennsylvania. Why? Senator McCain claims that he is a true, loyal, compassionate patriot. But Mr. McCain is attempting to restrict and prohibit Mr. Barr from the benefits of participating in our hemorrhaging experiment in democratic governance. Is it because Bob Barr is the only true conservative in the present presidential race, who has a 95% approval rating by every conservative organization in the country, while serving as a distinguished congressman from the Seventh District of Georgia? Mr. Barr had a consistent, conservative voting record in the Congress.
No intelligent conservative would vote for John McCain (McBush) because he is nothing more than a clone of George Bush with all the baggage that comes with the territory. Mr. McCain, why haven’t you invited Mr. Barr to debate you in one of your town hall meetings? What are you afraid of, Mr. McCain------that Mr. Barr would expose you for the hypocritical fraud that you are?

Crispus Attucks Also Had a Dream

“On the evening of March 5, 1770, Crispus Attucks, a runaway slave of
Natick Indian and African ancestors, was the first person to die for the
cause of American freedom”.
Crispus Attucks, a ruffian, gave up his life for freedom in the famous Boston Massacre so that other Americans could enjoy the benefits of freedom from British tyranny that he could only dream of. Indeed Mr. Attucks was a true American patriot who was a descendant of America’s first two victims of White racism: the Native Americans, who had their lands stolen, manipulated and confiscated and the African Americans who were brought to America against their will in chains. Mr. Attucks’ heroic feat was 110 years before the greatest wave of European Immigration which occurred between 1880 and 1922. If visiting Boston, you may want to visit the statute of Crispus Attucks located in the Boston Commons.
Know your history!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Did Hillary Make the Sell?

At last night’s Democratic National Convention meeting, Hillary Clinton mentioned Barack Obama’s name 12 times and mentioned John McCain’s name 12 times. Hillary never addressed the issue as to whether Mr. Obama was ready to be commander-in-chief. How could Hillary say that Mr. Obama was prepared and ready to be commander-in-chief when she viciously vilified Mr. Obama in the primary campaign with brutal negative ads and statements saying he was not remotely qualified or ready to lead. Hillary claimed the only qualifications Obama had was a speech he had given in 2002. Hillary will never give an appearance that she is being contradictory in anything she does. (Remember her explanation of her vote on Iraq). Furthermore, Hillary failed to denounce all the negative campaign ads of John McCain that feature Hillary and one of her supporters.
So, was Hillary’s performance last night all about show and style and very little on substance? Did Hillary make a true, passionate endorsement of Barack Obama? Was Hillary being sincere when she encouraged the audience and
T. V. crowd to solidly support the Democratic ticket in the Fall because of the gross failure of the Bush administration? Was Hillary merely auditioning and positioning herself to possibly make a run for the presidency in 2012?
It remains to be seen if Hillary’s endorsement of Barak Obama is a duplicitous ploy or an honest endeavor or attempt to bring about Democratic Party cohesiveness.

Next Up Is Slick Willie

Bill Clinton still can’t get over the fact that a young, skinny, Black man with a funny sounding name from his rival school Harvard, outsmarted him and his wife to win the Democratic nomination. Bill and Hillary had a faulty game plan for winning the primaries and they were exceptionally arrogant which is the reason they lost. Mr. Obama won eleven small to medium states in a row. That’s where the Clintons lost. And the Clintons’ big state policy failed also with the Democrats’ system of giving Mr. Obama almost the same number of delegate votes as Hillary in such states as Pennsylvania. Mr. Obama lost by 9.4% in Pennsylvania. The Democrat's primary system is in dire need of revision relative to the awarding of delegates to each candidate. In fact, the entire DNC needs a make-over.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 1---------Democratic National Convention

They were great remarkable speeches by Michelle Obama and Senator Ted Kennedy. However, some of the other speakers at the Democratic National Convention such as Nancy Pelosi, were dull, boring, bland and uninspiring and lacked substance. None of the speakers demonstrated an acute ability to show contrast between Barack Obama and John McCain. On the first day of the Democratic party, the Democrats should have thrown some big knockout blows at the duplicitous John McCain. Instead, we got a lot of sparring, feeling out and light jabs. You always want to keep your opponent on the defensive and I did not see any effective attempts of a knockout punch. The Democrats act as though they don’t know what they are up against in the vile Republican attack machine.
Is Hillary Clinton going to be a party pooper or the life of the party? Or will old Hillary put on a good show and give an appearance that she wholeheartedly supports the historic candidacy of Barack Obama? Indeed Senator Clinton has to make a compelling argument to all her supporters on why they should support and vote for Mr. Obama. But in the final analysis, Mr. Obama has to bring the bacon home and convince those Hillary voters and others that he is the person to drive the wagon for the next four years.
Are the Clintons party poopers or are they party unifiers? The jury is still out on Hillary and Bill!

The New McCain Attack Ads Featuring Hillary

The new attack ads featuring Hillary Clinton and a Hillary Clinton supporter basically lack substance and depth. These new McCain ads are designed to divide and conquer the Democrats, especially the Hillary supporters. And they may well resonate with Joe Sixpack, the Archie Bunker types, the NASCAR crowd, the Reagan Democrats and a few misguided, misled feminists.

Cindy McCain Is Off to Georgia!

Why? To Learn How to Serve Cookies and Tea
Or to Lobby for New Beer Distributorships?

The McCain campaign has calculated that it looks good for PR purposes for Cindy Barbie Doll McCain to visit the Republic of Georgia. Thus by visiting Georgia, Cindy will give an appearance that she looks like a First Lady similar to Hillary Clinton. Hence, this will give Cindy Barbie Doll the opportunity to report on her trip at the Republican National Convention to offset the brilliant performance by Michelle Obama at last night’s Democratic party in Denver.

U.S. Is Loosing Ground in Afghanistan

George Bush and John McCain took their eyes off Afghanistan by concentrating on the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. By being bogged down in Iraq this has given the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other freedom fighters the necessary time to regroup and build up their military forces. Furthermore, Barack Obama was right in his judgment, analysis and observations on Afghanistan.
Thus Mr. Bush and Mr. McCain get a failing grade in conducting their foreign policy in reference to Afghanistan.

Yeltsin vs. Putin

Boris Yeltsin was all about peace and prosperity. Mr. Putin doesn’t understand those values. It will take Mr. Putin at least seven to ten years of excessive military spending to build up the Russian Federation armed forces to respectability in the world………. then it’s a whole new ball game. Also, Russia has a draft of over 300,000 people per year. A poll just taken in Russia revealed that the Russians dislike the USA more than any other country. The cold war Part II will be determined at a time and date engineered by Putin………

Who’s the Bear’s Next Victim?

Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Czech Republic are among those nations that could be next after the invasion of Georgia. The next president of the United States, Barack Obama, has his work cut out for him. But I am sure with a sound, competent foreign policy team, Mr. Obama will be up to the task.

The U.S. Can’t Bully the Bear

The U.S. can only bully the small fry nations like Afghanistan, Cuba, Chile, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Georgia, Grenada, Haiti, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Nicaragua, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Serbia, Somalia and Sudan. The tiny nation of North Vietnam stood up to the big bully U.S. and held its own, while North Korea and the primitive PRC fought the U.S. bully and its proxy UN armies to a standstill. Now the U.S. bully is trying to bully Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program while the State of Israel possesses many sophisticated WMD’s, neutron bombs, BLU-109 bunker-buster bombs, BLU-113 bunker-buster bombs, thermonuclear weapons, atomic weapons and tactical nuclear weapons.
The bully U.S. and the EU have condemned Iran for developing WMD’s, while simultaneously protecting and enabling the principle culprit, Israel. What accounts for the U.S. bully’s double standard? Both Russia and China have geopolitical interests in the Persian Gulf and if Bush and the EU push hard, it might have damaging economic, strategic and military repercussions and consequences for the U.S. and the EU. Has the U.S. bully met its match in the reawakened Bear bully of the Russian Federation? The U.S. bully, the Bear Bully and the PRC bully all have vital national security interests and objectives in the Caspian Sea Basin, Black Sea and the Persian Gulf. Who can predict how a bully is going to behave when their national security and geopolitical interests are threatened by one another as they struggle to gain control or influence over oil, natural gas, coal, ports and waterways.
The Clinton and Bush foreign policy pushed the former Soviet puppet-states too quickly in the U.S. bully’s zeal to neutralize or contain Russia shortly after the dissolution of the USSR. The U.S. and the EU should have methodically planned better and slower for the reintegration of the former Soviet States in Eastern and Central Europe into NATO. Thus the reckless U.S. foreign policy relative to the former USSR satellites has forced the bully Bear into quadrupling its military defense budget in order to offset the geopolitical aspirations of the U.S. bully and the EU. The U. S. bully had a chance to woo the Bear bully into eventual membership in NATO but with the invasion of Iraq, continued sanctions against Iran and the pushing for the installation of the Patriot anti-missile shield in Poland, Ukraine and Georgia, has made Russia rethink and reexamine its long range national security and geopolitical interests. Putin is no fool and he is not ready to push it yet.
Russia has a “10 point military rebuilding plan” and if accomplished will give Russia a better force than they had back in 1989. This of course has threatened Europe to death. The bully Bear accomplished what they wanted. The Bear bully has scared to death all of their ex-states and have left Western Europe shaking. Like the typical school yard bully who is basically a coward, the bully never picks on anyone his/her own size because he is afraid of getting his backside kicked. Thus the U.S. bully has rendered itself helpless in the present crisis in Georgia.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who Can Trust the USA

No one should trust the USA’s word when it comes to war. Ask the Vietnamese and all of Southeast Asia, the Shah of Iran, the Kurds and Shia in 1992 after the first Iraq conflict……………….The Georgians are just the latest.

The Cold War Was Over Years Ago……Think Again

The U.S. air bases in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan have been on notice to terminate their operations in March of next year. These two former Soviet Republics say they like Russian rule. There could be five other former Soviet States that are desirous of going into the Russian Federation. Poland thinks they are the most protected by their surroundings, but putting in the anti-missile radars will tell the tale. The real message of Russia’s blatant intimidation of Georgia is: ‘who going to stop it?” See if Bush freezes the four trillion dollars worth of Russian investments and banking here.

Now that the Clouds Have Settled Over Georgia

The NATO Axis is in no position to demand anything militarily and they know it. Putin did not really calculate the economic problems he would encounter-----G8, energy contracts with all of Western Europe, trillions of dollars in western capital, causing some boycotts of certain products, etc.
The 150 troops who man the Patriots in Poland are supposed to be a “trip wire” as the DMZ is in North Korea. If anyone believes that, I will sell you some of the old bridges in Pittsburgh. This saga will continue in the other former Soviet Republics at a time and place of Russia’s choosing.

Russia Expands Georgia’s Blitz

This is the Russian Federation’s first step. Putin said two months ago: “…..there are people in each of the former Soviet Republics who want Russian rule”. Russia may well occupy these places again, while NATO…..and the U.S. stand helplessly by.

Bush/McCain Goaded the Georgians

Bush, McCain and cohorts goaded the Georgians by promising their stooge, support in virtually everything from commerce to military aid. The U. S. trained 250 Georgian Rangers at Fort Gordon, GA and gave the Republic of Georgia large amounts of financial aid for sending troops to Iraq. Bush, McCain and cohorts promised early NATO membership and other significant considerations. This on top of the U.S. setting up USAF squadrons in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan for Afghan support and radar stations with Poland for stopping any future missile attacks was too much for the Bear. So, the Bear essentially said---‘forget the G7 membership and world opinion. If Georgia says “boo” we will give them a “professional behind kicking” and therefore will send a warning to the future U.S.President, NATO and most of their former empire members’. Georgia’s American educated leader, Mikheil Saakashvili overstepped his bounds and was put in his place.

McCain and Bush Promised NATO to the Leader of Georgia

John McCain and George Bush promised the leader of Georgia that they would get him into NATO early and that they would set up additional oil pipelines and make him fully independent of Russia. Apparently, the fool Saakashvili thought Bush and McCain would hold to their promise and thus Saakashvili’s Georgian forces attacked the Bear’s interests in South Ossetia and got pummeled.
Remember Hungary in 1956. We ended up taking 500,000 of their refugees when Hungary followed Ike’s promises.

McCain and the Republic of Georgia

John McCain’s chief foreign policy adviser is a former paid lobbyist for the country of Georgia. What did McCain promise the Georgian President-----that Sam would come to his aid?

Breaking News---------McCain Backs the Draft

John McCain announced yesterday that he would reinstate the draft. I encourage all people to vote for John McCain if you want your daughters and sons to fight unpopular wars around the globe to protect our geopolitical and corporate interests.
McCain also has plans to restart the Cold War while simultaneously fighting the other so-called Muslim “isms”. For all the wars that McCain wants to fight, we are going to have to draft personnel for the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines. The question I have for Mr. McCain is: Who and how are we going to pay for all these wars when Mr. McCain wants to give a tax cut to everyone? So, are we going to rely on China and Japan with IOU’s just as we have done in Iraq to fight all these McCain wars?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Barack, Have You Been on Vacation?

After many days of fierce negative ads, relentless verbal assaults and verbal distortions by John McCain McSame and cohorts, all with subtle racial overtones, when Barack, are you going to go on the offensive? Barack, you must employ a blitzkrieg against John McCain McSame each and every day until November 4, 2008. If you are not going to attack and expose John McCain McSame, I might have to reconsider giving you any more of my hard earned dollars. Barack, McCain McSame has you constantly on the defensive, and thus your present strategy, Barack, is a recipe for failure in November. Barack, the American people want to see how tough you are, what you are made of, how much intestinal fortitude you have and how well you can go on the attack and effectively counter punch McCain McSame into oblivion. The McCain McSame crew, the RNC and their surrogates are not playing by ethical standards. Ethics went out the door with the enslavement of Black Africans and the genocide committed against the indigenous populations of the Americas. This election is about extreme hardball politics and you need to take my advice and send John McCain McSame packin.
Your failure to take my advice will be your downfall. The American people don’t want to hear this nonsense about how tired you are. Just roll up your sleeves and begin a persistent campaign to annihilate McCain McSame. Furthermore, my ancestors worked tirelessly for 250 years and didn’t get a penny, built this great country off the sweat of their brow, but they didn’t miss a beat. This is the biggest political campaign on the face of the globe and, Barack, you can ill afford to let John McCain McSame outwork you, outsmart you, out-organize you or outfox you. For John McCain McSame represents a bygone era while you are our hope for the future.

Is McCain Going Kooky?

Yes my friends, I have so many flip flops that you might say, my friends, that I have flipped my lid. I am John McCain McSame and I approve of this message.

Breaking News------Barack’s on Vacation in Hawaii

Why has Mr. Barack Obama decided to take a week’s late summer vacation in the middle of an intense, grueling presidential campaign and international crisis in Georgia? Barack, rather than go to Hawaii, why not go into the heartland of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Massachusetts in order to connect with all those bitter people who are angry and frustrated with our state of affairs because of problems brought on by the benign neglect of the Bush Administration and the Republican party?

The Republicans and Their Election Year---Posturing Over the Energy Crisis

The Republicans are calling on Nancy Pelosi to call all the Democratic and Republican members of Congress back in session to tackle and to come up with a comprehensive energy plan which is a tactic of election year posturing. The Republicans want to appear to the American electorate as if they are trying to do something about the present energy crisis but their strategy is solely for the benefit of the John McCain. It was John McCain and the Republican members of Congress that gave carte blanche to President Reagan, Bush #1, Bill Clinton and Bush #2 when each of those presidents and the respective Congress miserably failed to come up with a comprehensive energy plan. The Republicans and John McCain are playing diversionary politics to deflect attention away from the failed economic policies of George Bush since he took office in 2001. By calling the other members of Congress back into session, what will be accomplished to solve the energy crisis other than a lot of grandstanding. Even if Congress passes a bill and Bush approves it, all the experts say there will not be an effect on prices at the gas pumps for several years to come. Therefore, all politicians need to refrain from lying to the American people.
John Duplicitous McCain sat on his behind for 26 years and did nothing about the present energy crisis other than to shift his position based upon whatever way the political wind was blowing. Shame on the Republicans and John McCain McSame for pimping the American people with false hopes and actions. Twenty six years of doing nothing in the Congress and now McCain wants to be rewarded with the title of Commander-in-Chief of the great United States. I don’t think so! McCain’s appeal may resonate with the low information voters known as “Joe Six-Pack”, “Tom Deer Hunter” (NRA), “the Jed Clampetts, the Archie Bunkers, the NASCAR crowd, old George Wallace Democrats who turned Republican back in 1968 and the Reagan Democrats. McCain and the Republicans will not be able to influence the well-read, educated, intelligent, high information voters in which Independents make up a sizable number of these voters.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Breaking News--------John Rollingstone Edwards’ Infidelity

My heart goes out to Elizabeth Edwards who spent many sleepless, fretful, worried nights wondering when will Johnnie come marching home to her sickbed, while old Johnnie saw the need and urge to get his groove on with a questionable third rate filmmaker of ill repute. Indeed John Edwards is an adulterer and a liar. But is old Johnnie’s misfortune any more egregious than the deceitful John McCain who cheated on his crippled wife Carol with a minor rodeo star Cindy while still married to Carol McCain? Old John McCain could hardly wait for his divorce from Carol when he married Cindy within a month of his divorce from Carol McCain. Both Edwards and McCain have several things in common, beginning with the name John, both are habitual and pathological liars and both are adulterers.
Moreover what is appalling in the instant case is the gross deliberate failure of the pro-republican sponsored media, including the yellow tabloids, the National Inquirer and Globe to inquire, question, investigate and report on the present and past infidelity of John McCain. This same sponsored media intentionally treated Mr. Barack Obama differently by conducting a persistent, malicious, ruthless, relentless racially biased attack on his character and political record in the Illinois State Senate and the U. S. Senate during the democratic primary and presently with a whole host of lies, distortions, innuendos and vituperations. The vast majority of the media outlets are owned by well-heeled republicans who are complicit in covering up John McCain’s present and past philandering. Then the sponsored media cleverly manipulates and uses reverse psychology on the American people by shaping the news to make it appear as though they favor Barack Obama while crucifying and maligning him simultaneously.
What we know from the first Kinsey Report in the 1960’s is that fifty percent of all married men commit adultery. Furthermore, I believe that statistics for women cheating on their husbands is even higher than or the same as the rate of men. So how are we as human beings any different than the common canines in the street in our behavior? There were many causes for the fall of the great Roman Empire. But one of the principle causes was moral decadence and decay coupled with an uncontrollable grossly excessive epicurean lifestyle of behavior and thought. Have we not laid the foundation for the similar seeds of destruction in the American empire by our incessant, immoral deterioration in values and culture? We as a people have become morally bankrupt and are in dire need of spiritual rejuvenation and uplifting. Yes, I am one of those individuals who lives in a glass house and I will continue to throw big rocks at people whom I consider to be morally degenerate, irresponsible and who have violated the public trust. We already had one rascal in the White House in Bill Clinton who attempted to turn our treasured White House into a common flop house. And we certainly do not need another adulterer like John McCain in our beloved White House. In my opinion, John McCain fails to meet the litmus test on character and judgment to be president of the United States.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Will the Clintons Help Obama?

Can a leopard change its spots? Can you teach an old dog new tricks?
Only the naïve fools amongst us would believe the Clintons would help Barack Obama in this fall’s national election. I guess one would say this would happen when “hell freezes over”. Bill Clinton showed his true colors during the South Carolina primary and he continues to reveal how much of an unadulterated racist he is. Yes, Mr. Clinton had a few but not all hand-picked, finger licking, pork chop eating Uncle Toms in his administration. So what? The public, particularly the Negroes who love and admire Bill Clinton, need to do a thorough fact check on Bill Clinton’s civil and human rights record and on the Welfare Reform Act of 1996. I said in my posting in January that the “The Clintons Have Always Played the Race and Gender Card”. Read that posting if you missed it. I will debate anyone, including misinformed pundits in the sponsored media on the civil and human rights record of Bill Clinton. You name the time, date and place for the debate and I’ll be there. For you misleading media pundits, you need to refrain from saying Bill Clinton was the first Black President and that Mr. Clinton did so many honorable deeds for the African American community. You neo-cons in the media and in the Obama camp, ask yourself this question: “Why can’t Bill Clinton refer to Barack Obama by his name Mr. Obama, instead of referring to him as “he” or “him”? If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.
To Bill and Billary Clinton, you lost the primary election to Barack Obama and you both need to get over your defeat after having run the most divisive campaign in modern history. The voters have spoken, Bill and Billary Clinton. Either you can jump on board the Obama bandwagon even with all your excess baggage or you can just simply get out of the way.
The Clintons and their blind supporters will do any and everything in their power to cause havoc, chaos, confusion, disunity and turmoil at the Democratic National Convention which could have the effect of propelling John McCain into the White House in November. The goal of the Clintons is not Democratic unity. Their goal is to defeat Barack Obama at all costs. No intelligent voter should trust the Clintons for they are all about self aggrandizement and they don’t give a tinker’s damn about this country. It is all about them. Thus the Clintons’ true legacy will be their duplicitous back-stabbing calculated campaign in bringing down the first viable African American candidate for the presidency so that Billary can position herself to run against John McCain in 2012. Also note that the media, such as C-SPAN fueled the flames of discord by conducting misleading self-serving telephone polls based upon the comments of Hillary Clinton relative to whether Hillary should have her name submitted for nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.
Now that old Billary is aware of the fact that she will not be an Obama’s V.P. choice, what incentive is there for Billary or Bill to rally around and support Obama? Don’t give me that bull about party unity! That fake so-called unity meeting in Unity, New Hampshire was a façade and all about show and style. The Clintons have in the past and continue to the present to undermine the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s run for the presidency. Furthermore, why should any loyal Obama supporter give one penny to Billary’s campaign debt for all the vicious, vile, inaccurate, personal attack ads that demeaned Mr. Obama during the primary? May I suggest that Billary ask some of her buffoonish surrogates such as conniving Bob Johnson or the vindictive Geraldine Ferraro or the cantankerous Mark Penn pay her campaign debt. The public should be aware and be weary of the purported kiss and make-up nonsense being presented by the Clintons and the Obama campaign.
In closing, the Clintons will attempt to hijack the Democratic National Convention and relegate Mr. Obama to a weaker position of secondary consideration.

Bush Speaks Out Against China, Myanmar and North Korea

President George Bush spoke out in Thailand against the purported or alleged human rights abuses of the Chinese, Burmese and North Korean governments. Mr. Bush would not dare say those things in China as we owe them half a trillion dollars of our national debt. Further, the United States is so dependent on China for all sorts of merchandise and Bush’s Republican backers who run the multi-national corporations could not function or operate without China such as Wal-mart and a whole host of other corporations.
How can George Bush lecture the proud Chinese people who have been a civilization for some four thousand years which is comparable to the great Sumerian civilization of Mesopatamia and the great Black civilizations of Cush, Kemet (Egypt), Nubia (Kush), Punt and other advanced civilizations of the Upper and Lower Nile Valley, on their human rights record when the U.S. has not modeled that kind of behavior that Mr. Bush accuses the Chinese of violating?
Mr. Bush, you do not have the credibility nor the depth to lecture any nation state relative to their track record on human and civil rights abuse. The United States and all nation states’ foreign policy should be grounded in respect for human rights that respects self determination of the respective developing democracies around the world which should always encompass the will of the people.
The Chinese papers constantly point out Mr. Bush’s Fascist streak which was and is being displayed in Iraq and in other points of conflict . Mr. Bush, get your own house in order before you attempt to lecture other nation states on their human rights record.

Race Always Matters in America

If Obama can overcome race to win in the fall election despite his perceived weaknesses, he must be considered a genius or just plain lucky. Indeed this presidential election will be a referendum on Barack Obama’s candidacy and how far the United States has evolved on the issue of race. The United States was conceived in racism, sexism and classism and these “isms” have become part of our DNA. What is needed is a comprehensive prescription treatment plan that involves all entities of American life and culture, particularly in all the churches, synagogues, mosques and all other religious institutions of this great country.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Old Slow Joe Must Go

Did anyone see that Judas Joe Lieberman on Meet the Press on August 3rd? In my opinion it appears to be a well orchestrated campaign by the McCain camp, the RNC, and possibly factions within the Jewish community to split or divide the Jewish vote for the benefit of John McCain. Most people of color voted for Gore-Lieberman in 2000 and now the McCain campaign has Joe Lieberman acting as one of the principle surrogates of the Jewish community thus going against the historic candidacy of the first viable African-American for the presidency. So how far is the schism between Blacks and Jews? I think the people of the great State of Connecticut must start a recall campaign immediately on Old Slow Joe Lieberman. Old Slow Joe was never truly a bona-fide Democrat and now he has revealed himself to be the true extreme right-wing Republican masquerading as an Independent Democrat. Who really knows what Old Joe is?

Are the McCains in Bed with the Commies in Cuba?

John McCain (McSame), the make believe war hero, why are you and Cindy doing beer business with Communist Cuba when the United States still has legitimate trade sanctions against Cuba? Didn’t the Commies threaten to “bury us”?

Does Mr. Bush Need to Take a Fast Boat to China?

We wish George Bush farewell in attending the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. Mr. President, do all of us in the United Stats a favor and stay forever in one of those Beijing back rooms of one of those bars or clubs that prohibit Blacks and Mongolians.

John McCain’s Report Card on Civil Rights

John McCain has received a failing grade of “F” from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in the area of civil rights legislation and in providing equal opportunity at all levels for the past eleven years. McCain’s highest score was “50” in 1985-86. Let the record show that John McCain has always played the race card to the benefit of his own self interests, White Arizonians and the corporate business agriculture and ranching communities in Arizona and throughout the United States. As you can see by this, Mr. McCain needs to vastly improve his learning curve on civil rights and in all other areas of providing equal opportunity for all Americans.

McCain Blames Gasoline Crisis on Obama

Yes my friends, I John McCain have been in the United States Congress for twenty six years and I along with my colleagues have done absolutely nothing to come up with a viable comprehensive energy policy for the 21st century. Therefore, with all due respect, my friends, I should be recalled for having lied about Senator Obama and for my gross dereliction of duty. For I am guilty as charged, not Mr. Obama. I am John McCain (McSame) and I approve of this message.

Should the McCains Give Up One of Their Luxury Homes?

Mr. McCain, you and Cindy need to give up to the Dineh-Navahos and Hopis a few of those eight luxury homes that you own. You blatantly cheated and manipulated the Navahos and the Hopis out of their land for those nasty fat swines of the Peabody Mine and Coal Company. And Mr. McCain, you claim you never played the race card? But in the case of the Dineh-Navahos and Hopis you played the racial and genocidal cards. Why does the sponsored media refuse to discuss, inquire, investigate this monumental, persistent campaign of relocation genocide of the Navahos and Hopis on top of uranium mines in which the Navahos and Hopis have suffered higher rates of cancer and numerous birth defects and high infant mortality rates?