Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Draft Dodger Dick Cheney Is Only Attacking Eric Holder Because He Is Trying To Save His Own Neck

Mr. Eric Holder,the Attorney General of the United States of America has finally taken the "Bull By The Horn" in appointing a special-prosecutor John Durham to look into the widespread detainee abuse by lower echelon C.I.A. operatives who were involved in a systematic campaign of torture against prisoner's who were under the charge and jurisdiction of the United States of America. It is quite apparent to anyone that has modicum of intelligence that higher ups in the Bush Administration directed these illegal torture activities. It is my hope that Mr. Durham's investigation will leave no stone unturned and that he should follow the evidence to wherever it may lead including the Oval Office.
Mr. President Barack Obama either the United States of America is a country of laws or we are not a country of laws,and if citizens can pick and choose the laws that they want to obey,and disregard some laws because of political expediency then we will have utter chaos and confusion coupled with elements of anarchy.
The question I have for President Obama and former Vice President Dick Cheney"Is the United States Constitution and all the other applicable laws and treaty's for which this nation is signatory governing torture as important as your present and future political careers ?
So will President Obama govern based upon the public opinion polls or the laws for which he took an oath of allegiance to uphold during his inauguration on that cold wintry day last January ?
The ball is in your court President Obama but will you continue to dribble to get your best shot off before the sound of the buzzer or will you put up an errant air ball ?

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