Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability,but comes through continuous struggle."Dr.Martin Luther King,Jr.

December 31,2009

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."-Mahatma Gandhi

True meaningful political , economic or social change in any given society will not come with the empty duplicitous election year politicking of fraudulent political hustlers like Barack Hussein Obama but when common people decide in a like and similar fashion to "Take The Bull By The Horns as this is the part responsible for guidance.-Ronald B. Saunders
"For a dog to be effective,he must not only have a bark but a devastating bite."
Will you continue to sit on the sidelines watching history being made in this ever evolving experiment in participatory governance or will you finally decide that laziness ,apathy and maintenance of the status quo is not an intelligent option in the year 2010 ? Ronald B.Saunders

Happy New Year ! And Thanks For All Your Support

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Texas Tech Fires Coach Mike Leach After Accusations He Mistreated Adam James Son Of Former NFL Player And ESPN Analyst Craig James

Breaking News
December 30,2009
Cut And Shoot, Texas

The Administration at Texas Tech decided today at 1:08 p.m. that coach Mike Leach would be terminated for his alleged mistreatment of Texas Tech football player Adam Craig.
It just seems to me that the timing was wrong relative to discharging coach Leach when his team will face a tough Michigan State Spartan team on Saturday January 2, 2010. This has to be a major distraction for the entire Texas Tech football team and Red Raider Nation. But hopefully the Texas Tech team will be able to focus on playing the sluggish Spartans from the Big Ten. I am not aware of the facts in the instant case so I will withhold any said judgements of the guilt or innocence of all the parties concerned in said matter. Discharge is such a serious action that I know that one should have enough compelling convincing evidence at hand before more making the decision to terminate. Perhaps the $800,000.oo dollar bonus that was due coach Leach may have played a role in his termination.
If Leach's attorney's can show that the respondent Texas Tech did any or continued with their investigation after the firing of coach Leach to strengthen their case , Mr Leach may very well win his case against the Red Raiders.
The Texas Tech football team should release all of there anger and frustration against the Michigan State Spartans.
Happy New Year !

DO YOU KNOW YOUR HISTORY: IN 1800 African Americans Made Up 20% Of The U.S. Population

December 30,2009

African Americans made up 20 % of the U.S. population in 1800.
In Williamsburg which was the Colonial capital of Virginia, African Americans some of whom were free and slaves comprised 50 % of the total population. It has been reported in the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography that some free Blacks owned other Africans and white Indentured Servants in the colonial and post colonial period in the Old Dominion.
Every American that has the financial means must visit Colonial Williamsburg ,Yorktown Virginia and Jamestown Virginia to fully understand how the various complex cultures survived in Colonial Virginia.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Georgia Bulldogs Sock It To The Texas Aggies 44-20 To Win The Independence Bowl

December 28,2009
Jewtown, Georgia

The Georgia DAWGS clobbered the hapless Texas A & M Aggie's 44-20 to win the Independence Bowl in Shreveport Louisiana on a cold wintry night. Mark Richt proved to the entire country why the SEC is still the top football conference in the land. The University of Georgia also has a top five(5) prep recruitment class coming in for the 2010 season which promises to be a very exciting season next fall. Yes Georgia will be in the hunt for that coveted SEC East crown and with all the letter men coming back those folks in the Dawg Nation can rest assure that the Georgia Bulldogs could be playing Alabama for next years SEC crown.
Congratulations Coach Mark Richt/Staff,And to all players that were members of the 2009 Georgia Bulldogs.. Go Dawgs ! Go Dawgs !
How about Mr. Chapas !

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Special Report
December 27,2009

JERUSALEM,July,1948- Jews in Jerusalem are under nearly constant bombardment from Arab troops ,who have cut off main roads leading to the city.Water and food must be brought in by caravan along a narrow winding road,almost in front of Arab gunners. Meanwhile ,the Israeli government has agreed to readmit Arabs who fled the country during the fighting if they agreed to accept Israel's conditions.
Calling the newly declared state their homeland,the Arabs have refused to recognize the State of Israel and say they are determined to drive the Jews out. The Saudi Arabian Army and the Jordanian Legion are currently being trained and supplied by the British.
Jewish refugees have fled from the embattled Old City of Jerusalem to the better protected New City. Meanwhile,24,000 Jewish refuges , many of whom have been displaced since the time Of Adolf Hitler,are in detention camps on the Island of Cyrus,waiting to move to Israel.
Currently,Dr.Ralph Bunch ,acting mediator for the United Nations ,is attempting to achieve a settlement between the warring parties.

* The above article was written in 1948 and a recent poll conducted in 2009 has revealed that 76 % of all Palestinians surveyed in the occupied territories support suicide bombings against Israel.
The last two lines of blogger Black Buzz's powerful moving prophetic poem titled "The Call For Peace written in 1977 reads as follows :
The Call For Peace Is Never To Late
But Only Arabs And Jews Can Decide Their Own Fate

* God will be the final Divine Arbiter of the conflict between Arabs & Jews.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Special Report
December 26,2009
The Poem titled Lord Lord :Why Did You Make Me Black, by the brilliant poet,RuNett Nia Ebo is a moving, truthful, dynamic narrative about God in relationship to Blackness. Ms. Ebo questions God as to why did God make her Black and then the poet Ebo has God answering in a compelling powerful voice for the rationale for making her Black.

























Friday, December 25, 2009

Mrs.Beatrice Saunders Robinson Works Beyond The Call Of Duty

Special Report
December 25,2009
Pittsburgh Pa.

The above titled article is about blogger Black Buzz's mother Mrs.Beatrice Saunders Robinson that was written by Mrs Alma Polk, Religious Editor of The Pittsburgh Courier on November 14,1953.

Mrs. Beatrice Saunders Robinson
Works Beyond the Call of Duty
By Alma A. Polk
Members of the Courier family not only give eight hours of day to the job,but many of them have extra-curricular activities both on and off duty.
One person who goes beyond the call of duty at work and in the community is Mrs. Beatrice Saunders Robinson.
She is the Courier cashier,chairman of the Courier unit of the American Newspaper Guild;member of the executive board of the Pittsburgh unit of the American Newspaper Guild;member of the annual Page One Ball Committee,and assisted the NAACP in its"EE" Fund.
And if that isn't enough to keep a person busy,"Bea" is President of the Francis Street Friendly Circle,a neighborhood club dedicated to help neighbor's live better.
This club has donated a many television sets to the Centre Avenue YMCA and other organizations;Contributed to the Negro College Fund;given camper ships,scholarships, and memberships to boys and girls in the community; helped many needy families not only giving them clothes but money.
Whow ! You think that's all ? Well she is the mother of two fine boys and in spite of her busy life still finds to make practically all of her clothes.
Her husband is employed by the Butler Community Chest and is Director of the Dunbar Community Center.

*Blogger Black Buzz states also that his mother was a pillar and bulwark in her church community where she attended Christian Tabernacle Church. She was a member of the Mission Circle,Foreign Mission Board,the Dean of Harty Bible School,Teacher of the Year in 2002 where she inspired hundreds of students in her Genesis class,trustee of the church,member of the Tabernacle choir, assembly helper, Director of Vacation Bible School, Coordinator of the Annual Friends and Family Day and President of the Harty Bible School class of 1970; Chairman of the Harty Bible School Alumni Association and the only person to serve as President for two consecutive terms.
And at one time Mrs Beatrice Saunders Robinson grew and planted a lot of our food-stuffs and canned many different types of fruits and vegetables.
As you can see good trees have very good roots= very exceptional fruit(Black Buzz + (Brother Thomas John Saunders Families, Offspring's and descendant's

Merry Christmas !

Thursday, December 24, 2009

On December 24,1814 Gallant African American Troops Held Their Position In The Battle Of New Orleans

December 24,2009
New Orleans,Louisiana

Brave bold courageous African American troops fought gallantly at the Battle of New Orleans in 1814. These African American troops who fought at the famous battle of New Orleans were not even recognized by the U.S. government as citizens. But yet in still like in every war the U.S.has participated in African American men and women persevered and distinguished themselves.
When I think of sunshine patriots like Dick Cheney and Bill Clinton who did everything in their power to avoid service to there country it sickens me to know that people who weren't even considered citizens fought for rascals like those two characters and other cowards.
Those African American soldiers who fought at the battle of New Orleans are more American than any Cheney or Clinton and others of the same ilk. Now you conniving Tea Party people want to run a born-again deceitful coward like Dick Cheney as your drummer boy for President in 2012 who should be in jail along with his accomplice Geo Bush for blatant violations of the U.S.Constittuion I find that absurd and appalling.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last Night's Game Between The Giants,And The Pitiful Team That Masquerades As Professionals (Washington) Was Down Right Pathetic

December 22,2009
Landover, Maryland

The Monday night game between the Giants and Washington on December 21, was one of the worst displays of the game of football since the game was invented. If the average Joe performed his job like the players on said Washington they would be fired immediately.
The team playing its home games in Landover Maryland that uses the racially derogatory,insulting name "Redskins" should be banned from the National Football League. It just wasn't one player who performed miserably in last night's game with the Giants the whole Washington franchise is mediocre and marginal at best from the owner Dan Snyder, to the ball boys.
The University of Georgia (DAWGS) located in Athens Georgia could beat the professional team that plays their games at Fed-Ex Field in Landover
Maryland. The Washington season ticket holders should demand a refund of their money as soon as possible or take legal action against the team owned by Dan Synder in order to get appropriate relief. Why doesn't Snyder just go ahead and sign up Darrel Green and John Riggins. At least Green and Riggins would give 200 % on each play and I'm quite sure that Greene and Riggins would perform much better than the present players on the Washington club.Last night's game between the Giants and Washington had to be a major embarrassment to Washington fans, the National Football League, and its sponsors. And Mr. Snyder you need to retire that racist insulting demeaning, derogatory name "Redskins."

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Steelers Win The Shootout With The Packers 37-36

December 20,2009
Pittsburgh Pa.

The Pittsburgh Steelers win the three rivers shootout with the upstart Packers on the last play of the game when Uncle Ben Roethlisberger threw a 19 yard touchdown pass to Mike Wallace.
Uncle Big Ben went 29 of 46 with three TD's and 5o3 yards while becoming the first Steeler Quarterback in History to throw for 500 yards in a game. What happened to the Steelers ground attack ? Hopefully the Steelers will be able to obtain a quality SEC running back in next years draft and a couple of SEC O.linemen like Mr. Alan Fanaeca.
The Steeler victory over the Packers constitutes their Super Bowl for 2009 season. Congratulations to Big Ben, Mike Wallace, and Heath Miller who all deserve a game ball.
I am still baffled as to why Head-Coach Tomlin would go for an on side kick with the worst special team in the NFL when he had a two point lead.. We would have tried that type of play when I was growing up on Francis Street in the Hill District(PGH.) in one of our pick-up games. Does Tomlin realize the fact that he's coaching in the N.F.L. ?
I have been watching Steeler football since the days that Bobby Gage(1949) returned kick-offs and punts and this Stefan Logan is the worst mediocre kick returner in Steeler history. For a little man to make it in the NFL one has to be lightning fast and very quick and Logan has none of those credentials. Not only is Logan slow as molasses but he is easy to bring down and he can't stop any one on coverage. Does Logan own stock in the Steelers or is he engaged or married to one of the Rooney's ?
The Steelers would be better served if they gave Mr Logan his walking papers now and Santonio Holmes could return Kick-offs and punts the remainder of the season.

According To The Congressional Research Service By June 2010 There Will Be More U.S. Private Contractors In Afghanistan Than All U.S. And NATO Troops

December 20,2009
College Park, Maryland

By June 2010,according to the Congressional Research Service there will be more private U.S. contractors(130,000) in Afghanistan than all U.S. and NATO troops. The making of war is good business and that's another reason why all the fat avaricious buffoons on Wall Street love Barack Hussein Obama.
The only difference between the cantankerous Obama and the corrupt Geo Bush's foreign policies is that Obama has a white mask over his so-called Black skin. Its called Black Skin,White Mask !
How many have ever heard of the Military-Industrial-Complex ?
Our great American servicemen & women are fighting a make believe enemy in Afghanistan to put more cash into the pockets and stockholders who make up the Military-Industrial-Complex USA.
When is the gullible American public going to wake-up to the lies and deception of the Democrats and Republicans on Capitol hill ?
We can't stay hooked and addicted to ignorance and deceit for ever from the Idiotcrats and Dumblicans can we ?

Saturday, December 19, 2009


December 19,2009
New Canton,Virginia

The great American Carter G.Woodson who is considered the father of Negro History was born on this day December 19,1875 in New Canton Virginia. Any student of history should have read the following excellent books by the God-Father of Negro History Carter G.Woodson and they are as follows :
1. The Mis-Education of the Negro
2.The Education of the Negro
3. The Negro in our history
4. The Journal of Negro History V4:1919
5. The history of the Negro church
6. A Century of Negro Migration
7.The African Background Outlined :Or, Han for the study of the Negro
8.The Education of the Negro Prior to 1861
9. The Journal of Negro History
10.The Negro Migration To Canada After The Passing Of The Fugitive Slave Act.
11. Negro orators and their orations
12. Carter G.Woodson: A Historical Reader
13. Negro Professional Man & the community Special Emphasis on the Physician & the Lawyer.
14. The Negro Wage Earner
15. The education of the negro prior to 1861; a history of the education of the colored people of the United States from the beginning of slavery to the civil war.
16.Negro Makers of History,Third Edition
17. The story of the Negro retold
18. The Journal of Negro History,Volume 1
19.The rural Negro
20. The Journal of Negro History-Volume III
21. The Journal of Negro History- Volume V
22.The Journal of Negro History- IV
23. African Heroes and Heroines
24. The Journal of Negro History-Volume-VI
* And there are many more books,articles and scholarly publications by Mr. Woodson which are to numerous to list. Mr. Woodson is also a Sagittarian like the provocative great blogger Black Buzz who's birthday is also in December.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Why Didn't The U.S. Send The Stiff Al Gore To The Climate Summit In Copenhagen At least He Knows What He is Talking About !

December 18,2009

Why did the U.S. send President Barack Obama to the climate summit in Copenhagen Denmark ? Obama can't use that teleprompter in the private meetings with the various heads of state so he will be lost. Now Obama the warmonger is wondering why those various heads of state basically shut the door on him or simply ignored him all together. Indeed climate change is real but the U.S. should have sent someone like Al Gore that knows what they are their talking about in the area of climate change. The Chinese know that Barack Obama is not quite up to speed on the subject of climate change and all the other auxiliary subjects that impact the environment..

Barack Obama's Afghan War

Blogger Black Buzz's poem titled: Barack Obama's Afghan War, is a moving, extraordinarily powerful, dynamic and ardently written work about Barack Obama's wanton disregard for the Afghan and the American people.
American soldiers are dying on the crusted cold dry desolate Afghan plains from left to right
with no immediate end to the incessant genocide
in sight
How will the obstreperous Taliban resist America's avaricious Imperial
might ?
Maybe the Taliban and their compadres will play hide-and -go-seek
but I know they will fight
I have seen courageous mothers weeping
and rueful spouses crying
but when I look around
our soldiers are still dying
Why must brave American soldiers die ?
For the tyrannical government of unsavory corrupt Hamid Karzai ?
Why must our gallant American soldiers die ?
For Barack Obama's duplicitous lies ?
The wily Obama says the Afghan fight is a just war
But I ask our laudable young people
Is this the change you voted for ?
Then you go sign up
For Barack Obama's unjust Afghan war

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Barack Obama is Bad for Black America

by Solomon Comissiong

“Obama trivialized blacks’ day to day struggles, and their historical quest for human rights.”

When then US Senator Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president of the United States on February 10, 2007 it marked the beginning of the superficial “Change You Can Believe In” express. Many saw his candidacy, and impending coronation as president, as a breath of fresh air from the sulfur stench left in the atmosphere by the Bush/Cheney administration. Some even saw his candidacy as potentially great for Black America. On both counts, those people were, unfortunately, wrong. Barack Obama’s presidency has seen a continuation of many of the Bush administration’s repugnant policies. And President Obama has been one of the worst things to happen to a great many African Americans, pyschologically, in quite some time. Barack Obama has been horribly bad for Black America.
To say that Barack Obama has been anything but a blessing to Black America is enough to send many Obamanistas into full body convulsions. Unfortunately, far too many people are still inebriated on the Obama-aid punch. This mental drunkenness impedes their ability to see President Obama for what he really is: a war mongering, amoral, corporate puppet. President Obama has pursued policies that, if he were white, would have driven legions of so-called progressives and black people into mass protest. However, because Obama is a phenotypical brown man who possesses extraordinary skills of oratory, he continually gets a pass. His $700 million campaign war chest enabled his handlers to strategically place hollow slogans everywhere the eye could see. His campaign even claimed two top prizes at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Awards ceremony. Obama’s presidential campaign will be studied for decades to come, from top to bottom, as a textbook exercise in style over substance. However, few analysts will examine the damage his candidacy and tenure has done to the consciousness of many Black Americans. I am not talking about the instilling of “hope” and the bringing of “change” – quite the opposite.

“Obama’s presidential campaign will be studied for decades to come, from top to bottom, as a textbook exercise in style over substance.”

I can understand the initial frenzy that Barack Obama’s candidacy caused among black Americans. Jesse Jackson was the last black presidential candidate to excite African American passions. Barack Obama appeared to have a real chance at capturing the White House, and millions of black Americans saw their own interests as inextricably linked with those of the Illinois senator. However, as the Obama campaign moved forward, it was obvious that the feeling was not mutual. Obama’s utter disregard for African Americans and their continued struggles became more noticeable with each passing day. He showed a reluctance to address race based issues that even white Democratic candidates, such as John Edwards, did not. The more I tried to convince black Obamanistas that he did not give a damn about them, the more I received excuses such as, “He is not running for the president of black America.” I always found that rationale amusing, but sad; by such logic, black people must not be a part of America. Obama certainly didn’t seem to think so. He trivialized blacks’ day to day struggles, and their historical quest for human rights.
When Barack Obama essentially justified the police murder/lynching of a young black New Yorker named Sean Bell, it should have been obvious that he did not give a damn about the average black person’s life. Sean Bell was shot (unarmed) over 40 times by the NYPD in the wee hours of his wedding day morning. After a morally corrupt judge acquitted the officers that murdered Bell, Obama told black America that they should stop protesting and respect the verdict. It was the verbal equivalent of spitting in the face of every African American who has protested, marched, and fought for civil and human rights. From Malcolm X to Martin Luther King, and from Ida B. Wells to Ella Baker, black Americans have created new paths for humanity based on their ceaseless willingness to protest, organize and fight! Police brutality disproportionately affects black communities, in contrast to white ones. In America unarmed black men are still targeted and murdered by police – crimes that are facilitated by the same institutional racism that President Obama has ignored since announcing his candidacy. Apparently, Obama harbors no principles – aside from those valued on Wall Street.

“His job was to assure whites that he was the opposite of his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright.”

Obama has never claimed to have an allegiance with black Americans and their unique struggles in this country. As a result of Black America’s misguided love affair with the Democratic Party, more than 94 percent of the Black vote goes to Democrats in presidential elections. Obama knew he could count on black votes no matter what he said or did in the campaign. In essence, he had the freedom to disrespect black America, and he exercised it. However, Obama had to convince white America that he was a safe enough Negro to vote for – that he would not rock the boat with real progressive change that might narrow the social gap between them and their black counterparts. His job was to assure whites that he was the opposite of his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, whom he disinvited from his campaign launch.
Obama became so comfortable genuflecting to white America, he began publicly castigating blacks in what were dubbed “tough love” speeches. Whites loved to hear about his lectures on social maladies in black communities. “Blame the black folks” was Obama’s mantra. Of course, Obama would never have the guts to go into a white church and lecture white men on being better fathers. But he quite felt comfortable telling the NAACP’s 100th anniversary dinner that they should accept the fact that black youth have to work two and three times harder than their white counterparts simply to gain the same opportunities. In Obamaland, social injustices to black people are acceptable. Black people should grin, bear it and suck it up while their white counterparts continually reap all the benefits from their shiftless ancestors who stole land and people to build wealth.

“The Obama Effect’s psychological damage to black America has been devastating.”

Obama has settled into the role of white America’s sycophant. He seems to enjoy doing whatever he can to make large pockets of white people feel comfortable in their ways, even when their ways are destructive. Having beer on the White House lawn with a racist white police officer from Massachusetts, is a shining example of life in Obamaland. The Obama Effect’s psychological damage to black America has been devastating. His message to black people (young and older) is that if you don’t rock the boat, white America might let you in their house – while the rest of your people continue to catch hell.
Despite President Barack Obama’s blatant neglect of Black America and the enumerable racial inequities that continue (and multiply!) in America today, many African Americans still support him, unconditionally. With this kind of unwavering allegiance, why would he ever feel the need to address the root causes of mass black incarceration, disproportionate unemployment rates and police brutality, to name a few? The only way president Obama will ever get on the right side of justice is if black America comes to its senses and collectively pressures the brown man in the White House. Time and time again, Obama has shown that, when pressured, he will collapse like a house of cards.
Politicians like Barack Obama and superficial movements (a la Change You Can Believe In) do not deserve our votes and support. They do not support us. Movements like the Black is Back Coalition ( and activists like Cynthia McKinney support us, and we must reciprocate. As Barack Obama escalate his wars of aggression, the black community must mobilize, organize, and demand justice and equality. There is no other way.

Solomon Comissiong is an educator, community activist, author, public speaker and the host of the Your World News radio program ( He may be reached at:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's The Difference Between Tiger Woods And Santa Claus ?

A Amos 'N' Andy Parody

Kingfish says- "Holy Mackerel Andy !
Hey Andy, Amos went out looking for that mixed up Tiger Woods.Its seems as though Amos is trying to counsel old Tiger but Tiger will only listen to that other Negro Charles Barkley. You know that big fat one, Sir Charles they call him likes to chase de white women like Tiger.
Andy Replies- I think Amos has a new escort service of Negro women and he's is going to see if old Tiger might be interested in a fling with some of de women in his new business. I hears Tiger pays well Kingfish !
Kingfish says- Andy I wish Amos much success in his new business adventure. Andy Ah ! What's the difference between that mixed up-golfer Tiger Woods and old Santa Claus in the de north pole ?
Andy Replies- Well Kingfish ! You know old jolly Santa Claus knew when to Stop after three HOE'S. Hoe ! Hoe ! Hoe ! Andy says: Kingfish ! What was Tiger and his wife doing out at 2: 25 a.m. in the morning?
Kingfish says- They was out clubbing Andy ! Well Andy ! I don't think we Negroes is supposed to be feelin sorry for old mixed-up Tiger because he avoids de Negro women like they has the plague. Old Tiger don't like de big big butts and rhino hips. We real Black men like de big butts and rhino hips. We's never like de white girls flat butts, narrow hips, and thin ape lips.
Andy says-Yeah I knows ! Old Tiger don't care for our kind.He don't give any of Golf Scholarships to any of those Negro or Puerto Rican kids in de Harlem Children's Zone. Those kids in the Harlem Children's Zone would like to go to Standford and play Golf just like Tiger. I reckon he's a sell out. Sure enough !
Kingfish states- Andy, Tiger ain't no equal opportunity adulterer, he only likes de most debased white women. I just think that old Tiger is mixed up and still confused about his ethnic/racial identity. Andy you ever hear of the "One Drop Rule " in de United States of America ?
Andy says- Yeah that one drop of Negro blood I hears of it !
Kingfish says- That de one drop blood rule is still de view of de silent majority in America. I was ah wondering would that One Drop Blood Rule apply to U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana ? I's don't believe none of those folks in Louisiana could pass de One Drop Blood Rule test. Most of those "Crackers" down in Lousieana got kids by some Negro women. Hell they been rapin, sexually assaultin and forcing sex on de Negro women since da days of Tommy Jefferson, and before his time.
You knows those Crackers are always saying we's inferior so why in the sam hell would you want to have sex with an inferior being. Damn it Andy I tell you those "Crackers is hypocrites.They's holding us Negroes back with one hand and bustin down de Negro women's back door with de other hand.
Andy says- Yeah you's right Kingfish ! Sure enough Kingfish ! Those " Crackers think our women is extoic savages always in heat. Why's de want ta hav sex with a savage who is inferior to then ? And that goddamn Tiger said he wasn't Black.Hell he ain't know"Peckerwood"
Kingfish says- Tiger said that he was a Cablinasian.
Andy says- Ah Kingfish Ca blinasian sounds like a Chinese Gumbo dish made in New Oleans.
Kingfish says -Andy You knows this is de first time they's havin a Black Christmas in the de White House since Warren G. Harding was in de White House back in 1921-23. Holy Mackerel Andy! You know de old boy Harding died in office and I believe that de Government may have poisoned him or it might have been his wife. Andy boy ! They's tell me that old boy Warren G had more affairs than that young whippersnapper Bill Clintin.
Andy says-Yeah I hears he was real busy around de White House and de misses stayed upset and she may have poisoned him.
Kingfish states- Andy de democrats called Warren G. Harding every kind of "Nigger" in de book when he was running for de office of de Presidency. Andy says- Sure enough Kingfish ! So he was a Negro ?
Kingfish says- My Pappy was a janitor in de Colored School back over in Ohio when Warren G. was a student.Yeah the school was for only colored students. Shucks Pappy said there was a lot of light skin students just like Warren G. in attendance at de school. Andy you know old boy Warren couldn't find work in Ohio in 1884 so he crossed over into de white race. Many of de Negroes that are passing says that they are Cuban, Indian, Hawiian,, Spanish anything but a Negro just like old mixed up and confused Tiger Woods. That Negro up in Harvardland Bill Gates says all us Negroes claim we gat Indian blood but we's lying ta cover-up for some white man in our family tree. Pappy knew this old colored man from Washington D.C.that used ta date old Warren G. Harding's sister Phoebe Caroline. Phoebe taught in de same colored school in D.C. all her life. De colored man told pappy that Phoebe never got married because she was afriad that if she had kids they might have Kinky hair like her's.
Andy says- Sure Enough !Harding crossed the color line I'll be damned. I wonderin how does Bill Gates up in Harvardland know's we all is lying about our Indidan blood. He can't test every "Boot" can he ? My great gandmother was a member of the Jigaboo tribe in South Carolina.
Kingfish says-Yeah Andy! Warren G. Harding had ancestors from Africa on both sides of his family.Warren G. never denied his Negro blood he just claimed he couldn't be responsible because one of his Great Great Grandfather's jump de fence with a Negro women.
My pappy says old Warren's great great grand-father was a West Indian Negro.
Andy says- So Warren G. was a Negro from West Indiana ?
Kingfish says- No Andy ! De West Indies is in Jamaica
Andy says- What part of Africa is Ja..maica in ?
Kingfish says- De Islands boy ! down near de Cuba. Where Batista lives !
Andy says-This is de first time we's can be dreaming of a Black Christmas since Warren G. Harding.
Kingfish says- Yeah Andy I is hoping for a Black Christmas in de white house this year.
Andy says- Well Kingfish ! Why do's people say Barack O'Drama is de first Black President ?
Kingfish says- Well Andy my good brotha ! They's been trying to cover-up Warren's death for these's years and de boy's on de Madison Ave. in New York found out that de America people could be sold and duped on de idea of an first African-American President. De big Boys in de marketing Department of Goldman Sachs, and Obama's other sponsors and friends on Madison Ave said they found a unique story of Black guy from Chicago who was Harvard Educated with white mother from Kansas and a father from Kenya.That's how de Obama brand was made.
Andy says- No'Drama is not de first Black President so we's been duped and super tricked. And he was born in Kenya land in Africa. Kingfish you think that old bastard Bernie Madoff had anything to with the making of the No'Drama brand on Madison Ave ?
Kingfish says- The boys in Hymie Town knew that they could control de media since that's where de Obama brand began on Madison Ave so de corporate media spoon feeds de America people this big lie about Barack Obama being the first African-American so they folks in Hymie Town and de crowd in AI PAC can control de White House. That Jew Madoff got away with that mess for years because those other Hymie's on Wall Street and in the (SEC) which is top-heavy with Hymies gave Madoff a free pass.
Andy says-So No'Drama is de first Jewish President in de United Sates ?
Kingfish says- Yeah Andy ! Rohm Emmanuel is really de guy calling all de shots and Obama is just out front for show. And you know old Rohm Emmanuel is a Israeli Defense Commander. So you know where his loyalties lie ?
Andy says- De land where Jesus Christ was born. I was sittin here hoping for a Black Christmas and now Kingfish you tells me that de folks in Israel and Hymie Town have hijacked my Christmas and country. Kingfish! that's just to much to swallow in one day.
Kingfish says- It should be obvious to a fool that Obama did not have de typical Negro experiences for someone his age growing up in de inner city USA. It is reflected in his thoughts, his books, and his actions. If de Negro folks think this Madison Ave. made Negro Obama is going to bring up raced based issues to de forefront, y'all's crazy.In de unlikely event Obama wins a second term, he will not bring de things that Negroes care about de most. Rev. Jesse Jackson was right about Obama always talking down to Negroes while bowing and cowtailing to de white folks jus like my friend Stepin-Fetchit. That's what Booker T.Washington did and Obama's just like a rattlesnake. Obama is a light skin Stepin-Fetchit who went to school up in Harvardland. Andy you knows you can never trus de Negroes who been in the masta's house along time they's forget's they's one of us. You know those House servant Negroes is always looking after de masta and his interest.
Andy says- Kingfish you's saying that No'Drama is jus full of flash, dash and eloquent speeches, but he's not a game changer.Was' up wid O'Drama !
Kingfish says- Dat Negro Caucus can't even get a meeting with Obama and he is be-set with many problems and de Negro problems in America will not be solved by him.
Andy says- Sure enough Kingfish ! I's wishing everybody a very merry and Black Christmas.
Kingfish says- Andy do you think that Amos scored with Tiger Woods ?

Andy says-I hears that Tiger's mother-in law likes big black men also. I hears all the "Gray chicks from Swedenland likes Black men
Kingfish says- Merry Christmas Andy ! Me and Sapphire will be dreamin of a black Christimas. Sorry Mr. Bing, the hell with your white Christimas.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Wall Street Bankers Ode To Barack Hussein Obama

December 15,2009

The Wall Street Bankers Ode To Barack Obama

It must be clear
The Wall Street Bankers have nothing to fear
Because Barack Obama is near

It must be clear
The Wall Street Bankers have nothing to fear
Because Barack Obama is near

The Wall Street Bankers have no fear because Barack is here.
The Wall Street Bankers have no fear because Barack Obama is here.

On December 15,1791,The Bill of Rights became effective.

The Bankers On Wall Street Don't Have Any Respect For Obama,That's Why Three Of The Fat Cats Didn't Show Up For Obama's Show/Style Fake Meeting

December 15,2009
Anyone that has followed President Obama since his inauguration who has a modicum of intelligence should realize that the Obama brand is all about show/style and very little on substance and concrete actions.
When President Obama called the Wall Street Bankers "Fats Cats on Wall Street" on last Sunday's Sixty Minutes program that was solely designed to make him appear like a tough guy.But behind the scenes Obama is cow tailing and bowing to demands of those same nasty Fat Cats Bankers who have it made very difficult for small business's and consumer's to obtain all types loans, increase in line of credit,and mortgage refinancing.
The Bankers on Wall Street and the vast majority of thinking people on Main Street USA know that Barack Obama is nothing but an unadulterated wimp and tenderfoot who was made and created
on Madison Ave. The Bankers on Wall Street have Obama in their hip pocket and they know that they have nothing to fear as far as new regulations for their industry,and they are going to pay out obscene bonuses for their executives while Obama just twiddles his thumb.
Obama and the Democrats are attempting to sale the American people with a fraudulent Health Care Bill in the both houses of Congress so Obama and his fellow Democrats can claim a victory for there own political careers but all the bills being considered are a sham. The present Health Care Reform Bills being studied reviewed in both houses of Congress will only put more money in the hands of those Fat Cats on Wall Street and in the nefariously corrupt Insurance industry USA. The premiums in all the bogus Heath Care Reform bills proposed by Reed and traitor Joe Lieberman will rise tremendously. The Democrats and Republicans along with Barack Obama have duped the American people with no Public Option, no Single Payer and no Option for Medicare for people in the age category of 55 to 65. Obama just wants a political victory on Health Care Reform and he could care less about the quality, and the type of coverage the average American will receive under the present bills being considered. That's why the folks on Wall Street love Barack Obama, and his main point men Timmy Geithner and Larry Summers. Why would any intelligent citizen call their respective Congress person for its the Democrats and Republicans that have our country headed down the road to more taxes,higher premiums,and longer lines in the ER rooms with this horrible Health Care Reform Bill. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck could have written a better Health Care Reform Bill that would have been truly a reform bill. At least it would have been honest with the American people in mind. One can rest assure that Barack Hussein Obama will become the allegedly first African American
one term President in the history of the Republic.The Obama brand talks out of both sides of his mouth just like Bank Of America.
As a TV Native American might say,"Black man in the White House speak like a Forked Tongued white man" only better.
You can take the corrupt politician out of Chicago but you can't take the Chicago out of the corrupt politician.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The University Of Vriginia Wins The National Championship In Soccer With A 3-2 Penalty Kick Shootout Win Over No.1 Akron Following A 0-0 Draw

December 14,2009
Running Deer,Virginia

How about those Virginia Cavaliers winning the National Championship in Division 1 Soccer !
The No-2 Virginia men's soccer team captured its sixth Championship,and first since 1994, with a 3-2 penalty kick shootout win over the tough and stubborn No.1 Akron following a 0-0 draw in the NCAA Championship final at WakeMed Soccer Park. The Virginia Cavaliers(19-3-3) ended the season on a 16 game unbeaten streak.
Five Virginia Cavaliers made the 2009 NCAA College Cup All Tournament Team and they are as follows :
Brian Ownby,F,Virginia
Diego Restrepo,GK,Virginia(Defensive MVP)
Tony Tchani,MK , Virginia
Jonathan Villanueva,MF,Virginia (Offensive MVP)
Mike Volk,D, Virginia
Zach Loyd,D.UNC.
Corben Bone,MF,Wake Forest
Zarek Valentin,D Akron
Teal Bunbury,F,Akron
Ben Speas,MF,Akron
Blair Gavin,MF Akron
Congratulation's to all the members of the 2009,University of Virginia Cavaliers winning Championship soccer team.
The Virginia Mens Soccer team has the best coaching staff in the country and they are as follows :
George Gelmovatch-Head-Coach
George McGinty,Associate Head Coach
Matt Chulis,Assistant Coach

Uni-V, Virginia
Hoo-Rah- Ray
Ray! Ray ! U-V-A !
Hopefully President Barack Obama will invite the winning University of Virginia Soccer team to the White House for winning the Men's National Championship in Division 1-A.
* Soccer is the fastest team growing team sport in the United States.
Go Hoos !
* A National title in Division 1A Football is next for the University of Virginia in 2012 or 2013.

President Obama: If al-Qaida Is A Threat To America In Afghanistan,is it not also in Pakistan,Somalia, Yemen and even Saudi Arabia ?

December 14,2009
Slippery Rock, Pa.
President Barack Obama : If Al-QAEDA is a threat to America in Afghanistan,is it not also in Pakistan,Somalia,Yemen and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , the origin of 15 out of the total of 9/11 hijackers ? Mr President do we have 100,000 troops and 150 billion dollars to spend on our security in each of those countries ? The Paks are definitely afraid of India with good reason,the U.S. is afraid of a transfer of power to unfriendly forces anywhere in the near and middle east. The Paks weapons in the hands of any Muslims would frighten the U.S. and it would probably invite a UAV nuke attack. The Obama Administration knows that India and Israel would also be key players in that drama. The U.S.under Barack Hussein Obama is using money from China, Japan and South Korea to the fund the troops in Afghanistan. Obama is lying, Al Qaeda is a non-factor in Afghanistan,and no threat to the Paks but it gets people in the U.S.automatically upset, and its good for Obama's latest move. Obama bought the generals line, so has has to live with it. The American people need to watch out for the home grown Muslims, they are a bigger threat to you and I.
There are far more Al-Qaeda operatives, fellow travelers, sympathizers in Minneapolis Minnesota than in Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda is in control of half of Somalia. So when Mr. Harvard duplicitous wonder child do you invade Somalia, or Yemen ? Al-Qaeda threatens the entire the Horn of Africa and Kenya and Tanzania could be next Mr. President. So using your logic Mr. President, why not head off Al-Qaeda at the path in Somalia ? And Mr. President you wouldn't dare think about invading the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because you know it would be the crusades all over again against the west part II and it would be hell for all the western nations. Saudi Arabia and its OPEC partners control over 40 % of all crude oil production in the world and Obama is not going to invade the Kingdom. If Obama were to invade Yemen or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in search of Al-Qaeda operatives their counter-attack on the U.S. and the U.S. proxy Israel would make 9/11 look like a school yard brawl between a bunch of bullies.
Obama has decided to look tough for the Republicans with the lives of our innocent military personnel solely for the benefit of his own self-serving political career. But behind Obama's tough mask is a wimp and a true sell out Booker T. Washington. Mr. Obama you have sold the American people out in the same manner and fashion as your predecessor George W. Bush with a litany of lies and half-truths about Afghanistan.
I asked the young people is this the change you voted for ?
Then you go sign up for Obama's deceitful Afghan War.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why Should American Soldiers Die ? For The Unsavory Corrupt Hamid Karzai ?

December 9,2009
Valley Forge, Pa.
It appears as though President Obama did not make the case for expanding the United States military presence in the country of Afghanistan. The American people should not be duped by Obama's empty rhetoric. For all the good it will do I ask that the American people to contact your Congress person voicing your displeasure with the President's decision of sending 30,000 additional American men and women to fight Obama's war in Afghanistan.
Why should hard working American men and women die for the notorious corrupt Hamid Karzai ?
The true Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said in his famous Riverside Baptist Church speech in New York City on April 4,1967 that " The United States Government is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world." And the United States still remains in the position of the greatest purveyor of violence and exploitation in the world in 2009.
Obama's foreign policy is just simply "Old Wine in New Bottles with a Black face on the label of the Neo-Colonial warped jingoistic self-serving American policy.
President Obama if you have any decency in your bones then you need to give back or turn down that Nobel Peace Prize for which you are not worthy of said.
I asked the young voters is the change you voted for ? Then you go sign up for Barack Obama's war.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hey Tony Barnhart Who Won This Year's Game Between Georgia And Georgia Tech ? The Dawgs Won Because They Had More Heart

December 8,2009

Tony Barnhart said the Georgia Bulldogs didn't have enough heart to beat the over ranked Yellow Jackets from Georgia Tech this year. As usual Mr. Barnhart you were wrong about the Dawgs not having any heart. The Dawgs beat the Wreck from one end of Bobby Dobb stadium to the other and it was Georgia that proved hey had the most heart and better talent.
Hey Tony cream always rises to the top and Georgia leads in the all time series between the two fierce inter-state rivals 60-39-5. And coach Mark Richt is 8 and 1 against his inferior rivals the Ramblin Wreck from Georgia Tech.
Yellow Jacket coach Paul Johnson is suppose to be the greatest thing since sliced bread so how did those weak Engineers loose when they had two weeks to prepare for the Dawgs ?
Tony Barnhart all individuals that play organized sports on any level have various degrees of athleticism and that's why they are called athletes. Mr Barnhart their is no such thing as natural ability. And there is no special gene for sports,music,etc. Whatever talents or gifts we may possess have to be developed through hard work,practice, training,culture- and environment also play a significant role in how one develops his or her motor skills and cognitive skills.
Blacks dominated Hockey for many years in Canada in the late 1890's and early 1900's but that wasn't because they were Black.It was because of the environment in which Black players lived that they developed through hard work and rugged practices the necessary motor skills to dominate the sport of Hockey in Canada. And when Blacks in Canada played the best all white hockey teams north of the border they beat them so bad that the Blacks were Jim Crowed for seventy five years. They didn't have a special Black gene for Hockey, Mr. Barnhart. Mr. Barnhart you need to read the book titled "Black Ice " and check out the ESPN documentary titled Black Ice.

Glory Glory Glory ! And The Hell With Georgia Tech !

Monday, December 7, 2009

Did You Know That : Dorie Miller was the first national Black hero during World War II and was honored with the Navy Cross-Pearl Harbor Day,1941

December 7,2009
Cut and Shoot Texas

Dorie Miller was the first national Black hero during World War II and was honored with the Navy Cross, Purple Heart, Good Conduct Medal, An American Defense Medal With Fleet Clasp, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Service Medal, World War II Victory Medal. A Navy mess man 1st. Class on the battleship USS WEST VIRGINIA at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked on December 7,1941, he shot down five Japanese planes. As a mess man, Miller had not been trained in the use of a weapon. Miller only stopped firing on the Japanese because he was told to abandon ship. Miller saved his Captain and many more men on the dreadful day on December 7,1941. The fact that Dorie Miller was not even trained in the use of firearms because of the Navy's Jim Crow racism should not prohibit Dorie Miller from getting the Medal Of Honor which is long over due in the case of Dorie Miller. The continued cover-up by the United States Government(Navy) in the case of Dorie Miller relative to awarding said award MOH is further evidence on how much structural racism still exist even with allegedly the first African American President. Why has the war hero John McCain(R)U.S.Senator from Arizona refused to take of the cause of Dorie Miller ? The U.S. (Navy ) in the past and said continues to the present to discriminate against Blacks in the systems of the awarding of various medals for honor,bravery, courage for all wars that people of color participated from the American Revolution to the misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mike London Named Head Coach At The Prestigious University of Virginia

December 7,2009
West Point, Virginia

Congratulations are extended to Mr Mike London, his immediate family and to the entire University of Virginia Nation.
University of Virginia President John T. Casteen III in a News Release stated that "Mike's personal values and commitment to excellence-combined with his understanding of University culture and his proven ability to build a strong team-will make the London era in Virginia football a good time,perhaps the best times for players,fans,and the University generally."
According to the University of Virginia Sports Media Mike London's efforts in 2008 earned him FCS National Coach of the Year honors from both the American Football Coaches Association and Schutt Sports/American Football Monthly magazine. The University of Virginia Sports Media states that Mr. London was also honored as the Black Coaches Association Male Coach of the Year in 2008,beating out Mike Tomlin of the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers for the award.
Further the UVA Sports Media says that London was tabbed the state Coach of the Year from both VaSID and the Peninsula Sports Club.
I am confident that Mike London can resurrect the University of Virginia football program and all the prep recruits like the running back P.J. Peeler from the Washington D.C.area and the QB. recruit from Norfolk going to the University of Alabama you really need to check out what UVA has to offer before leaving the Old Dominion to play college football in Pennsylvania or Alabama.
What's in the water in the Hampton Roads and Tidewater area that said area keeps producing outstanding coaches ?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

How About Those Oakland Raiders Beating the Super Bowl Champs Steelers 27-24 : And What about the New Pittsburgh Kid Bruce Gradkowski of the Raiders

Sunday December,6,2009
Pittsburgh Pa.

Key red zones mistakes cost the Pittsburgh Steelers throughout the game between the tough Oakland Raiders and the declining Super Bowl Champs Steelers. Two Pitts burghers played major roles in their respective teams winning and loosing and they are Ryan Mundy of Woodland Hills High School who had a costly penalty called on him for a late hit on an Oakland wide receiver which gave the Raiders a first down at the Pittsburgh 4 yard line. And Seton LaSalle's flamboyant gutsy Bruce Gradkowski who engineered the game winning drive for the upstart Raiders and he completed 20 out 37 passes for 303 yards and 3 touchdowns.
In five of the games that the Raiders lost they were leading going into the fourth quarter and you can never count out an Al Davis team. If Gradkowski would have been starting at the beginning of the season the Raiders would probably be 9-3. Gradkowski has bounced around the NFL with three different teams and to bad for him that he was not a overrated SEC.QB. or he could have got a 60 mil deal like Russell. JaMarcus Russel I still feel has a boat load talent but he needs to decide if he wants to play football in the NFL and devout mucho overtime hours honing his skills, or he will end up on Studio Wrestling all 275 pounds. The Raiders still lead in the All Time series with the Steelers.
The Raiders have always had a winning tradition and they had three of their seventy Era offensive linemen end up in Canton Ohio, and they are as follows : The late Gene Upshaw, Art Schell and Jim Otto.
The Steelers only had one of their interior offensive linemen end up in Canton on their seventy Era Four Super Bowl Championship teams and that was the hard working late Iron Mike Webster.
Its do or die now for the Pittsburgh Steelers and which Pittsburgh team will show up next week with a 6-6 record to play the hapless Browns ? But the Cleveland Browns can beat the Steelers and if the Steelers don't bring their A+ game the Browns will win.Perhaps Mr. Lebeau has lost some of his fire but the Steelers really need to upgrade their talent level in the secondary and def.line. One thing I will say about Dick Lebeau he always gave 100 per cent as a player, and he has to be baffled about the mediocre play of his entire defense. Yes the Burgh misses Troy Palumalu and they need him desperately but all the members of that secondary and defensive line should be put on notice. Why was Big Ben running on a quarterback sneak and what about the interception that Big Ben through in the end zone ? Head coach Mike Tomlin stated that the Steelers were going to "Unleash Hell in the month of December. Mr Tomlin games in December are won in the outrageously tough training camps in July and August that's what separates the men from the boys. I think Tomlin's training camp this year was very soft like (vanilla fudge) and now Steelers are paying a price from that post malingering Super Bowl hangover. July and August Mr. Tomlin, is were you teach your players to "Unleash all Hell" and "Fire and Brimstone. Its seems ridiculous to say your going to "Unleash Hell" in December when 80% of the season is over. I suspect that many of those nagging injuries that Steelers have presently is do to a soft training camp they had last summer in Latrobe Pa. I personally prefer the Sparta like training camp. And last summer's training camp in Latrobe appears to have been more more like Madison Ave., Soul Train, and Hollywood.
Quite frankly, I was shocked when the Rooney's hired Tomlin and I am more stunned that Tomlin for the first time doesn't appear to have a good grasp on how bad his team is performing.
Mr. Tomlin hire Homestead's Charlie Scales next year as a Special Teams consultant and bring in a Special Teams coach that knows how to teach and motivate . Mr Scales played special teams for the Steelers , Browns and Falcons. Charlie was the special team captain for the Browns when they won the World Championship in 1964 and Charlie was the best special team players of his day who also played some decent Fullback behind the greatest runner in the history of the game,Jim Brown. I never have seen a player on any special teams with more heart than Charlie Scales and he would hit you like LT,Butkus and Bednarik combined. Charlie will tell you Mr.Stefan Logan and Mr. Tomlin you have to have HEART to play Special Teams and you need to posses the desire to hit people not avoid players.
The Rooney's know about the talent and skills of Charlie Scales just tell former super Steeler scout Bill Nunn Jr. to give Charlie a call. Charlie Scales presently lives in the Pittsburgh Suburb, of West Mifflin Pa.
The Bills Steve Tasker gets all the Publicity for his great special teams play but Charlie Scales was the best special teams player of any Era. I have been watching and following Pro football since 1948.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The University of Virginia Should Take A Real Hard Look At Mike London,Who Is Head Coach Of The University of Richmond Spiders

Special Report
December 5, 2009
Big Stone Gap, Virginia.

In the last game played in the Orange Bowl, the University of Virginia slaughtered the Miami Hurricanes 48-0 and Mr. Mike London was the defensive coordinator for the Cavaliers. Chris Long, All American, All World Defensive End from the University of Virginia, attributes much of his success at UVA to Mr. Mike London who tutored Chris who was the second player taken over all in the 2008 NFL draft by the St Louis Rams. Mike London should be on any school's short list of candidates for a head coaching position at Division 1-A. Mr. London has already proven that he could recruit high quality prep stars from area 757 and young men from all over the States of Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. London is not afraid of going into the Carolina's, Georgia, Tennessee, Bam or Miss. Mr. London understands that these recruits must qualify academically in order to get into an elite school such as UVA and the academic qualifications are first and foremost. I feel any parent would be quite impressed with Mr.London's qualifications and professionalism. Moreover, coach London's concern for the young men under his charge extends beyond the gridiron. Coach Groh provided Mr. London with an excellent example on how to succeed on and off the field of play. Mr Groh was a class act and Mr.London learned many valuable football and non football related lessons from Al Groh. The key to winning at UVA or any school is to bring in the best assistants that money can buy who can recruit, teach and motivate. WAHOO!
Tommy Tuberville, the ex-Auburn coach, should also be on UVA Littlepage's short list of candidates. Mr. Tuberville would bring instant name recognition to a program that needs to be revitalized and reinvigorated as soon as possible. Many top UVA recruits such as Bethel's High School, Rijo Walker, have indicated they still plan on going to UVA and Rijo will bring other top notch tier-one recruits to UVA. What parent in their right mind wouldn't want to send their offspring to UVA and the City of Charlottesville,Virginia? The administration in Hokie Land placed a low priority on the health and safety of their students which was evidenced by how they, the administration handled the Massacre at Virginia Tech. Parents and recruits should read the report on how the administration at Virginia Tech from the President on down the line to the subordinates completely mishandled the Virginia Tech Massacre.
Some insiders at Auburn say Tuberville has a prickly personality which may account for why no upper Division 1-A school has picked him up to date. But Tuberville has coached successfully in the number one college football conference, the SEC, and he has proven to be a very good teacher and motivator. Every high school coach in the lower and upper South knows who Tommy Tuberville is.
Craig Littlepage can get along with any coach who is winning and that's the bottom line. Obviously London would come much cheaper than Tuberville or Al Golden of Temple, but London could always bring in an offensive guru like Charlie Weis to run his offense. I think London and Weis would get along fine; but I don't know if old Charlie would be willing to come to Virginia. I am very impressed with Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo and the Cavaliers found another great coach from the Naval Academy in George Welsh.
I have followed Virginia football since the days of Tom Scott and Joe Palumbo and now as a bona-fide member of the University of Virginia Alumni Association, I refuse to accept any form of mediocrity in any shape or fashion in any UVA Athletic program .
I would also take a long look at former UGA Law School grad Derek Dooley down at Louisiana Tech. Dooley can teach and he is a great organizer.
Two recruits that should be at the top of UVA's recruitment list are as follows :
1. Brendon Felder: 5'11", 165 pounds, 4.2 in the forty, Gateway High
School, Monroeville, PA.
2. Cullen Christian, Corner Back, Penn Hills High School, Penn
Hills, PA.
Christian's defensive backfield coach is Lou Rash who played defensive back for the Steerler's ,Green Bay, and Eagles of the NFL. Lou was a
teammate of All World Jerry Rice where he covered Jerry everyday in
practice at Mississippi Valley State. Cullen says he is going to Michigan but he would have a greater opportunity to play immediately at the Univesity of Virginia with other Four and Five Star recruits. Also UVA has better academics than Michigan and UVA also has the highest graduation rate for Blacks in the nation for public and private institutions.
Hopefully, a new Cavalier coach such as Mr. London will be able to fire up those new recruits and present rostered ball players in an effort that will restore pride and integrity to one of best all time college football programs in the country that has fallen on hard times.
How could any potential College football recruit turn down the University of Virginia located in one of the most scenic valleys in the country(Shenandoah) after visiting such obscure places as Blacksburg Virginia, Ann Arbor, Michigan, State College, PA. or that backward hole in the wall in Morgantown, West Virginia, which reminds me of going back in times to the Hatfield's and the McCoy's.
The University of Virginia is rated as a top twenty academic school by all the people that rate Colleges and Universities such as U.S.World News Report, The Princeton Review, etc. The University of Virginia was the only school in the USA that had two African American (female) alumnae that were on President Obama's short list of candidates for the United States Supreme Court and they are as follows: MET Life Chief Litigation Counsel, Teresa Wynn Roseborough who earned her B.A. from the University of Virginia in 1980, and Leah Ward Sears, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia who received her JD from Emory University School of Law in 1980. Mrs.Sears received her LL.M degree from the world famous University of Virginia School of Law in 1995.
The University of Virginia has produced some of the most talented extraordinary individuals in the world from Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, leading scholars and experts in all academic fields, world renowned political scientists, top educators, leading business people such as Ralph Wilson owner of the Buffalo Bills outstanding athletes as Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals, The Barber twins Tiki and Ronde, James Farrior, Herman Moore, Bob Davis, Mary slaughter, Whitney Neuhauser, Monica Wright, and Dawn Staley etc.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Black Jobs Prospects Descending to a “Deeper Level of Hell”

With each economic downturn, another layer of permanent Black unemployment is created. The effects are cumulative, and cry out for programmatic attention, but President Obama offers only bromides and moralizing. Wall Street wants deficit reduction, and “what Wall Street wants, Wall Street gets.”

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

“With every wave of high unemployment, disproportionate numbers of African Americans are left more or less permanently jobless.”

We can say with confidence that nothing of substance will occur at this Thursday’s White House Forum on Jobs, because President Obama has signaled in every way possible that he does not intend to make any serious commitment to fight unemployment. By serious, we mean serious money. The president has repeatedly warned his fellow Democrats that another stimulus to create jobs is off the table. He has been even more vocal in assuring the financial class that his priority is to bring down the deficit, as Wall Street has demanded. And what Wall Street demands from Barack Obama, Wall Street gets.

The White House is even considering using unspent bailout funds to pay down on the deficit – funds the AFL-CIO wants transferred to small businesses that might create jobs. White House advisors are telling every reporter who will listen that the focus of Obama’s State of the Union Address, in January, will be deficit, deficit, deficit, despite the fact that his own political base is crying for jobs, jobs, jobs.

Blacks are a key component of Obama's base, but you wouldn't know it from his record in the White House. Even when directly pressed, Obama refuses to make any commitment to deal with hugely disproportionate African American joblessness, an historical phenomenon that shows every sign of becoming more institutionally entrenched in the current crisis.

Studies have shown that African American unemployment, income and wealth statistics dipped to Depression levels – and stayed there – with the recession that hit during George Bush's first term. Blacks never recovered, and the Great Recession that began in late 2007 threatens to deliver Black workers to yet a deeper level of Hell.

“Obama refuses to make any commitment to deal with hugely disproportionate African American joblessness.”

The official Black jobless rate of 15.7 percent doesn't begin to tell the story. With every wave of high unemployment, disproportionate numbers of African Americans are left more or less permanently jobless.That means, while general unemployment may ease at some point, excessive numbers of Black workers are ejected from the job market altogether.

In the current economy, Blacks are significantly more likely than whites to be unemployed for six months or longer. Blacks hold a disproportionate share of jobs in industries that are being wiped out in post-industrial America. Since Black family income is considerably less than that of whites, African Americans are far more likely to fall into absolute poverty when they lose a job – a crisis that too often leads to permanent unemployment.

One out of every four residents in homeless shelters, is Black. Skyrocketing Black youth unemployment ensures ever-increasing permanent unemployment in later life. And Black mass incarceration increases year after year, in good times and in bad, fueled by racist and punitive state policies that have nothing to do with crime. Prisoners are not even counted among the unemployed.

Layer upon layer, the ranks of the Black permanently unemployed, increase – a problem President Obama does not consider serious enough for his attention, which is why we should all have a problem with him. For Black Agenda Radio, I'm Glen Ford. On the web, go to

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at

Obama’s Af-Pak is as Whack as Bush’s Iraq

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

President Obama has reached a watershed in his presidency: he has devolved to the intellectual level of George Bush, while retaining his world class powers of speech. History may remember Obama as just another vapid but predatory imperialist president who happens to be…superficially eloquent. Unfortunately, the clarity of Obama’s diction is not matched by coherence of policy. Af-Pak is at least as whack as Bush’s Iraq.

“More occupation means less occupation.”

Barack Obama’s oratorical skills have turned on him, revealing, as George Bush’s low-grade delivery never could, the perfect incoherence of the current American imperial project in South Asia. Bush’s verbal eccentricities served to muddy his entire message, leaving the observer wondering what was more ridiculous, the speechmaker or the speech. There is no such confusion when Obama is on the mic. His flawless delivery of superbly structured sentences provides no distractions, requiring the brain to examine the content – the policy in question – on its actual merits. The conclusion comes quickly: the U.S. imperial enterprise in Afghanistan and Pakistan is doomed, as well as evil.

The president’s speech to West Point cadets was a stream of non sequitors so devoid of logic as to cast doubt on the sanity of the authors. “[T]hese additional American and international troops,” said the president, “will allow us to accelerate handing over responsibility to Afghan forces, and allow us to begin the transfer of our forces out of Afghanistan in July of 2011.”

Obama claims that, the faster an additional 30,000 Americans pour into Afghanistan, the quicker will come the time when they will leave. More occupation means less occupation, you see? This breakneck intensification of the U.S. occupation is necessary, Obama explains, because “We have no interest in occupying your country.”

“The U.S. imperial enterprise in Afghanistan and Pakistan is doomed, as well as evil.”

If the Americans were truly interested in occupying Afghanistan, the logic goes, they would slow down and stretch out the process over many years, rather than mount an 18-month surge of Taliban-hunting. The Afghans are advised to hold still – the pulsating surge will be over before they know it.

At present, of course, the Americans have assumed all “responsibility” for Afghanistan – so much so that President Hamid Karzai only learned about Obama’s plans earlier on Tuesday during a one-hour tele-briefing. This is consistent with Obama’s detailed plans for Afghan liberation, under U.S. tutelage. The president is as wedded to high stakes testing of occupied peoples as he is for American public school children. “This effort must be based on performance. The days of providing a blank check are over,” said the Occupier-in-Chief. He continued:

“And going forward, we will be clear about what we expect from those who receive our assistance. We will support Afghan Ministries, Governors, and local leaders that combat corruption and deliver for the people. We expect those who are ineffective or corrupt to be held accountable.”

Such rigorous oversight of their country’s affairs should keep Afghan minds off the fact that they have been fighting to remain independent of foreign rule for centuries, if not millennia. If Obama is right, Afghans might also be distracted from dwelling on the question of who their “Ministries, Governors, and local leaders” are answerable to – the Afghan people or the Americans?

“Obama advises Afghans to be patient and trusting regarding their sovereignty.”

Although President Obama is anxious to bring U.S. troop levels above 100,000 as quickly as possible, he advises Afghans to be patient and trusting regarding their sovereignty. “It will be clear to the Afghan government, and, more importantly, to the Afghan people, that they will ultimately be responsible for their own country.” That is, it will become clear in the fullness of time, but hopefully no later than 18 months after the planned surge begins. If all goes well, the Taliban will be dead or nearly so, and the non-Taliban Afghans will be prepared to begin assuming “responsibility for their own country.” If not, then the Americans will be forced to continue as occupiers – reluctantly, of course, since, as the whole world and the more intelligent class of Afghans know, the Americans “have no interest in occupying your country” – unless they have to.

Should the Afghans become confused about American intentions, they might consult with their Pakistani neighbors, for whom President Obama also has plans.

“[We] have made it clear that we cannot tolerate a safe-haven for terrorists whose location is known, and whose intentions are clear,” the president declared. “America is also providing substantial resources to support Pakistan’s democracy and development. We are the largest international supporter for those Pakistanis displaced by the fighting.”

Obama did not mention that it was the Americans that coerced and bribed the Pakistani military into launching the attacks that displaced over a million people in the Swat region and hundreds of thousands more in border areas. How nice of them to join in humanitarian assistance to the homeless.

The Pakistanis, like the Afghans, were assured the Americans will not abandon them to their own, independent devices. Said Obama: “And going forward, the Pakistani people must know: America will remain a strong supporter of Pakistan’s security and prosperity long after the guns have fallen silent, so that the great potential of its people can be unleashed.”

Some Pakistanis might consider that a threat. According to polling by the Pew Global Attitudes Project [1], only 16 percent of Pakistanis held a favorable view of the United States in 2009. Actually, that’s a point or two higher than U.S. popularity in Occupied Palestine (15 percent) and Turkey (14 percent), the only other Muslim countries on the Pew list.

Not to worry. Obama knows things that escape the rest of us. For example, the fact that “we have forged a new beginning between America and the Muslim World – one that recognizes our mutual interest in breaking a cycle of conflict, and that promises a future in which those who kill innocents are isolated by those who stand up for peace and prosperity and human dignity.”

Which means, we can expect those polling numbers to start going up, soon.
“Only 16 percent of Pakistanis held a favorable view of the United States in 2009.”

When Obama isn’t launching bold initiatives and “new beginnings,” he’s busy taking care of U.S. imperial business as usual. Obama is most proud that the U.S. spends more on its military than all the rest nations of the planet, combined.

“[T]he United States of America has underwritten global security for over six decades,” he told the cadets, “a time that, for all its problems, has seen walls come down, markets open, billions lifted from poverty, unparalleled scientific progress, and advancing frontiers of human liberty.” Others might not view the rise of U.S. hegemony in such a positive light. But they are wrong, said the president. “For unlike the great powers of old, we have not sought world domination. Our union was founded in resistance to oppression. We do not seek to occupy other nations. We will not claim another nation’s resources or target other peoples because their faith or ethnicity is different from ours.”

In Obama’s worldview, it’s the thought that counts. Americans don’t seek world domination; it just comes to them. “We do not seek to occupy other nations,” they leave us no choice. If it were not for American concern for the welfare of all the world’s people, the U.S. would not maintain 780 military bases in other people’s countries.

Obama has certainly matured as an American-style statesman in his nine and a half months in office. As a TV Native American might say, “Black man in white house speak like forked tongued white man.” Only better.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at


by ellenr - 12/03/2009 - 08:47

I know you need $ to survive, but really -- advertising from McDonald's?!how many Black people have died due to McDonalds?McDonald's is a serial killer (of Black people especially).think about it

The earth burns wherever we go...
by celestee - 12/03/2009 - 03:06

It was very painful/distressing to listen to those words come out of Obama's mouth.Wherever the USA military goes, the earth burns. Then we blame the “host” country for being too incompetent and corrupt to straighten out the mess our military adventurers made.

...And "we" go everywhere.
by Dosamuno - 12/03/2009 - 10:08

In 1935, the editors of Fortune magazine took it upon themselves to tell their readers what the U.S. has been all about. "It is generally supposed that the American military ideal is peace," they wrote. "But for this high-school classic, the U.S. Army, since 1776, has filched more square miles of the earth by sheer military conquest than any army in the world, except only that of Great Britain. And as between Great Britain and the U.S. it has been a close race, Britain having conquered something over 3,500,000 square miles (9 million square km) since that date, and the U.S. (if one includes wresting the Louisiana Purchase from the Indians) something over 3,100,000."
A picture is worth a thousand words.
by Dosamuno - 12/02/2009 - 20:16

My take
by Sondjata - 12/02/2009 - 19:45


by Dosamuno - 12/03/2009 - 10:10

This is an excellent analysis.

Obama is a historical revisionist, that's his job
by Enlightened Cynic - 12/03/2009 - 11:10

Obama falls into a long, unending line of Empire Spokespersons whose job is to rewrite history under the intoxicating spell of "American Exceptionalism."

Thanks for the analysis. I intend to share it. It shows what a rank, putrid, historical revisionist (or spokesperson for the Empire) Obama is. It's pathetic that he would offend critical thinkers' intelligence.

But again, don't get mad at BO, that's ALWAYS been the job of the US President. Get mad at how "Liberals" in general and African Americans in particular could believe that Booker T would act differently, when BAR and other bloggers, writers, journalists dissected his words during his candidacy and revealed them for the Blue Dog Pablum they are. He promised this Af-Pak nonsense from day one. Astonishing.

It has to be one of the greatest feats of psychological brainwashing in the history of the universe--how African Americans are along for the ride. A great topic for a grad paper: "How Obama and the Media Whitewashed 400 years of history and captured the Black Vote."

It's also clearer than ever than Obama will "outBush" GWB as a militarist.

So much for McCain being scarier.
Obama Quietly Expands Pakistan WarPosted By Jason Ditz On December 2, 2009 @ 7:21 pm In Uncategorized 2 Comments

Though he was less specific about his plans in Pakistan than when he unveiled his March escalation, President Obama is poised to use the escalation of the Afghan War as an excuse to further escalate the Pakistan War as well.

Amid the vagaries of his speech, Obama made it clear that the Af-Pak philosophy of viewing the conflict in Afghanistan as inextricably linked to the conflict in Pakistan is alive and well, and behind the scenes he is said to have already authorized an expansion of America’s strikes in Pakistan.

Convincing the Pakistani government to go along with the conflict in the face of growing popular distrust is easier said than done, but the strategy of forever pressing Pakistan to “do more” seems to already be going into high gear.

Since taking office President Obama has dramatically increased the number and severity of the drone strikes against northern Pakistan. He is, however, being pressed to expand the strikes into Balochistan.

E.Cynic:Paul Street has a good dissection of the O speech,Znet
by NYCartist - 12/03/2009 - 16:15

that went up today:taking apart the lies in the speech., one on capitalism in the new issue of Zmag that I haven't had brain/stamina to read yet.

Raimondo exposes Obama's rank stupidity & ahistoricism
by Enlightened Cynic - 12/02/2009 - 14:35

AND BLATANT HISTORICAL REVISIONISM. Who the f***k does this guy think we are? He offends me with his smug, bullshit, dimwitted, "confidence." What a tool.

Raimondo: Speaking of fraud, that’s really the basis of Obama’s rationale for the continued occupation of Afghanistan because, you see, even he admits that al-Qaeda isn’t much of a presence: "Al Qaeda has not reemerged in Afghanistan in the same numbers as before 9/11, but they retain their safe-havens along the border." So we’re in Afghanistan in order to fight an enemy that’s in Pakistan? Good luck making that case – which Obama failed to make.

In failing to make that case, he also tripped over more than a few contradictions. On the one hand, he averred that "Afghanistan is not lost, but for several years it has moved backwards. There is no imminent threat of the government being overthrown" – but, on the other hand, he tells us: "In short: the status quo is not sustainable." But if the status quo is not sustainable, then something very close to defeat is indeed imminent – so which is it?

"Which is it?" is a question that kept popping up – in my mind, at least – the more I listened to this consummate politician make the biggest mistake of his career. Ambiguity and doubt hovered over the podium and inflected his every word, especially these words:

"As Commander-in-Chief, I have determined that it is in our vital national interest to send an additional 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan. After 18 months, our troops will begin to come home. These are the resources that we need to seize the initiative, while building the Afghan capacity that can allow for a responsible transition of our forces out of Afghanistan."

Don’t think of it as escalation – because it’s really the first act of withdrawal. The Yanks are coming – and they’re leaving, too. What kind of doubletalk is this."

Raimondo is also prescient in fearing, like many others, that this war will spread throughout the region and that the time-table for withdrawal is just a P.R. ploy, spoken by an increasingly punch-drunk P. R. spokesman.

"We are in Afghanistan to prevent a cancer from once again spreading through that country. But this same cancer has also taken root in the border region of Pakistan. That is why we need a strategy that works on both sides of the border."

In spite of all the folderol about how the US and Pakistan are fast friends and allies, and how we are committed to helping them, subsidizing them, and protecting them, there is no "mutual trust" as Obama would have it, but only mutual contempt and distrust – as Hillary Clinton made clear during her recent trip to Pakistan, where she all but directly accused her hosts of hiding Osama bin Laden. If Obama is seeking "a strategy that works on both sides of the border," then one day he is going to have to cross that border. And I don’t think he’ll hesitate for one moment to widen this war. That’s what this speech, and all this fanfare at the launching of yet another military campaign, are all about: preparing us for a much wider regional war, one that envelopes Pakistan and most of the other Central Asian ’stans. Because as we drive them into Pakistan, and then out of there and into, say, Tajikistan – well, let’s just say there are lots of possible "safe havens" in that part of the world. Out by July, 2011? Don’t bet the ranch on it: by that time we’ll already be in the
"tribal areas" of Pakistan, and encroaching on Uzbekistan"

"Only better." Pretty much sums it up
by Enlightened Cynic - 12/02/2009 - 13:39

Before the illusion and Madison Ave. creation called Obama came into our sphere, African Americans universally, predominantly believed, in the tradition and worldview of Malcom, MLK and countless others, that America was indeed, "the largest purveyor of violence on the planet." That the primary mission of the US president was to promote, protect and secure White Supremacy. And that the plight and struggle of African Americas at home was part and parcel of the plight of US Colonialism abroad.

How shocking how quickly we've taken leave of our senses. How petty our sense of history and moral obligation that we will willfully ignorantly, compromise, equivocate, justify and otherwise rational Obama's escalation as anything but part and parcel of the Imperial Venture-- a continuation of the Monroe Doctrine, Wilsonian Democracy, Gun Boat Diplomacy, and American Exceptionalism which is the strongest religion in the USA? How reprensible are major Black media outlets, Black pundits, politicans, et. al. for White Washing 400 years of American history in exchange for 4 years of a Uncle Tom, weak-kneed, half-Black President whose commonality and support of them is limited to R & B on the iPod and basketball.

If GWB did this, the murmerings would reach thunderous proportions. But because "our guy," "our team," our "tribe" is running the show, morality, ethics, critical thinking, objective analysis, historicism disappear in the twinkling of Obama's speech.

For me, this always goes back to Rev. Wright, what he said, and wrote, the 400 years of historical analysis he summarized, which Obama and the toadies and stooges who saw his Presidency as the culmination of ...."what?" collectively, with volition, discarded with veangeful, deliberate, spiteful, callow ignorance.

Go back and read what Rev. Wright said and compare Booker T's responses. Booker T, and his no safe-haven for A.Q. meme sounds like a smoother, more articulate version of GWB, but with the same rank shallowness of thought and acuity. You have the to be the dumbest M. F.r on the planet not to understand that your are destabilizing Pakistan as you so-called stabilize Afghanistan. Chris Floyd does a remarkable analysis, read the whole thing, here's an excerpt: "

... As for terrorism, Wright simply referred the questioners to his previous "controversial" sermon on the matter. And here's what he said in that sermon:

I heard Ambassador Peck on an interview yesterday. Did anybody else see him or hear him? He was on Fox News. This is a white man, and he was upsetting the Fox News commentators to no end. He pointed out, (Did you see him, John?) -- a white man -- he pointed out -- an ambassador -- that what Malcolm X said when he got silenced by Elijah Muhammad was in fact true; America's chickens are coming home to roost.

We took this country, by terror, away from the Sioux, the Apache, the Arawak, the Comanche, the Arapajo, the Navajo. Terrorism -- we took Africans from their country to build our way of ease and kept them enslaved and living in fear. Terrorism. We bombed Grenada and killed innocent civilians -- babies, non-military personnel. We bombed the black civilian community of Panama with Stealth Bombers and killed unarmed teenagers, and toddlers, pregnant mothers and hard working fathers. [fullest voice] We bombed Khaddafi, his home and killed his child. Blessed be they who bash your children's head against the rocks.

We bombed Iraq, we killed unarmed civilians trying to make a living. We bombed the plant in Sudan to pay back for the attack on our embassy -- killed hundreds of hard-working people -- mothers and fathers, who left home to go that day, not knowing they'd never get back home. [Even fuller voice] We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon and we never batted an eye. Kids playing in the playground, mothers picking up children after school -- civilians, not soldiers. People just trying to make it day by day. We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans and now we are indignant? Because the stuff we have done overseas is brought back into our own front yards.

America's chickens are coming home to roost. Violence begets violence. Hatred begets hatred, and terrorism begets terrorism.

A White ambassador said that, y'all, not a black militant. Not a Reverend who preaches about racism; an ambassador whose eyes are wide open, and who's trying to get us to wake up, and move away from this dangerous precipice upon which we are now poised. "

So there you have it. This is what Obama calls "equating the United States' wartime efforts with terrorism."

America will always get the politican she deserves. African Americans better wake up to the fact that that includes them too. "We don't occupy other countries." If any Black person or "Liberal" believes that, then they deserve to rot in their ignorance and stupidity. They deserve to face austerity as both parties forecast cuts in social spending to pay for wars. They deserve their place in hell for their callow participation in the banality of evil.

forked tongue
by eshusblues - 12/02/2009 - 13:18

Yes, a regular master of herpetological rhetoric. On the flip side, not even a rattlesnake sheds its skin as many times a year as the president does.

good; esp the opening but it's not possible seeming "lack of sani
ty" but desperation.
by NYCartist - 12/02/2009 - 11:17

Desperation to make a coherent case for bad policy.