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Obama’s ‘Race’ War

Black Buzz News Service
Washington, D.C.
July 31, 2010

By CHARLES M. BLOW (New York Times Op-Ed Columnist)
Published: July 30, 2010

Americans are engaged in a war over a word: racism.

Mature commentary on the subject has descended into tribal tirades, hypersensitive defenses and rapid-fire finger-pointing. The very definition of the word seems under assault, being bent and twisted back on itself and stretched and pulled beyond recognition.

Many on the left have taken an absolutist stance, that the anti-Obama sentiment reeks of racism and denial only served to confirm guilt. Many on the right feel as though they have been convicted without proof — that tossing “racism” their way is itself racist.

The “racists crying racism” meme is being pushed hard, on multiple fronts, all centered around the president.

After the N.A.A.C.P. asked the Tea Party “to condemn extremist elements” within its ranks, the right went on a witch hunt for black racists in the N.A.A.C.P. Not finding any, it created one. Andrew Breitbart presents: “The Sherrod Charade.”

Journalism is being tarred with the sins of some on JournoList, a now defunct listserv through which a handful of people wrote heretical things like the possibility of calling conservatives racist to divert attention from Obama’s connection to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.

This was hardly a vast left-wing conspiracy, but it fed the right’s defensive narrative that the word “racism” has become a weapon — not the shot of a rifle carefully aimed at a clear target, but a shotgun blast sprayed wide and loose at all things anti-Obama.

There’s also the charge that the president is protecting the New Black Panthers from voter intimidation charges. This nonstory has been knocked down more times than a blind boxer, but the right keeps pushing it.

And then there’s Glenn Beck. He’s on a crusade to convince the lemmings of Foxland that President Obama is governing under the principles of Black Liberation Theology, a “grave perversion” of Christianity in which “minorities are saved in the sense that white people constantly confess and repent of being racist and meet the economic demands of minorities via the redistribution of wealth as a consequence of, in some form or another, reparations.” What? Oh, Glenn.

I have to say, I don’t know how these Fox viewers do it. Listening to a Beck argument is like living in an M.C. Escher drawing — fantastical illusions that defy logic and strain the brain.

Blacks, stunned by this new topsy-turvy world of racial politics, continue to rally around Obama. In opinion polls, they consistently rate Obama’s performance and policies highly, I suspect as much out of solidarity as conviction.

Whether the president likes it or not, he’s the nexus of this debate. I, for one, think that he should stand up and redirect it from the negative to the noble. There will be some grumbling to be sure, but there already is.

It’s your choice, Mr. President. I say stand up — for America, for common humanity, for civil discourse. To paraphrase the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., they can't ride your back unless it's bent.

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Another Cali police killing 15-year-old boy shot 15 times family threatened

Black Buzz News Service
Stockton, CA
July 31, 2010

Published Jul 27, 2010

The police murdered James Rivera in Stockton, CA
On the morning of July 22 at around 11:30 15-year-old James Rivera was assassinated in premeditated murder, according to his family and witnesses.
According to James Rivera’s mother police came to her house late at night/early morning before the murder and terrorized the family. Police held guns at 2 even younger children and told them they were going to kill him.
Later, according to friends, he was pulled over then released and then chased. As he crashed into a fence and made a u turn, police rammed the back of the blue van, which caused the van to go out of control.
The van went onto a lawn of a corner house on Salters Dr and Bancroft Way, finally crashed straight into the garage wall where the van seemed to be lodged into.
Officers exited their vehicles and asked James to exit the van twice but 2 seconds later they began to shoot. Over 30 rounds have been estimated to be found. They executed those rounds with 9mm handguns and fully automatic M-16 assault riffles.
Witnesses say that the ambulance arrived with out their sirens and left without them, as if there was no urgency. The people believe that he was dead at the scene. They saw officers pull him out and slap his face and then do nothing.
Reporters are saying that police stated the pursuit began at 10:30 after finding the van that had been part of a carjacking with a shotgun. It has not been said if this was the van, and the police do not mention any previous encounters with James Rivera.
The media has yet to report the truth, i know we heard the people speak the truth and that’s not what they are printing.
People came out in rage of what they had just witnessed. “NO JUSTICE NO PEACE” the people chanted until the officials Chaplin later came to them and asked them to be quiet.
In the Stockton Record Stockton Police Spokesperson Pete Smith agreed that the crowd was “upset and very vocal about their concerns” but was also recorded threatening the community “Let officers complete their investigation and not unduly create any other situations that would need any kind of police investigation”

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14 Shocking Facts That Prove the Criminal Justice System Is Racist

Black Buzz News Service
New Orleans, LA
July 31, 2010

By Bill Quigley, AlterNet
Posted on July 26, 2010, Printed on July 28, 2010

The biggest crime in the U.S. criminal justice system is that it is a race-based institution where African-Americans are directly targeted and punished in a much more aggressive way than white people. Saying the US criminal system is racist may be politically controversial in some circles. But the facts are overwhelming. No real debate about that. Below I set out numerous examples of these facts.The question is – are these facts the mistakes of an otherwise good system, or are they evidence that the racist criminal justice system is working exactly as intended? Is the US criminal justice system operated to marginalize and control millions of African Americans?Information on race is available for each step of the criminal justice system -- from the use of drugs, police stops, arrests, getting out on bail, legal representation, jury selection, trial, sentencing, prison, parole and freedom. Look what these facts show.
One. The US has seen a surge in arrests and putting people in jail over the last four decades. Most of the reason is the war on drugs. Yet whites and blacks engage in drug offenses, possession and sales, at roughly comparable rates – according to a report on race and drug enforcement published by Human Rights Watch in May 2008. While African Americans comprise 13% of the US population and 14% of monthly drug users they are 37% of the people arrested for drug offenses – according to 2009 Congressional testimony by Marc Mauer of The Sentencing Project.
Two. The police stop blacks and Latinos at rates that are much higher than whites. In New York City, where people of color make up about half of the population, 80% of the NYPD stops were of blacks and Latinos. When whites were stopped, only 8% were frisked. When blacks and Latinos are stopped 85% were frisked according to information provided by the NYPD. The same is true most other places as well. In a California study, the ACLU found blacks are three times more likely to be stopped than whites.
Three. Since 1970, drug arrests have skyrocketed rising from 320,000 to close to 1.6 million according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics of the U.S. Department of Justice. African Americans are arrested for drug offenses at rates 2 to 11 times higher than the rate for whites – according to a May 2009 report on disparity in drug arrests by Human Rights Watch.
Four. Once arrested, blacks are more likely to remain in prison awaiting trial than whites. For example, the New York state division of criminal justice did a 1995 review of disparities in processing felony arrests and found that in some parts of New York blacks are 33% more likely to be detained awaiting felony trials than whites facing felony trials.
Five. Once arrested, 80% of the people in the criminal justice system get a public defender for their lawyer. Race plays a big role here as well. Stop in any urban courtroom and look a the color of the people who are waiting for public defenders. Despite often heroic efforts by public defenders the system gives them much more work and much less money than the prosecution. The American Bar Association, not a radical bunch, reviewed the US public defender system in 2004 and concluded “All too often, defendants plead guilty, even if they are innocent, without really understanding their legal rights or what is occurring…The fundamental right to a lawyer that America assumes applies to everyone accused of criminal conduct effectively does not exist in practice for countless people across the US.”
Six. African Americans are frequently illegally excluded from criminal jury service according to a June 2010 study released by the Equal Justice
Initiative. For example in Houston County, Alabama, 8 out of 10 African Americans qualified for jury service have been struck by prosecutors from serving on death penalty cases.
Seven. Trials are rare. Only 3 to 5 percent of criminal cases go to trial – the rest are plea bargained. Most African Americans defendants never get a trial. Most plea bargains consist of promise of a longer sentence if a person exercises their constitutional right to trial. As a result, people caught up in the system, as the American Bar Association points out, plead guilty even when innocent. Why? As one young man told me recently, “Who wouldn’t rather do three years for a crime they didn’t commit than risk twenty-five years for a crime they didn’t do?”
Eight. The U.S. Sentencing Commission reported in March 2010 that in the federal system black offenders receive sentences that are 10% longer than white offenders for the same crimes. Marc Mauer of the Sentencing Project reports African Americans are 21% more likely to receive mandatory minimum sentences than white defendants and 20% more like to be sentenced to prison than white drug defendants.
Nine. The longer the sentence, the more likely it is that non-white people will be the ones getting it. A July 2009 report by the Sentencing Project found that two-thirds of the people in the US with life sentences are non-white. In New York, it is 83%.
Ten. As a result, African Americans, who are 13% of the population and 14% of drug users, are not only 37% of the people arrested for drugs but 56% of the people in state prisons for drug offenses. Marc Mauer May 2009 Congressional Testimony for The Sentencing Project.
Eleven. The US Bureau of Justice Statistics concludes that the chance of a black male born in 2001 of going to jail is 32% or 1 in three. Latino males have a 17% chance and white males have a 6% chance. Thus black boys are five times and Latino boys nearly three times as likely as white boys to go to jail.
Twelve. So, while African American juvenile youth is but 16% of the population, they are 28% of juvenile arrests, 37% of the youth in juvenile jails and 58% of the youth sent to adult prisons. 2009 Criminal Justice Primer, The Sentencing Project.
Thirteen. Remember that the US leads the world in putting our own people into jail and prison. The New York Times reported in 2008 that the US has five percent of the world’s population but a quarter of the world’s prisoners, over 2.3 million people behind bars, dwarfing other nations. The US rate of incarceration is five to eight times higher than other highly developed countries and black males are the largest percentage of inmates according to ABC News.
Fourteen. Even when released from prison, race continues to dominate. A study by Professor Devah Pager of the University of Wisconsin found that 17% of white job applicants with criminal records received call backs from employers while only 5% of black job applicants with criminal records received call backs. Race is so prominent in that study that whites with criminal records actually received better treatment than blacks without criminal records!
So, what conclusions do these facts lead to? The criminal justice system, from start to finish, is seriously racist.Professor Michelle Alexander concludes that it is no coincidence that the criminal justice system ramped up its processing of African Americans just as the Jim Crow laws enforced since the age of slavery ended. Her book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness sees these facts as evidence of the new way the US has decided to control African Americans – a racialized system of social control. The stigma of criminality functions in much the same way as Jim Crow – creating legal boundaries between them and us, allowing legal discrimination against them, removing the right to vote from millions, and essentially warehousing a disposable population of unwanted people. She calls it a new caste system.Poor whites and people of other ethnicity are also subjected to this system of social control. Because if poor whites or others get out of line, they will be given the worst possible treatment, they will be treated just like poor blacks.
Other critics like Professor Dylan Rodriguez see the criminal justice system as a key part of what he calls the domestic war on the marginalized. Because of globalization, he argues in his book Forced Passages, there is an excess of people in the US and elsewhere. “These people”, whether they are in Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib or US jails and prisons, are not productive, are not needed, are not wanted and are not really entitled to the same human rights as the productive ones. They must be controlled and dominated for the safety of the productive. They must be intimidated into accepting their inferiority or they must be removed from the society of the productive.
This domestic war relies on the same technology that the US uses internationally. More and more we see the militarization of this country’s police. Likewise, the goals of the US justice system are the same as the US war on terror - domination and control by capture, immobilization, punishment and liquidation.
What to do?
Martin Luther King Jr., said we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. A radical approach to the US criminal justice system means we must go to the root of the problem. Not reform. Not better beds in better prisons. We are not called to only trim the leaves or prune the branches, but rip up this unjust system by its roots.
We are all entitled to safety. That is a human right everyone has a right to expect. But do we really think that continuing with a deeply racist system leading the world in incarcerating our children is making us safer?
It is time for every person interested in justice and safety to join in and dismantle this racist system. Should the US decriminalize drugs like marijuana? Should prisons be abolished? Should we expand the use of restorative justice? Can we create fair educational, medical and employment systems? All these questions and many more have to be seriously explored. Join a group like INCITE, Critical Resistance, the Center for Community Alternatives, Thousand Kites, or the California Prison Moratorium and work on it. As Professor Alexander says “Nothing short of a major social movement can dismantle this new caste system.”

Bill Quigley is a human rights lawyer and professor at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law. He is also a member of the legal collective of School of Americas Watch.

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I Find Obama's Appearing on the TV Program The View To Be Disingenuous

New York, New York
July 29, 2010

I find Obama's appearing on the TV program "The View" to be disingenenuous. This is the same president who refuses to meet with the media for an in depth news conference. Is this president afraid of explaining with acute in depth knowledge and understanding his administration's misguided domestic and foreign policy decisions? I don't believe that Barack Obama is up to the task of honestly imparting his mastery of the subject material.
President Barack Hussein Obama has the audacity to go on a Gong Show type of program like ABC's View", spreading lies, innuendos, distortions, half-truths about his administrations' accomplishments, a show which has all female hosts, when he refuses to meet with the real media for a full scale news conference. Going on "The View" is designed to appeal to the low-information female voters, soap opera addicts and retirees who regularly watch the trifling program, to improve his sagging approval ratings after his blatant mishandling of the Shirley Sherrod affair coupled with a malignant stale sluggish economy. Obama understands that these female voters will show up at the polls in November.
Obama made the statement on "The View" that Shirley Sherrod's case was caused by the media. But the truth is the Sherrod case was caused by Obama's gross lack of judgement + overreaction and his low intellect to choose the right people for his cabinet who are highly qualified and sensitive to issues of race, class and discrimination.
Obama blamed the media for Shirley Sherrod's dismissal last week from her long time position in the USDA. Did the media fail to do their homework using poor judgement in overreacting by firing Shirley Sherrod? It sounds as if Barack Obama has a little "Agnewitis" in blaming the media for all of his misfortunes. What amazes me most about Obama is he has perfected the art of lying with a smiling straight face.
The latest Obama public relations offensive is solely designed to deflect attention away from his misguided war in Afghanistan, the spewing of oil in the Gulf Of Mexico and a whole host of other issues on which he has misled the American people. How many American soldiers have died in the month of July in Afghanistan? American troops are fighting everyday for their lives in the war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they see their President going on a program like "The View" portraying himself like a buffoonish rock star rather than looking presidential like a true Commander-in-Chief. It is reprehensible and beyond being absurd.
The American people don't care about whether the President of the USA has knowledge of pop culture. The American people want to know about how much mastery of the economy he has and his knowledge and understanding of his role as Commander-in-Chief.
Obama is counting on American people's ignorance of not reading and thoroughly vetting all the information they receive on the 7 day 24 hour news cycle.
The only plausible explanation that I can come up with on the President's refusal to meet with the media is the fact that he can't utilize his teleprompter when he meets with folks from the media.
Everything that Obama says in any venue has to be fact checked and cross examined thoroughly because Obama just doesn't tell the truth about many of the topics that he alludes to in his presentations. The whole interview on "The View" was a set-up to make Obama look good for the Obamatrons and Obamanistas that follow him religiously. Obama has almost a cult-like following similar to Reverend Jim Jones, who led his flock to their deaths in Jonestown, Guyana on November 18, 1978.
Obama cheapened, downgraded and exploited the office of the Presidency by going on a scandalous program like "The View".
Obama will say and do anything to stay in the White House which shows a lack of integrity.
Now oil is spilling rapidly in the Battle Creek River basin but yet instead the tan puppet in the White House thinks everything is reduced to a joke and a laugh on such programs as "The View".
I understand the Obama White House has had more parties, wining and dining than the two previous administrations combined. Plus the Obama's have traveled two times as much as the Bush's and Clinton's from Spain, Indonesia to the Grand Canyon, etc. which trips were masked as official state visits. At least Geo Bush only traveled to his Crawford Ranch in Texas, and paid for his daughters to travel with the family on vacations, unlike the Obama's.
How much have all these parties cost the taxpayers? Hopefully, Common Cause, the Congress or some other public interest group will keep track of every penny this White House is spending on all the parties, dining and inviting of sports teams into the White House.
Obama is all flash, dash and eloquent speeches, but very little on substantive knowledge and content.
Well my good President, we shall see who the joke is really on in the November election and in 2012.


New York, New York
July 29, 2010

Last month, the beautiful gorgeous Beyonce was given a ticket for texting by a New York City police officer. Beyonce claims that she didn't know that texting was illegal in New York. The ticket is well over $ 100 dollars, which could create a significant undue hardship for Beyonce relative to her ability to pay said fine.
It just seems a little strange that this police officer would single out Beyonce for enforcement of the New York State's poorly crafted Anti-Texting Law, when most people in the Big Apple text and talk on their cell phones all the time while driving.
How many people in the city of New York or in the State have received tickets for texting? I would like to see the data for these types of incidents. The officer who gave Beyonce the ticket could have had an ulterior motive in issuing the ticket. I trust very few police officers in New York City in light of the Sean Bell case and because of a whole litany of African Americans and Hispanics who were the victims of police murders, cover-ups and police brutality. New York City has the reputation as the police brutality capital of America.
I have seen municipal bus drivers texting and talking on cell phones while driving various buses in other cities. Further I have witnessed truckers in big rigs texting while driving and they have never been cited for texting. They don't have enough police officers in any city and definitely not in New York City or in the State of New York to enforce the state's texting law. So why was this law enacted in the first place? The lawmakers in New York State should have known that the law they passed (texting) could not be enforced in a non-discriminatory manner. Or didn't they care! Now police officers have the absolute authority to pick and choose who they want to give tickets to in a highly discriminatory fashion? In the case of Beyonce, it appears as though this is a classic case of selective enforcement of a law that cannot be uniformly and fairly enforced.
It is a basic truism that no one should text or talk on a cell phone while driving a motor vehicle. It's just simply hazardous to one's health and safety. If you are talking or texting while driving, it takes your mind off what you're doing behind the wheel. Accidents can happen in a split second. When you are driving any type of motor vehicle, your attention should be 100 per cent devoted to driving that vehicle.

The statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that a high rate of accidents have occurred while individuals were texting and talking on cell phones, blue tooth's or other types of automobile and truck phones.
How many of you text and talk on your cell phones when driving a motor vehicle? The life you save may be your own.

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Obamanity: The Religion of Complicity

Black Buzz News Service
College Park, Maryland
July 28, 2010

by Solomon Comissiong

“The lives of the majority of African-Americans who voted for him are unchanged.”

Change you can believe in or beliefs you can change? With each day that passes the second part of that question seems to grow stronger and stronger. I have never seen anything quite like the continued cultish fanfare surrounding the 44th President of the United States of America. It is almost surreal to witness the willingness of Barack Obama supporters to allow their president to do everything from carrying on various Bush policies to flip flopping on campaign promises. It is almost as though I have taken the “blue pill” as a means to prevent myself from being sucked into zombie-fication that seems to be running rampant. Whatever happened to holding your elected officials accountable? Whatever happened to holding their feet to the fire? I guess with the election of President Obama all of the customary rules are non-applicable.

Don’t get me wrong, I can completely comprehend the initial euphoria at the election of a man of African descent to the highest office in one of the most historically racist countries known to man. I can almost see how so many African-Americans were swept into the whole “yes we can” mainstream media blitz. It was a campaign that was thick on glamour and thin on substance. Obama’s corporate money went a long way towards buying the requisite media to send legions of voters to the booths chanting, “Yes we can”. Public relations legend Edward Bernays would be proud. However, Despite this fact, many African-Americans still hold onto the thin strand of “hope” that Obama’s campaign cast throughout America, much like a fisherman does in an artificially stocked pond.

“Whatever happened to holding your elected officials accountable?”

With Obama’s allegiance to Wall Street bankers, by way of gigantic bailouts, black unemployment rates can expect to remain markedly higher than for whites. With Obama’s appointing of cabinet members like Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, we can expect schools in predominately black and brown areas to remain disadvantaged and increasingly privatized. With Obama’s non-existent approach to systemic, structural and institutional racism, we can expect America’s centuries-old legacy of racism and white supremacy to linger on. For many black Obama supporters his presidency continues to appear as a mirage in a “desert” of oppression.

However, some so-called white liberals voted for him because it made them feel as though they shed a little bit of that “white man’s burden.” They retain the built in white privilege that comes with their skin color. Voting for Obama was almost cathartic for white liberals, allowing them to feel they had done something to close the race gap in America – without really doing much of anything at all. They can now return to their racially segregated lives, unburdened by worries about structural and institutional racism. Police brutality, disproportionate black and brown unemployment, racial profiling, a racist criminal “justice” system, and apartheid styled school systems are alive and well. America’s war mongering foreign policy sure hasn’t changed an iota since the inception of America’s first black presidency. As if any change could have been reasonably expected within the constraints of the two corporate beholden mainstream parties.

“America’s war mongering foreign policy sure hasn’t changed an iota.”

Unfortunately most Obama supporters seem to have not taken notice of the lack of “change” that was promised to them during his Wall Street-orchestrated campaign. They apparently overlooked the fact that he was once opposed to things such as military tribunals and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act – and now, presto, he is for them. He was billed as the anti-war candidate, but has spent more money on military than the intellectually challenged George W. Bush ever did. Through it all, Obama supporters remain faithful to their leader. I am quite sure that, had John McCain become president and proceeded to vastly expand the “Af-Pak” theater of war, today’s Obama supporters would be outraged. A President McCain would have faced universal Black condemnation for boycotting a United Nations conference on racism. But the first Black president’s legions are caught up in religion: Obamanity. And as long as they are irrationally hooked on this particular opiate, no substantive change is possible.

Solomon Comissiong is an educator, community activist, author, and public speaker and hip hop cognoscente. He may be reached at: and at

The Pittsburgh Steelers Made a Terrible Mistake in Not Signing Terrell Owens: Now the Bengals Will Have a Decisive Advantage in the AFC North..

Pittsburgh PA.
July 28, 2010

The pompous pious hierarchy of the Pittsburgh Steelers made a terrible mistake in not acquiring the highly talented Terrell Owens.
With the forced departure of Super Bowl MVP wide receiver Santonio Holmes and with the many miles on the aging body of the great Hines Ward, who will fill that deep threat void left by Holmes?
I am not a great fan of Big Ten running backs and Rashard Mendenhall will have to prove how rugged and durable he is over a 16 game regular season. With uncertainty at quarterback with Roethlisberger and the absence of Holmes, the Steelers may be in for a very long season. The Steelers' very formidable defense will have to rise to the mountaintop and perform a miracle.
Apparently the Steelers have written off this season as training camp begins in Latrobe, PA in a couple of days.

I believe with the acquisition of Terrell Owens that the Cincinnati Bengals will have a very good chance of moving ahead in the playoffs in the AFC North. The Bengals have by far the best quarterback in the AFC North in Carson Palmer, and if they can run the ball effectively and stay injury free, the Bengals could advance in the playoffs. Marvin Lewis can handle Terrell Owens who is one of the greatest talents to play wide receiver in the NFL in the last twenty fives years. Ochocinco and Terrell Owens will be quite an explosive in tandem as wide receivers. Plus the Bengals have wide outs Antonio Bryant who is recovering from ACL surgery along with Andre Caldwell and draft choice Jordan Shipely. The Bengals defintely have depth at wide receiver along with rookie Tight End Jermaine Gersham who promises to be a great one. And the Bengals might have the best young defense in the AFC North. Is this Mike Brown's year ?
Bengal ticket sales have also increased as a result of getting T.O. Don't believe all the negative hype about T.O. Terrell Owens is a winner and the Cincinnati Bengals are a much better team with Owens on their roster.
I have always admired T.O.'s work ethic and dedication to the game.
Go Bengals!

The Baltimore Ravens may have had the best draft on paper in the AFC North in 2010, and it appears as though the Ravens have improved their squad with the free agent acquisitions of Anquan Boldin and Donte' Stallworth.
The Ravens receiving corps of Boldin, Stallworth and Derrick Mason is superb, and they might be the most productive in the NFL this year.
The Ravens also have a very good consistent running back in Ray Rice who was the greatest running back in Rutgers University history. Ray Rice is the most electrifying and hardest running back in the AFC North. Ray Rice will be a Pro-Bowler for many years to come. Joe Flacco, the Ravens' quarterback has developed into a top flight quarterback but the Ravens' defense is getting very very old particularly with Ray Lewis and in the secondary with Ed Reed and Company. Ray Lewis may have enough juice in the tank to propel the Ravens into a very deep run in the playoffs.
Championship teams are made in the torrid hot summer days of July and August. Look for the Bengals and Ravens to advance in the AFC Playoffs.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tea Partyers, Fox News, "Negativity" Against the President? Are These Really Black America's Most Pressing Problems?

Black Buzz News Service
Washington, D.C.
July 27, 2010

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

On July 19, an item popped up on the email listserv of SNCC veterans and supporters.

Like anything on these kinds of mailing lists, it was the opinion of whoever posted it, no more and no less. But it pretty much summed up the current strategic thinking of a lot of what passes for African American political leadership, our black intelligensia and a lot of self-identified activists. It was bright red and in bold typeface several times normal size, and before going out to the triple digit number of subscribers to the SNCC list, it had obviously been forwarded to hundreds more. It went like this, (only much larger):
We call on ALL who support President Obama to take action. On August 4th, the President's birthday, we ask those who support him to wear any campaign item from the Presidential election as a demonstration of our ongoing support. Bring out your old campaign paraphernalia.
If you don't have caps, buttons or tee shirts, wear a red, white, and blue tri-color ribbon or clothing on August 4th. If nothing else, this simple demonstration of support for our President will provide a counteraction to the negativity that spews forth daily. We can do this. YES WE CAN. YES WE WILL.

Mark Your Calendar for August 4th! Pass the word on...

As far as most of the black leadership class --- most of our pastors, politicians, professors and such tell it, those are our marching orders. On the president's birthday, we're all supposed to break out those old Obama stickers, shirts and hats, and like the citizens of Oz in The Wiz, we'll flaunt red, white and blue on the president's birthday. Thus we will show our united opposition to the flood of racist invective against the president. We will demonstrate that we are Thus black America will demonstrate that we are the president's millions strong shield against the torrents of “negativity” that issue forth daily from the likes of Fox News and the tea party. That'll show 'em.

Am I the only one who thinks this is just plain dumb? Are the number one problems of black America really the insults and negativity directed at the president by a bunch of crazy people who are not even in power? Are these the times of Shakespeare's Richard III, when the only political yardstick that mattered was whether and how much you did or didn't love the king? Why should Fox News, the tea party, and insults and negativity directed at the president even rank among black America's top ten or twenty problems? And if black America is called upon to make some kind of united political statement in this season of unprecedented joblessness, homelessness, family debt, privatizations and mass incarceration, is flying the red, white and blue to support the president really the most useful thing we can do?

Does “negativity” against the president keep him from addressing mass black incarceration, unemployment, crushing family and student debt, homelessness & ending US imperial wars abroad?

The short answer is no. A longer answer is that we have other matters which are real problems with far greater effect upon the lives of millions of families than the torrent of “negativity” directed at the president.

At the top of any list of black America's real problems is the nation's policy of black mass incarceration, described most thoroughly and eloquently by Michelle Alexander, and a recurring topic in BAR and its predecessors since 2005. The carceral state has been government's main channel of interaction with young blacks for a generation now, despite the fact that their rates of drug use are statistically indistinguishable from those of white youth. African Americans have been locked up and criminalized in such vast numbers that the integrity of millions of our families have been undermined, and the economic futures of entire communities devastated. We are an eighth the nation's population and just under half its prisoners. Why don't our leaders tell us how to make a united political statement about that?

This is the kind of real problem millions of black Americans expected the Obama administration to address.

Does “negativity” against the president keep his administration from addressing black mass incarceration? Of course it doesn't.

Congressional Democrats or the White House could propose tomorrow to sunset all the two strikes, three strikes and mandatory sentencing legislation. It's just a matter of leadership. But instead of calling all Americans together to re-assess the nation's policy of mass incarceration, we have a president and a class of black political misleaders who would just rather not go there.

What about unemployment? Is “negativity” from Fox News, Republicans and the cartoonish tea party the roadblock to creating those millions green jobs that are just over the horizon. Again, the answer is no.

Unemployment is at a six decade high, and the gap between black and white employment is also at a similar high and widening daily. President Roosevelt and the Democratic congresses of the 1930s simply signed checks to put millions of Americans to work. They created public wealth by building bridges and dams, digging new subway lines in cities like Chicago, and constructing thousands of state of the art new schools. The Roosevelt administration even put teaches in local school districts directly on the federal payroll to keep the schools open, the communities viable and the quality of life acceptable.

Does this “negativity” against the president keep him signing the checks to put millions of Americans into new, green, wealth creating jobs? Again, the answer is no.

What keeps the Obama administration from going there is its blind loyalty to Wall Street bankers and their bipartisan neoliberal trickle-down ideology. The economic vision of Barack Obama and congressional Democratis is far closer to Ronald Reagan than to Franklin Roosevelt, even though Republicans have been out of power in Congress since the end of 2006.

Does “negativity” against the president keep him from cutting the military budget?

Does it prevent him from closing a few hundred of America's thousand or so overseas military bases, and ending our direct and proxy wars in places from Iraq and Afghanistan to Colombia, Somalia and Yemen? We know the history and we know the answer.

Early in his campaign Obama pledged withdrawal of one brigade a month from Iraq, and vowed to erase what he called “the mindset” that produced America's unjust wars. By the time he wrapped up the nomination, he had endorsed Bush-Cheney's phony “surge” in Iraq, forgotten his withdrawal pledges, and promised to double the troops in Afghanistan. In his first 36 hours as president, Obama launched drones and cruise missiles against civilians and children in Afghanistan, and soon afterward, in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, as had his predecessor. Did the tea party make him do that? Was it the relentless negativity of Fox News? Was it those naysaying Republicans?

From doubling down on Bush's original Wall Street bailout, to stepping up the Bush-Cheney policies of kidnapping, torture and secret imprisonment, to reversing his opposition to offshore drilling once he secured the Democratic nomination and more, not one of the Obama administration's failures to redeem the promises black America imagined it heard can be laid at the feet of Republicans, Fox News or the tea party. Not one.

In a real sense, the lunatic tea party, cartoonish Republicans, and the outrageous lies of Fox News provide our lazy class of black misleaders in the administration and Congress, and the class of politicians, preachers, professors, business people, self-described activists and wannabes around them a fine distraction from what they can and ought to be doing. The energy and creativity devoted to endlessly circling the wagons around the president sucks the air from every room in the house of black politics. It excuses inaction on matters like black mass incarceration and unemployment, runaway privatizations, and the ever-expanding national security state. It keeps our black misleadership class from having to openly oppose the wars and bailouts that suck up the resources which should be creating jobs and opportunities at home. It's almost God's gift to the administration.

The president doesn't need our protection. He's got the secret service, the armed forces, the CIA and FBI and agencies we don't even know the names of. Our families, our communities and our permanent interests, not the career of one man or the racist insults directed against him, ought to be our chief concern.

What would it look like if the folks on the SNCC listserv, and if our black misleadership class and their acolytes today truly possessed the spirit SNCC had half a century ago? Where would a spirit well grounded in the realities of black America, a spirit impatient with injustice, a spirit reaching through the present for a better world tomorrow lead us? Not to reanimating the tired corpse of the 2008 presidential campaign. Just as SNCC fifty years ago reached well outside and beyond what the wise old political heads believed possible, a spirit of creative struggle would take aim at targets the old political heads of today think are impossible.

If the spirit of SNCC fifty years ago where alive today, it might tell us we ought to wear black and green ribbons, black for the 1.2 million African Americans in prison, and green for those millions of green jobs that are somewhere just over the rainbow.

And we wouldn't be wearing them for just a day. This would not be about the president or his birthday, which matters little to most black families. We could wear them till the administration created 8 million new green jobs, the number vice president Biden admitted have been lost in what he called the Great Recession. We could wear them till the number of African Americans in prison had been reduced by at least half. That wouldn't be a perfect world, but who's asking for perfection. We'd just be asking for progress. Halving the black prison population would not be a perfect world either. It would only bring us down to the level of the Latino prison population, and Latinos are severely over-incarcerated too. But it would be undeniable progress. Is that too much to reach for?

So we won't be wearing red white and blue on the 4th of August. Bet on that. But what about those black and green ribbons? There's an idea....

Bruce Dixon is managing editor at Black Agenda Report and based in Atlanta, and will not be wearing red white and blue any time soon. He's a member of the state committee of the GA Green Party and can be reached at bruce.dixon(at) blackagendareport, or by clicking his name anywhere it appears in red on this site.

The University Of Virginia Should Build a Large Memorial to the African Slaves Who Helped Build the Rotunda and Other Structures on the UVA Campus

Charlottesville, Virginia
July 27, 2010

The University of Virginia's founder, Thomas Jefferson was also a owner of African slaves. It would be fitting, appropriate and continuing the process of reconciliation for one of the premier universities in the United States of America to erect a significantly large statue of one of the slaves or group of slaves as a tribute to the African labor, perseverance, intelligence and ingenuity in building the magnificent structures that represent the horrible antebellum institution of slavery. It would be fitting and appropriate to erect a significantly large statue depicting the building of the Rotunda or of any other buildings that slave labor helped to build on the UVA grounds.
All known names of the slaves and their families who helped to build any part of the academic village should be engraved on the statue.
The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade along with slavery in North America, the Caribbean and South America was the largest institution of forced human bondage in the annals of history. Many Americans still suffer the psychological and social scars from that nefarious institution of slavery.
The ever present persistent systemic as well as individual racism in the USA is one of the antecedents of that dreaded Euro-American chattel system of slavery.
The University of Virginia made the right choice in erecting a memorial cemetery for the UVA grads who died in the Civil War, and it would be appropriate to erect a very large statue of the slaves who built many of the buildings on the UVA campus. Those slaves' lives are as equally as important as the UVA grads who died for the Confederate States of America.
Jewish Americans rightfully never want us to forget the brutality of the European holocaust. African Americans also never want the American public or world community to have amnesia when it comes to remembering the most cruel devastating institution of human suffering--- being the wholesale rape and subsequent enslavement of Africans from the East and West coasts of Africa beginning in the first century A.D. There is no other human suffering that favorably compares with what Blacks in the Americas experienced as a result of those two institutions being the Trans Indian East Coast Slave Trade and the Trans Atlantic West Coast Slave Trade coupled with slavery. It has to be understood by all Americans that freedom in America was built upon the enslavement of others.
A large slave memorial statue on the campus of one of the founding fathers of the Republic who was a slave owner, could be a good learning tool for research scholars, teachers, students, parents and the community as we move forward in the 21st. Century. Thus UVA would be a shining example to the nation in showing that it has comes to grips with slavery in its DNA and the part that Africans slaves played in building the famous University of Virginia.
The African slaves who helped to build UVA and a significant part of the entire USA should not be relegated to a position of a few obscure bricks and markers which people walk over on a daily basis without knowing the benefit or the historical importance of the people who played a part in constructing this world class university.
I highly recommend that a renowned African American sculptor be given the opportunity to erect the memorial for the slaves who helped to build the significant structures on the pristine campus of the University of Virginia.

Ronald B. Saunders is a member of the University of Virginia Alumni Association.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm Waiting On Our Harvard Wonder Child To Blame George W. Bush for his Administration's Nefarious Mishandling of Shirley Sherrod: Yes We Can!

Saint Simons Island, Georgia
July 25, 2010

The whole world has been waiting for Barack Obama to blame George W. Bush for the Obama administration's blatant mishandling of the Shirley Sherrod constructive discharge this week.
Obama has blamed Geo Bush for everything that has gone wrong in his tenure in the White House which is a little over the top. Further, the American people are quite cognizant of Obama's true lack of experience, and intelligence in executing the demands and tasks of the most powerful political job on the planet.
Obama is more incompetent than his predecessor George W. Bush. Obama's presidency unfortunately has seen a continuation of many of the Bush administration's disgusting, despicable, repugnant policies.
The American people are sweltering in a sea of mediocrity and fraud. So when will the people finally wake up and see and understand Obama, the Democrats, the Republicans and the Tea Party crowd for the true political hustlers/pimps that they are.
The Democratic and Republican Party are just one massive corporate party of one who serves the interest of the ruling class of the 980 families that own 40 per cent of all the wealth in this country. Both the Democrats and Republicans trade back and forth every two, four or eight years as to who will control and broker the interests of the ruling class. But it comes out in the wash as being all the same and for the same purpose. We don't live in a democracy. We live in a plutocracy of elite well heeled interests who have a free hand to practice their own brand of blind naked capitalism solely for their own self-serving economic benefit. And ninety per cent of Americans receive the crumbs from the table from what's left over from the Trickle-Down controlled capitalism of the ruling class.
So how can the American public be weaned off their addiction to the Democratic and Republican parties? It begins with the mindset.
We must have a revolution within the mindset of each American citizen to raise their level of consciousness to understand the need to develop viable third and fourth political parties that truly serve the needs of the people first & foremost on main street and in other neglected demographics.
Typically third and fourth party movements fail because they are nothing but extensions and a ruse of the corrupt Democratic and Republican parties. Third party movements led by George Corley Wallace, John Anderson and Ross Perrot were nothing but jilted democratic & republican movements who didn't have a voice within the maintstream of those parties.
Both the Green and Independent political parties represented by Ralph Nader appear to be more inclusive and representative of the people. But the Green and Independent parties have not ignited any overwhelming interests because of the American public's gross political ignorance, apathy, complacency and their addiction to the Democratic and Republican parties.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Two Law School Graduates Earn Clerkships Under Scalia

Black Buzz News Service
Charlottesville, VA.
July 24, 2010


July 22, 2010 — Two University of Virginia Law School graduates will clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia next year. John Moran, a 2010 graduate, and Donald Burke, a 2008 graduate, will be among Scalia's four clerks for the 2011-12 term.

"When I received the call from Justice Scalia, I was – and still am – both excited and humbled," Moran said. "I know that I will learn a great deal being at the court and working with Justice Scalia, and I also know that I have a lot to learn as a young lawyer coming right out from law school."

Burke said he looks forward to getting an inside perspective on how cases are decided at the highest level, and added that he eagerly anticipates the opportunity to observe some of the best lawyers in the country.

"I know that the members of the Supreme Court bar are some of the best advocates out there and I'm looking forward to getting a close-up view of their work," Burke said.

Though they didn't know each other until recently, Burke and Moran have much in common beyond their upcoming clerkships. Both grew up in Northern Virginia, and both obtained their undergraduate degrees from U.Va. Both also participated in the Law School's Supreme Court Litigation Clinic, and both are currently clerking for judges on the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals – Burke for Judge Raymond M. Kethledge and Moran for Judge Jeffrey Sutton.

"I have been working in Judge Sutton's chambers since the beginning of June, and one afternoon while I was in the office, I got a call from Justice Scalia," Moran said. "He told me that he wanted to offer me a position for the 2011 term, and I think I accepted before he had finished."

Burke, who said he was "tremendously excited" to get a similar call, will finish his current clerkship in September and will spend the intervening time at Robbins, Russell, Englert, Orseck, Untereiner & Sauber LLP in Washington.

In addition to the judges they are currently clerking for, both Burke and Moran credited the Law School faculty and alumni with providing assistance during the Supreme Court clerkship application process.

"I relied on advice from several faculty members, as well as a couple of U.Va. Law alumni who had been through the process before, just to get an idea of what it would be like," Burke said.

Moran, who was part of the winning team during the 81st Annual William Minor Lile Moot Court Competition, said the faculty clerkship committee and the school's Office of Judicial Clerkships were indispensable resources, and also credited the school's alumni network.

"I spoke with at least a dozen alumni during the process who helped with everything from advice about formatting paper applications to conducting a practice interview before the real thing. And I know that my responsibility is to do the same going forward because all of the alumni told me that they were just doing what others had done for them before," he said.

The two also listed the Law School's Supreme Court Litigation Clinic among their favorite Law School experiences. The yearlong clinic offers students the chance to work on live Supreme Court cases.

"The group of instructors and students were all very committed to doing quality work, and the cases were interesting," Burke said. "We did a lot of legal writing, and our instructors really focused on providing constructive feedback on our work."

Both Burke and Moran saw cases in which the clinic was involved go before the court. Burke was a clinic student in 2008 when the Supreme Court decided Indiana v. Edwards, and Moran was part of the clinic in March when the court decided Bloate v. United States.

Racial tensions roil NC school board; 19 arrests

By MIKE BAKER, Associated Press Writer Mike Baker
Tue Jul 20, 7:47 pm ET

RALEIGH, N.C. – Protesters and police scuffled Tuesday at a school board meeting in North Carolina over claims that a new busing system would resegregate schools, roiling racial tensions reminiscent of the 1960s.

Nineteen people were arrested, including the head of state NAACP chapter who was banned from the meeting after a trespassing arrest at a June school board gathering.

"We know that our cause is right," the Rev. William Barber said shortly before police put plastic handcuffs on his wrists before the meeting started.

Inside, more than a dozen demonstrators disrupted the meeting by gathering around a podium, chanting and singing against the board's policies.

After several minutes, Raleigh police intervened and asked them to leave. When they refused, the officers grabbed arms and tried to arrest the protesters. One child was caught in the pushing and shoving, as was school board member Keith Sutton, who was nearly arrested before authorities realized who he was.

"Hey, hey, ho, ho, resegregation has got to go," some protesters chanted.

Sutton said he went into the crowd to try and calm things down and encourage officers not to use such strong force. He said he felt insulted that he almost got arrested and believes the officer who tried to detain him owes him an apology.

"I'm just real dismayed and disappointed," Sutton said.

The Wake County School Board has voted multiple times over the last several months to scrap the district's diversity policy, which distributed students based on socioeconomics and for years had been a model for other districts looking to balance diversity in schools. Several school board members elected last year have built a majority in favor of focusing on neighborhood schools.

The board's chairman, Ron Margiotta, said the panel would not be distracted in its effort to "provide choice and increased stability for families."

"This board does not intend to create high poverty or low-performing schools," he said to scoffs from the crowd.

At a morning rally that drew 1,000 people, speakers quoted Martin Luther King Jr., remembered the days of segregated water fountains and likened the current situation to the landmark Brown v. Board of Education battle. Barber talked about America's legacy of racial strife to galvanize the crowd.

"Too many prayers were prayed," Barber said. "Too many lives were sacrificed. Too much blood was shed. Too many tears were shed. We can't turn back now."

Barber's supporters believe the new policy will resegregate schools. They carried signs that read: "Segregate equals hate" and "History is not a mystery. Separate is always unequal."

George Ramsay, a white former student body president of Enloe High School, said it was necessary to keep the diversity policy in place to prepare students for an increasingly connected world.

"It is shortsighted to ignore the way students like me have been enriched by diversity," Ramsay said.

(This version CORRECTS Edits third paragraph to add first reference to NAACP leader Barber and edits eighth paragraph to correct the last name of the board member mentioned in a previous paragraph.)

Q&A: Dr. Joseph Richardson, Expert in Health-Risk Reduction Among Youth Offenders

College Park, Maryland
July 24, 2010

By Tomika Anderson, June 28, 2010
Joseph Richardson, Ph.D., is on the front lines of the war to save young Black men. An expert on at-risk Black males, Dr. Richardson, an assistant professor of African American studies at the University of Maryland, spends most weekdays in the classroom trying to reach young adults through books, and weekends at Washington, D.C.-area jails and juvenile detention halls, facilitating workshops for teens behind bars.

His primary mission in the jail setting is to keep Black youths from contracting HIV: The District of Columbia is the epicenter of America's HIV epidemic, with one of every 20 residents and one in every 14 Black men already diagnosed HIV-positive (actual rates are believed to be between one-third and one-half higher). And D.C.'s prison system is 55 percent Black.

We asked Dr. Richardson about his work with Project CREATE (Cultural Rehabilitative Enrichment Attained Through Education), an outreach initiative that intervenes in the lives of low-income, adjudicated Black males, to discover what he has learned about their HIV risk and how we can help reverse the disturbing trends.

Is there a direct link between young Black males, HIV and the prison system?

There haven't been conclusive studies to show one -- at least none showing inmates being infected while they're incarcerated. Generally, inmates who come in negative leave negative. But while you've got a captive audience, educate them. We should be providing preventive services there. Nine million people go in and out of United States jails every year, but the criminal justice system doesn't see itself as a public health model. It's all about "lock 'em up." And D.C. jails, much like others, are run by private corporations. As with any business model, it's in their best interest to have as many inmates as possible while providing few services to cut into their profit margin.

What do you observe about young Black males protecting themselves and their partners from HIV?

Many don't use condoms because they feel they're invincible. Most say they know the risks but still choose not to use them; they prefer the feeling of vaginal wetness. It doesn't help that many of the young women they're dealing with don't require that they use one.

What do you find is on these young brothers' minds regarding their HIV risk?

They know there's a chance they could become infected, but they really don't think about it until after they're done having sex. They have a sense of fatalism that comes from living in low-income environments. They'll say, hey, you can die just by stepping off the street corner or get shot coming out of the house. So what's the difference? This is just another risk for me. Plus, they know friends, relatives or other people who are infected, so it desensitizes them even more because they're not seeing people dying from AIDS or HIV. To them it's just another chronic disease like diabetes or high blood pressure. They think, well, if I get infected, I can just take this blue or red pill every day and I'll be okay.

How does it make you feel watching young brothers self-destruct?

It's like watching genocide. It is tragic. That's why it's imperative that African American scholars are critically engaged. We hold the data, and so we have a responsibility to give back to our community, like W.E.B. DuBois did -- to provide prevention and solutions. I look at it as my mission. I could have easily been one of those kids.

How do we begin to reverse this trend?

Mentorship. African American males need to be much more engaged. Project CREATE is the only program that comes into the D.C. jail for this at-risk population. I've approached Black men about participating, but it's hard to get them to commit. If it takes a village to raise child, then we need to realize that mentorship doesn't have to be one-on-one, where one mentor is burdened with doing everything for one kid. Instead there could be mentoring teams -- intergenerational, even: perhaps someone in their 40s, someone in their 20s and one of the teen's peers. That way, if one of the mentors gets offered a job in California, the relationship is not over; it's just shifted. Kids need to know someone is there for them and cares about them. Black people who've "made it" have to start doing their jobs.

Tomika Anderson is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work has appeared in Essence, POZ, Real Health and Ebony.

This article was provided by Black AIDS Institute. It is a part of the publication Black AIDS Weekly.

6 die, 20 hurt in Greyhound crash in Fresno

The bus driver and 2 riders are killed as it hits an overturned SUV in which 3 died.
July 23, 2010

Diana Marcum

FRESNO — A crash involving a Greyhound bus en route from Los Angeles to Sacramento killed six people and injured 20 others, according to the California Highway Patrol.
The deadly sequence of events began shortly before 2 a.m. Thursday as three young women in a dark-blue Chevrolet Trailblazer were traveling north on California Highway 99 in Fresno.

The Trailblazer made a sharp left turn from the right-hand lane, struck the median rail, rolled over and blocked the fast lane, said CHP Central Division Chief Jim Abrames.

All three women -- Stephenie Cordoba, 20, and Vanessa Gonzalez, 19, both of Fresno, and Sylvia Lopez Garay, 18, of Dinuba, Calif. -- were killed.

About the same time, a Greyhound bus had left the Fresno bus station and headed up California 99. Authorities suspect that the driver could not see the dark, overturned Trailblazer, which probably didn't have its lights on.

The bus, carrying 36 people, hit the Trailblazer, careened to the east and clipped a Honda CR-V, authorities said.

All three vehicles went off the highway and down a 15-foot embankment, according to the California Highway Patrol. The bus crashed into a eucalyptus tree, knocking the tree over and leaving limbs sticking from gaping holes in the bus.

"I had just woke up and I heard a boom once, and a boom again and the next thing I know we were down this embankment," Linda Gee, a passenger on the bus, told KMPH-TV in Fresno.

The crash pushed the front end of the bus into the driver's seat, killing James Jewett, 57, of Sacramento, a Greyhound driver for 32 years with a clean record. Two of the bus passengers, Epifania Solis, 60, of Madera, Calif., and Tomas Ponce, 79, of Winton, Calif., also died. The driver of the CR-V was injured.

The collision broke the bus into pieces and left twisted metal and bloody clothes strewn around the ground. By Thursday afternoon, authorities were dismantling and cleaning up the pieces of the bus and vehicles.

Ponce and his wife, Sinforosa Arreola Ponce, 77, were traveling home from Mexico to the small town of Winton, outside Merced. The couple divide their time between Mexico and Winton and have eight children and 27 grandchildren. Sinforosa is in critical condition with multiple fractures and was in surgery late Thursday.

The couple's granddaughter, Yuridia Hampton, 27, said they had been married for more than 50 years. She said her grandmother doesn't know that her husband is dead yet. "We want her to keep fighting to live," Hampton said. "We are praying for the best."

Abrames said the CHP investigation will include re-creating the last 24 hours in the lives of the drivers involved in the crash.

"We need to know their state of mind, their alertness," he said. "Right now, all of our evidence starts in the fast lane." Times staff writer Anna Gorman contributed to this report.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

President Obama Will Not Fire Tom Vilsack For Having Violated Shirley Sherrod's Civil And Human Rights.

Washington D.C.
July 22, 2010
Washington D.C.... President Obama will not fire his Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who appears to have violated Mrs. Shirley Sherrod's Civil Rights because Vilsack won Obama the Iowa primary, which sent Obama on his way in capturing the Democratic primary.
The Black folks who were Clinton supporters then decided that Obama was ok if white people voted for him in the Hawkeye State. That is what I call the classic slave mentality thinking of many Black people.
The corrupt American political game consists of the fact that if you "scratch my back, I'll scratch your back." Obama doesn't have the guts or stomach to fire Vilsack because it would create another crisis for the bewildered timid President and plus the fact that he needs Vilsack on board when he runs for reelection in 2012.
The fact remains that Mrs. Sherrod said that the White House ordered her firing, and it is unwritten rule in Washington that says Cabinet level Secretaries will take the fall for the White House when there is an appearance of impropriety in the Oval Office.
We at the Black Buzz News Service believe that Mrs. Sherrod is telling the truth about who ordered her firing, and we stand by all of our reporting on this subject.

President Barack Obama You Need To Fire Tom Vilsack For His Egregious Discharge of Shirley Sherrod

College Park, Maryland
July 22, 2010

President Obama, when are you going to fire Tom Vilsack, your Secretary of Agriculture along with a couple of your top aides?
I wouldn't trust Tom Vilsack for all the money in China. Vilsack is just like a crooked snake.


Obama Finally Calls Mrs. Sherrod The Victim of His Administration's High Tech Assassination of Her Employment & Character: Mrs. Sherrod Take The Job .

Washington D.C.
July 22, 2010

Our Johnny come lately President Barack Hussein Obama finally got up enough courage and heart to call and apologize to Shirley Sherrod, who was the victim of his Administration's high tech assassination of Mrs Sherrod's employment and integrity.
Mrs. Sherrod, you need to take the President's offer of employment. But Mrs. Sherrod, you should take a position that is meaningful, and has clout to clean house within the USDA. Further Mrs. Sherrod, the position you take should have the full backing of the President of the United States, and the Secretary of Agriculture.
Perhaps now Mrs. Sherrod will be in a position to rid the USDA of all the remaining career racist discriminators who have been in that Department for years.
Mrs. Sherrod, you withstood the horrors of the Klan killing of your father so you should welcome the challenge of a new opportunity to right the horrors of this racist society.
Congratulations Mrs. Sherrod, we were in your corner all the way.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack Says He's Sensitive To Discrimination in the USDA: I Say Mr. Vilsack You Are a Liar.

New York, New York
July 21, 2010

Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack stated today that he was sensitive to discrimination within the United States Department of Agriculture.
If that were true Mr. Vilsack, why in the hell are all of those neo-racists who discriminated against the Black, Hispanic and Native American farmers still employed under your watch? Talk is cheap Mr. Vilsack, so why haven't you done the necessary housecleaning in the USDA to rid that Department of all those bigots? Oh! I get it. So you're telling the public that you wouldn't have but a handful of employees left..
Mr. Vilsack, your USDA has had over 14,ooo discrimination complaints from Black farmers since 2001, and many of the individuals involved in the actual discriminating are the same jackals that discriminated against the Black farmers in the past and present. But yet instead Mr. Vilsack, you chose to can a Black woman ( Mrs. Sherrod) with your brutal rush to judgment without knowing all of the facts. Mr. Vilsack, how can any Black farmer, Hispanic or Native American farmer trust you with your neo-racist tendencies. Furthermore Mr. Vilsack, you have had almost 20 months to rid the USDA's of all those racist bigots, and you haven't done a damn thing. I'm just curious Mr. Vilsack as to what type or types of training have you had or received in the area of what constitutes disparate treatment, adverse impact, adverse effect and disparate impact? And now you, and that disingenuous tan face in the Oval Office want Shirley Sherrod to clean-up that racist rat-infested United States Department of Agriculture. This borders on being scandalous.
Furthermore Mr. Vilsack, that fake apology you gave to Mrs. Sherrod is utterly ridiculous & meaningless. If Obama had any heart, he would fire your behind outright. I for one wouldn't want to have someone around me as a Cabinet Secretary who is as incompetent as you.


In Fo!

Barack Obama's Firing of the Black Woman, Shirley Sherrod is further evidence that Obama is bad for Black America and he is bad for all America.

Negrotown Knoll, Florida
July, 21, 2010

Negrotown Knoll... The Bumbler In-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama shifts the blame to his Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack for the egregious, blatant, knee jerk firing of longtime USDA employee Mrs. Shirley Sherrod.
The firing or discharge of Mrs. Sherrod is further evidence of Obama's lack of experience, knowledge, sensitivity, intelligence and ability to run the United States in a safe and efficient manner.
Obama's top aides had orders from President Obama to fire Mrs. Sherrod, and now the administration is backpedalling in a vain effort to clean up this horrible firing. Vilsack is the fall guy for Obama's blunder. It now appears as though the Obama administration has been plotting all day to cover Vilsack's back and to justify the firing of Mrs. Sherrod.
The Obama administration has to be one of the most amateurish, incompetent administration's in the history of the Republic.
The Obama administration over reacted and didn't do their homework in reviewing a clipped edited video by the right-wing racist blogger Andrew Brietbart. Obama is simply afraid of Foxx News and the Teabaggers.
So Brietbart and Foxx News successfully diverted attention away from the hard core racist Tea Baggers, who were being rightfully attacked by the NAACP.
Thus the Tea Baggers achieved their objective by poking fear in the minds of the white voters.
The Obama administration has maintained a pattern and practice of committing blunders and errors in all matters of state such as in the fiasco in Afghanistan, failing to act in a timely fashion to the Gulf oil spill that is still spewing oil, the Wall Street Bailouts, the Car Bailouts, Health Care Reform, the Selection of Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court, the closing of GITMO, Bank Reform, not knowing where the first automobile was manufactured, signing a bogus treaty with the Russians on Nuclear Arms Reduction, permitting Iran to process Uranium for a potential Nuclear Weapons Program, doing away with Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy, the Israelis making a fool out of Obama with their outright defiance relative to the settlement building, the Mideast Peace Process is shipwrecked, failure to give General McChrystal his requested number of troops for Afghanistan which has caused more Americans to die, Al QAEDA and their proxies are having a field day all over the horn of Africa, Soft on Terrorism, the Fort Hood Shootings, the Northwest Airline incident in Detroit, the failed Time Square Attack, Attack in Uganda, weakening America's position in the global economy, outright lying about the job creation numbers and getting numbers out of the thin air to attribute to the Economic Stimulus Package, calling Kanye West a Jackass, hiring more Lobbyists in his administration than George W. Bush, asking for 17 exceptions to hire lobbyists in his first four months in office, Geithner told AIG to lie to the American Public, Obama's inept Secretary of State granted a visa to a man who was barred from the country, James Riady, a convicted felon Indonesian tycoon, Obama's TSA placed an 8 year old Cub Scout on the no fly list for High Level Security Screening at all U.S. Airports, Obama promised to eliminate income tax for seniors making less than $50,000 a year, his former Budget Director had to resign over an out of wedlock scandal, the Skippy Gates Jr. fiasco was another example of Obama's knee jerk over-reaction to an incident without having all the facts at his disposal before rendering an opinion, and the list goes on and on. Indeed the Obama administration is the gang that couldn't shoot straight.
Discharge from employment is a very serious matter, and most intelligent (people) employers understand that they must have enough convincing & compelling evidence at hand before they institute termination proceedings against an employee. This after the fact investigating by the Obama administration of the discharge of Mrs. Shirley Sherrod borders on being absurd, illegal and politically treasonous.
Vilsack didn't even have the courtesy to interview Mrs. Sherrod, review the entire video, interview the white farmer family who received helped from Mrs Sherrod, examine Mrs Sherrod entire work history with the USDA, interview Andrew Breitbart, before forcing her to resign, which was a constructive illegal discharge.
This beautiful Black woman who has spent her entire career helping out Black & White farmers and others, has been the victim of a violation of due process of law and of a miscarriage of justice.
More importantly, President Obama should invite Mrs.
Sherrod to the White House, and reinstate her as soon as possible to her former position with back pay and payment for pain and suffering. Secretary Vilsack is the one who should be fired for his wanton unlawful violation of due process of law, and his sloppy and clumsy handling of Mrs. Sherrod's case coupled with his neglect of the Black farmers cases that were adjudicated many years ago. This Vilsack heads up the Department of Agriculture that still has career racists under his command at the USDA who were responsible for discriminating against the Black farmers and no action is being contemplated against those discriminators.
The Black farmers still haven't received their settlement checks in the amount of $1.25 billion dollars as a result of years of discrimination, which was determined by the Federal courts. What a bunch of hypocrites!
Members of the United States Congress are the true culprits in discriminating against the Black farmers. What a bunch of racists who are hiding behind the walls of Congress. I say throw the bums out !
Why hasn't Barcak Obama and the NAACP lobbied for the those Black farmers?
The NAACP, led by Uncle Ben Jealous, blindly jumped on the Obama bandwagon condemning Mrs. Sherrod without reviewing the entire video or even having the courtesy of interviewing Mrs. Sherrod to ascertain her position on the context which said statements were made over twenty four years ago while she was not employed by the USDA. The NAACP never called Mrs. Sherrod to obtain her point of view on the incident in question. So what does that say about the credibility of the NAACP? Uncle Ben Jealous and Obama have many things in common, but the most revealing is their lack of thoroughness in investigating and holding people accountable for their lack of judgement and actions. Jealous has to be a total embarrassment to the NAACP, and should resign his post with the NAACP ASAP. The American voters will send Obama packing in 2012.
I ask all Black voters and the brainwashed Obamatrons how much longer will they continue to support this fraudulent impostor occupying the White House with the tan face? I wonder how much Obama juice is still left in the tank before the American public discovers that Obama juice can be harmful to your health and safety?
Democratic voters should refuse to give financial support to the party led by Barack Obama. I wouldn't give the Democrats or Republicans one red cent in Chinese money.
Can I get a witness!
Perhaps someone can educate Today's NBC's host, Matt Laurer, MSNBC's News Analysts, and the bigoted buffoons at Foxx News on the definition of racism, prejudice and bigotry.
Mr. Lauer, there is no such thing as a Black racist or Black racism. Furthermore Mr. Lauer, your ignorance on the subject of racism is striking. Mr. Lauer, do you really understand the difference and definition of systemic racism and individual racism, racist, prejudice and bigotry?
Matt, did they teach you anything about racism at NBC or at the elite University called Ohio University, located in Athens Ohio?
It is also quite apparent that personnel in the Corporate sponsored news media receive very little if any training on the topic/subject of race, class and sexism.
Perhaps the top CEO's at NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, FOXX, Print media and PBS can bring in top scholars such as Tim Wise, Dr. Edward Rhymes, Ronald B. Saunders, or Melissa Harris Lacewell or other top people in the field to do some comprehensive training in the area of what is race, race relations in the U.S. from 1507 to the present, what is racism vs. prejudice, bigotry and discrimination. All employees that go in front of the cameras, or on the air, and who write about the news should receive this training which has to be mandatory.
It is a known fact that sponsored media are not Equal Employment Opportunity Employers.
The corporate media did a mediocre job in ascertaining all the facts in the instant case and getting to the bottom of a well orchestrated high tech assassination of Mrs. Sherrod by right-wing zealots in concert with the Obama administration and the NAACP. The Atlanta Journal Constitution and CNN did attempt to give more comprehensive balance coverage of the forced resignation of Mrs. Sherrod. The NAACP should be ashamed of themselves.
I have respect for the NAACP's Julian Bond. But Julian, you must begin the process of removing Benjamin Todd Jealous from the position of CEO of the nations oldest Civil Rights Organization. Mr Jealous does not have the maturity, experience, political IQ, understanding of African American History, acute knowledge of the Civil Rights Movement, or of the Black Liberation Struggle to lead this historic organization as we go forward into the 21st Century. It appears as though the NAACP cannot admit that they made a blatant mistake with the appointment of Uncle Ben to head the NAACP.

Hill City Elects Officers for Year

The James S. Robinson, Jr. Project
July 21, 2010
The article titled Hill City Elects Officers for Year was taken from the Pittsburgh Courier dated, January 28, 1945.

Hill City Elects Officers for Year
Election of Hill City officials for the coming year was held yesterday in the office of Safety Director E.A. Fairley.
Attorney Louis Little was reelected president; Director Fairley, Judge Lois M. McBride and P.L. Prattis, executive editor of the Pittsburgh "Courier," were re-elected vice presidents and J.Allen Figurel was also elected a vice president. Attorney Paul F. Jones was elected secretary and James D. Fleming, treasurer, James S. Robinson will continue to serve as director.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Negro Star With The Slave Mentality, Whoopi Goldberg Has Just Been Inducted Into The Lawn Jockey Hall-Of Fame-, Located In Hotwater Mississippi

Hotwater, Mississippi
July 17, 2010

The famous Negro actress, Whoopi Goldberg and talk show co-host of the NBC program the "View" has just been inducted into the Lawn Jockey Hall-Of-Fame-located in Hotwater Mississippi.
Ms. Goldberg's defense of long time Anti-Semitic, racist, and sexually abusive film maker Mel Gibson has shown herself to be worthy of induction into the Lawn Jockey Hall Of Fame.
The infamous Mel Gibson recently told his child's mother that she deserves to be raped by a pack of niggers for being so scantily clad.
Gibson equates Black men to a pack of canines. If that isn't racist, I don't what is. How many innocent Black men were murdered and lynched on trumped-up false charges because of White fear of Black male masculinity ?
Goldberg also defended the child rapist, Roman Polanski for his rape of a 13 year old girl.
Whoopi who has to be one of the world's ugliest woman has shown the entire country and world that she is a supporter of domestic violence against women, pure unadulterated racism and brutal Anti Semitism, all for the benefit of maintenance of the status quo. Whoopi is ugly because she acts ugly.
Whoopi Goldberg is an embarrassment to all Black women, and all women. I for one have never watched any of her C-rated movies or TV programs.
Goldberg like most Americans doesn't understand or know the bona-fide definition or definitions of racism, bigotry, prejudice, classism, and sexism and she behaves just like your typical House Servant with her rude, crude, vile, indecent gutter remarks and lifestyle.
Whoopi Goldberg has earned the right for induction into said Lawn Jockey Hall-Of Fame by her historical example of being offensive to African Americans, Jewish Americans and women. And Goldberg has acted, and behaved like your typical house servant as defined by Malcolm X. Therefore we are proud to announce Whoopi Goldberg's induction into the Lawn Jockey Hall-Of Fame.
Goldberg is a classic sellout and enabler.