Monday, December 14, 2009

President Obama: If al-Qaida Is A Threat To America In Afghanistan,is it not also in Pakistan,Somalia, Yemen and even Saudi Arabia ?

December 14,2009
Slippery Rock, Pa.
President Barack Obama : If Al-QAEDA is a threat to America in Afghanistan,is it not also in Pakistan,Somalia,Yemen and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , the origin of 15 out of the total of 9/11 hijackers ? Mr President do we have 100,000 troops and 150 billion dollars to spend on our security in each of those countries ? The Paks are definitely afraid of India with good reason,the U.S. is afraid of a transfer of power to unfriendly forces anywhere in the near and middle east. The Paks weapons in the hands of any Muslims would frighten the U.S. and it would probably invite a UAV nuke attack. The Obama Administration knows that India and Israel would also be key players in that drama. The U.S.under Barack Hussein Obama is using money from China, Japan and South Korea to the fund the troops in Afghanistan. Obama is lying, Al Qaeda is a non-factor in Afghanistan,and no threat to the Paks but it gets people in the U.S.automatically upset, and its good for Obama's latest move. Obama bought the generals line, so has has to live with it. The American people need to watch out for the home grown Muslims, they are a bigger threat to you and I.
There are far more Al-Qaeda operatives, fellow travelers, sympathizers in Minneapolis Minnesota than in Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda is in control of half of Somalia. So when Mr. Harvard duplicitous wonder child do you invade Somalia, or Yemen ? Al-Qaeda threatens the entire the Horn of Africa and Kenya and Tanzania could be next Mr. President. So using your logic Mr. President, why not head off Al-Qaeda at the path in Somalia ? And Mr. President you wouldn't dare think about invading the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because you know it would be the crusades all over again against the west part II and it would be hell for all the western nations. Saudi Arabia and its OPEC partners control over 40 % of all crude oil production in the world and Obama is not going to invade the Kingdom. If Obama were to invade Yemen or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in search of Al-Qaeda operatives their counter-attack on the U.S. and the U.S. proxy Israel would make 9/11 look like a school yard brawl between a bunch of bullies.
Obama has decided to look tough for the Republicans with the lives of our innocent military personnel solely for the benefit of his own self-serving political career. But behind Obama's tough mask is a wimp and a true sell out Booker T. Washington. Mr. Obama you have sold the American people out in the same manner and fashion as your predecessor George W. Bush with a litany of lies and half-truths about Afghanistan.
I asked the young people is this the change you voted for ?
Then you go sign up for Obama's deceitful Afghan War.

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