Wednesday, September 30, 2009

U.S.Senator Vitter(R-L) Was Seen Last Night Down On Canal Street in New Orleans Patronizing A Acorn Prostitute

"Stand by your man " Mrs. David Vitter must be a complete fool for tolerating the gross philandering and adultery of her husband.
"Hey Homer " " What Jethro" "Do you think old David Vitter is related to King fish Huey Long ?" "Say Jethro everybody in the state of Louisiana is related because of all the in-breeding and incest ".

Is Traveling To Denmark The Most Important Thing To Do For The President Of The United States of America At The Pivotal Point In His Presidency ?

TYSONS CORNER VIRGINIA.. Is traveling to Copenhagen to lobby for the crime ridden City of Chicago for the 2016 Olympic Games the most important thing for the President of the United States can do at this critical point in his young Presidency in effort to twist the arm of the IOC ?
"Well Homer " "Do you think that President Obama needs to take that obsolete teleprompter with him when meeting with the IOC officials because he might forget his sales pitch " ? "Ah Shucks Jethro " " You don't have to be a Harvard Law Review President to sell ice to the Eskimos " . " Hey Jethro" !"What Homer " "Do you think President Obama will bring along one of the members of the Gacy Klan(33 murders) or his old pal Tony Rezko to do the City of Chicago's bidding for the Olympic Games" ? "Jethro" Don't you think the Obama's traveling to Copenhagen is a waste of the taxpayers dollars and maybe we can get old dirty scandalous Newt Gingrich and "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" Michele Bachman" and the goggled eyed Frankenstein looking character Eric Cantor to look into this Obama affair in traveling to Denmark lobbying for that corrupt Al Capone citadel of crime and graft".
"Homer I heard the Danes treat the Eskimos like we do those Negroes here in the United States".
"Now Jethro" "we treats our Negroes good here in the U.S". "I just don't want any of them marrying my daughter,or living near me, or going to the same school as my children nor do I want to work with them on the job". "Damn it I want my country back " 'and now that they got that 'Boot in our White House those Negroes will be trying to take over the country next.

International Olympic Committee Needs To Select Rio de Janeiro For the 2016 Games

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES,NM. How can the International Olympic Committee continue to justify a pattern & practice of not selecting a Country from South America ?
The International Olympic Committee must cease and desist from their discriminatory behavior toward South America.
The sunshine and climate in Rio is far more healthier for athletes & tourists than the harsh cool summer weather in Chicago, and Rio has some of the best first class beaches in the world that most tourist would fall in love with.
To the voting members of the IOC you to can make history just like Barack Obama, who was selected as the first Black President of the United States back in January of this year by selecting the beautiful city of Rio as the site for the 2016 Olympic Games.


CHICAGO ILLINOIS. A recent Gallup Poll found that forty seven percent of all Chicagoans are not desirous of having the Olympics come to the Windy City for the 2016 games.
The vast majority of Chicagoans want a reasonable affordable single payer Health Care System , retraining for all the green house jobs that President Obama promised while running for the office of President, other good paying new factory jobs, safe and violent free streets, and a whole host other problems and issues that the Obama Administration has not adequately addressed.
Mayor Richard M. Daley needs to ask Illinois Governor Pat Quinn to declare Martial Law in the Windy City and send in the National Guard to patrol the mean heathen streets of the South side, North side and West side of Chicago.
I remember visiting Chicago a few years ago and witnessed a purse snatching in broad daylight right in a upscale eatery in the same neighborhood where the world famous Oprah Winfrey resides.
Crime is rampant and deep- rooted in Chicago and the Chicago Police Department could care less about Latino and Black people shooting and killing each other. And the average citizen in Chicago will not benefit one iota nor have their quality of life imporved by having the Olympic Games in the Windy City and you can bet on that Daley crew raising taxes to support these games. The people of Chicago should just say no to the Olympic Games for their City,and next to New York, Chicago has the worst traffic jams in the country.
Apparently the Obama's owe a lot of political favors to some thuggish politicians and his incessantly greedy Corporate sponsors in the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


PITTSBURGH PA. Duquesne University located in Pittsburgh Pa will present their Critical Race Theory Speaker Series on October 1,2009 from 4:30 to 6:30 PM in the Duquesne Ballroom in the Student Union at said Duquesne University. The featured speaker for this October 1 event will be Tim Wise who will give an in-depth presentation on the subject titled "Between Barack And A Hard Place : Racism And White Denial In The Age of Obama".
Tim Wise is among the most prominent anti-racist writers and activists in the U.S. He has been called,"One of the most brilliant,articulate and courageous critics of white privilege in the nation," by selling author and cultural theorist Dr. Michael Eric Dyson.And Joe Feagin,who is author of more than twenty books on issues pertaining to race,says that [Tim Wise]" is the best of white anti-racism writers and commentators working in the U.S. media today." Wise has spoken in 48 states,and on over 400 college campuses. He has also trained corporate,government,
entertainment, military, and law enforcement officials on methods for dismantling racism in their institutions. He received the 2001 British Diversity Award for the best essay on race issues,and his writings have appeared in dozens of popular,professional, and scholarly journals.
Wise is the author of four books : White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son, Affirmative Action: Racial Preference in Black and White,Speaking Treason Fluently : Anti-Racist Reflections From An Angry White Male,and most recently,Between Barack and a Hard Place:
Race and Whiteness in the Age of Obama,which was released in Spring,2009.

Dr. George Yancy ,Associate Professor of Philosophy,Duquesne University,initiated this event through his Critical Race Theory Speaker Series( contact : The event is Cosponsored by Duquesne University's Office of Multicultural Affairs(Dr. Rahmon Hart ) and the Center for Interpretive and Qualitative Research (Dr. Fred Evans). The event has also received sponsorship from the Race & Reconciliation Dialogue Group of Saint Paul Cathedral Parish(Heather Frye) and support from the Pittsburgh branch of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.
All young people and individuals working in the field of Race Relations or have an interest in Race & Reconciliation should be in attendance at this event. This event should be mandatory for all college students taking courses in the subject of Race, Class , American History, and Gender Equity. I like to see high school and college students come from all over the Tri-State area to hear Mr. Wise speak on this vitally important subject that most politicians speak on with a forked and crooked tongue.
I am also hopeful that Bishop Zubik, Bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, would take the time out from his busy schedule to be in attendance at said event along with all the Priests and Catholic Lay people of the Pittsburgh Diocese.

* Also note that Heather Frye of the Race & Reconciliation Dialogue Group of Saint Paul Cathedral has done an outstanding job of making the greater Pittsburgh community aware of this historic event for she realizes that Education is a continuous life long process and that the future success of the United States of America will be determined by how we remedy the many injustices caused by our lack of knowledge on the complicated subject of race.

Monday, September 28, 2009


PITTSBURGH PA. Barack Obama, President of the United States of America will travel to Copenhagen Denmark later this week to lobby for the city of Chicago in their efforts to obtain the 2016 Olympics for said Metropolis while young Latino, Black and poor white women & men are dying on the streets of Chicago and in Afghanistan.
Apparently Mr Obama and Mrs. Obama have many people in the Chicago political arena to pay-off or pay back such as the Richard M. Daley Crew and other thuggish corrupt Chicago politicians along with those Corporate prostitute's who help to back his candidacy for the Presidency.
Most Americans know that Chicago is the second most corrupt and violent city in the United States next to the Big Apple.
Mayor Daley should ask the Governor of Illinois to send in the National Guard to patrol the streets of Chicago and unless that happens only a fool would want to come to one of the most unsafe corrupt Cities in the U.S.A.
Obama should be lobbying those present and past Multi-National Corporations that left America for greener pastures overseas to relocate back to the states who only left because of high taxes, high labor cost, and the high cost of Health Care,Unfair Trade Laws, and Sky high Unemployment Compensation Claims.
Ask the people in the heartland of Appalachia who live in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee,West Virginia and Pennsylvania what they think of Obama's lobbying for City of Chicago to secure the 2016 Olympics for the City of Chicago.
How many people in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and West Virginia have been retrained for all those green jobs that President Obama promised to deliver on while in his first six months in office ?
The people in Appalachia want skill retraining and good paying jobs and they could care less about the corrupt city of Chicago getting the Olympics Games for 2016.
Japan had the Olympics in Tokyo in 1964 and Spain had the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992, so Rio De Janeiro rightfully deserves a shot at having the Olympic Games.
I would feel safer going and being in Rio than in the famed Windy City of Chicago and plus it has a more appealing and pleasant racial and weather climate.
Sorry Oprah, Chicago is not an All-American City .

Sunday, September 27, 2009



ATHENS GEORGIA..The sluggish Georgia Dawgs beat a mediocre Arizona State team 20-17 on a Blair Walsh 37 yard field goal on the final play of the game.
Georgia star wide receiver A.J. Green blocked a Arizona State field goal,which was the turning point in the game and put the Dogs in a position to win the game on Walsh's field goal.
The Georgia Bulldogs better bring their a+ game next week against the upstart Klan from the Bayou ( L.S.U.) , and Joe Cox will have to play more consistently,turnover free, and flawlessly in order to beat the fearless L.S.U. Tigers.
And all you fans out their in Dawgland better convince A.J. Green to stay two more years in Athens,but coach Richt better bring in more five and four star recruits to go after that elusive National Title. The Dawgs should not be losing any in-state recruitment battles to Auburn, Alabama, Florida, L.S.U. , Florida State, South Carolina or North Carolina for the top tier high school recruits in the State of Georgia.

GO Dawgs! GO Dawgs! Beat Those Tigers


NEWS ALERT, September 27

COLUMBIA MARYLAND..It appears as though President Obama is stuck with his empty campaign rhetoric on winning the War in Afghanistan against the Taliban & Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.Obama has tried to mask and camouflage his inexperience in handling the war in Afghanistan by deliberately taking his time in responding to General McCrystal request for additional troops in order to accomplish this mission impossible in Afghanistan.
"Hey Homer " "Do you think handling the War in Afghanistan is above President Obama's pay grade" ? "Ah shucks Jethro "! The American people will give you their answer in 2012".
The longer it takes Mr. Obama to understand and master his position responsibilities as Commander -in- Chief more U.S. forces will die,and President Obama will have the blood of those innocent Americans enshrined on his watch.
President Obama's lack of experience and common sense has sparked a minor rebellion in the upper echelon ranks of the Pentagon and many on the left want an immediate U.S. troop withdrawal while many right-wingers want Obama to stay in Afghanistan for another eight years and who are silently wishing that Mr. Obama's fails in Afghanistan.
In order to win a military war in Afghanistan it would take up 500,000 U.S. troops to defeat and annihilate the Taliban and Al-Qaeda and to secure the country. The U.S. does not have 500,000 U.S. Army troops to send to Afghanistan and if we instituted a Military Draft it would take at least two and half years for these new draftee's to be combat ready to deploy.And does anyone think the American public would a stomach a Military Draft for a bunch of cave dwellers living in the so-called dark ages ?
Our Harvard wonder child(OBAMA) needs to spend less time on such Gong Show programs as Jay Leno,and more quality time on seriously studying world affairs both past and present.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


NEW YORK NEW YORK..Colonel Gaddafi President Of Libya stated in his UN speech to the World Body of Nations that the U.S. had elected a son of Africa as President,"A Black Kenyan". I always thought that President Barack Hussein Obama was born in Poo Poo Hawaii, and Hawaii was the 50th.state admitted into the Union of the United States of America in 1959. So doesn't that make Mr. Obama a son of the United States of America ? Or perhaps the old colonel was alluding to the fact that all people have a little bit of African in their DNA based upon the indisputable scientific and historical fact that man's origins (Birthplace) are in Africa,and the oldest human beings on earth are the San Bushmen
So every man and woman on the planet earth is a African under the skin.
So how's that grab all you Joe & Suzie's Six Packs and dishonest scholars masquerading around the Halls of academia fronting as Professors from every major academic discipline ?
The readers and Bloggers may want to watch two excellent films on the topic of man's origins and they are as follows :
1.The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey,by Spencer Wells

2. The National Geographic : The Human Family Tree

And for all you hypocritical Christan's out there;there was only one Adam and he definitely didn't come from Europe or anywhere near the continent of Europe.
And hath made of one blood all NATIONS of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth,and hath determined the times before appointed,and the bounds of their habitation;
All the theories espoused by the neo-racist Charles Darwin and others of the same ilk have been disproved by modern DNA,Genetics,and Microbiology.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Someone tell me how this recovering terrorist Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi
became President of The African Union ? How much did the Gaddafi pay these buffoons masquerading as heads of state in the birthplace of mankind Africa ?
Col. Gaddafi asked for an investigation by the UN of all the wars since the UN's founding,but he forgot to mention his horrible nefarious invasion of the Black African Nation of Chad,and when will the country of Libya pay reparations to the Country of Chad ? Why is Gaddafi so silent on his country's role in the genocide in Chad ?


LOONEYVILLE TEXAS.. More Americans and NATO forces are dying every day in war torn Afghanistan and President Obama looks totally dumbfounded and befuddled as to how to proceed with a winning strategy for victory. So our inexperienced Harvard Law Review President Obama, turns to the cantankerous Vice President Biden who is proposing the same tactics that the inept Clinton Administration tried against the Afghan and Pakistani terror cells which were a major failure.
If the U.S.was really serious about going after Al-AQaeda immediately after 9-11 they should have sent in their best and most elite counter-insurgency assassination/squads(Special Ops.) to annihilate all of the leaders of said group and then they should have solicited the support of the tribal leaders in the Afghan countryside in concert with U. S. forces they would have been able to knock out the remaining Al-AQaeda cells.
It appears as though the Taliban may have been complicit in the 9-11 attack by providing the land on which these murderous thugs called Al-AQaeda received and conducted their training. However there is no direct creditable evidence to suggest that the Taliban destroyed the World Trade Center in New York. But these Al-AQaeda thugs also received some of there training in the U.S. under the watchful eye of the World's allegedly best intelligence agencies.
So George W. Bush's conventional U.S. military assault on Afghanistan was doomed for failure from it's inception. Bush didn't try to move beyond Kabul in pursing the Taliban and Osama's gang because he knew it would be hell for U.S.forces in a direct all out conflict so he he created a diversion in Iraq to mask his failure in Afghanistan in going after and defeating the Taliban and Al-AQaeda. Bush further calculated that a U.S. defeat in Afghanistan would have cost him in his reelection bid in 2004. Thus the weak Saddam in Iraq who's military had been decisively defeated in"Operation Desert Storm" offered BUSH CO the easiest target and the least amount of resistance for military success and Bush knew that he would be perceived by the American public as a sitting war hero and Americans don't usually kick out of office sitting U.S. Presidents in the time of war.(Mission Accomplished) So Bush and his band of neo-con henchmen made up fake intelligence to curry favor with the American public as well other nations in the World Body of Nations. George W.Bush attempted to punish the Taliban for there refusal to turn over Osama Bin-Laden and for there purported complicity with Osama's crew which did not warrant invading the Country of Afghanistan in the first place. I truly believe that George Bush was never desirous of getting the culprits responsible for the attack on 9-11 . Furthermore President Obama has been trying to clean up the terrible financial mess that he inherited from his predecessor on the domestic front and in the foreign policy arena coupled with two wars. Indeed George W. Bush was the most incompetent,addle-brained President of the United States in the modern day era. It is quite apparent that know one in the Bush Administration nor the Pentagon knew anything about the previous military failures in the country of Afghanistan or were they just to arrogant with their Manifest Destiny thinking that they felt like Uncle Sam could beat anyone on the battlefields of the world.
Even the racist Rudyard Kipling wrote poems about the Brits failure in Afghanistan with there flawed military tactics and strategy.
Now we have the Pentagon's broker General McCrstayal asking for more troops to accomplish this mission impossible,which our Commander-in-chief still refuses to make known clearly and coherently what the U.S mission is going to be in Afghanistan.
This present war in Afghanistan is all about putting more cash into our Military-Industrial-Complex,and the John McCain fellow travelers in the Pentagon have made a complete buffoons out of the Obama Administration.
The vast majority of Afghans live in a very medieval type of primitive society but the one things that unites Afghans everywhere is the presence of United States and foreign troops on their sacred land. Osama was able to dupe the Taliban by giving them an enormous amount of cash for their silence but his bunch of terrorists are and were still viewed as outsiders by most Afghans. Will the U.S go to war with all the host nations of the world that aid and abet terrorism ?
The ball has been handed to you President Obama. What will you do in Afghanistan to obtain a victory with honor ?

Monday, September 21, 2009


BEER BOTTLE CROSSING IDAHO. General McChrystal calls for more
U.S. troops for Afghanistan. The call for more U.S. troops for Afghanistan means more Americans will die for a mission impossible that has no clear goals or objectives,and the vacillating President Obama has been caught between a rock and a hard place.
Why should Americans risk their lives fighting and dying for the Karzai brothers crime syndicate and the filty rich U.S. Military-Industrial Complex that is reaping billions of dollars off of the sacrifices of innocent Americans.
It is to the benefit of the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex that Afghan conflict last for a very long time and so whatever profits are lost because of the scale down in fighting in Iraq is gained with the continuing War in Afghanistan.
Wake up Americans it's all about the money & profits of the Military-Industrial complex and they really don't care about the Afghan or the Iraqi people nor the average Joe & Suzie Six Pack.
The American people can rest assure that if the U.S.shuts it down in Afghanistan they will find a another conflict around the world to get involved in for the sake of satisfying our insatiable appetite for money(profits) ,power , influence and self aggrandizement.
Now we have a Black face behind our warped Jingoistic policy of Manifest Destiny in the name of Barack Hussein Obama,but it's the same old tired rotten decayed wine(Policy) in a new (face) bottles.



CHICAGO ILLINOIS..Jay Cutler a product of the toughest college football conference in the land the SEC(Vanderbilt) came through with a big pass to Devin Hester on third down,and the reliable Robbie Gould booted a 44 yard field goal with 15 seconds left to beat the lethargic Steelers.
The usually consistent Steeler kicker Jeff Reed missed two key fourth quarter field goals which caused the men of Steel to lose the game.
Even though the Steelers played a lousy hapless game if Reed successfully kicks those field goals the Steelers win the game.
Each week all players are required to practice their position responsibilities,assignments,individual skills,in which many players have multiple duties and tasks.
The kicker only has four primary duties and that is to practice kicking the football accurately through the goals posts for the extra point,field goal,kicking off to the opposing team, and the team practice for the on-side kick. In the case of Jeff Reed he simply didn't do his job in the clutch and therefore he failed his test. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Being a former coach I know that the way you practice is the way you play on the field of play,and what you do in practice shows up in the game. The Steeler coaching staff obviously did a miserable job of preparing the Steelers for this game and they also get a failing grade.
The "Monster's of The Midway didn't have their marque player the over hyped Brian Urlacher,and the Steelers were without the services of their all world star Troy Palamalu. The Steelers missed Troy more than the Bears missed Brian and the Steelers get a failing grade for effort,which wasn't there yesterday on Soldiers field.
The clowns in the Pittsburgh sports media put the tag on Willie Parker "fast Willie Parker " who in my opinion has only had above average speed for an N.F. L. running back. The only remotely fast running back among today's crop of N.F.L running back's is Chris Johnson of the Titans.
A players time in the forty doesn't always translate into how fast one can motor for 100 yards. Darrell Green, Hall of Famer from the Skins hauled down Tony Dorsett from behind so that shows you how fast Darrell Green was and outside of Bullet Bob Hayes and the Giants Henry Carr who was the Olympic 200 meter champ in Tokyo in 1964 and the Rams Ron Brown know one could possibly run as fast as Darrell Green.
When I think of fast N.F.L. (running backs) whom I call the six speeds backs the first names that come to mind are Curtis Dickey ,O.J. Simpson, Gayle Sayers,Ollie Matson, Bo Jackson,Herschel Walker, and Tony Dorsett. There are no six speed (running backs )among today's N.F. L . backs and the Titans Chris Johnson may only be a five speed back.
Barry Sanders was in between a five speed and four speed back.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Corporate Hip Hop, White Supremacy and Capitalism

by Solomon Comissiong

Huge media corporations literally bought up Hip Hop in the early to mid-1990s, imposing “cookie cutter themes of senseless violence, excessive materialism, and misogyny.” Progressive voices in rap were silenced. The clear message was, “the minute you dare try to step outside of the 'box' and attack their power structure, you will be omitted.”

“I won't believe the hype I understand the Media dictates The mind and rotates The way you think And syncopates slow pace… Brains Can't maintain A certain Insipid inane crass rain. Insane lame Traditions All praise fame Positions Want to be a star. Drive a big car. Live bourgeois…And won't know who you are. Lost in the source And praising the dollar” - Kool Moe Dee (1989)
It is undeniable that hip hop culture is one of the most powerful marketing tools America has seen in quite sometime. Had hip hop been around during the earlier part of the 20th century the unscrupulous public relations pioneer, Edward Bernays, would have probably also used it to promote the smoking of Viceroy Cigarettes to women. Various aspects of hip hop culture, mainly rap music, generate billions of dollars. However, who is generating this wealth, where is it going and at what cost?
“Their unfettered corporate feeding frenzy was similar to that of the European conquest of lands inhabited by people of color.”
Hip hop culture (rapping, djing, graffiti art, and breaking, etc.) was unequivocally created by youth of color in the Bronx during the early 1970s. Even though the origins of hip hop are entrenched in black and Latino communities throughout New York City it is currently pimped/used by large white owned corporations (media, record labels, etc.) to create astronomical bottom lines, reinforce capitalistic ideals, and adversely mass program black and brown youth. Hip hop has been co-opted, from the black community, by the white corporate establishment in much the same manner as was rock-n-roll (originally called rhythm and blues). Everyone from Allan Freed to Pat Boone cashed in on the original works of black artists, many of whom died penniless. However, where the corporate establishment left off when it came to thievery of rock-n-roll they picked up with hip hop. Once white corporations recognized the multi-billion dollar earning potential of rap music, the mass commercialization of hip hop began. They bought out everything from record labels to urban radio stations. Their unfettered corporate feeding frenzy was similar to that of the European conquest of lands inhabited by people of color.
RAP (rhythm and poetry) music has provided corporate radio stations and record labels, alike, with gigantic revenues almost beyond their wildest capitalistic wet dreams. The corporate takeover and commoditization of hip hop began to grow exponentially in the early to mid 1990s. The more money they made the less diversified rap music became on the radio and television airwaves. Balance on the mainstream airwaves rapidly became a thing of the past. Before corporate usurpation of rap music record labels, and subsequently airwaves, the fledging genre (RAP) was the embodiment of resistance for many. During the late 1980s and early 1990s rap music provided many black and Latino youth, including myself, with countless hours of culturally edifying and politically oriented music. If I was not learning how to “Fight the Power” I was proudly sporting my leather African medallion and rocking the map of Alkebulan (Africa) shaved in the back of my head.
“The more money they made the less diversified rap music became.”
These behaviorisms, however, did not emerge out of thin air; I was actually mimicking my favorite rappers. Witnessing lyrically gifted brothers and sisters embrace their Africanness on album covers and in music videos, I could not avoid doing the same. Whether it was Queen Latifah standing proudly in front of the image of Africa on the cover of her album “All Hail the Queen” or watching Chuck D wear his African medallion in the “Fight the Power” video, I was profoundly influenced. With each lyric the stronger and more confident I grew as a young black man. My desire to learn more about my African ancestry as well as to become more involved in social issues affecting people of color deepened by the day. And beyond all that, I developed critical thinking skills that I carry with me to this day. I, however, was far from a novelty. This transformation was occurring within the psyches of black and brown youth throughout America. This was the power of “Golden Era” Hip Hop.
Despite the vastly racist and white supremacist personality of America, black and Latino youth continued to psychologically resist. Even as a youth I knew very well the root causes of many social maladies within the black community. Those causes were inextricably linked to the racist culture of America and its plutocratic government. My favorite rappers “spoke truth to power.” Guru, of the iconic rap group Gangstarr, was right on point in 1992 when he said,
”You can't tell me life was meant to be like this
a black man in a world dominated by whiteness
Ever since the declaration of independence
we've been easily brainwashed by just one sentence
It goes: all men are created equal
that's why corrupt governments kill innocent people
With chemical warfare they created crack and AIDS
got the public thinking these were things that black folks made
And every time there's violence shown in the media
usually it's a black thing so where are they leading ya…
To a world full of ignorance, hatred, and prejudice
TV and the news for years they have fed you this foolish notion that blacks are all criminals violent, low lifes, and then even animals
I'm telling the truth so some suckers are fearing me
but I must do my part to combat the conspiracy” - “Conspiracy,” Gangstarr
Disenfranchised youth could never expect to get that type of critical analysis from the US corporate media, then or today. Rap music was unequivocally our social, news, and educational medium. American classrooms, as they are today, were filled with racist, biased, and factually inaccurate white supremacist propaganda. Hip Hop music filled in the gaps, exposed the lies, and opened the doors to inquiry that American public education never did. All of the aforementioned aspects of “Golden Era” Hip Hop music are among the reasons why the white establishment had to co-opt Rap. White corporate America very well knew the power and potential of rap music to galvanize, mobilize, and organize youth of color from stolen coast to stolen coast. This is precisely why they had to take it over.
“Hip Hop music filled in the gaps, exposed the lies, and opened the doors to inquiry.”
By methodically buying out rap record labels, the corporate majors were able to silence progressive voices, all the while promoting rappers who would embody an image of black people that corporations felt more comfortable with. As odd as it may sound, the white establishment feels much safer with the image of a black man toting a gun with his pants sagging as opposed to the image of a black man, or woman, intrepidly bucking the system via their lyrics. The resistant black youth represents a direct threat to white establishment power. This is why, by the mid to late 1990s, mainstream rap music had been overtaken by a dull sameness. Then, as now, cookie cutter themes prevailed in corporate rap music, themes of senseless violence, excessive materialism, and misogyny.
Corporations pretend to avoid “controversial” topics and themes. Yet, when it comes to songs featuring black men degrading black women, that is never too controversial. And when it comes to black men rapping about senseless violence directed towards other black men, that is never too controversial or too political. However, if a black rapper, of either gender, addresses the plague of police brutality then the artist is summarily “white-listed” as too “controversial” and prevented from ever seeing the light of day on any mainstream outlet. The clear message they are sending is that if you are black and willing to rap about what they want you to rap about you will be dully rewarded, however the minute you dare try to step outside of the “box” and attack their power structure, you will be omitted.
“If a black rapper addresses the plague of police brutality then the artist is summarily 'white-listed.'”
It is as if the days of the “Minstrel Show” have returned. Those rappers who are most willing to step into the corporate supported stereotypical costumes (lyrically and physically) are the ones who will receive the record deals and unfettered airtime. The utter lack of thematic diversity in mainstream rap music has given black and brown youth a false impression of what options actually exist in the genre. Viacom and Clear Channel want black youth to embrace self-destructive imagery, while the corporations reap the windfall of purloined, mangled culture. After all, that is how America built its empire, on the backs of stolen Africans and stolen lands.
It is not beyond black people’s ability to control their own media outlets at every level, from music to news to entertainment. It is well within our limitless ability to organize, mobilize and establish our own mediums. Such an initiative is needed now more than ever. Until then, as Chuck D, Ice Cube and Big Daddy Kane said, “Burn Hollywood Burn.”

Solomon Comissiong is an educator, community activist, author, public speaker and the host of the Your World News radio program ( [1]). He may be reached at: [2].


COWARD SOUTH CAROLINA.. President Obama's entire interview with NBC host David Gregory on 'Meet The Press' was a major disaster and it revealed how much of an apologist Obama is for white racism.
Obama showed his gross lack of mastery of the complex issues involved in the Afghan conflict and he made very disingenuous comments on subject of race in response to the moderator's questions.
So in the instant case we have allegedly the first African American President of the United States providing a convenient cover an atmosphere for white supremacy to flourish and grow.
Are the Russians "licking their chops saying we have a friend in the White House or perhaps a fool ?"
*How is President Obama doing in the Public Opinion Polls in the country of Poland ?



HOT WATER MISSISSIPPI....How does the Virginia Cavaliers blow a 27-10 half time lead to Southern Mississippi ?
The Cavalier lost to Southern Mississippi is worst than the defeat at the hands of the College of William and Mary. So how does coach Groh and staff resurrect this season ? Is the present talent level at the University of Virginia that inferior to other mid-level NCAA Division 1-A schools ? Coach Groh continues to turn out many top draft choices for the N.F.L.. So what is causing this grave demise in consistent play with the Virginia Cavaliers in " WaHoo Land ?"

Thursday, September 17, 2009


FART VIRGINIA....For the last two days the corporate sponsored duplicitous media in concert with reactionaries on the right have conducted a relentless well orchestrated campaign to discredit former President Jimmy Carter's accurate remarks in reference to the white racism that has been fueling the outburst against President Obama around the USA.
The Jackals in the media and ne'er-do-well Republicans find aid and comfort in a President(OBAMA) who acts more like the modern day version of Booker T. Washington as he ducks,dodges,and tap dances around the issue of white racism which is aiding,and abetting the vociferous rage of many in the white community of America.
President Obama has made a spineless political calculation that it would be political suicide to address the problem of the on-going persistent prevalence of white racism in our society and he may not be qualified to tackle the historical legacy of white racism.
The corporate sponsored media is wrongfully taking their cues from Barack Obama on the issue of race,and when Black, Latino, Native American,Asian,Pacific Islanders and White progressives speak correctly on the nature and degree of white racism against Obama the buffoons in the media find comfort and solace in Obama's denials of said claims.
President Obama makes whites feel very at ease with their white racism and privilege,and by not addressing this truly American dilemma(White-Racism) and its companion white supremacy these two pathologies find a bed to fester within allegedly the nations first African American President.
Our President Obama would love for the American public to just ignore racism and quit complaining as though it(racism) will go away by some strange force such as osmosis or diffusion rather than taking the bull by the horn as this is the part responsible for guidance."For a dog to be effective,he must not only have a bark but a bite."
Since Barack Obama's inauguration as President not one of those racists Institutional systemic structures has fallen or been combated.
So one of the things that is needed between all Americans is candid,open honest, debate,dialogue,and constructive engagement to continue the process of eradicating the disease of white racism. Mr. President you can't conquer any disease by sweeping it under the rug and Mr. President you among all people should know what happens to diseases like Cancer,Tuberculosis, Paranoia, Swine Flu,Yellow Fever,and Gonorrhea if they go untreated or with the wrong cure and remedy.
In last year's Presidential election Obama received 43.5% of the white vote and old John McCain received 55.7% of the white vote. So I suspect that a large percentage of that McCain white vote is fueling the tea party protesters and the beast like outrage against Obama. I also know that outside of Virginia and North Carolina the "Old Deep South" overwhelmingly rejected Obama's candidacy but white racism is still present in each state and locality in these United States of America.
As a Boy Scout in Troop 93 in the Steel City of Pittsburgh Pa I learned to always be ready and prepared for anything so Mr. President, when will you put on the gloves and stay on the offensive ?
Mr. President, the vast majority of organized churches in Christendom were silent during the brutal systematic slaughter of millions Jews,Poles,Gypsies,and other Ethnics in the period of pre-and post World War II on the continent of Europe.
President Obama your silence on the issue of race is just another form of oppression and you may be doing more harm for race relations & reconciliation than your predecessor George W. Bush

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Courageous President Carter Speaks Out Correctly In His Analysis Of The Racist Outburst Against President Obama


Guess what folks, Blogger Black Buzz has been saying what President Carter said about white racism fueling the mean spirited outburst against President Obama since January of this year.
I am definitely not on the left,right,or in the middle of the political spectrum,and labels to me are meaningless. But I do have an acute understanding and working knowledge of individual& systemic white racism and I can differentiate between those two evils that are deeply embedded in our DNA and I know that most whites are unaware and in denial about their racism and white privilege. President Obama is smart enough to know that there's a high degree of white racism that's fueling the anger and frustrations of many of the voters against him but he can't afford to admit said publically because that would be political suicide which would give an appearance that he was playing the race card. Nevertheless you have Republican and Democrat front men like Mike Steele and Obama's press Secretary Robert Gibbs babbling about non-sense to deflect attention away from the real problem,which is white racism. Obama has always ducked,dodged and tapped danced around the issue of race, for political expediency and his failure to address the problem could ultimately lead to his down fall.
America's 400 year old disease of brutal white racism has been boiling over like a runaway Freight Train since the election of Barack Hussein Obama with no where to hide and how will those pathologies manifest for the duration of Obama's Presidency ?
Will the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People Give President Carter its highest award for speaking out against the disease of White racism and perhaps now President Carter can devote full time to combating that disease.

Racial prejudices are indications of a disturbed and potentially unstable society.
Dr. Kenneth B. Clark,1963

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


NEWS ALERT September 15,2009

Mr. President Barack Hussein Obama you already made yourself look like a foolish buffoon in the Gates/Crowley affair with your prejudgements of that incident,and now you have the gall and audacity to get involved in scandalous malicious type of high school gossip about a Hip-Hop star's behavior at the MTV Video Awards program.
Mr. President,Barack Obama you need to act more mature and Presidential and your spiteful comment about Kanye West was highly inappropriate,disrespectful and you need to apologize to Mr. West for your underhanded remark. President Obama called Kanye West a 'Jackass' because he felt it was safe for him to do so politically after all Mr. West is just one of those street Blacks
. White Americans have called President Obama every name in the book from a "Porch Monkey","Barack The Magic Negro", "Swamp Nigger" "Sand Nigger" "Muslim Terrorist" "Arab" "Nazi"," Chimpanzee", and a whole host of other racially derogatory names so one would think that allegedly the first African American President would be more sensitive to committing fouls suchs as name calling.
Mr. President I wonder if Mr. West was a 'Jackass' when he was donating thousands of his hard earned dollars to your campaign for President of the United States of America ? Mr Obama you are President of the United States of America not the Harvard Law Review and you really need to wear a tie more often.
Any political novice knows that all comments you make to the media are on the record,and there is no such animal as off the record comments when your dealing with the corporate sponsored media.
So why Mr. President did you decide to engage in adolescent gossip to a reporter from CNBC ?
This is the same President Obama who let a undercover Kluxer named Joe Wilson call him a liar last week in which this President did absolutely nothing in response to Wilson's scurrilous attack on his integrity and character.
It appears as though President Obama maintains a pattern and practice of demeaning,belittling African Americans(NAACP)National Convention,New York,July 2009) at every chance he gets to curry favor with whites in power but when up against the wall he"acts just good little Pickeninny" when it comes to attacks by whites.
Maybe President Obama will invite Kanye West and Taylor Swift who was the winner of the MTV best female Video Award to the White House for tea and cookies coupled with some type of fake reconciliation.
One would think that with the worse financial crisis since the Great Depression,the highest unemployment in 26 years,runaway inflation,and a horrible war in Afghanistan that this President would be totally devoted to doing his job as President of the United States rather than acting like he's the top CEO of the Gong Show.
My President Obama you need to grow up and take a few maturity pills and ask my good friend Jesse Jackson about how comments made off the record can come back to haunt you in the future.
And don't think for a moment that you have the African American vote in your hip pocket,Mr President.

Monday, September 14, 2009


BREAKING NEWS September 15,2009

I have often pondered who pays for the Illegal Immigrants getting treated throughout our country in the ER rooms ? Yes we have the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act(EMTALA) which states that care givers or hospitals must treat anyone regardless of their ability to pay but reimbursement through the State and Federal government to the public and private hospitals is minuscule, whereby those medical institutions have never been fully compensated for the full cost of coverage care mandated by EMTALA.
Many good U.S hospitals have had to shut down and reduce staff because of the lack of enforcement under the EMTALA ACT.
Perhaps the countries of Mexico,Guatemala,Honduras,El Salvador,
Costa Rica,Nicaragua,Panama,Columbia,Venezuela, and China should pay the U.S. for illegally employing,feeding their illegals, housing their illegals, giving illegals free medical services, paying billions of dollars for prison incarcerations of illegals and for footing the bill for the Illegal Immigrants getting treated in the Emergency rooms of the USA.
Or maybe the Illegal Immigrants pay in cash for getting treated in the great emergency rooms of our country which are vastly understaffed and over worked. Thus the good old American consumer is paying higher premium's to there respective insurance companies to subsidize illegal immigrants, gang bangers, freeloaders, and other types of hooligans getting medical services and treatment. Now you know why those fat greedy obscene insurance companies are spending over 400 million dollars lobbying against any type of Health Care Reform because that reform has the potential to cut into their enormous profits and they don't give a damn about the health of the American consumer or how much the consumer pays for health care benefits.
Our present care system is the most expensive,wasteful, fraudulent,and corrupt in the world and it consistently under-performs compared to other countries because of capitalistic greed and gross incompetency.
The U.S. is the only democracy without universal health care in the world and our medical debt is the principal cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States which is weakling the whole economy.
And you cantankerous idiots called tea party protesters come down on President Obama for attempting to reform the most abused health care system in the world while the Congress of the United States in concert with at least 12 sitting Presidents hasn't done one thing to help the American consumer other than to make life easier and more profitable for the insurance and Pharmaceutical companies.
The American public really needs to wake up and realize that we need a well financed viable third and fourth political party to break up this exclusive club of the Democratic and Republican party and their intense stranglehold and monopoly in our experiment in democratic governance.The Democratic and Republican establishment are not to discerning over matters of principle and that's why we have the present crisis in our health care system.
If anyone has a modicum of integrity,credibility and character you should not run for any political office under our present political system for its something about this system that corrupts one's soul. Is it the money,fame and power that corrupts one's soul or all three of those vices.
How is it that in a country of well over 300 million plus another 12 to 20 million illegals we have only two main political parties and a handful of fringe parties that do not possess the resources and finances to mount any semblance of a challenge to the main players. Thus we need more political competition to make our elected officials more accountable to the people they serve rather than currying favor with the corporate lobbyists and their respective special interest.
Many scholars claim it is free and open competition that has made America great in the market place and in this experiment in democracy.But I say that those so-called experts and scholars who proclaim that line of thought are wrong ,and American has always been a country that has had free and open competition for only a handful of select few elite blue bloods and well heeled families who control all the purse strings for they are really the movers and shakers.
And ever so often a non-blue blood such as Bill Gates and Ross Perot make it into that exclusive elite club. Its those Corporate blue and orange bloods and their proxies that continually promote this incessant class warfare that has the Joe and Suzie Six packs so upset with the talk of health care reform and other acute systemic problems in our governmental systems that they really don't understand and comprehend the complexities of those problems so they scapegoat and blame President Obama for their many shortcomings, misfortunes and lack of connection.
Can one imagine 46 million new citizens getting Health Care benefit coverage along with 12 to 20 million Illegal Immigrants who are already flooding and invading our emergency rooms ?
We would have to import Doctors and other health care professionals from Cuba, the Philippines, Venezuela, and Switzerland to handle the additional people that would basically overwhelm our present system.


LOCO OKLAHOMA, September 15,2009
Where was the Tea Party folks when the inept George W. Bush was spending the taxpayers dollars as though there was no tomorrow ?
Why didn't George Bush have any Tea Party protesters around the country ? The only people protesting George Bush's policies was Cindy Sheehan.
Oh! "I get it George Bush was a stupid guy but he was white ".
Those Tea Party protesters are nothing but a bunch of misguided,frustrated undercover racists with a few buffoonish Negroes who tag along as fellow travelers. (Amos and Andy Types)
Did you ever once see any Joe Six pack types walking around with guns around their pot beer belly's when Presidents Clinton or the Bushes were speaking and now the duplicitous media gingerly says there may be an element of race in the protest movement.
"Racism is in the DNA of White America as is Cheverolet and apple pie".
" I want my country back now so go to back to Europe,Asia and Africa ASAP". The Illegals immigrants that came in from south of the border may stop over in Texas,New Mexico,Arizona,Colorado,and California,but in the final analysis you will have to go also because you invaded and committed various atrocities against the indigenous tribes in those Native American Lands .

Saturday, September 12, 2009



MULATTO RUN VIRGINIA....None of the top tier Virginia high school recruits should be leaving the state of Virginia to play college football.
Head coaches Al Groh of Virginia and Frank Beamer of Virginia Tech are two of the premier coaches in the country and who have outstanding staff at every level of the coaching ranks. So I am baffled by the number of tier one high school football recruits in the state of Virginia who are desirous of matriculating outside of the Old Dominion to play college football.
The University of Virginia has one of the top elite academic programs in the country,and one of the most scenic picturesque campuses in the nation which is totally conducive to learning.
Charlottesville,Virginia where Thomas Jefferson founded and designed the University of Virginia is the best place to live in the USA,according to a book by Bert Sperling & Peter Sander titled"Cities Ranked & Rated.
Further Kiplinger Personal Finance magazine rated Charlottesville the 4TH. best place to live in the USA.
Cities Ranked & Rated by Bert Sperling and Peter Sander ranked Blacksburg third place among Southern Mountain Towns.

Friday, September 11, 2009



PITTSBURGH PA......Big Ben Roethlisberger leads the comeback for the tying and winning field goals.

Although the Steelers didn't have any semblance of ground game Old Ben was able to lead his team to victory with a steady
consistent controlled passing game.
Last night's clash between the Steelers and the Titans was more reminiscent of two gladiators fighting to their death in the Roman Coliseum.
The reliable Jeff Reed kicked a 33 yard field goal in overtime to seal the deal for the pugnacious Steelers.
The Steelers will have to vastly improve in consistently running the ball effectively,for you can't survive in the N.F.L. on a diet of intermediate passes.And every team in the N.F. L will be gunning for the Super Bowl Champs. So members of the Black&Gold will have to bring their A+ game for every game they play in a league that appears to have a reasonable level of parity.
The play of James Farrior,Heath Miller,and Santonio Holmes was outstanding,and the entire defense should be given a game ball for their stellar play.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


POSSUM TROT MISSISSIPPI...... It is impossible not to notice and observe that white people(Caucasians) who vehemently disagree with proposals from allegedly our first African American President exhibit more difficulty in controlling eruptive,beast like ,irrational,and even blatant obnoxious outbursts of behavior than we experienced during any Presidency in the last sixty five years.
In my opinion most of the whites in South Carolina particularly in Mr. Wilson's Second Congressional District are still fighting the Civil War with their racist mindset,and they can't get over the fact that a skinny intelligent Black man is the President Of the United States of America.
The people of the South Carolina's Second Congressional District think Joe Wilson is a hero and that's why they elected him because they are of that same mindset. There is an old saying that says"Birds of Feather Flock Together"

Old Joe Wilson was hiding in the woodpile when his Governor Mark Sanford was lying to the people of South Carolina about his numerous booty calls with his mistress in Argentina. Why didn't old Joe call his buddy Governor Sanford a lair and adulterer when the Sanford misused state funds to travel to see one of his booty calls across state lines in another country ?
Old Joe called President Obama a liar but the HC bill explicitly says that illegal immigrants can't get any government money to pay for health care.
South Carolina indeed has one the worst performing Public School systems in the country and many of their students are graduating without the ability to read and comprehend the English language,and maybe Old Joe was product of that mediocre school system because he can't read. Or maybe Old Joe is just blind and hard of hearing.
Let's us all pray for Joe and other's of that same racist mindset in the Grand Olde Party of Lincoln .

Racial prejudices are indications of a disturbed and potentially unstable society.
Dr. Kenneth B.Clark,1963

America's 400 year old disease of White racism has been boiling over like a runaway freight train since the election of Barack Hussein Obama with no where to hide and how will those pathologies manifest for the duration of Obama's Presidency ?
Blogger Black buzz, September 10,2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Americans & Canadians are urged to avoid going to the Country of Mexico at all cost its just simply not safe to travel or transact business anywhere in Mexico.
Why would any intelligent U.S.citizen want to spend their hard earned dollars in one of the world's most unsafe, and corrupt country's ?
The Country of Belize is far safer,cleaner,picturesque and tourist friendly than the poverty stricken Mexico and governance in Mexico is reminiscent of a backward fourth world country in Europe such as Albania.




Tuesday, September 8, 2009


CUT AND SHOOT TEXAS.. How many Americans and NATO forces must die for the most blatantly corrupt government in Asia(Afghanistan). How can the (United States) justify sending any more U.S. troops into that hell hole called Afghanistan where the Karzai brothers rule the country like its their personal organized crime bonanza and where there is no semblance of any type of responsible governance ? Why should Afghans fight each other for a bunch of scandalous corrupt politicians in Kabul and Washington ?
How does the American public know that Osama bin Laden is still alive ?
If Obama can take out Bin Laden does that mean the U.S.will bail or leave the fiasco in Afghanistan ? The U.S. and NATO are so deeply involved in this genocidal war against the Afghan people that they couldn't leave Afghanistan even if they could annihilate Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda crew who may have all fled to the border provinces in and around Pakistan.To leave Afghanistan after successfully taking out Bin Laden may result in all out civil war in Afghanistan which could have far greater ramifications in a part of the world that China, &Russia have long jockeyed for power and influence.
Russia wisely gave the United States and NATO access to various strategic air space for resupply to Afghanistan so that Uncle Sam would sink deeper and deeper into cauldron. Russia understands that it will take mucho dollars and a large military to continue this blind misadventure in Afghanistan and its to Russia's advantage that the United States and NATO get bogged down in Afghanistan.Has the Bear outfoxed the Obama administration and NATO ?

President Obama's Education Speech

ARLINGTON VIRGINIA.. President Barack Hussein Obama delivered a very inspiring, motivational and uplifting speech to the nation's students at Wakefield High School in Arlington Virginia.
President Obama stressed the need for students to accept responsibility for staying in school, excellence in the classroom,being attentive to their teachers and the need to listen to their parents, adults and that the future of our nation is inextricably tied to how well our students perform in school.
I heard nothing in the President's speech that was remotely controversial and all the people who prejudged the Presidents message in which that negativity was fueled by the sponsored media are basically prejudice. Prejudiced people always make prejudgements before objective critical analysis and examination of the facts.
All the furor and acrimony over the President's education speech before it was given has a definite racial component and to gloss over the white back lash to President's Obama speech is a capitulation to racism.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Van Jones President Obama's Environmental Adviser Resigns Over His Comments About 9/11

Van Jones President Obama's Environmental adviser resigns over his controversial comments concerning 9/11,but why didn't President Obama have Mr.Jone's back ?
President Obama has been silent on all the contentious debate centering around Mr. Jones comments and activities going back into the 1990's.
It is quite apparent that President Obama left Mr. Jones out to dry for political expediency,and Jones got caught up in vacillating on the subject on whether he signed a petition suggesting that the Bush Administration may have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen perhaps as a pretext to war.
Van Jones failed to stand up for his own political convictions and thus he was made into mincemeat by the gutter Washingtonian politics solely due to his own self-serving interests.
Malcolm X and Alexander Hamilton said,"If you don't stand for something,you'll fall for anything ". Mr. Jones you should have stayed in the trenches and fought those undercover racists in the Grand Olde Party of Lincoln and duplicitous buffoons in the Democratic Party.
Van Jones comments about the Bush administration's culpability in the 9-11 attack and Mr. Jones positions on a whole litany of topics has been on the Internet since the 1990's . So how did team Obama fumble the ball again and what's your excuse Mr. President for this gross oversight ?
The question I like to ask of President Obama,who is doing the vetting of the Obama vetting team and what does the Jones resignation say about President Obama's judgement in selecting advisers and so-called Czars


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Remembering Edward Kennedy, Virginian

by Meredith Woo
Buckner W. Clay Dean of Arts & Sciences The University of Virginia

The University of Virginia witnessed the passing of another great Virginian—a Virginian in the sense of his association with the University—just shy of two centuries, or 183 years to be precise, after the passing of the founder of the University. Ted Kennedy’s ties to Virginia, of course, do not compare to those of Mr. Jefferson. Yet they are, in a sense, two bookends on the long and growing bookshelf that is the University, with the architect at the beginning and a man emblematic of an important moment in the University’s history further down the shelf.
The two men were alike in ways that are profoundly revealing about our country. Both were aristocrats in a country that shunned aristocracy. Both were dominant figures in the Democratic Party. Both stood for the common man in spite of their great privilege, something reflective of the egalitarian aspirations of the country they loved. Both led large and complex families, in Kennedy’s case, a legacy of three older brothers who died violent deaths while serving their country. Jefferson and Kennedy were patricians, patriots, and patriarchs.
Yet in spite of their privilege they were also “levelers,” dedicating themselves to providing opportunities to those who lacked their inheritance. Jefferson was a slaveholder, of course, from a different era in our history; Kennedy was born to great wealth in a house full of servants, yet he was at the forefront of the civil rights movements that finally brought equality under the law to former slaves a century after the Civil War. And as both men grew older, they grew bolder, more outraged by inequality, yet with gravitas and dignity. They became more human, and humanized, at the end of their lives.
They were also alike in being bundles of contradictions. Jefferson had a long relationship with Sally Hemings, a beautiful black woman who was a half sister-in-law and, of course, a slave. Ted Kennedy long had a reputation as a womanizer. It took an appalling tragedy at Chappaquiddick for him to become the most important champion of women’s rights in the Senate. He also became, like Jefferson, a workaholic who was responsible for a myriad of legislation. (In the vast commentary after his death, his work on civil rights, voting rights, health care, immigration, the environment and many other endeavors were mentioned, but hardly anyone noted his long and sterling record as a champion for the rights of women.)
Ted Kennedy and the founder of our University were, in short, complicated men who lived and wrestled with their contradictions, both privately and in the public arena, always willing to fight the good fight, never downcast, and in the end better men for having confronted and tried to overcome their human-all-too-human frailties—even as their lives ended with battles still to be won.
When people say the United States is “the last, best hope of mankind” I often pause, because so many countries around the world have high standards of democracy and human rights. But there is something intangible about the United States, with its extraordinary complexity and diversity, part of a great continent anchored at the beginning by states as different as Massachusetts and Virginia, states that so embody that diversity—one, a former member of the Confederacy; the other, the most liberal state in our time; both, sites of the country’s creation at Plymouth colony and Jamestown, and both producing great politicians who gave their all to overcome the worst legacies of our national heritage. And two great universities distinguish those states, Harvard, as one of the greatest private schools, and Virginia, as one of the greatest public schools, both overflowing with a diversity that would warm the capacious hearts of two great men, one the son of the Commonwealth of Virginia; the other, son of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. One attended William and Mary and then went on to found the University of Virginia. The other attended Harvard and then had the good sense to come to Charlottesville to study the law. He would go on to become one of the great American lawmakers of the twentieth century.
At the University of Virginia we mourn the passing of an era, and of a formidable alumnus: we will miss Ted Kennedy.
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One Response to “Remembering Edward Kennedy, Virginian”
Gerald Cooper CLAS 1958 says:
September 4, 2009 at 5:39 pm
I have just read your full blog entry on Kennedy and Jefferson—it contains insights that only a citizen of the world–you–could see. I believe Kennedy and Jefferson would be pleased, for you have placed them both in excellent context for the University which they both loved.

The Dawgs Get Trounced By The Cowboys

Black Buzz Sports News-September 6, 2009

STILLWATER, OKLA....The Georgia Bulldogs had an impressive opening 80 yard drive for a touchdown, but the tenacious Oklahoma State defense won the battle in the trenches, and the Cowboys all world wide receiver, Dez Bryant manhandled the Georgia secondary for a hard fought victory. With a name like Dez he's got to be bad.
The three Georgia turnovers hurt the ability of the Dawgs to mount a successful comeback, and Georgia will have to get better execution from their quarterback, Joe Cox if the Dawgs want to compete against the heavyweights in the toughest college football conference in the land--the SEC. I can't believe that a historic stellar program like the University of Georgia couldn't recruit a 4-star or 5-star quarterback for their squad.
"It's going to be a long season for the Dawgs"

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA .... How in the hell did the University of Virginia lose to the College of William & Mary? The University of Virginia is one the top elite academic schools in the nation, but to get trounced by the school where UVA's founder, Thomas Jefferson attended(William&Mary), is a national disgrace. I think Virginia's head coach, Al Groh is a great coach but I have to question how the Cavaliers prepared for this game.
Teams that are in better physical condition and shape usually win consistently in college and pro football. What teams do in practice and training shows up in how they perform on the field. Superior preparation prevents poor performance.

The Jamaican Light Bolt
The Jury is still out on Usain Bolt. How can any man be that fast without doping? I guess it's possible! My best time in the 100 yard dash was 9.9 but I ran on hard cinders and ash and I never used any steroids or human growth hormones. I trained on wheat germ oil, seaweed, carrot juice, yogurt, Brewers Yeast and Black Strap molasses plus a high concentration of vitamins and minerals and no one trained harder than I. I loved the track training for that was the easy part and running in the actual meets was more difficult.

COLUMBUS, OHIO.. If the Ohio State Buckeyes play the University of Southern California as they played the Midshipmen of Navy, they will go down to defeat 49-0.. Stay tune for the showdown in Columbus between the Buckeyes and the Trojans next Saturday September 12, 2009..

ARLINGTON, TEXAS....When will a Stoops squad win a big game? Those Mormons(BYU) outhit, out-executed the Sooners and BYU obviously wanted the game more. So what if Sam the man Bradford went down? Good coaches always prepare for such an occasion such as injuries to key ball players. That's why you have back-ups, and second and third stringers. After their Heisman boy went down, they played with very little enthusiasm. Stoops teams always appear to be in terrible physical conditioning.

The Tide won this game in the trenches and they proved without a doubt they will be in the hunt for the bogus national title game. The ACC can't hang with the big dogs in the SEC.

The Big East Conference should be banned from the BCS but the Big East still has a lot of talented players in Big East Conference which is evidenced by their large number of players drafted for the pros.

PITTSBURGH, PA.....Major League Baseball needs to close down the historic franchise in Pittsburgh, Pa. The on the field play of the Pittsburgh Pirates is a blatantly gross misrepresentation of playing the game of baseball by individuals masquerading as baseball players. The management team assembled in Pittsburgh has to be composed of the most incompetent, inept people in the game of baseball. Don't the good people of Pittsburgh deserve better? I say, move the franchise to Las Vegas, Nevada since the owners like to gamble incessantly. Roberto Clemente, Willie Stargell, Pie Traynor and Honus Wagner must be turning over in their graves because of the play of the hapless Pirates.

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y......Bud Selig, Commissioner of Baseball, needs to reinstate Pete Charlie Hustle Rose back into the game of baseball. How long must Mr. Rose suffer ? He has paid his debt to society, and to further punish Mr. Rose with this stupid banishment is ridiculous and bordering on the absurd.
We teach school age students that we are a nation that believes in reconciliation and forgiveness but that appears to be only rhetoric. Yes, we are a nation that forgives a sitting President (CLINTON)for his misfortunes but we cannot forgive Pete Rose for betting on major league baseball games appears to be hypocritical to me. The United States Attorney General Eric Holder was correct in calling the U. S. a nation of cowards but we are also a nation of blatant hypocrites. Bud, reinstate Mr.Rose ASAP so that the Seniors Committee can get Pete on the ballot for next year and for you bigots on the voting committee for the Hall-Of- Fame induction for Cooperstown--how many of you are without sin ?

PITTSBURGH, PA....Dick Lebeau finally gets on the ballot for the treasured Hall-Of-Fame in Canton, Ohio but getting Mr. Lebeau on said ballot for next year means that another deserving Steeler, Donnie Shell will get by-passed again ? If you look at Donnie Shell's whole body of work, only an idiot would say he is not qualified for induction in Canton.
And Mr. Dermonti Dawson, another Steeler iron man may have a better case than either Lebeau or Shell. I say induct all three former Steelers into the Pro-Football Hall. Why should their be a quota on the number of Steelers inducted into any one given class?

GREENBAY, WISCONSIN....Jerry Kramer, the oustanding guard and placekicker for the famed Packers deserves to be in Canton, Ohio.
If the Vikings' Randle McDaniel can make the Hall-Of-Fame, Kramer should be a sure bet for the Hall. I have wonderd how many of these young voters on the selection committe for the Hall-Of-Fame in Canton played organzied football or watched football with a working knowledge of the the players who played the game of pro football in the forties, fifties and sixties?

PITTSBURGH PA... I love to see Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates wearing a Yankee Pin-striped uniform in the new Yankee stadium in the Bronx.

PHILADELPHIA,PA...I watched Michael Vick play against the New York Jets and he looked very rusty,slow and sluggish . It is obvious that the lay-off has tremendously hindered his game,and we might not never see any semblance of the old Vick. Michael Vick was never a great field general but he was an excellent scrambler who could really motor with the ball. It might take a full training camp for Vick to really get his game together,and he may never be like the Vick of old. Mike always had difficulty reading defenses like 50% of all the N.F.L. Quarterbacks,but Mr.Vick may fool a lot of naysayers and help lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The University Of Oregon Administers Dixie Style Of Discipline In Suspending Its Star RB Who Was Defending Himself From A Verbal Assault .

The University of Oregon wrongfully suspends its star running back Le Garrette Blount who was verbally assaulted by an obscure white player named Byron Hout from Boise State. Mr. Blount was only defending his person after being victimized by a barrage of yelling and screaming and excessive taunting by Hout.
The actions taken by the University of Oregon in the instant case of suspending Mr. Blount for the whole season is without merit and appears to be a knee jerk reaction and highly discriminatory.
Boise State has chosen not to suspend the perpetrator of the incident, Mr. Hout,who in retrospect should have gotten his behind kicked good.
Both schools could have merely counseled each individual for their behavior but to suspend a college student for an entire season for defending himself after being verbally assaulted is far too extreme.
I advise Mr. Blount to leave the University of Oregon immediately, and consult with legal counsel for filing a lawsuit against said school.
The University of Virginia located in Charlottesville, Virginia would be glad to have a fine young talent like Mr. Blount in their program, and UVA will not discriminate against Mr. Blount in any shape or fashion. The University of Virginia combines great academics with a highly successful athletic program which is second to none in NCAA-1-A.
I recommend that African American high school recruits avoid going to Bosie State (Boise Idaho) and the University of Oregon located in Eugene Oregon at all cost until they learn to be objective, fair and consistent in the application of discipline without regards to race, color, sex and national origin.