Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is Traveling To Denmark The Most Important Thing To Do For The President Of The United States of America At The Pivotal Point In His Presidency ?

TYSONS CORNER VIRGINIA.. Is traveling to Copenhagen to lobby for the crime ridden City of Chicago for the 2016 Olympic Games the most important thing for the President of the United States can do at this critical point in his young Presidency in effort to twist the arm of the IOC ?
"Well Homer " "Do you think that President Obama needs to take that obsolete teleprompter with him when meeting with the IOC officials because he might forget his sales pitch " ? "Ah Shucks Jethro " " You don't have to be a Harvard Law Review President to sell ice to the Eskimos " . " Hey Jethro" !"What Homer " "Do you think President Obama will bring along one of the members of the Gacy Klan(33 murders) or his old pal Tony Rezko to do the City of Chicago's bidding for the Olympic Games" ? "Jethro" Don't you think the Obama's traveling to Copenhagen is a waste of the taxpayers dollars and maybe we can get old dirty scandalous Newt Gingrich and "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" Michele Bachman" and the goggled eyed Frankenstein looking character Eric Cantor to look into this Obama affair in traveling to Denmark lobbying for that corrupt Al Capone citadel of crime and graft".
"Homer I heard the Danes treat the Eskimos like we do those Negroes here in the United States".
"Now Jethro" "we treats our Negroes good here in the U.S". "I just don't want any of them marrying my daughter,or living near me, or going to the same school as my children nor do I want to work with them on the job". "Damn it I want my country back " 'and now that they got that 'Boot in our White House those Negroes will be trying to take over the country next.

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