Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hey Tony Barnhart Who Won This Year's Game Between Georgia And Georgia Tech ? The Dawgs Won Because They Had More Heart

December 8,2009

Tony Barnhart said the Georgia Bulldogs didn't have enough heart to beat the over ranked Yellow Jackets from Georgia Tech this year. As usual Mr. Barnhart you were wrong about the Dawgs not having any heart. The Dawgs beat the Wreck from one end of Bobby Dobb stadium to the other and it was Georgia that proved hey had the most heart and better talent.
Hey Tony cream always rises to the top and Georgia leads in the all time series between the two fierce inter-state rivals 60-39-5. And coach Mark Richt is 8 and 1 against his inferior rivals the Ramblin Wreck from Georgia Tech.
Yellow Jacket coach Paul Johnson is suppose to be the greatest thing since sliced bread so how did those weak Engineers loose when they had two weeks to prepare for the Dawgs ?
Tony Barnhart all individuals that play organized sports on any level have various degrees of athleticism and that's why they are called athletes. Mr Barnhart their is no such thing as natural ability. And there is no special gene for sports,music,etc. Whatever talents or gifts we may possess have to be developed through hard work,practice, training,culture- and environment also play a significant role in how one develops his or her motor skills and cognitive skills.
Blacks dominated Hockey for many years in Canada in the late 1890's and early 1900's but that wasn't because they were Black.It was because of the environment in which Black players lived that they developed through hard work and rugged practices the necessary motor skills to dominate the sport of Hockey in Canada. And when Blacks in Canada played the best all white hockey teams north of the border they beat them so bad that the Blacks were Jim Crowed for seventy five years. They didn't have a special Black gene for Hockey, Mr. Barnhart. Mr. Barnhart you need to read the book titled "Black Ice " and check out the ESPN documentary titled Black Ice.

Glory Glory Glory ! And The Hell With Georgia Tech !

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