Thursday, August 14, 2008

Barack, Have You Been on Vacation?

After many days of fierce negative ads, relentless verbal assaults and verbal distortions by John McCain McSame and cohorts, all with subtle racial overtones, when Barack, are you going to go on the offensive? Barack, you must employ a blitzkrieg against John McCain McSame each and every day until November 4, 2008. If you are not going to attack and expose John McCain McSame, I might have to reconsider giving you any more of my hard earned dollars. Barack, McCain McSame has you constantly on the defensive, and thus your present strategy, Barack, is a recipe for failure in November. Barack, the American people want to see how tough you are, what you are made of, how much intestinal fortitude you have and how well you can go on the attack and effectively counter punch McCain McSame into oblivion. The McCain McSame crew, the RNC and their surrogates are not playing by ethical standards. Ethics went out the door with the enslavement of Black Africans and the genocide committed against the indigenous populations of the Americas. This election is about extreme hardball politics and you need to take my advice and send John McCain McSame packin.
Your failure to take my advice will be your downfall. The American people don’t want to hear this nonsense about how tired you are. Just roll up your sleeves and begin a persistent campaign to annihilate McCain McSame. Furthermore, my ancestors worked tirelessly for 250 years and didn’t get a penny, built this great country off the sweat of their brow, but they didn’t miss a beat. This is the biggest political campaign on the face of the globe and, Barack, you can ill afford to let John McCain McSame outwork you, outsmart you, out-organize you or outfox you. For John McCain McSame represents a bygone era while you are our hope for the future.

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