Tuesday, September 8, 2009


CUT AND SHOOT TEXAS.. How many Americans and NATO forces must die for the most blatantly corrupt government in Asia(Afghanistan). How can the (United States) justify sending any more U.S. troops into that hell hole called Afghanistan where the Karzai brothers rule the country like its their personal organized crime bonanza and where there is no semblance of any type of responsible governance ? Why should Afghans fight each other for a bunch of scandalous corrupt politicians in Kabul and Washington ?
How does the American public know that Osama bin Laden is still alive ?
If Obama can take out Bin Laden does that mean the U.S.will bail or leave the fiasco in Afghanistan ? The U.S. and NATO are so deeply involved in this genocidal war against the Afghan people that they couldn't leave Afghanistan even if they could annihilate Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda crew who may have all fled to the border provinces in and around Pakistan.To leave Afghanistan after successfully taking out Bin Laden may result in all out civil war in Afghanistan which could have far greater ramifications in a part of the world that China, &Russia have long jockeyed for power and influence.
Russia wisely gave the United States and NATO access to various strategic air space for resupply to Afghanistan so that Uncle Sam would sink deeper and deeper into cauldron. Russia understands that it will take mucho dollars and a large military to continue this blind misadventure in Afghanistan and its to Russia's advantage that the United States and NATO get bogged down in Afghanistan.Has the Bear outfoxed the Obama administration and NATO ?

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