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Look For The Black Buzz News Service 2010 Stand Up For Justice Awards On January10, 2011

Charlottesville, Virginia
December 31, 2010

CHARLOTTESVILLE. The BLACK BUZZ NEWS SERVICE will be presenting their 2010 Stand Up For Justice Awards on January 10th 2011 for individuals and organizations who stood up for justice in 2010.
 Our Stand Up For Justice Awards are in honor of Malcolm X who said
" If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything."

Happy New Year

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Terps' Friedgen Goes Out With A Big Bang As Maryland Romps Over East Carolina In The Military Bowl 51-20

College Park, Maryland
December 30, 2010

COLLEGE PARK. The Maryland Terps socked it to East Carolina in the Military Bowl winning 51-20 for a perfect retirement present to coach Ralph Friedgen (ACC Coach) of the year. Coach Friedgen is the person responsible for restoring pride in the Terrapin football program that had hit rock bottom. Coach Friedgen was the principal architect of the second biggest regular season turnaround in the country. Friedgen's Terps won nine games this season and lost four. Coach Friedgen had a 75-50 record that included a 5-2 bowl record.

The way the new Athletic Director Anderson handled Mr. Friedgen's exit was classless and unprofessional. Coach Friedgen was an assistant at UMD for 32 years and an alumnus. The Terp faithful weren't attending home games in great numbers thus the University contends they were loosing money.

Nevertheless the way Anderson handled the head coach James Franklin in waiting was also mishandeled. The powers to be at UMD didn't want to elevate Mr. Franklin because he was too close to coach Friedgen. Coach Franklin was made to look like a dupe and that's why he left College Park for greener pastures with the Vanderbilt University Commodores. Something just doesn't smell right at UMD.

Congratulations to Coach Friedgen/Staff and the Terp Football Team! Coach Friedgen has always been a class act.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

THE REAL PITTSBURGH HISTORY: Hill City's Jim Robinson Prevents A White Mob Led By A Catholic Priest On The South Side From Burning Out A Black Family That Moved Into The Arlington Heights Public Housing Projects

The James S. Robinson Jr. Project
Robinson and Saunders Archives
Pittsburgh, PA
December 28, 2010

PITTSBURGH...On July 23, 1947 James S. Robinson Jr., Executive Director of Hill City Youth Municipality received a call from City of Pittsburgh, Mayor David L. Lawrence who said " Jim we have a white priest leading a mob from the South Side threatening to burn out the colored families who just moved into the Arlington Heights Public Housing Projects, and you do what you have to to get the priest and mob under control." Mayor Lawrence further stated to Mr. Robinson that he couldn't trust too many white cops to stop that mob from harming those colored people who just moved into the Arlington Heights Projects.

According to my dad he informed Mayor Lawrence that he was taking his Hill City Crew along with several Colored Policemen to get the South Side priest and mob under control. My dad stated that when he arrived on the scene at said Housing complex that the priest in question was being very vociferouss in his objections to colored families who had moved into said projects.Further my dad informed me that priest was getting the crowd worked up into a frenzy.
My dad said his men put up barricades that prevented the mob from going into the building complex to attack the newly arrived colored residents. Each one of my dad's crew had Thompson Sub-Machine guns and other weapons and those men were as follows:

1. Willis Brooks
2. John A. Cundieff
3. Pronty Ford
4. Oliver Mason
5. Parker Thompson
6. James H. Williams
7. Big Blue (Sam Wilson)
*8. James S. Robinson Jr.

"My dad looked the priest in the eye and said if you or any of the other folks in your delegation take another step your blood will flow in the street and my dad told the priest to go home."  My dad clarified the point that the colored people had a right to live in those Projects that were founded through public tax dollars by the United States of America while the bigoted priest mumbled some racial epithet under his breath. " When the white mob saw those Black men standing there with Thompson Sub machine guns ready to use they dispersed in an expeditious fashion."

Who is really teaching the true history of Pittsburgh, PA? Note there is no mention of this incident in The Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania Chronology in reference to Blacks in Pittsburgh.Who is controlling the flow of vitally important historical information, and who is telling the history of Pittsburgh with true objectivity and thorough impeccable scholarship?

According to my dad Mayor Lawrence told him that the priest in question had been defrocked from the Catholic church.There was no media present and not even the Pittsburgh Courier. The white media very rarely covered happenings and events in the Black community back in the 1940's. The white press avoided Black news events as though the Black community was plagued by a curse.
I haven't contacted the Pittsburgh Diocese but I'll bet you ten too one that they don't any record of the priest getting defrocked.

              This post is part of the James S. Robinson Jr. Project

*Author's Note: Mayor Lawrence had asked my dad to take a office in the City-County Building with no job responsibilities. I attended Herron Hill Jr. High School with Big Blue's son Ellis Wilson. As head football coach of the Kay Boys I coached against Big Blue's other son Sidney Wilson who coached for the "House of Culture" which was also located in the Hill District. I'll never forget in one game between the Kay Boys Club and the House of Culture my prize pupil (Sammy Bam Clancy) who I started off playing defensive end caught the late Warner Macklin who was a fast nifty running back for the House of Culture for a seven yard lost on a double reverse.
*Note Warnie and Sammy will later team up to win a state basketball title for the Fifth Avenue Archers, and many people consider that Fifth Avenue team to be one of the greatest teams in the history of Pennsylvania Scholastic history.

Please read and review September 30, 2010 article titled "Hill City's Jim Robinson Throws Out Two Gangsters From Family Confectionery in the Hill District Section Of Pittsburgh PA" at the following address:

Please read June 30, 2010 article titled "Teacher, Pioneer on Civil Rights Scene" at

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ronald B. Saunders Plays The Part Of Simeon In a Play Titled the Twelve Voices of Christmas

Ronald B. Saunders Project
Saunders Family Archives
Pittsburgh PA
December 26, 2010

PITTSBURGH.. On December 19, 2002 at the Christian Tabernacle Kodesh Church of Immanuel, located at 2601 Centre Avenue in the Hill District section of Pittsburgh PA, Ronald B. Saunders played the part of Simeon in a play titled the Twelve Voices of Christmas, by Woodrow Kroll.

Mrs E. Lucille Lockhart, Director
Rev. Kenneth O. Barbour, Ph.D., Pastor, Supervising Elder



PROCESSIONAL.......... Page 52 "Joy To The World"

INVOCATION............Rev. Richard A. Payne


GABRIEL................Rev. Kenneth O. Barbour
Voice of Disclosure
Luke 1 :11-22, 26-38; Matthew 1: 20-25

ZACHARIAS............Mr. Floyd Rollins
Voice of Disbelief
Luke 1: 25, 57-80

ELIZABETH.............Ms. Celestine Wilkerson
Voice of Blessing
Luke 1: 5-25, 57-80

JOHN.........................Rev. Charles Craig
Voice of Preparation
Luke 1: 13-17

MARY.......................Ms. Jennifer Barbour
Voice of Wonder
Luke 1 :26-38

JOSEPH...................Mr. Wayne McNeil
Voice of Reason
Matthew 1 : 16-25

ANGELS..................Mr. Ernest Fields
Voice of Peace
Luke 2 : 8-14

SHEPHERDS..............Mr. Walter Butler
Voices of Declaration
Luke 2 : 8 -17

ANNA.......................Rev. Jo-Ann Rumph-Smith
Voice of Thanksgiving
Luke 2 : 25-35

SIMEON...................Mr Ronald B. Saunders
Voice of Peace
Luke 2 : 25-35

HEROD..................Mr. Keith Wayne Barnett
Voice of Deception
Matthew 2: 1-12

WISE MEN.............Mr. Tony Watts
Voices of Adoration
Matthew 2 : 1-12

* The standing room audience clapped for five minutes and many of those in attendance stated that they thought Ronald B. Saunders was a professional actor. The feedback from the audience was positive and uplifting.


Robinson & Saunders Archives
The James S. Robinson Jr. Project
Pittsburgh PA
December 26, 2010

PITTSBURGH.. Blogger Black Buzz was sitting in his living room on 524 Francis Street in the Hill District section of Pittsburgh when I overheard my aunt Esther tell her sister Ruth, and father that Bea ( my mother) had called her and said that "Jimmy had been attacked by a man with a knife while carrying a Christmas tree."
My parents weren't home at the time because they were busy closing up our Grocery/ Chicken store located on Wylie avenue in the Hill District, and they were also engaged in doing some last minute shopping for said Christmas.
At approximately 8:35 p.m. my parents arrived home with the Christmas tree in question. Further my dad informed all the members of the family "that some foolish thug tried to steal his Christmas tree by attacking with a knife, and that he would probably never again attack anyone else with a knife anywhere. I heard my dad state "that he worked over the thug pretty good and dragged him to the front of the Crawford Grill." " And apparently someone had called Big Blue (Sam Wilson) and Mason who arrived on the scene and they kicked the thug repeatedly until the Paddy Wagon arrived." My dad also stated the Paddy Wagon probably took the thug to either Pasavant Hospital or Mercy hospital."
I still have the knife that was used in the attack on my dad, and I also have a War World II dagger that was given too my dad by a Black GI who had taken if off of a dead German that he had killed while driving for the famous Red Ball Express in the backwoods of Germany.
That wicked and stupid Negro thug was not about to steal part of our Christmas from the baddest Black man in the City of Pittsburgh in 1950.
My dad had mercy on the thug, but that thug would never be able to use a knife on another innocent citizen again.

This post is part of the James S. Robinson Jr. Project


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Fryeburg Maine
December 22, 2010

FRYEBURG-- Why can't the UCONN Huskie women play Pat Summitt's Lady Vols? Who is the culprit in the instant case?
Is Pat Summitt still perturbed about the fact that Maya Moore changed her mind about coming to Tennessee and decided to go too the University of Connecticut?
What role did the great Candice Parker have on Maya's decision not to matriculate to the University of Tennessee?
Is Geno Auriemma hands completely clean in the recruitment of Maya Moore?
I have a lot of respect for Pat Summitt, but something isn't kosher as too why these two powerhouses choose not to play in the regular season.
Maybe the folks on ESPN's SPORT CENTER need to quit tap dancing around the question and asked Pat and Geno why they can't get together during the regular season and play a game .
It would be a financial bonanza for both teams.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hartford, Connecticut
December 21, 2010

HARTFORD, CONN.--- The UCONN Huskie women wallop the Seminoles of Florida State 93-62 for their 89 straight win.
The No. I ranked Huskies women's basketball team topped the 88-game winning streak set by the legendary great John Wooden's UCLA men's team from 1971-74. The Huskie women showed a lot of tenacity and true grit and their work ethic on the court was overwhelming.
Mr. Wooden's UCLA team's 88 straight games will stand by itself and the Lady Huskies 89 straight games is also an exceptional extraordinary accomplishment, which is in the same category of the UCLA's 88 straight game streak.

What can I say about Maya Moore who played like Pete Rose on the baseball diamond. Maya and her teammates were so well prepared to play the game against the upstart Lady Seminoles. And their love for the game and intensity showed in every thing they did on the court, which is a tribute to coach Geno Auriemma and his excellent assistants and staff.
Maya is so fluid, and graceful when moving without the ball and she reminds me of a young Michael Jordan.

Maya Moore had a double-double with a career-high 41 points and 10 rebounds and the highly talented freshmen from New York Bria Harley added 21 points for the Huskies, who have not lost since April 6, 2008, in the NCAA tournament semifinals.
I don't care whether Maya Moore is part of another Lady Huskie National Championship team or not she is the best and greatest basketball player in UCONN history. Maya is a better re bounder and post-up player than Diana Taurasi, and she can do all the other things that Taurasi does well on the court. Both Maya Moore and Diana Taurasi were great leaders on and off the court, and that's what makes them true champions.

I enjoy watching women's basketball on the collegiate level because its so pure and they play fundamentally sounder basketball than the men.

* Records were made to be broken. And some day Joe DiMaggio's 56 consecutive game hitting streak will also be broken.

The Leader of The Tribe: Bob Feller The Greatest Right Handed Pitcher Of All Time Is Dead at the Age of 92

Special Report
Cleveland Ohio
December 21, 2010

CLEVELAND (BBSNS) Bob " Rapid Robert" Feller the greatest right handed pitcher in baseball history is dead at the age of 92 after suffering with acute leukemia. Not only was Feller a great pitcher but he was true American hero who was the first Major League baseball player to enlist in the U.S. Armed forces after Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. On December 8, 1941 Mr. Feller enlisted in the U.S. Navy, and he served as a gun captain on the USS Alabama, earning several battle commendations and medals.
Can you imagine any of the professional prima donnas of today going into the armed forces for 4 years? The Navy wanted to use him as a GI sportsman and pitch in exhibition games for the troops but the "Fireballer" Feller chose to be assigned to a real Navy ship that went to war.
Mr. Feller won 266 games in 18 seasons all with the Cleveland Indians, and he took four years off to fight for the war cause.Feller led the American League in victories six times and strikeouts seven times, and he had six 20-win seasons. In 1946 Mr. Feller had 36 complete games, exactly half as many as the National League in 2010, which is the latest "Year of the Pitcher.
Feller had 2,581 career strikeouts, 12 one hitters, 3 no hitters. And Mr. Feller is the only pitcher in Major League history to pitch a Opening day no hitter, and he accomplished that feat on Opening Day in April 1940.
Ted Williams, who many baseball experts consider the greatest hitter in Major League history stated that Feller was the toughest pitcher he ever faced.

The Cleveland Indians signed Feller for $1 in 1936. And he made his first mound appearance with the Indians in 1937 and as a 17 year old, he struck out 15 St. Louis Browns. A few weeks later Feller by the fireball er struck out 17 tying Dizzy Dean's modern record for strikeouts in a game. When the season ended Feller went back to finish high school.
kickFeller had an excellent curve ball and he threw aspirin tablets on every pitch. Feller also had that high leg , which was copied by the Giants great Hall of famer Juan Marchial.
The American League also had the best hitters in the 1930's and 1940's. They had the great "Bimbino" Babe Ruth, the "Iron man Lou Gehrig, the great Joe DiMaggio, and the great Ted Williams.
The National League only started to catch-up to the American League in stardom and hitting prowess when they started signing the great talented players from the Negro Leagues such as Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Sam Jethroe, Willie Mays, Monte Irvin, Hank Thompson, Orlando Cepeda, Hank Aaron, Wes Covington, Billy Bruton, Ernie Banks, Frank Robinson, Vada Pinson, and the great Roberto Clemente. The three National League teams that dominated the 1950's the Braves, Dodgers and Giants also had the cream of the crop in Black ball players. And the National League had a strict quota system on the number of Black ball players that were permitted to make said clubs. The National basically dominated the All Star games between 1950 to 1987 winning 33 out of 42 with one tie because the National League had great Afro-Americans, and Afro-Puerto Ricans on their rosters. The All star game was made for "Sey Hey Kid" Willie Mays who I consider as the greatest baseball player in history, and the great Roberto Clemente. If the Giants had stayed in New York City Willie Mays may have hit 790 home runs. Candlestick Park in San Francisco robbed Willie Mays of least 100 home runs.

Feller was the leader of the "Famous Tribe" which also featured two other Hall of fame rs Early Wynn and Bob Lemon along with the great Mike Garcia.
Rapid Robert threw the second fastest pitch ever officially recorded, at 107.6 mph,in a game at Griffith Stadium, but the machinery was no where near as accurate as it was when Nolan Ryan threw 100.7 mph.
Also note to the best of my knowledge Satchel Page was never recorded when he was fastest on a modern machine.
Note I have excluded the great Negro Pitchers from this discussion. I do recognize that some of the Negro League pitchers may have been just as good as "Rapid Robert."
Feller was also instrumental in easing Larry Doby's integration to the Cleveland Indians. And Doby's transition to the Major Leagues wasn't as racially hostile as the great Jackie Robinson, but the racial climate was horrible in each Major League City in both the National and the American League.
Mr. Feller also advocated playing against the Negro League stars and he couldn't understand why the Negro ball players were excluded from playing in the Major Leagues.
Bob Feller was just an innocent Iowa farm boy whose parents did an outstanding job of raising him to be a great human being.
*When you think of sports in Cleveland the first name that comes to mind is Bob Feller in baseball and the great Otto Graham in football.

Monday, December 20, 2010

BLACK BUZZ NEWS, December 20, 2010; Is President Obama working in Concert with the Russians On Start

Fryeburg, Maine
December 20, 2010

Is President Obama Working in Concert With The Russians On START?

College Park, Maryland... Watch for another one of Obama's backroom deals on the present proposed START Treaty. The U.S. Senate would be wise to hold in-depth hearings on the proposed START because the American people can't be sure of what the wishy-washy Obama has promised the Russians.
Remember the backrooms deals on Health Care, the tax Compromise?
The Russians are hoping that the U.S. signs this fraudulent treaty that will basically reduce the U.S. nuclear capability, which is not good for internal defense or the defense industry on which thousands of Americans jobs are a stake. This START treaty that Obama is pushing will weaken the U.S. military and that's why the Russians are pushing for immediate ratification. Anything that the Russians are advocating has to be suspect and China is just waiting for the U.S. to sign this START so they can step up their building of short and long range nuclear missiles.
Why is President Obama trying to push this START treaty signed in April of this year through a "Lame Duck Congress without a full proper debate and cross examination with the American people. This START treaty does not cover Tactical Nuclear weapons, which Russia has 10 % more than the U.S., and only a naive fool would think that the Russians would not step up their efforts to build more Tactical as well as Strategic nuclear weapons
This present START treaty is not good for the U.S or the folks in Europe.
Polish Americans must ask this question. Will Poland be safer with this START TREATY? If so how? Russia told Obama that they didn't want a Defense Shield in Poland and Obama obliged.
The Congress needs to make sure that we update our present Missile Defense System, which is almost becoming outdated.
Since 1945 can any of you Obamatrons name one incident where the Russians have kept their word or treaty obligations?
The Cold war never ended which is evidence by how Russia ran roughshod over their little former puppet state of Georgia in South Ossetia.
Russia will do what is in Russia's best Geo-political interest and signing this bogus START treaty will make Russia a duplicitous partner in trying to convince Iran to give up on the processing of material that is needed in the development of their nuclear enrichment energy program and for possibility of making thermo-nuclear weapons.
Russia and China are the key players and North Korea to lesser degree in providing Iran with the technical assistance they need to develop their nuclear weapons program.
The Russians realize that they have a naive amateur in Obama occupying the Oval Office, who has this grandiose idea of reducing nuclear weapons and proliferation.
Remember the Health Care Bill that became law? Obama didn't read that bill in its entirety. President Obama is only looking to score much needed political points with this START TREATY, and I doubt seriously whether he truly understands what this START encompasses.

Do South Korea's Live Military Exercises Threaten Peace On The Korean Peninsula
Seoul... The South Korean are playing a game of psychological warfare against the North Koreans as they step up their live fire military exercises directed toward the small Island that was attacked by the North Koreans last month.
Obama's foreign policy is shipwrecked and watch him leave the South Koreans out to dry.
The North Koreans will not be intimidated by their brothers in the South and its very unfortunate that we don't have types of global leaders that can bring about the type of necessary dialogue that is needed in bringing both sides to the table on an on-going basis for true reunification talks between the North and South.

Don't Ask Don't Tell Was A Good Law

San Francisco... We should keep in place the law called Don't Ask Don't Tell. I had a Sergeant E-7 in Germany who was openly gay, and the other men in the company couldn't stand his guts and none of the men took him seriously.
They played jokes on him on a daily basis and one time they even locked him in an APC... He was the laughing stock of the whole unit and company.
As a matter of fact the men in my unit pulled so many pranks and other despicable things against the gay Sergeant that he had to ask for a transfer to another base which was granted. While this gay sergeant was in the unit the morale was horrible, and he was the contributing cause to the low morale.
I think the U.S. is slowly on the verge of becoming another modern day Sodom & Gomorrah, and all the signs are present as the country falls into a immoral degenerate type of lifestyle and ungodly behavior..
What caused the decline & fall of the great Roman Empire?

All Americans Should Avoid At All Cost Traveling to the country of Mexico.
Tijuana... There is no semblance of law and order anywhere in Mexico therefore we are requesting at the Black Buzz News Service that all Americans avoid traveling to Mexico at all costs.

All States Need To Have Comprehensive Mandatory Driving Tests For Senior Citizens

Point of Rocks, MD.. All states need to pass legislation that says anyone over the age of 65 must take and pass a mandatory driver's test, vision test, and physical road test every five years. People over 65 have higher crash rates than younger drivers and it would be an appropriate safety measure to test all older drivers every five years in all of the previous mentioned categories.

George Steinbrenner Has To Be Turning Over In His Grave As The Phillie's sign Cliff Lee to a Five Year 115 Million Dollar Contract
New York, New York. The great George Steinbrenner has to be turning over in his grave as the Phillie's sign left hand er Cliff Lee to a five year 115 million dollar contract. The ever victorious Yankees did in fact offer Cliff Lee more money, but old Cliff simply didn't like Cashman or Steinbrenner's son.
Plus the fact the Lee family enjoyed living in Philadelphia, and they didn't want to put up with the New York rat race. But I believe if the the elder Steinbrenner were alive that he would have been able to convince the Lee family to come to the "Big Apple."
This could be the end of the Yankee dynasty as we know it as the Redsox signed Carl Crawford and the BO Sox are on their way to capturing the AL East.
Is this in fact the end to Steinbrenner's evil empire?
The 2011 World Series will between the Phillies and the Boston Redsox. And look for the boys from "Bean town to win in seven games."

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Has Anyone Ever Heard Of Chesseburger Soup?

Negro Knoll, Florida
December 19, 2010

NEGRO KNOLL..Has anyone ever heard of Cheeseburger Soup?
Cheeseburger Soup sounds really disgusting. Chesseburger Soup sounds like a dish that Mike Vick might serve one of his new Pit- Bulls.
Perhaps they have served Cheeseburger Soup in the Georgia State prisons and maybe that's why the inmates were rioting for a whole week.

I understand that Burger King Foods Inc. will a have new section of their restaurant's devoted entirely to canines. And one of the dishes they will be serving is Cheeseburger Soup.


Fryeburg, Maine
December 19, 2010

FRYEBURG..I would like to know why I can't buy or purchase asparagus produced in the United States of America? I shop daily in the Whole Foods Market in Pittsburgh PA, and I haven't been able to get or receive a satisfactory answer as too why I can't purchase American produced asparagus.
I once wrote a term paper in college on how the Black Egyptians and Nubian's cultivated the asparagus which was growing wild along the banks of the famous Nile River.
I was raised on American
produced asparagus which is very nutritious that contains Vitamins A, C, B6, folic acid, potassium and thiamine.
My grandmother used to grow asparagus on the sandy land that she owned in Cape May New Jersey, which was about a mile from the Atlantic Ocean.
What has happen to U.S. asparagus production? I know for a fact that the states of New Jersey, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Washington state use to supply the American consumer with the best grown asparagus in the world.
I am also cognizant of the fact that the U.S. government signed a bogus drug control policy called The Andean Trade Preference Act of 1990.
The so-called intent with this fraudulent act was to give affirmative action
preferences to the Andean drug trafficking countries and to give them incentives to grow crops other than those that produce drugs.
One of the crops that U.S. targeted was asparagus. The U.S was trying to get the Peruvians and Ecuadorians to grow asparagus and thus they would stop growing coca leaf and poppies. In the years since this horrible Un-American policy went into effect these preferences the U.S government gave the Peruvians and Ecuadorians has decimated and practically destroyed the U.S. domestic asparagus industry. Now the Peruvians, Ecuadorians and Mexicans export more asparagus to the good old USA than our country produces.

I would like to give thanks to President George Herbert Walker Bush and the deceitful United States Congress and poorly corrupt run USDA for causing the destruction of U.S. asparagus production.

The American asparagus growers are receiving inadequate compensation by the the U.S. government via the USDA in return for what the U.S. government did to the entire asparagus industry.
According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the U.S. government has spent more than $ 46.8 billion on the misleading "War on Drugs" so far this year. And we still have more people addicted to coke, crack, smack, pot, meth, X, and Purple Drank than all the rest of the world combined. The U.S. War on drugs is a joke.
The buffoons that the gullible U.S. public elected to run our affairs of state gave Carte-Blanche for them to subsidize Peruvian coca leaf farmers at the expense of the hard working American farmers who are greatest crop producers in the world.
When and where did the Congress hold hearings on the Andean Trade Preferences Act?

Why can't the Whole Foods Market, Food Lion, Giant, Harris Teeter, Giant Eagle, Shop & Save, Stop & Shop, A & P, Kroger, Foodland, The Community Market,
Martinsfoods, Ukrop, Independent Food Stores, Organic Food Stores give incentives to local American farmers to grow asparagus?

* I will continue to boycott foreign grown asparagus.

* My investigation of why I can't buy American home grown asparagus has revealed the following.
That Sheppard Farms Produces asparagus in Cumberland County in New Jersey, and they supply the Whole Foods Market with fresh grown asparagus in the early spring and summer months. That the state of New Jersey is the fourth largest asparagus producer in the country and every stalk is picked by hand. The people picking the asparagus are probably illegal immigrants. That American asparagus growers only supply roughly 29 per cent of all the market.
I subsequently called Whole Foods Market in Pittsburgh and expressed how I felt about eating asparagus from Peru and Mexico. According to the produce manager at Whole Foods they have to but their products out based upon availability and location. The produce manager also stated that they buy their asparagus from the Sheppard Farms Produce in New Jersey but that was only for a few months in the spring and summer months. I suggested that they check out growers in California and Texas and the manager said that he would pass my requests to one of his VP's. I told the produce manager that I would be calling back to check on the status of my requests.

These bogus one-sided Free Trade Agreement are going to kill the American consumer and American small business's.
These one per center's don't provide any American jobs. They are now starting to farm out our food supply, and jobs to other nations.
Thanks Mr. Obama for giving the tax breaks to the one per centers who will now take more jobs overseas.
The American public is brain dead.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

All the Public Is Invited To Attend the John Heinz History Center To See a Major Exhibition Called: "America's Best Weekly: The Pittsburgh Courier"

Special Announcement

Pittsburgh, PA
December 18, 2010

PITTSBURGH.. All of the public in the Tri-State area and the nation are invited to attend an exciting exceptional project at the Senator John Heinz History Center to commemorate the history of the Pittsburgh Courier, starting on Friday, February 11, 2011, and this unique project will run until October 2, 2011.
The John Heinz History Center is mounting a major exhibition called "America's Best Weekly: A Century of the Pittsburgh Courier."

Mr. Samuel W. Black, curator of African American Collections at the Senator John Heinz History Center will head up a team of exemplary researchers
who will introduce new facts about the founding of the Courier and highlight various aspects of the paper's profile and operations that are groundbreaking in American journalism. The multi-media exhibit will focus on the operations of The Pittsburgh Courier from 1910- to the present-not only looking at the major stories it covered but also examining and exploring the significance the Courier held in the Black community in Pittsburgh and throughout the world.

* I would like to see at least five to ten million people visit the Senator John Heinz History Center starting on February 11, 2011 to see this excellent exhibition. You could plan your vacation around visiting the Courier exhibition at said Center. It's a must see for all. And all teachers from K to the graduate level in college should plan field trips to visit the Heinz History Center during the month of February which is Black History Month.

* The Exhibition Will Open On Friday, February 11, 2011 and will run until October 2, 2011. For More Information, please contact the History Center at
( 412-454-6000).

The Senator John Heinz Center is located at:
1212 Smallman Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Friday, December 17, 2010

Nate Smith, Chairman Of Operation Dig/Careers, Inc. Sends A Letter To Ronald B. Saunders

The Ronald B. Saunders Project
The James S. Robinson Jr. Project
The Saunders Family Archives
Pittsburgh PA
December 17, 2010

The following letter was received by Ronald B. Saunders from Nate Smith, Chairman of the Board of Operation Dig/Careers, Inc. on April 21, 1987.Operation Dig/Careers, Inc.
Annual Awards Dinner
130 Larimer Avenue....... Pittsburgh PA. 15206 * 412-361-6200

April 21, 1987

Mr. Ronald B. Saunders
The National Black
Political Caucus
Pittsburgh, PA 15230

Dear Mr. Saunders:

It is an honor and a pleasure to inform you that you have been selected to receive the Operation Dig/ Careers Inc. 1987 Humanitarian Award. Your outstanding contributions have made Pittsburgh a better place to live.

We wish to publically honor you on Saturday, June 13, 1987 at the Pittsburgh Hyatt at Chatham Center. Please let me know if you can join us in this communal celebration of excellence.

I love you, admire you and respect you.
Your Black Brother & Friend

Nate Smith

*Review the blog post titled Teacher, Pioneer on Civil Rights on June 30, 2010 at

Mr. Smith credits my dad James S. Robinson Jr. for getting him started in the fight for Civil Rights.
I recall my dad stating that Alma Illery, and Daisy Lampkins and other leaders of the Black leadership class were talking about negotiations with the City over the integration of Highland Park pool when colored kids and patrons were being brutally attacked on August 22 1948.
 My dad was employed by the Hill City Youth Municipality and Mayor Lawrence with the Chairman of Hill City.
My dad said Mayor Lawrence told him that he was in negotiations with the NAACP, and important members of the Negro community.
My dad said he asked the Mayor how were those negotiations going to stop the colored kids from being brutally attacked by the bigots? According to my dad Mayor Lawrence said well maybe they would stop and my dad informed the Major that he was going out to Highland Park pool and settle the matter his way. And Mayor Lawrence said "you know Jim that I don't trust too many white police officers to handle those riots." My dad further stated that he informed Mayor Lawrence that colored people pay taxes in the City of Pittsburgh, and they are entitled to use all the public facilities, which includes all of the pools.
According to my dad the white cops let or permitted the coloreds to be attacked, and as matter of fact in some cases they encouraged the whites to attack the coloreds.
My dad informed me that when he arrived on the scene at Highland Park pool that the Black kids were being threaten, and intimidated and attacked while in the pool. My dad said he shut the pool down and told the fathers to be in the city if the colored kids and adults can's use the pool then nobody will use that pool.
My dad further stated that if those colored kids and colored patrons were attacked after the pool opened up that we would personally come looking for the attackers. Don't believe all that fiction that has been written about the integration of the Highland Park swimming pool.

"Nate Smith correctly stated that Jim Robinson put his life on the line for Black people that summer, and he dared the whites to attack the coloreds when the pool reopened.
All the City fathers knew that Jim Robinson meant business, and so did the Italians and other whites who lived in the East Liberty, Homewood and the East end..
This is the same Jim Robinson that led a several truck loads of armed Black men from the Soho District of the Hill to defend the Black residents in the East Liberty Section of the city that were being attacked on and on-going basis in the late thirties. You won't read about those stories in the White media and some of those stories didn't even appear in the Courier but they did in fact happen.
What type of individual would attack innocent Colored kids, Colored patrons who just wanted to swim in peace in a public place operated by the City of Pittsburgh other than a low down cowardly bigoted savage.
Yes those folks who attacked the Coloreds at the Highland Park pool were unadulterated savages just like those savages that attacked and murdered those four (4) little colored girls in 1963 at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham Alabama.
Also note that there were intense racial confrontations in the 1940's 1950's and 1960's over the use of Blacks swimming at the Paulson pool on Paulson avenue in the upper East End, and at the West Penn pool in Polish Hill.
Sully Pool in South Park was finally integrated on Memorial Day, 1964.

* I have asked John Brewer Jr. the Owner/Curator of the Trolley Station to give me the exact dates that James S. Robinson Jr. was nominated for The Pittsburgh Courier's Man of The Year Award. It is my understanding that my dad was nominated for the Courier Man of the Year Award in 1945, , 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, and 1950. John Brewer is the custodian of the Pittsburgh Courier Archives.
There are many important items that have been stolen from the Family Archives in Slippery Rock PA, and at the family home , which was located at 524 Francis Street in the Hill District section of Pittsburgh PA.

* My dad's heroes were Chief Crazy Horse, Geronimo and Nat Turner. Desert often talked about Chief Joseph and his compromising with whites after he had beaten them in three out of five major battles.
My dad's father's family was known throughout the greater Richmond Virginia area as the fighting Robinson's. I will be writing about blog post about my dad's mother and father who the family called pop and big mama at a later date. That blog post will be about 8,000 to 10,00 words or more.

* Hop Kendrick said in the Pittsburgh Courier in 2002 "How can you have a Civil Rights Memorial/Museum( Freedom Corner) in Pittsburgh and not include Jim Robinson in the Memorial?

The late Roland Saunders no kin to me said "Jim has helped more people on the Hill than anyone past or present.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

JoEllen Lyons Dillon vs Reed Smith, Stall & Delay

Pittsburgh PA
December 16, 2010
Breaking News

Now that JoEllen Lyons Dillion has filed a lawsuit against her employer Reed Smith in the U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh are there any of the males in question married who are involved in these alleged quid pro quo sex adventures in said Reed Smith office?
Are the wives of these men in power who have been accused of sexual harassment in reference to the allegations raised in Mrs Dillion lawsuit not aware of the actions of their husbands?
If Reed Smith is smart they will get out in front of this lawsuit, and settle this claim in the interest of Mrs Dillion as soon as possible and save their questionable reputation from further embarrassment.
Lawsuits involving sexual harassment should not be taken lightly by any employer. Those good Ole Boys at Reed Smith should be aware of the fact that charges of sexual harassment could result in criminal culpability.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


West Palm Beach, Florida
December 15, 2010

The stupid cowardly New York Jet's strength coach Sal Alosi intentionally tripped with his left knee Dolphins corner back Nolan Carroll who was running down the sideline covering a punt in a game played between the Jets and Dolphins on Sunday December 12 at the New Meadowlands in East Rutherford New Jersey.
It appears as though Alosi's actions were intentional and with malice and forethought, and he should receive a tougher sanction from the NFL other than a measly $25,000 fine and year ending suspension. This tripping incident involving the former Maryland Terp Nolan Carroll could have resulted in a very severe injury.
This is the same hypocritical NFL that claims that they are so concern about the safety of the ballplayers, but when a lower level coach who's a part of management intentionally initiates contact with a player the buffoons in the NFL's Commissioner's office are silent. The NFL has the back of low-life character's like Alosi as long as they are part of the management team.

The NFL should fine Alosi $100,000, and he should receive a four game suspension for the 2011 season. The Jets disciplinary actions against Alosi are only a mild slap on the wrist and there is absolutely no room in today's game for despicable acts such as Mr.Alosi's. Mr. Alosi is quite lucky that he didn't loose his job. Rex Ryan apparently loves to have these outlaw types on his squad.
Hopefully the Players Association will file a grievance on Mr. Carroll's behalf. And if I were Mr Carroll I would seek the advise of legal counsel to explore whether I may have a right to file some causative action against the Jets and Mr Alosi.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pittsburgh Attorney JoEllen Lyons Dillion Files a Lawsuit Against Her Employer Reed Smith

Pittsburgh, PA
December 13, 2010

Pittsburgh... I must congratulate and give kudos to Mrs. JoEllen Lyons Dillion who filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court on December 6, 2010 against the defendant, Reed Smith.
It takes a lot of courage, intelligence and determination to stand up against Pittsburgh's second largest law firm, Reed Smith and risk being "white balled" by the entire legal community in Pittsburgh and throughout the U.S. Again Mrs JoEllen Lyons Dillion, you are to be commended for filing a lawsuit against Reed Smith.

It's true that everyone that stands up for justice against discrimination may not have a bona-fide claim of discrimination. But Mrs Dillion's claim is more than just about an equal pay case. It involves a hostile work environment at said Reed Smith, which is very pervasive in many law firms around the country. More importantly, most women are just simply too afraid of work place reprisals and being castigated and ostracized for future employment if they file any kind of charges against their employers.
Large law firms are some of the biggest offenders of the Equal Pay Act of 1963. The partners running these large law firms think and act as if the the various Civil Rights Laws don't apply to them or they act as if they are above the law which is further evidence by how they treat female attorneys in all of their terms and conditions of employment.
Presently, law firms are not exempt from any of the Federal Equal Pay Acts or Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

A study released in October by researchers at Temple University and the University of Texas found a double-whammy for women at 200 large law firms. The researchers found that women were less likely to be promoted from associate to partner and earned less once they got to the rank of partner.
All women must stand-up for justice and fairness against all of these discriminatory practices at these 200 law firms. Discrimination doesn't go away by osmosis or diffusion.
It's the same old tired story. Females who want to advance in the employment arena either go along with the request for sexual favors by males in positions of power or they just say No and risk being harassed, fired or victimized by a hostile work environment.
Mr. Cordes, the attorney representing the plaintiff, Mrs. Dillion, states that he will produce examples of sexual quid pro quo as the case advances which will aid in showing and establishing how women in general in the workplace environment at Reed Smith are viewed by male partners at the law firm in question.

As a Human Relations Representative of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, I investigated and found cause in one of the largest equal pay sex discrimination cases in Pennsylvania, which was filed against Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas, The Allegheny Minor Judiciary and Allegheny County. The four original complainants along with a whole class of women received substantial monetary awards as part of the remedy for the respondents' discriminatory behavior.

The Federal Equal Pay Act requires three essential components and they are as follows:
Employers must pay the same to women and men doing the same work or similar work when there is 1.equal skill involved 2. equal or similar effort involved and 3. equal or similar responsibility involved.
Even if Mrs. Dillion and her attorney Mr. Cordes can show a prima facie case of pay discrimination on the basis of sex that may not be enough evidence to satisfy the standards set by the U.S. District Court, the Federal Appeal's Court or the John Robert's led U.S. Supreme Court.
If Mrs. Dillon and Mr. Cordes can show prima facie cause you can then shift the burden of proof to Reed Smith who would have to show that they had some job-related basis or business necessity for paying the plaintiff less than similarly situated male attorneys under like or similar conditions which resulted in the pay discrepancy.
I would highly suggest that Mr. Cordes bring in the best Job Validation experts in the country who specialize in doing Job Validation Studies for all types of attorney positions in law firms.
Perhaps Reed Smith has BFOQ (Bona-Fide Occupational Qualification) that has been validated by a court of proper jurisdiction that says they can pay male attorney's more money than the female attorney's performing the same or similar work.
I suspect that there are women at Reed Smith who are for and against Mrs. Dillion filing said lawsuit. I don't think that those rascals at Reed Smith want all of their very dirty dirty laundry coupled with that permissive sexual environment aired in the U.S. District Court. So look for this case to be settled before a finding of fact without a full blown court trial for about a couple of million or more. There are obvious pattern elements in Mrs. Dillion's charge which may or may not be relevant in the instant case. And Mrs. Dillion will find out who her true friends and enemies are.
Some women will testify for Mrs. Dillion on her behalf and I am quite confident that Reed Smith will use some company females to refute Mrs. Dillion's allegations.

CONGRATULATIONS TO MRS. JoEllen Lyons Dillion For Standing Up For Justice And Fairness In The Workplace.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Palamalu Intercepts 2 Passes From His Old College Roommate Carson Palmer, As The Steelers Squeak Out A 23-7 Victory

Pittsburgh PA
December 12, 2010

PITTSBURGH. The Steelers offense couldn't score one touchdown against a tough stingy Bengal defense as the Steeler triumphed over the Bengals 23-7.
For the second week in a row Troy Palamalu turns in a stellar performance by intercepting two Carson Palmer passes returning one for a touchdown, and the other touchdown was scored by the Steelers Lb LaMarr Woodley on another Palmer interception.
The Steelers Shaun Suisham kicked three field goals because of the Steelers inability to score touchdowns in the Red Zone.
In July of this year I predicted that the Bengals would make the playoffs but they have about 13 key players either banged up on or IR or out for the season.
The skirmish at mid field between both ball clubs after the game was over was all about the Bengals frustrations.
Mike Brown, owner of the Bengals is a big supporter of Marvin Lewis and he may give Marvin another shot at bringing the Bengals out of the doldrums in the Queen City.


The Ronald B. Saunders Project
The Saunders Family Archives
New York, New York
December 12, 2010

The poem titled 'To The Hustler" was written by Mungin a member of the New York Chapter Of The Black Panther Party For Self-Defense.


Now see here Homes
I know
Its hard for you
to understand why.

You have to change

Yeah.... I'm hip,
the world's a jungle
and you're trying to survie
That's why you're wearing
an eight dollar tie.

Whitey's got you down
so its colored folks
you beat
Changing Cadillacs every year
like you own a fleet.

But colored folks
are turning Black
and when that's complete
what will you do then.... Homes?
Wear out your Gators walking
the street

Mungin, 1974

What Was The Motivation Behind ESPN's Airing of The Tony Excess? Right After Airing Its Program On The Heisman Trophy?

College Park, Georgia
December 12, 2010

College Park.. It appears as though ESPN chose to air its widely controversial program "Tony Excess" immediately after its program on the awarding of the Heisman Trophy solely to boost its ratings and to steal some of the thunder from the great Cam Newton who just won the highly coveted award.
What was the motivation behind ESPN's airing the Tony Excess right after its program on the Heisman Trophy? Why did ESPN air its Tony Excess right after its widely viewed program on the Heisman?
ESPN's program producers are always looking ways to improve its viewership ratings and they could care less about the psychological effects that programs like the "Tony Excess" will have on the many youth who are watching those programs.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lectures on Bible Topics and Music Spark Graduation Rites

The Robinson & Saunders Archives

The Mrs Beatrice Saunders Robinson Project
Pittsburgh PA
December 10, 2010

This article titled Lectures on Bible Topics and Music Spark Graduation Rites appeared in THE PITTSBURGH COURIER on June 20, 1970.
The following article is about the Harty Bible School graduates of 1970 who just completed a thorough comprehensive four-year course in studying the Holy Scriptures. The 1970 Harty Bible School Class consisted of laymen and ministers.
Mrs Beatrice L. Saunders Robinson is the mother of Ronald B. Saunders and Thomas John Saunders Jr.
Mrs Beatrice Lee Saunders Robinson was the (1970) Graduating Class President.
Mrs Robinson taught at the Harty Bible School for 35 years and she is a past Dean and President of the Harty Bible School.
Our mother (Mrs Beatrice L. Robinson) was also the first two term President of the Harty Bible School Alumni Association.
Mrs Robinson received the Teacher of the Year Award from the Academy of Honors on May 28, 2002, and she was recognized as an expert on the Genesis section of the Bible which is the subject that she taught at the Harty Bible School.
The Harty Bible School with branch campuses on the North side of Pittsburgh, Aliquippa PA, McKeesport PA, Philadelphia PA, and the main school on Centre Avenue is one of the top full study Bible Schools in the country.

Lectures on Bible Topics and Music Spark Graduation Rites

Harty Bible School held its graduation exercises Wednesday June 1oth in the Christian Tabernacle Kodesh of Immanuel. The nine happy graduates, who have studied and worked for years to reach this point, made an impressive sight in their white robes and mortar boards.
The program was an exciting mixture of speeches, music and close communion between the graduates, the teachers, the families and friends who filled the Tabernacle.
In keeping with the theme for the evening, "God's Plan for Redemption," the following persons participated as commencement speakers, Louise D. Payne, Daisy M. Buckner, Walker Vauters, Charles W. Buckner and Beatrice L Robinson, class president, who also gave the charge to members of the class of 1971.
Special music for the occasion was offered in duet form by Grace Thomas and Florence Woodruff and Ravella Tunie Hopson a 1969 graduate and Scharnell Tunie.
Other graduates who received their diplomas from the hands of Mrs Marie Charles president of the school were, Rev. Alfrederick W. Blaylock, who gave the invocation; James W. Chavers and Eva Mae Thomas.
Closing the program were Rev. Ellsworth W. Holmes and Supervising Elder, Rev. F. R. Killingsworth.

*December 10th is my mother's birthday and she gave me the following poem with no title.

I met God in the morning
When my day was at its best
and His presence came like sunrise
Like a glory in my breast

All day long His presence lingered:
All day long He stayed with me,
And we sailed in perfect calmness
Over a very troubled sea.

Other ships were blown and battered
Other ships were sore distressed:
But the winds that seemed to drive them
Brought to us a peace and rest

Then I thought of other mornings
With a keen remorse of mind
When I, too, had loosed the mornings
With my Savior behind.

So, I think I know the secret
Learned from many a troubled way,
You must seek God in the morning
If you want him through the day.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Obama: The Republicans' Reliable Interlocutor

Black Buzz News Service
Washington, D.C.
December 9, 2010
Special Report

Wed, 12/08/2010 - 10:45

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
It was an ugly performance by “an unrepentant, unreconstructed, center-right, corporate operative,” as President Obama defended his “latest grand accommodation with the GOP.” But it is incorrect to say that Obama “caves” to Republicans. His m.o. is far more aggressive – against fellow Democrats, whom he has relentlessly pummeled since his first days in office. With Obama in the White House, who needs Republicans?

“Obama has been at constant war with the New Deal and the left hemisphere of his party.”

Barack Obama reacted reflexively to Monday’s orchestration of angry calls to the White House by lefties outraged at his latest grand accommodation with the GOP, spending much of his Tuesday press conference attempting a limp smack-down of Left Democrats. Oozing condescension and a certain cattiness, Obama dismissed Democratic critics for playing “games” while he did what was necessary to wring an unemployment benefits extension from the Republicans. As Obama tells it, he stood like a pragmatic rock – if one can imagine such a thing – between the Republican “hostage-takers” and the “purist” and “sanctimonious” Democrats – a party of one.

The president hearkened back to “the debate that we had during health care” when much of his party complained that he was too “willing to compromise” with Republicans and bargained away the public option. Actually, Obama was determined from the start of his presidency to conspire with Republicans and corporate leaders to derail any possibility of a bill that might set the stage for single-payer legislation in 2009 or some future Congress. Instead, Obama protected private insurers by locking them so tightly into the system that it will be near impossible to dislodge them in the foreseeable future. Obama accomplished this, not just by ruthlessly marginalizing single-payer supporters, but also by choosing his own congressional operatives and effectively bypassing Democratic leadership – much the same m.o. as in his latest “compromise” with the GOP. He wielded the power of the White House and the false lure of bipartisan ism to utterly smash the left half of his party, deriding the dwindling “public option” holdouts as starry-eyed perfectionists who had become the enemies of the good – a performance he reprised on Tuesday in lambasting critics of deal with the GOP on taxes on the rich.

In the course of the long health care battle – a struggle waged entirely within Democratic ranks –Obama let the air out of the Democratic balloon, and the GOP steadily rose from its valley of near-death. The Republicans wound up conceding nothing on health care, while their corporate patrons won more than they could have dared imagine back on Election Day, 2008, when it seemed that single-payer was an idea whose time had come.

“Obama let the air out of the Democratic balloon, and the GOP steadily rose from its valley of near-death.”

The health care victory that Obama still celebrates was a defeat of fellow Democrats by the combination of a solid Republican minority, the right wing of congressional Democrats, and Obama’s White House. This is Obama’s formula for governance – what I call his “comfort zone” – a political space previously inhabited by Bill Clinton. Whatever the Clinton's and Obama think about each other on the personal level, they have together laid a great money pipeline that flows from Wall Street to the coffers of corporate Democrats – most dramatically, bankrolling much of Obama’s $700 million presidential campaign. In return, Obama reinstated the Clinton finance capitalist team that had a decade earlier reversed Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal banking regulations. Obama turned the Wall Streeters loose to engineer the greatest transfer of wealth in human history – an ongoing project that has in less than two years transformed the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve into sugar daddies and guarantors of finance capital, worldwide, at a cost of tens of trillions of dollars. The bailouts have melded with and overshadowed in the public mind Obama’s tepid 2009 stimulus, so that Republicans can speak effectively of the two phenomena as if they are the same thing – a trick made much easier by the fact that Obama also rhetorically linked the bailouts and stimulus as one-two Democratic economic punches.

With the Democrat Party, particularly the First Black President, so thoroughly and deservedly identified with Wall Street, the Republicans were empowered to pull off what would have previously been thought impossible: the GOP’s brown-shirted wing, the white supremacist-based Tea Party, which purports to abhor government and, therefore, regulation, claimed with some success to be the anti-bailout, anti-Wall Street party. Meanwhile, Obama guided the Democrats to pass a fraudulent financial regulation bill that left the derivatives casino-economy intact, if not more strongly entrenched.

“Obama’s brief presidency has been a period of breathtaking dissolution of the Democratic Party.”

The Great Recession, which by all historical rights should have sent the Republicans into eclipse for a generation, instead saw a miraculous GOP rebound that left the Democrats shattered and pitifully incoherent. That’s the real big picture of Obama’s brief presidency – a period of breathtaking dissolution of the Democratic Party as Obama facilitated the swallowing whole of the American state by Wall Street.

Obama doesn’t really want folks to take the long view of his time in office. His modus operandi after every debacle is to claim to have rescued bits and pieces of the Democratic agenda from GOP savaging: a health care bill that, in total, is worse than none at all, a financial “reform” unworthy of the name. He early in his term set in motion his infernal deficit reduction commission, knowing it would attack social spending across the board, so that he could later “rescue” selected programs from extinction and claim savior hood. Obama will claim to have “saved” extension of unemployment benefits by this week’s “compromise” with the Republican minority in the lame duck Congress when, in reality, it is Obama’s center-right modalities of governance and back-channel dealings that have allowed the GOP minority to behave like a majority.

The overarching truth of the last two years Is that Obama has been at constant war with the New Deal and the left hemisphere of his party, acting as Wall Street’s Trojan Horse in the White House. Tuesday’s press conference starred an unrepentant, unreconstructed, center-right, corporate operative who sees his primary duty as destroying what remains of the Democrat’s progressive legacy. And the first term of the disaster is less than half over.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at


Obama is a cut-throat, egotistical, backstabbing opportunist

Enlightened Cynic - 12/08/2010 - 17:19

If one were writing a script for a failed Presidency, for one of the biggest political swoons in ages, they'd look no further than Obummer.

Mr. Ford wrote:
"His modus operandi after every debacle is to claim to have rescued bits and pieces of the Democratic agenda from GOP savaging:..."

Dead on Mr. Ford. Obummer is a pathological liar, a cynic and an opportunist. If he were strong from the get go, he'd never be bargaining from a position of weakness. But, alas, he is who he is, a DLC corporate troll, a sepia-toned version of GWB with speech lessons.

The is a right wing/ centrist rag, but it's articles do occasionally provide some insight. Read and reread Mr. Ford's dissection of Obummer's m.o.,---the "rescuer" who gave away the kitchen sink. Here's a worthy tidbit from the Politico:

Article title: "For White House, upside in fight with Hill Democrats"
Read more:

How long will Obama continue to fool the sheeple? Whom he throws under the bus at every turn? Here's what his advisors told Politico "on the down low."

"Obama’s advisers insist he didn’t go out of his way to pick a fight with fellow Democrats when he cut his highly controversial deal with Republicans to temporarily extend all Bush-era tax cuts earlier this week. But if the deal served to distance Obama not only from them but the entire partisan culture of Washington, all the better, they say.

Differentiating Obama from congressional Democrats “was a positive byproduct” of the tax cut deal, a person close to Obama told POLITICO.

“Compared to these guys, the president looks mature and pragmatic,” the official said."

There you have it. Mr. Pragmatic, Mr. Bipartisanship, the only "grownup" in the crowd screws his "base" once again. Apparently Obama "gets it," when will his "base?" When will Obama's "base" understand they are his "base"ment? The suites and penthouses are reserved for Right Wing bullies, warmongers, and those hostile to democratic principles. The poor "base" has a broken elevator and leaking pipes, the heat only works every other weekend, for intermittent periods at that. Pretty soon they'll be busting up the furniture to stay warm.

The one thing I will say is that even the "faithful" are starting to "get it," starting to open their eyes to the Manchurian Candidate, White folks anyway. Blog after blog, the comments are pouring in. I can't wait till he "saves us" from HIS Catfood Commission's draconian recommendations. This guy really thinks he' smart when he's nothing but a village idiot, thinking people can't see through his charade.

To be brutally blunt, I hope White folks or Hispanics or whomever calls themselves a Progressive/Lib mount a primary challenge to Obama ( don't worry, Blacks are too mummified to lead it, to caught up on symbolic bullshit to lead it). I hope that non-African Americans who call themselves progressives not give a shit if their Black friends roll their eyes at them backing a more progressive candidate than Obama. Given the screwed up situation in America, the skeleton of what's left of the "Black Movement," I have long posited that it just might take the White Right Wingers to save us from government excess, unfortunately the Tea Party turned out to be Bush's base and co opted from the get go. Al Sharpton's too busy trying to get the FCC to mute Limbaugh, what a fucking waste of time. I don't suppose he would have been better off getting Obummer to change the fucking composition of the FCC, or NPR's Board of Directors for starters?

To all you White Libs and Progressives out there, you heard it here first, you have Black folks unequivocal permission to stick it to Obama. It is long past time to send a message to the Dimocraps that enough is enough. (Let alone abandon them altogether) When your Black friends denounce you as racist or roll their eyes at you, or stop having lunch and drinks after work with you, fuck em. Just keep in mind that you are saving them from themselves. Take solace in that fact and do the damn thing. They'll appreciate and understand it later.

All serving one master, just not us...

Doidice - 12/08/2010 - 14:53

As I view the Obama administration I am reminded of two oft-used cliches... One, two sides of the same coin, and the other "good" cop versus bad cop...

With a smile and barely raising his voice Obama and his more aggressive republican "teammates" are working the same program, just a two-pronged attack to frustrate and stop the change we really need...

Sadly, many are clamoring for him to gain a spine and some backbone, yet when the time is taken to really view his entire political record - unfortunately, quite a few were stuck on the fact that he married a "real" Black woman and the powerful image of that family together to do the kind of analysis BAR did from jump - we are not surprised by his positions...

That is certainly not to underestimate the importance of symbolism to the African psyche, but after that what do we collectively have to adequately combat subterfuge?


Obama's most loyal followers are Negroes who are in a trance
when it comes to really understanding the deceitfulness and duplicity of Obama's presidency.
Negroes wonder and get mad at sinister neo-racist like Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein who have written books stating that Black people are not as intelligent as whites and others in their modern -day Mein-Kampf called the "Bell Curve." Arthur R. Jensen another one of the those race base scholars of the latter part of the 20th century also showed with flawed data that Blacks were simply not as intelligent as whites and all three of these neo-racist scholars hid behind the walls of Academia promoting their academic dishonesty disguised as scholarship.

I was one of those dumb stupid Bell Curve Negroes who supported Barack Obama's drive to the presidency in 2008. As a matter of fact my family was even featured on the front page of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette the day after Obama won the Presidency praising Obama's victory.
My faithful and great brother whose been on Air-Force ONE with three American Presidents told me that I was a foolish for supporting Obama.
My brother further stated that Obama had sold out to the Corporations of America while running for the State Senate in the "Land Of Lincoln."
He also stated that Obama is the worst kind of sell out who was a dyed-in-the wool knee jerk corporatist accomodationist.
Furthermore my brother said Obama would never appoint a Black person to the U.S. Supreme Court and that he would not be in support anything that remotely resembles a progressive Black Agenda, Middle class, or Poor people's Agenda.
My brother also informed me that Obama never went too bat for Blacks when we won President of The Harvard Law Review, and he was widely criticized at the time for not giving Blacks various positions within the hierarchy of the Harvard Law Review staff. According to my brother Obama never once marched in protest marches or participated in demonstrations about the lack of Minority/Black hiring for faculty positions at Harvard. My brother suggested that I contact Derrick Bell a former Harvard Faculty member who is also a Black Pittsburgh er that stood up against the overt injustices and rampant racism at Harvard throughout his career about Barack Obama. I am still waiting on a return call from the highly distinguished Law professor Derrick Bell who's on the Faculty at New York University Law School.
Furthermore my brother states that the Media gave a Obama a free pass and didn't scrutinize thoroughly for authenticity his books titled The Audacity of Hope, and Dreams From My Father.
I Say Obama's has too Go
In Fo
I guess when White people in great numbers cut Obama loose the Negroes voters will follow suit just as they did back in the Iowa Caucus in 2008.
The naive Negroes always need White people to lead the way in telling then who or what they should vote for in any kind of election.
Anyone ever hear of the slave-mentality? And most Negroes still have that disease called the slave mentality.
So many of these pathetic Negroes have their heads so far up Obama's posterior that they can't even think straight and clear when it comes to Obama and his recalcitrance.
Most Negroes have been psychologically conditioned to accept mistreatment by whites in power and second class citizenship in general which is evidence by how they behave and act in the context of Obama's presidency.
Watch how the Negro front men and women in the media particularly at the Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC, NBC ( Harold Ford Jr.) CNN and white liberals jump on any potential White Democratic Insurgent who shows any semblance of independent critical thinking when it comes to Obama's candidacy for 2012. Watch how these Negro front people and white liberals play the race card when it comes to anyone that will challenge Obama in 2012.
The only thing Black about Obama is Michelle Obama, who also may have sold out to corporates many moons ago in the corrupt city of Chicago.
My definition of Blackness maybe a little different than the Negro jackals that work for the Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC, NBC, CNN and NPR. Note the Great White Hope liberal NPR only employs one person of color on its on the air daily news. NPR is truly an Equal Opportunity Employer.
I will use brothers Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Dr. Henrike Clarke, sister Nina Simone, Kwmae Ture, W. E. Dubois, and the great Frantz Fanon as my guide in defining what Blackness is or aint.
Obama is always reminding White people about some little tid-bit about his mother, which is designed to curry favors with whites and to make Whites feel he Obama is one of them. And you can't count on one hand the number of times he talks about his Black Kenyan father.
Remember last year the New York Times ran that fake story about Michelle Obama having a white rapist Great-Grand father in her family tree? That story too was designed solely for white Americans to make them feel like she was one of them because she has some white blood in her DNA.
Barack Obama is only tan in skin color, and he taint Black. This well orchestrated campaign by Obama's front interest of marginalizing potential progressive White challengers and other potential candidates like Cynthia McKinney is designed solely for the maintenance of the status quo because if these Negroes and white liberal exposed Obama for the true political fraud that he is these Negroes would not be working at the Post or the New York Times.
Barack Obama raised and spent over 700 million dollars for his Presidential Campaign in 2008. So its quite apparent that he owes many many many political and economic favors to those folks that backed him for his run for the presidency. I had a banker who is a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity tell me that any Negro that raises that kind of money (700 million dollars) must be doing something shady or he has sold his soul for a dry bone from the master's table.
George Bush number I (one) gave us Uncle Clarence Thomas. The George Soros crowd along with certain International Bankers gave us Barack Hussein Obama then convinced Negroes that it would be in their interest to vote for Obama's fraudulent candidacy. Now these same Negro voters find themselves in a "Catch 22 Compromise."

Obama's Great Compromise of 2010 was about saving his political hide as the cankerous Obama positions to run in 2012.
Obama forgot to tell the public in his scolding misleading Gong Show News Conference that he will have to borrow mucho dollars from China to pay for tax breaks for Billionaires for the next two years while folks on Unemployment Insurance will only have 13 months. Obama also forgot to mention that all of those fat greedy Billionaires that he wants to continue with the Geo Bush tax cuts have taken over 3.4 million good paying American jobs overseas and to Mexico and other nations in Central and South America since the ill advised NAFTA and other bogus Agreements signed by the other spineless corporate puppet "Slick Willie." Obama doesn't care about the National debt or deficit, and he is only truly concern about racking up and scoring political points. How many jobs have those fat greedy B's created under the Bush tax cuts for the last ten years? Where are those jobs?
In his news conference this week in front of the national news media Obama acted and behaved just like a jilted spoiled little brat who didn't get selected to the Student Council or the Cheer leading Squad or the Class play. I'll bet anyone that most of the questions asked by the media were previously chosen in advance by Obama's team.
Obama also stated in December 7 news conference that he is a fighter who is willing too go toe to toe with the Republicans on any issue of importance to the American people. Anyone with a slight modicum of intelligence knows that is a lie because Obama hasn't fought for one damn thing for the middle class or poor people since he has taken office.
He sent his "Lap Dog" VP Joe Biden up to Capital Hill in a vain effort to sell his poorly constructed Compromise Bill, and his fellow Dem's basically told old Joe that they were not buying this Compromise Bill in its present form. This same fighter Obama has never requested that the U.S. Congress hold hearings on the proposed backroom Compromise Bill.
This Great Compromise of 2010 was not about saving the middle class it was about saving his own grotesque political career.
Obama must have the most inept advisers in the White House since President Ulysses Grant. Mediocrity loves comfort.
Obama is holding the middle class hostage because he doesn't have enough political smarts, guts or leadership skills with coping with the reality of the Democrats losing the Super Majority, which was caused by his terribly flawed economic and foreign policies.
If there is a Democrat Insurgent out there with any semblance of credibility they may be able to present a formidable challenge to Barack Obama in 2012? Let The Games Begin!
Is Barack Obama the tan version of Jimmy Carter? Personally I like Jimmy Carter, but he was just a poor politician who lacked good leadership skills. Obama's Political I.Q. is considerably lower than Jimmy Carter's, and I don't trust Obama.
Maybe the good old boys up at Harvard University should make it mandatory that anyone graduating from HLS take in-depth courses in Sellsmanship, Negotiations, and Integrity from a professor with a demonstrated track record in teaching these subjects.
LBJ had an A+ political IQ and he accomplished much during one of the most turbulent periods in U.S. history because of his vast experience and great leadership skills. But even the great Lyndon Baines Johnson was not able to lead the U.S. out of its war of aggression against the people of Vietnam. Remember LBJ's big lie about the Gulf of Tonkin.
Its quite apparent that President Obama is not a good student of history because he should have learned that once you maintain a pattern and practice of lying to the public those lies are bound to catch up with you in the final analysis.

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