Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 1---------Democratic National Convention

They were great remarkable speeches by Michelle Obama and Senator Ted Kennedy. However, some of the other speakers at the Democratic National Convention such as Nancy Pelosi, were dull, boring, bland and uninspiring and lacked substance. None of the speakers demonstrated an acute ability to show contrast between Barack Obama and John McCain. On the first day of the Democratic party, the Democrats should have thrown some big knockout blows at the duplicitous John McCain. Instead, we got a lot of sparring, feeling out and light jabs. You always want to keep your opponent on the defensive and I did not see any effective attempts of a knockout punch. The Democrats act as though they don’t know what they are up against in the vile Republican attack machine.
Is Hillary Clinton going to be a party pooper or the life of the party? Or will old Hillary put on a good show and give an appearance that she wholeheartedly supports the historic candidacy of Barack Obama? Indeed Senator Clinton has to make a compelling argument to all her supporters on why they should support and vote for Mr. Obama. But in the final analysis, Mr. Obama has to bring the bacon home and convince those Hillary voters and others that he is the person to drive the wagon for the next four years.
Are the Clintons party poopers or are they party unifiers? The jury is still out on Hillary and Bill!

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Patricia said...

No we won't hear any knock out punches from the Democrats. They are entirely incompetent. Hillary Clinton didn't endorse Sen. Obama on Tuesday night. She didn't tell the American people he was ready and qualified to lead. She doesn't intend to either. I thought we had a great chance to win this November. Now I think the Democrats will loose. It's so sad, because in many ways John McCain will be worse than Bush. Bush is not dumb, just a mis-guided ideologue. John McCain is not an intellectual. He is dumb. And dumb in the White House is dangerous.