Monday, September 21, 2009



CHICAGO ILLINOIS..Jay Cutler a product of the toughest college football conference in the land the SEC(Vanderbilt) came through with a big pass to Devin Hester on third down,and the reliable Robbie Gould booted a 44 yard field goal with 15 seconds left to beat the lethargic Steelers.
The usually consistent Steeler kicker Jeff Reed missed two key fourth quarter field goals which caused the men of Steel to lose the game.
Even though the Steelers played a lousy hapless game if Reed successfully kicks those field goals the Steelers win the game.
Each week all players are required to practice their position responsibilities,assignments,individual skills,in which many players have multiple duties and tasks.
The kicker only has four primary duties and that is to practice kicking the football accurately through the goals posts for the extra point,field goal,kicking off to the opposing team, and the team practice for the on-side kick. In the case of Jeff Reed he simply didn't do his job in the clutch and therefore he failed his test. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Being a former coach I know that the way you practice is the way you play on the field of play,and what you do in practice shows up in the game. The Steeler coaching staff obviously did a miserable job of preparing the Steelers for this game and they also get a failing grade.
The "Monster's of The Midway didn't have their marque player the over hyped Brian Urlacher,and the Steelers were without the services of their all world star Troy Palamalu. The Steelers missed Troy more than the Bears missed Brian and the Steelers get a failing grade for effort,which wasn't there yesterday on Soldiers field.
The clowns in the Pittsburgh sports media put the tag on Willie Parker "fast Willie Parker " who in my opinion has only had above average speed for an N.F. L. running back. The only remotely fast running back among today's crop of N.F.L running back's is Chris Johnson of the Titans.
A players time in the forty doesn't always translate into how fast one can motor for 100 yards. Darrell Green, Hall of Famer from the Skins hauled down Tony Dorsett from behind so that shows you how fast Darrell Green was and outside of Bullet Bob Hayes and the Giants Henry Carr who was the Olympic 200 meter champ in Tokyo in 1964 and the Rams Ron Brown know one could possibly run as fast as Darrell Green.
When I think of fast N.F.L. (running backs) whom I call the six speeds backs the first names that come to mind are Curtis Dickey ,O.J. Simpson, Gayle Sayers,Ollie Matson, Bo Jackson,Herschel Walker, and Tony Dorsett. There are no six speed (running backs )among today's N.F. L . backs and the Titans Chris Johnson may only be a five speed back.
Barry Sanders was in between a five speed and four speed back.

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Bobby J said...

What is it with speeds? Barry Sanders was a 5 speed back then in 1996 he did what I thought was impossible, he got Faster still!

He never got caught again. He changed his diet and worked out more and got more top end. How many backs can do that after 7 years in the NFL? Only Barry!