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BREAKING NEWS September 15,2009

I have often pondered who pays for the Illegal Immigrants getting treated throughout our country in the ER rooms ? Yes we have the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act(EMTALA) which states that care givers or hospitals must treat anyone regardless of their ability to pay but reimbursement through the State and Federal government to the public and private hospitals is minuscule, whereby those medical institutions have never been fully compensated for the full cost of coverage care mandated by EMTALA.
Many good U.S hospitals have had to shut down and reduce staff because of the lack of enforcement under the EMTALA ACT.
Perhaps the countries of Mexico,Guatemala,Honduras,El Salvador,
Costa Rica,Nicaragua,Panama,Columbia,Venezuela, and China should pay the U.S. for illegally employing,feeding their illegals, housing their illegals, giving illegals free medical services, paying billions of dollars for prison incarcerations of illegals and for footing the bill for the Illegal Immigrants getting treated in the Emergency rooms of the USA.
Or maybe the Illegal Immigrants pay in cash for getting treated in the great emergency rooms of our country which are vastly understaffed and over worked. Thus the good old American consumer is paying higher premium's to there respective insurance companies to subsidize illegal immigrants, gang bangers, freeloaders, and other types of hooligans getting medical services and treatment. Now you know why those fat greedy obscene insurance companies are spending over 400 million dollars lobbying against any type of Health Care Reform because that reform has the potential to cut into their enormous profits and they don't give a damn about the health of the American consumer or how much the consumer pays for health care benefits.
Our present care system is the most expensive,wasteful, fraudulent,and corrupt in the world and it consistently under-performs compared to other countries because of capitalistic greed and gross incompetency.
The U.S. is the only democracy without universal health care in the world and our medical debt is the principal cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States which is weakling the whole economy.
And you cantankerous idiots called tea party protesters come down on President Obama for attempting to reform the most abused health care system in the world while the Congress of the United States in concert with at least 12 sitting Presidents hasn't done one thing to help the American consumer other than to make life easier and more profitable for the insurance and Pharmaceutical companies.
The American public really needs to wake up and realize that we need a well financed viable third and fourth political party to break up this exclusive club of the Democratic and Republican party and their intense stranglehold and monopoly in our experiment in democratic governance.The Democratic and Republican establishment are not to discerning over matters of principle and that's why we have the present crisis in our health care system.
If anyone has a modicum of integrity,credibility and character you should not run for any political office under our present political system for its something about this system that corrupts one's soul. Is it the money,fame and power that corrupts one's soul or all three of those vices.
How is it that in a country of well over 300 million plus another 12 to 20 million illegals we have only two main political parties and a handful of fringe parties that do not possess the resources and finances to mount any semblance of a challenge to the main players. Thus we need more political competition to make our elected officials more accountable to the people they serve rather than currying favor with the corporate lobbyists and their respective special interest.
Many scholars claim it is free and open competition that has made America great in the market place and in this experiment in democracy.But I say that those so-called experts and scholars who proclaim that line of thought are wrong ,and American has always been a country that has had free and open competition for only a handful of select few elite blue bloods and well heeled families who control all the purse strings for they are really the movers and shakers.
And ever so often a non-blue blood such as Bill Gates and Ross Perot make it into that exclusive elite club. Its those Corporate blue and orange bloods and their proxies that continually promote this incessant class warfare that has the Joe and Suzie Six packs so upset with the talk of health care reform and other acute systemic problems in our governmental systems that they really don't understand and comprehend the complexities of those problems so they scapegoat and blame President Obama for their many shortcomings, misfortunes and lack of connection.
Can one imagine 46 million new citizens getting Health Care benefit coverage along with 12 to 20 million Illegal Immigrants who are already flooding and invading our emergency rooms ?
We would have to import Doctors and other health care professionals from Cuba, the Philippines, Venezuela, and Switzerland to handle the additional people that would basically overwhelm our present system.

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Brittanicus said...

Of all the Immigration enforcements laws that really works E-Verify has settled in to removing illegal immigrants from the workplace. E-Verify is being upgraded continually and marked workers can have errors resolved at their nearest Social Security office? But there is a "Sunset Provision" that could determine its future, since it’s specially working for the millions of jobless Americans? Supposedly E-Verification expires on September 30, only days after a Federal judge turned down a desperate delay from the despicable Special interest lobbyists led by the US Chamber of Commerce. On September 8 E-Verify, a contingency of the SAVE ACT was fully implemented mandating that all federal contractors and sub-contractors--MUST--use this computerized identification system.
The American people must understand their is tremendous pressure on anemic members of both political parties to dismantle, store or hinder the E-Verify process as they are the puppets of rich business enterprises. Then Rep. JOE WILSON R-NC) opened the proverbial humongous can of worms in the full house chamber.

We must endeavor to continue on raising our voices against the powerful forces that think nothing more than to destroy this valuable commodity called E-Verify. Overtime it will rid from every workplaces of millions of illegal workers, who think they are safe from government intervention. It will save billions of dollars being exported to other lands and sever the tolerant welfare programs, health care, education accessed by illegal low wage earners. E-Verify could introduced in all medical facilities, to check a persons national identity. The expedited message will spread and these lawbreakers will realize that it's fruitless to keep on applying for jobs. Eventually families will start to pack-up and depart for every corner of the earth. But it's up to the American voter to keep relentlessly calling the Washington switchboard 202-224-3121contacting their politicians.

Evaluate each lawmaker at NUMBERSUSA or JUDICIAL WATCH and command them to enforce E-Verify permanently. Not Voluntary for every business, but a mandatory addition for each employer. Fulfill their obligation to build the fence according to Rep. Duncan Hunter R-CA. Keep training the regular police according to the Federal 287 G directive,. Not to Rescind the No Match letter or desist ICE raids or weaken any other enforcement law, such as the 1986 Immigration Control & Reform Act. Fed's should restrict SANCTUARY CITY & STATE policies. NOW IT'S UP TO YOU? STARTLING WEBSITE! GOOGLE---IMMIGRATIONCOUNTERS.