Thursday, September 17, 2009


FART VIRGINIA....For the last two days the corporate sponsored duplicitous media in concert with reactionaries on the right have conducted a relentless well orchestrated campaign to discredit former President Jimmy Carter's accurate remarks in reference to the white racism that has been fueling the outburst against President Obama around the USA.
The Jackals in the media and ne'er-do-well Republicans find aid and comfort in a President(OBAMA) who acts more like the modern day version of Booker T. Washington as he ducks,dodges,and tap dances around the issue of white racism which is aiding,and abetting the vociferous rage of many in the white community of America.
President Obama has made a spineless political calculation that it would be political suicide to address the problem of the on-going persistent prevalence of white racism in our society and he may not be qualified to tackle the historical legacy of white racism.
The corporate sponsored media is wrongfully taking their cues from Barack Obama on the issue of race,and when Black, Latino, Native American,Asian,Pacific Islanders and White progressives speak correctly on the nature and degree of white racism against Obama the buffoons in the media find comfort and solace in Obama's denials of said claims.
President Obama makes whites feel very at ease with their white racism and privilege,and by not addressing this truly American dilemma(White-Racism) and its companion white supremacy these two pathologies find a bed to fester within allegedly the nations first African American President.
Our President Obama would love for the American public to just ignore racism and quit complaining as though it(racism) will go away by some strange force such as osmosis or diffusion rather than taking the bull by the horn as this is the part responsible for guidance."For a dog to be effective,he must not only have a bark but a bite."
Since Barack Obama's inauguration as President not one of those racists Institutional systemic structures has fallen or been combated.
So one of the things that is needed between all Americans is candid,open honest, debate,dialogue,and constructive engagement to continue the process of eradicating the disease of white racism. Mr. President you can't conquer any disease by sweeping it under the rug and Mr. President you among all people should know what happens to diseases like Cancer,Tuberculosis, Paranoia, Swine Flu,Yellow Fever,and Gonorrhea if they go untreated or with the wrong cure and remedy.
In last year's Presidential election Obama received 43.5% of the white vote and old John McCain received 55.7% of the white vote. So I suspect that a large percentage of that McCain white vote is fueling the tea party protesters and the beast like outrage against Obama. I also know that outside of Virginia and North Carolina the "Old Deep South" overwhelmingly rejected Obama's candidacy but white racism is still present in each state and locality in these United States of America.
As a Boy Scout in Troop 93 in the Steel City of Pittsburgh Pa I learned to always be ready and prepared for anything so Mr. President, when will you put on the gloves and stay on the offensive ?
Mr. President, the vast majority of organized churches in Christendom were silent during the brutal systematic slaughter of millions Jews,Poles,Gypsies,and other Ethnics in the period of pre-and post World War II on the continent of Europe.
President Obama your silence on the issue of race is just another form of oppression and you may be doing more harm for race relations & reconciliation than your predecessor George W. Bush

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