Tuesday, September 15, 2009


NEWS ALERT September 15,2009

Mr. President Barack Hussein Obama you already made yourself look like a foolish buffoon in the Gates/Crowley affair with your prejudgements of that incident,and now you have the gall and audacity to get involved in scandalous malicious type of high school gossip about a Hip-Hop star's behavior at the MTV Video Awards program.
Mr. President,Barack Obama you need to act more mature and Presidential and your spiteful comment about Kanye West was highly inappropriate,disrespectful and you need to apologize to Mr. West for your underhanded remark. President Obama called Kanye West a 'Jackass' because he felt it was safe for him to do so politically after all Mr. West is just one of those street Blacks
. White Americans have called President Obama every name in the book from a "Porch Monkey","Barack The Magic Negro", "Swamp Nigger" "Sand Nigger" "Muslim Terrorist" "Arab" "Nazi"," Chimpanzee", and a whole host of other racially derogatory names so one would think that allegedly the first African American President would be more sensitive to committing fouls suchs as name calling.
Mr. President I wonder if Mr. West was a 'Jackass' when he was donating thousands of his hard earned dollars to your campaign for President of the United States of America ? Mr Obama you are President of the United States of America not the Harvard Law Review and you really need to wear a tie more often.
Any political novice knows that all comments you make to the media are on the record,and there is no such animal as off the record comments when your dealing with the corporate sponsored media.
So why Mr. President did you decide to engage in adolescent gossip to a reporter from CNBC ?
This is the same President Obama who let a undercover Kluxer named Joe Wilson call him a liar last week in which this President did absolutely nothing in response to Wilson's scurrilous attack on his integrity and character.
It appears as though President Obama maintains a pattern and practice of demeaning,belittling African Americans(NAACP)National Convention,New York,July 2009) at every chance he gets to curry favor with whites in power but when up against the wall he"acts just good little Pickeninny" when it comes to attacks by whites.
Maybe President Obama will invite Kanye West and Taylor Swift who was the winner of the MTV best female Video Award to the White House for tea and cookies coupled with some type of fake reconciliation.
One would think that with the worse financial crisis since the Great Depression,the highest unemployment in 26 years,runaway inflation,and a horrible war in Afghanistan that this President would be totally devoted to doing his job as President of the United States rather than acting like he's the top CEO of the Gong Show.
My President Obama you need to grow up and take a few maturity pills and ask my good friend Jesse Jackson about how comments made off the record can come back to haunt you in the future.
And don't think for a moment that you have the African American vote in your hip pocket,Mr President.

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