Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last Night's Game Between The Giants,And The Pitiful Team That Masquerades As Professionals (Washington) Was Down Right Pathetic

December 22,2009
Landover, Maryland

The Monday night game between the Giants and Washington on December 21, was one of the worst displays of the game of football since the game was invented. If the average Joe performed his job like the players on said Washington they would be fired immediately.
The team playing its home games in Landover Maryland that uses the racially derogatory,insulting name "Redskins" should be banned from the National Football League. It just wasn't one player who performed miserably in last night's game with the Giants the whole Washington franchise is mediocre and marginal at best from the owner Dan Snyder, to the ball boys.
The University of Georgia (DAWGS) located in Athens Georgia could beat the professional team that plays their games at Fed-Ex Field in Landover
Maryland. The Washington season ticket holders should demand a refund of their money as soon as possible or take legal action against the team owned by Dan Synder in order to get appropriate relief. Why doesn't Snyder just go ahead and sign up Darrel Green and John Riggins. At least Green and Riggins would give 200 % on each play and I'm quite sure that Greene and Riggins would perform much better than the present players on the Washington club.Last night's game between the Giants and Washington had to be a major embarrassment to Washington fans, the National Football League, and its sponsors. And Mr. Snyder you need to retire that racist insulting demeaning, derogatory name "Redskins."

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