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Mrs.Beatrice Saunders Robinson Works Beyond The Call Of Duty

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December 25,2009
Pittsburgh Pa.

The above titled article is about blogger Black Buzz's mother Mrs.Beatrice Saunders Robinson that was written by Mrs Alma Polk, Religious Editor of The Pittsburgh Courier on November 14,1953.

Mrs. Beatrice Saunders Robinson
Works Beyond the Call of Duty
By Alma A. Polk
Members of the Courier family not only give eight hours of day to the job,but many of them have extra-curricular activities both on and off duty.
One person who goes beyond the call of duty at work and in the community is Mrs. Beatrice Saunders Robinson.
She is the Courier cashier,chairman of the Courier unit of the American Newspaper Guild;member of the executive board of the Pittsburgh unit of the American Newspaper Guild;member of the annual Page One Ball Committee,and assisted the NAACP in its"EE" Fund.
And if that isn't enough to keep a person busy,"Bea" is President of the Francis Street Friendly Circle,a neighborhood club dedicated to help neighbor's live better.
This club has donated a many television sets to the Centre Avenue YMCA and other organizations;Contributed to the Negro College Fund;given camper ships,scholarships, and memberships to boys and girls in the community; helped many needy families not only giving them clothes but money.
Whow ! You think that's all ? Well she is the mother of two fine boys and in spite of her busy life still finds to make practically all of her clothes.
Her husband is employed by the Butler Community Chest and is Director of the Dunbar Community Center.

*Blogger Black Buzz states also that his mother was a pillar and bulwark in her church community where she attended Christian Tabernacle Church. She was a member of the Mission Circle,Foreign Mission Board,the Dean of Harty Bible School,Teacher of the Year in 2002 where she inspired hundreds of students in her Genesis class,trustee of the church,member of the Tabernacle choir, assembly helper, Director of Vacation Bible School, Coordinator of the Annual Friends and Family Day and President of the Harty Bible School class of 1970; Chairman of the Harty Bible School Alumni Association and the only person to serve as President for two consecutive terms.
And at one time Mrs Beatrice Saunders Robinson grew and planted a lot of our food-stuffs and canned many different types of fruits and vegetables.
As you can see good trees have very good roots= very exceptional fruit(Black Buzz + (Brother Thomas John Saunders Families, Offspring's and descendant's

Merry Christmas !

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