Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You Want Real Change, Appoint Ralph Nader Auto Czar

If you want a true Auto Czar who will be accountable to the American people, I urge President Bush to appoint the highly esteemed Mr. Ralph Nader. Mr. Nader has sterling credentials and is eminently qualified and prepared to be the new Auto Czar. Moreover, Mr. Nader has an extensive demonstrated exemplary track record of success as a consumer advocate for the American people. I can’t think of no other person other than Mr. Nader that could effectively lead, guide and direct this country (USA) in the present prolonged malignant financial crisis with the Big Three Automakers. Furthermore, Mr. Nader does not have strong ties to Congress, special interest groups, the multi-national corporations, the Big Three, the auto lobbyists in Washington, D.C. or the UAW nor Wall Street. Mr. Nader is feared on Wall Street and praised on Main Street and he appears to be independent of all the previously above named constituents. Mr. Nader is not a Washington insider nor a political or corporate retread.
Mr. Nader could be the catalyst that could help to restore confidence in the public’s perception of the Big Three and the American buying public that Detroit is building viable, well made, safe and fuel efficient vehicles. Further, Mr. Nader would not give the Big Three carte blanche or a free pass to continue to build and profit from the junk and inferior products they are presently building. Mr. Nader would demand the highest standards in all phases of restructuring, production, costs, staffing, health and safety, the environment, research and development. The new Auto Czar should have more power than your typical chapter 11 bankruptcy judge thus ensuring total compliance of the Big Three Automakers in fulfilling all the requirements of the “bridge-loan agreement” with the American public.
Although I am vehemently opposed and against the bailout of the Big Three, if we are going to give the Big Three a “bridge-loan”, let’s appoint Ralph Nader to make sure that the auto giants are meeting the needs and expectations of the American consumer as we progress in the 21st century. I am urging the American public to call, e-mail or write letters to your respective U.S. Senators or Congress person or to George Bush requesting that Mr. Nader be appointed as the new U.S. Auto Czar.