Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Dawgs Get Trounced By The Cowboys

Black Buzz Sports News-September 6, 2009

STILLWATER, OKLA....The Georgia Bulldogs had an impressive opening 80 yard drive for a touchdown, but the tenacious Oklahoma State defense won the battle in the trenches, and the Cowboys all world wide receiver, Dez Bryant manhandled the Georgia secondary for a hard fought victory. With a name like Dez he's got to be bad.
The three Georgia turnovers hurt the ability of the Dawgs to mount a successful comeback, and Georgia will have to get better execution from their quarterback, Joe Cox if the Dawgs want to compete against the heavyweights in the toughest college football conference in the land--the SEC. I can't believe that a historic stellar program like the University of Georgia couldn't recruit a 4-star or 5-star quarterback for their squad.
"It's going to be a long season for the Dawgs"

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA .... How in the hell did the University of Virginia lose to the College of William & Mary? The University of Virginia is one the top elite academic schools in the nation, but to get trounced by the school where UVA's founder, Thomas Jefferson attended(William&Mary), is a national disgrace. I think Virginia's head coach, Al Groh is a great coach but I have to question how the Cavaliers prepared for this game.
Teams that are in better physical condition and shape usually win consistently in college and pro football. What teams do in practice and training shows up in how they perform on the field. Superior preparation prevents poor performance.

The Jamaican Light Bolt
The Jury is still out on Usain Bolt. How can any man be that fast without doping? I guess it's possible! My best time in the 100 yard dash was 9.9 but I ran on hard cinders and ash and I never used any steroids or human growth hormones. I trained on wheat germ oil, seaweed, carrot juice, yogurt, Brewers Yeast and Black Strap molasses plus a high concentration of vitamins and minerals and no one trained harder than I. I loved the track training for that was the easy part and running in the actual meets was more difficult.

COLUMBUS, OHIO.. If the Ohio State Buckeyes play the University of Southern California as they played the Midshipmen of Navy, they will go down to defeat 49-0.. Stay tune for the showdown in Columbus between the Buckeyes and the Trojans next Saturday September 12, 2009..

ARLINGTON, TEXAS....When will a Stoops squad win a big game? Those Mormons(BYU) outhit, out-executed the Sooners and BYU obviously wanted the game more. So what if Sam the man Bradford went down? Good coaches always prepare for such an occasion such as injuries to key ball players. That's why you have back-ups, and second and third stringers. After their Heisman boy went down, they played with very little enthusiasm. Stoops teams always appear to be in terrible physical conditioning.

The Tide won this game in the trenches and they proved without a doubt they will be in the hunt for the bogus national title game. The ACC can't hang with the big dogs in the SEC.

The Big East Conference should be banned from the BCS but the Big East still has a lot of talented players in Big East Conference which is evidenced by their large number of players drafted for the pros.

PITTSBURGH, PA.....Major League Baseball needs to close down the historic franchise in Pittsburgh, Pa. The on the field play of the Pittsburgh Pirates is a blatantly gross misrepresentation of playing the game of baseball by individuals masquerading as baseball players. The management team assembled in Pittsburgh has to be composed of the most incompetent, inept people in the game of baseball. Don't the good people of Pittsburgh deserve better? I say, move the franchise to Las Vegas, Nevada since the owners like to gamble incessantly. Roberto Clemente, Willie Stargell, Pie Traynor and Honus Wagner must be turning over in their graves because of the play of the hapless Pirates.

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y......Bud Selig, Commissioner of Baseball, needs to reinstate Pete Charlie Hustle Rose back into the game of baseball. How long must Mr. Rose suffer ? He has paid his debt to society, and to further punish Mr. Rose with this stupid banishment is ridiculous and bordering on the absurd.
We teach school age students that we are a nation that believes in reconciliation and forgiveness but that appears to be only rhetoric. Yes, we are a nation that forgives a sitting President (CLINTON)for his misfortunes but we cannot forgive Pete Rose for betting on major league baseball games appears to be hypocritical to me. The United States Attorney General Eric Holder was correct in calling the U. S. a nation of cowards but we are also a nation of blatant hypocrites. Bud, reinstate Mr.Rose ASAP so that the Seniors Committee can get Pete on the ballot for next year and for you bigots on the voting committee for the Hall-Of- Fame induction for Cooperstown--how many of you are without sin ?

PITTSBURGH, PA....Dick Lebeau finally gets on the ballot for the treasured Hall-Of-Fame in Canton, Ohio but getting Mr. Lebeau on said ballot for next year means that another deserving Steeler, Donnie Shell will get by-passed again ? If you look at Donnie Shell's whole body of work, only an idiot would say he is not qualified for induction in Canton.
And Mr. Dermonti Dawson, another Steeler iron man may have a better case than either Lebeau or Shell. I say induct all three former Steelers into the Pro-Football Hall. Why should their be a quota on the number of Steelers inducted into any one given class?

GREENBAY, WISCONSIN....Jerry Kramer, the oustanding guard and placekicker for the famed Packers deserves to be in Canton, Ohio.
If the Vikings' Randle McDaniel can make the Hall-Of-Fame, Kramer should be a sure bet for the Hall. I have wonderd how many of these young voters on the selection committe for the Hall-Of-Fame in Canton played organzied football or watched football with a working knowledge of the the players who played the game of pro football in the forties, fifties and sixties?

PITTSBURGH PA... I love to see Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates wearing a Yankee Pin-striped uniform in the new Yankee stadium in the Bronx.

PHILADELPHIA,PA...I watched Michael Vick play against the New York Jets and he looked very rusty,slow and sluggish . It is obvious that the lay-off has tremendously hindered his game,and we might not never see any semblance of the old Vick. Michael Vick was never a great field general but he was an excellent scrambler who could really motor with the ball. It might take a full training camp for Vick to really get his game together,and he may never be like the Vick of old. Mike always had difficulty reading defenses like 50% of all the N.F.L. Quarterbacks,but Mr.Vick may fool a lot of naysayers and help lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl.

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