Friday, September 4, 2009

Another College Football Season Begins With Very Few Black Head Coaches

All the college football conferences have an atrociously poor record of
affording Equal Opportunity to African American candidates in all the systems of hiring for the positions of head coach and assistants.
Playing college football in all the major college football conferences is reminiscent of the old Antebellum south where the Black slaves did all the work and labor with white overseers in the central positions of power.
These major college football conference schools bring in millions of dollars in revenue each year off of the blood.sweat,and tears of numerous talented African American athletes.
So why would anyone with any semblance of smarts (play) for colleges and Universities that would not hire highly qualified members of their own race(African American) as an overseer or head football coach ?

African American high school recruits, and their parents should show some degree of intelligence and avoid going to those Institutions of Higher Learning that have a history of not hiring highly qualified African Americans for the position of head coach assistant head coach coordinators and who maintain a pattern and practice of refusing to hire or promote African Americans.
The lack of hiring and promoting exceptionally qualified African Americans. for the position of head coach by 98.8% of all colleges and Universities in the United States is a national disgrace.

Further those discriminatory hiring and promotional practices in those halls of academia will only change when African Americans in concert with white allies and others learn to "Take The Bull By The Horns" as this is the part responsible for guidance.

Many times the Black Coaches Association headquartered in Indianapolis,Indiana has spoken out about the lack of hiring of African American Head Coaches,an equal number of times the matter has been dropped. The Black Coaches Association must understand that"for a dog to be effective he must not only have a bark but a bite".

Why are African American candidates and the Black Coaches Association afraid of filing needed litigation in the area of hiring African Americans head football coaches ? Is there one African American candidate for a head coaching position who will stand up when he or she feels he or she has been discriminated against by an Institution of higher learning by filing a Civil Rights Lawsuit even if means being white-balled by all colleges and professional ostracism from said peers ?

The great Malcolm X said"If you don't stand up for something" You'll fall for anything"

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