Monday, September 28, 2009


PITTSBURGH PA. Barack Obama, President of the United States of America will travel to Copenhagen Denmark later this week to lobby for the city of Chicago in their efforts to obtain the 2016 Olympics for said Metropolis while young Latino, Black and poor white women & men are dying on the streets of Chicago and in Afghanistan.
Apparently Mr Obama and Mrs. Obama have many people in the Chicago political arena to pay-off or pay back such as the Richard M. Daley Crew and other thuggish corrupt Chicago politicians along with those Corporate prostitute's who help to back his candidacy for the Presidency.
Most Americans know that Chicago is the second most corrupt and violent city in the United States next to the Big Apple.
Mayor Daley should ask the Governor of Illinois to send in the National Guard to patrol the streets of Chicago and unless that happens only a fool would want to come to one of the most unsafe corrupt Cities in the U.S.A.
Obama should be lobbying those present and past Multi-National Corporations that left America for greener pastures overseas to relocate back to the states who only left because of high taxes, high labor cost, and the high cost of Health Care,Unfair Trade Laws, and Sky high Unemployment Compensation Claims.
Ask the people in the heartland of Appalachia who live in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee,West Virginia and Pennsylvania what they think of Obama's lobbying for City of Chicago to secure the 2016 Olympics for the City of Chicago.
How many people in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and West Virginia have been retrained for all those green jobs that President Obama promised to deliver on while in his first six months in office ?
The people in Appalachia want skill retraining and good paying jobs and they could care less about the corrupt city of Chicago getting the Olympics Games for 2016.
Japan had the Olympics in Tokyo in 1964 and Spain had the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992, so Rio De Janeiro rightfully deserves a shot at having the Olympic Games.
I would feel safer going and being in Rio than in the famed Windy City of Chicago and plus it has a more appealing and pleasant racial and weather climate.
Sorry Oprah, Chicago is not an All-American City .

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