Saturday, September 5, 2009

The University Of Oregon Administers Dixie Style Of Discipline In Suspending Its Star RB Who Was Defending Himself From A Verbal Assault .

The University of Oregon wrongfully suspends its star running back Le Garrette Blount who was verbally assaulted by an obscure white player named Byron Hout from Boise State. Mr. Blount was only defending his person after being victimized by a barrage of yelling and screaming and excessive taunting by Hout.
The actions taken by the University of Oregon in the instant case of suspending Mr. Blount for the whole season is without merit and appears to be a knee jerk reaction and highly discriminatory.
Boise State has chosen not to suspend the perpetrator of the incident, Mr. Hout,who in retrospect should have gotten his behind kicked good.
Both schools could have merely counseled each individual for their behavior but to suspend a college student for an entire season for defending himself after being verbally assaulted is far too extreme.
I advise Mr. Blount to leave the University of Oregon immediately, and consult with legal counsel for filing a lawsuit against said school.
The University of Virginia located in Charlottesville, Virginia would be glad to have a fine young talent like Mr. Blount in their program, and UVA will not discriminate against Mr. Blount in any shape or fashion. The University of Virginia combines great academics with a highly successful athletic program which is second to none in NCAA-1-A.
I recommend that African American high school recruits avoid going to Bosie State (Boise Idaho) and the University of Oregon located in Eugene Oregon at all cost until they learn to be objective, fair and consistent in the application of discipline without regards to race, color, sex and national origin.

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