Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Old Slow Joe Must Go

Did anyone see that Judas Joe Lieberman on Meet the Press on August 3rd? In my opinion it appears to be a well orchestrated campaign by the McCain camp, the RNC, and possibly factions within the Jewish community to split or divide the Jewish vote for the benefit of John McCain. Most people of color voted for Gore-Lieberman in 2000 and now the McCain campaign has Joe Lieberman acting as one of the principle surrogates of the Jewish community thus going against the historic candidacy of the first viable African-American for the presidency. So how far is the schism between Blacks and Jews? I think the people of the great State of Connecticut must start a recall campaign immediately on Old Slow Joe Lieberman. Old Slow Joe was never truly a bona-fide Democrat and now he has revealed himself to be the true extreme right-wing Republican masquerading as an Independent Democrat. Who really knows what Old Joe is?

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