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A True American Pioneer, Jackie Roosevelt Robinson Was Born on the 31st Day of January, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia

Black Buzz Sports News
Special Report
Stamford, CT
January 31, 2010

Jack Roosevelt Robinson
Born: January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia
Died: October 24, 1972 in Stamford, Conn.
Debut: 1947 Pos: 2B
H: 5'11" W: 204 B: R T: R

>> Visit the Jackie Robinson biography on Baseball Almanac for complete statistics.

Few can know what it must have felt like for Jackie Robinson to play his first game in Major League Baseball. Thanks to Robinson, countless other players to follow him didn't have to find out.

Throughout history, baseball has been in a number of positions to affect social change in dramatic ways. In 1947, baseball began something it would take years for the rest of the nation to catch up to -- integration.

Jackie Robinson was born in 1919 in the rural South. Less than six months after Jackie's arrival, his father left the family never to return. Robinson's mother packed up her five children and moved to California in 1920.

Robinson attended Pasadena Junior College where his athletic skills were showcased. He gained entrance into UCLA and became the first athlete to ever letter in four sports -- baseball, basketball, track and football. He also developed a reputation as unwilling to allow anyone to insult him or his race.

He was drafted into the Army following the Pearl Harbor incident only to find himself facing another situation involving his skin color. Robinson faced court-martial over an incident involving himself and a white officer. In the end, all charges against Robinson were dismissed. On Nov. 28, 1944, he was released from the Army because of a football injury.

He found his way to baseball the next year, playing for the Kansas Cty Monarchs. Jackson was reputed to have not fit in with the harder-living members of his team. However, he played well on the field. In his only season with the team, Robinson hit .387 with 5 HR, 23 RBI and 13 stolen bases.

In 1945, an event happened that would set the course for Jackson's historic moment. Happy Chandler succeeded the late Kenesaw Mountain Landis as baseball commissioner. Chandler, when asked about African-Americans in the game, said that if black soldiers could fight and die in the war, then they could play baseball at home.

Brooklyn Dodgers owner Branch Rickey saw an opportunity. Under the guise of fielding his own Negro League team, Rickey began to scout talented black athletes. He was looking for someone who would be able to play but would also be able to withstand the racial backlash that would undoubtedly follow.

As a result, Rickey found Robinson. The two had a conversation in 1945 with Rickey telling Robinson he was looking for a player with the courage not to fight against what was happening to him on the field. Robinson agreed,

In 1946, Robinson became a member of the Montreal Royals, the top team in the Dodgers' farm system. Robinson made a strong case for playing in the majors by hitting .349 with 113 runs scored to lead the International League and stealing 40 bases driving in 66 runs.

On April 15, 1947, Robinson stepped on the field with the Brooklyn Dodgers. He didn't get a hit in his first game, but he scored the game's winning run. He played the season at first base (the only position open that year in the Dodgers' lineup) and faced incredible racism and odds. Robinson hit .297 with 12 home runs, 48 RBI and a league-leading 29 stolen bases. He was named baseball's first-ever rookie of the year.

Rickey told Robinson the agreement not to fight was over at the start of the 1949 season, giving Robinson a chance to fight for his rights and make statements against racism. Robinson had one of his best seasons ever, hitting .342 with 16 home runs, 124 RBI and 37 SB. He was named National League MVP honor.

In World Series play (1947, 1949, 1952, 1953, 1955, 1956), Robinson collected 32 hits with 2 home runs, 12 RBI and 6 stolen bases.

After a decade in Brooklyn, he was traded to the Giants in 1956. Robinson decided to retire from the game a month later. After working in business and politics, Robinson died of a heart attack in October 1972 at the age of 53.

Robinson was inducted into Baseball's Hall of Fame in 1962. Major League Baseball honored Robinson in 1997 on the 50th anniversary of his first game. His number was retired on all teams (although players wearing the number at the time are allowed to keep it until they retire.) He was also named the baseball's All-Century Team in 2000.

Sources: The Negro Leagues Book, ESPN Classic, Baseball Encyclopedia,

These are a few lines from Blogger Black Buzz's poem titled "Man Could They Play That Game" which appears in the Crossing Limits Anthology.

I remember seeing the Grays and
Monarchs play at Forbes Field
for those great men also had dreams
although many were killed.
Were they not the true boys of summer
playing that game,
and since Jackie and Larry came on the scene
the national pastime
has never been the same.
They were the ship, all else the sea
for they made all of our lives
a little more joyful and free.

By: Ronald B. Saunders,1993

*Through the relentlessness of Jackie Robinson's efforts and the courage of Branch Rickey Sr.,baseball Commissioner Happy Chandler thousands of Afro-Americans, Afro Cubans , Afro Dominicans, Afro Puerto Ricans and other ball players in the African Diaspora are playing the game of baseball in the Major Leagues of today.
Whenever the Dodgers would come to Pittsburgh my grandfather would take my brother and I to Forbes Field to watch Jackie's exploits against the hapless Pirates. I watched Jackie steal home against the Pirates in 1947 and 1954. When we rooted for Jackie and the Dodgers our family was called names and pelted with foreign objects by cowards who would never confront us to our face. All the African American families in Pittsburgh were staunch Dodgers fans or they rooted for the New York Giants. Although the Pittsburgh fans were not as abusive to Jackie as the fans in Philadelphia, St Louis, or Cincinnati he was called every type of racial slur and epithet in the book for years in Pittsburgh. Many of the white male Pittsburgh fans worked in the various Steel Mills with Black men.And their were many physical confrontations between Black men and White men in said Mills on the South Side and Hazlewood over Jackie's entry into the Major Leagues. My grandfather and uncles worked for J & L Steel Mills on the South Side.
The Pittsburgh Pirates finally integrated their team with Curtis Roberts in 1954 and he suffered all kinds of abuse from his teammates and fans.
The Jim Crow environment in Pittsburgh definitely affected Curtis Roberts play and the Pirates eventually farmed him out to the minors without giving Mr. Roberts and equal opportunity to succeed.
The great Roberto Clemente came up to the Pirates in 1955 and he became one of the greatest players in Major League baseball history.
When Clemente first came up to the Pirates he lived on Iowa Street and Avalon Street in the Upper Hill District referred to as "Sugar Top".
Clemente used to date a friend of mine Janis Harvey , who also lived on Iowa street and her father was the pastor of a large church in the Hill District.

Why the U.S. owes Haiti billions: The briefest history

Black Buzz News Service
San Francisco, CA
January 31, 2010

This article previously appeared in the San Francisco Bay View.

“The U.S. owes Haiti Billions – with a big B.”

Why does the U.S. owe Haiti billions? Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell stated his foreign policy view as the “Pottery Barn rule.” That is, “If you break it, you own it.

The U.S. has worked to break Haiti for over 200 years. We owe Haiti. Not charity. We owe Haiti as a matter of justice. Reparations. And not the $100 million promised by President Obama either – that is Powerball money. The U.S. owes Haiti Billions – with a big B.

The U.S. has worked for centuries to break Haiti. The U.S. has used Haiti like a plantation. The U.S. helped bleed the country economically since it freed itself, repeatedly invaded the country militarily, supported dictators who abused the people, used the country as a dumping ground for our own economic advantage, ruined their roads and agriculture and toppled popularly elected officials. The U.S. has even used Haiti like the old plantation owner and slipped over there repeatedly for sexual recreation.

Here is the briefest history of some of the major U.S. efforts to break Haiti.

In 1804, when Haiti achieved its freedom from France in the world’s first successful slave revolution, the United States refused to recognize the country. The U.S. continued to refuse recognition to Haiti for 60 more years. Why? Because the U.S. continued to enslave millions of its own citizens and feared recognizing Haiti would encourage slave revolution in the U.S.

“The current value of the money Haiti was forced to pay to French and
U.S. banks is over $20 billion.”

After the 1804 revolution, Haiti was the subject of a crippling economic embargo by France and the U.S. U.S. sanctions lasted until 1863. France ultimately used its military power to force Haiti to pay reparations for the slaves who were freed. The reparations were 150 million francs. (France sold the entire Louisiana territory to the U.S. for 80 million francs!)

Haiti was forced to borrow money from banks in France and the U.S. to pay reparations to France. A major loan from the U.S. to pay off the French was finally paid off in 1947. The current value of the money Haiti was forced to pay to French and U.S. banks? Over $20 Billion – with a big B.

The U.S. occupied and ruled Haiti by force from 1915 to 1934. President Woodrow Wilson sent troops to invade in 1915. Revolts by Haitians were put down by U.S. military – killing over 2,000 in one skirmish alone. For the next 19 years, the U.S. controlled customs in Haiti, collected taxes and ran many governmental institutions. How many billions were siphoned off by the U.S. during these 19 years?

From 1957 to 1986 Haiti was forced to live under U.S.-backed dictators “Papa Doc” and “Baby Doc” Duvalier. The U.S. supported these dictators economically and militarily because they did what the U.S. wanted and were politically “anti-communist” – now translatable as against human rights for their people. Duvalier stole millions from Haiti and ran up hundreds of millions in debt that Haiti still owes. Ten thousand Haitians lost their lives. Estimates say that Haiti owes $1.3 billion in external debt and that 40 percent of that debt was run up by the U.S.-backed Duvaliers.

“President Woodrow Wilson sent troops to invade in 1915.”

Thirty years ago Haiti imported no rice. Today Haiti imports nearly all its rice. Though Haiti was the sugar growing capital of the Caribbean, it now imports sugar as well. Why? The U.S. and the U.S. dominated world financial institutions – the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank – forced Haiti to open its markets to the world. Then the U.S. dumped millions of tons of U.S.-subsidized rice and sugar into Haiti – undercutting their farmers and ruining Haitian agriculture. By ruining Haitian agriculture, the U.S. has forced Haiti into becoming the third largest world market for U.S. rice. Good for U.S. farmers, bad for Haiti.

Terrorizing the people into submission was the apparent goal of the U.S. Marines’ brutal and bloody occupation of Haiti following the U.S.-backed coup in 2004. As always, the people resisted.

In 2002, the U.S. stopped hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to Haiti which were to be used for, among other public projects like education, roads. These are the same roads which relief teams are having so much trouble navigating now!

In 2004, the U.S. again destroyed democracy in Haiti when they supported the coup against Haiti’s elected President Aristide.

“The U.S. dumped millions of tons of U.S.-subsidized rice and sugar into Haiti – undercutting their farmers and ruining Haitian agriculture.”

Haiti is even used for sexual recreation just like the old time plantations. Check the news carefully and you will find numerous stories of abuse of minors by missionaries, soldiers and charity workers. Plus there are the frequent sexual vacations taken to Haiti by people from the U.S. and elsewhere. What is owed for that? What value would you put on it if it were your sisters and brothers?

U.S.-based corporations have for years been teaming up with Haitian elite to run sweatshops teeming with tens of thousands of Haitians who earn less than $2 a day.

The Haitian people have resisted the economic and military power of the U.S. and others ever since their independence. Like all of us, Haitians made their own mistakes as well. But U.S. power has forced Haitians to pay great prices – deaths, debt and abuse.

It is time for the people of the U.S. to join with Haitians and reverse the course of U.S.-Haitian relations.

This brief history shows why the U.S. owes Haiti Billions – with a big B. This is not charity. This is justice. This is reparations. The current crisis is an opportunity for people in the U.S. to own up to our country’s history of dominating Haiti and to make a truly just response.

For more on the history of exploitation of Haiti by the U.S., see Paul Farmer, “The Uses of Haiti”; Peter Hallward, “Damming the Flood”; and Randall Robinson, “An Unbroken Agony.”

Bill Quigley is legal director for the Center for Constitutional Rights and a long-time Haiti human rights advocate. He can be reached at

Teresa A. Sullivan, Extraordinary Leader and Respected Scholar, to Become Eighth President of U.Va.

Black Buzz News Service
Special Report
Charlottesville, VA
January 31, 2010

January 11, 2010 — Teresa A. Sullivan, the University of Michigan's provost and executive vice president for academic affairs and a leading scholar in labor force demography, will become the University of Virginia's eighth president on August 1.

Sullivan was unanimously elected by the University's Board of Visitors today at a meeting in the Dome Room of the Rotunda. University Rector John O. Wynne, who chaired the board's Special Committee on the Nomination of a President, officially welcomed Sullivan to the University community, calling her "an extraordinary talent who brings to the University an enormous depth and breadth of experience in every aspect of public higher education."

Sullivan, 60, will succeed John T. Casteen III, who announced last summer that he will step down as president at the end of his 20th year.

"The University of Virginia has enjoyed strong leadership in John Casteen for the past two decades," Wynne said. "The board is confident that in Terry we have found an excellent successor to lead the University as we work to elevate our teaching and research capabilities and to enhance our student experience. We are pleased to have attracted a person of Terry's integrity, experience and vision."

Wynne said that he was drawn to Sullivan's confidence in the face of the challenges and complexities of leading a public institution of higher education. "She is undaunted by the challenges and has a deep understanding of the complexities. She believes in public higher education and is committed to leading our University and to building on its excellence," he said.

Sullivan seamlessly combines all aspects of leading a major research university, he added. "Not only is she well versed in academic and student life, she knows the inner workings of the daily operations of a university, from finance and health care to athletics and how to support a second campus like the College at Wise. She also has experience in all areas of managing risk."

Sullivan, who joined the University of Michigan in 2006, also serves as its chief budget officer. She oversees $1.5 billion of Michigan's $5.4 billion annual budget. She has 44 direct reports, including deans of 19 schools and colleges as well as the directors of many interdisciplinary institutes and centers. She serves on the board of the health system.

Prior to going to Michigan, Sullivan spent 27 years at the University of Texas at Austin. She was named executive vice chancellor for academic affairs for the university's system in 2002. In that role, she was the chief academic officer for the system's nine academic campuses, with the president of each campus reporting to her.

Sullivan said she was drawn to the University of Virginia because of its Jeffersonian values and traditions, its academic reputation, its powerful undergraduate student experience and its firm commitment to a public mission.

"It is one of the truly great public universities in the country," she said. "In fact, it is one of the great universities in the world.

"I am honored by the opportunity to lead this University - and to follow John Casteen in this role. He has set the standard for what it is to be a university president and a leader in higher education."

Those who know Sullivan paint a consistent picture of her as a brilliant administrator and leader, outstanding scholar and teacher, and extraordinary collaborator. Wynne said those who interviewed Sullivan found her to be intellectually curious, creative, direct, analytical, results-driven and empathetic, a great communicator and listener - and good company.

"I believe the University family will embrace her warmly, as members of the board and the search committee have already done," Wynne said.

Mary Sue Coleman, president of the University of Michigan, said working with Sullivan has been one of the highlights of her career. "Terry Sullivan is both a distinguished academic and a stellar administrator, known for her sparkling intellect as well as her superb people skills," Coleman said. "She has won the utmost respect of the faculty and the administration for her inclusive management style and her strong leadership.

"Although we will all miss her, we take pride in knowing that she will preside over one of the nation's great public universities."

Sullivan said she is looking forward to the challenges identified by the Board of Visitors, among them:

• Focusing on a financial model that will ensure the long-term health of the University;
• Strengthening academic excellence across the University and further enhancing the student experience;
• Successfully completing the current $3 billion fund-raising campaign; • Strengthening the University's graduate programs and increasing graduate student financial support;
• Increasing the University's funded research in the sciences, technology and engineering;
• Sustaining AccessUVa, the University's financial aid program; and
• Enhancing international outreach and reputation.

"These are many of the same issues that other leading universities - both public and private - are facing," Sullivan said. "But when I look at the sophisticated strategic planning that has been done here, I am reassured that the University is well positioned to meet these challenges. The foundation has been laid. It will be up to us - myself and the University's vice presidents and deans - to execute the plans thoughtfully, collaboratively and, above all, successfully."

As for the campaign, she said, President Casteen and others have already done the hard work. "I understand that it is a difficult time, given the recession, but I also understand that this campaign is critical to the University," she said. "I intend to work closely with the development team and the volunteers to do all that I can to assure its success."

Perhaps her greatest concern is the financial challenge facing public higher education. "The quality of higher education is threatened by increasing costs and declining state support," she said. "The best of schools - the universities of Virginia, Michigan, Texas - are the most affected, because sustained excellence requires resources. This cannot, however, keep us from our commitment to our students and to the states and the nation we serve. We must always honor our public mission - regardless of the level of the state's contributions to our budgets."

Public higher education's mission is about many things: "I still get a thrill from educating future generations, widening access to a broad array of students and providing a better future for so many of our fellow citizens who have the talent and the willingness but not the means to an education," she said. "It's also about providing health care to those who cannot afford it, economic development for the commonwealth, and groundbreaking research that will change lives and, in many cases, save them."

Only a handful of institutions are like the University of Virginia, Sullivan said. "It is the privilege and the responsibility of us in the University community to work together to preserve its legacy and foster its greatness."

Wynne had high praise for the 19-member search committee, which was composed of nine board members, six faculty members, two students and two alumni.

W. Heywood Fralin, one of the board members on the search committee and the former rector, said Sullivan "is as knowledgeable about the issues facing higher education as anyone I've met in the last 20 years."

He said he believes her experience as a leader at two of the nation's top public universities, along with her academic credentials, will immediately benefit the University. "She will be an outstanding president in every respect," he said.

Nursing professor Ann B. Hamric, chair of the Faculty Senate, and environmental sciences professor James N. Galloway, associate dean for the sciences in the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, served on the committee and echoed Fralin. They called Sullivan a noted scholar with tremendous experience and an enviable record of leadership in premier public universities. "An outstanding choice to lead the University," Galloway added.

John Nelson, president of Student Council and a member of the committee, said he appreciated Sullivan's understanding of the student experience and student self-governance at the University. "It's clear that she cares deeply about students," he said.

Fralin said that he was also impressed with Sullivan's understanding of and support for the mission of the University's College at Wise and her recognition of the importance of top-quality athletics.

Sullivan believes her experience at Texas overseeing nine campuses that have very different missions and are spread across the state will hold her in good stead with her new colleagues at the College at Wise.

Her long-held belief that athletics are an important component of university life should do the same, she said, with the athletic community, as well as with students, faculty and alumni. "There are great advantages to having athletics on college campuses," she said. "Games are a wonderful opportunity to bring the community together and to connect in special ways, particularly with alumni, parents and friends of the University."

Sullivan said she has heard many remarkable stories about the devotion of University of Virginia alumni and how they have helped sustain the University with their time and resources. "I look forward to introducing myself to them and learning from their insights. It is an enormous strength of the University to have such a loyal body of alumni."

What drew Sullivan to a career in higher education was her own experience as an undergraduate at Michigan State. "I developed a real appreciation for what a good undergraduate experience means to shaping your life," she said. "I still see today what it does for students. It transforms them the way it did me."

A turning point in her life came when Michigan State's then-president, Clifton R. Wharton Jr., asked Sullivan to stay on after graduation to be an intern in his office. He became her mentor.

At the end of the internship, Wharton, the first African-American president of a public research university, told her, "If you want to do anything in higher education, you'll need a Ph.D." She ended up going to the University of Chicago, one of his alma maters.

Sullivan was raised in the South during the time of desegregation - first in Little Rock, Ark., until she was 13, and then in Jackson, Miss., until she went to college. "My high school was the first in Mississippi to integrate," Sullivan said. "We were all touched by those times. They were what led me to become a sociologist."

After graduate school at Chicago, she joined the University of Texas as a sociology instructor. She worked her way through the ranks of assistant, associate and full professor. In 1990, she became chair of the sociology department. In 1994, she became vice provost and a year later was named vice president and dean of graduate studies. She has continued to teach and publish throughout her career. A prolific writer, she is the author or co-author of six books and more than 80 scholarly articles and chapters.

"I have never stopped teaching or publishing - no matter what job I had," she said. "But I think something will have to go when I become president."

During her first 100 days, Sullivan plans to walk, talk and drive her way around the University and the state - to listen and to learn. She is known for making time to explore every corner of a university. "There were some people at Michigan who had never seen a provost before and were quite surprised when they did," she said.

"You just don't know where I might turn up when I get to Charlottesville."

Sullivan's research now focuses on labor force demography with emphasis on economic marginality and consumer debt. She has served as chair of the U.S. Census Advisory Committee and is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. She graduated from the James Madison College at Michigan State University in 1970 and received her doctoral degree in sociology from the University of Chicago in 1975.

Sullivan is married to Douglas Laycock, who will join the faculty of the University's School of Law. The couple met at Michigan State when Laycock was president of the debate team that Sullivan wanted to join.

Laycock is one of the nation's leading authorities on the law of remedies - what a court can do for a claimant who has been wronged - and also on the law of religious liberty, including conflicts between government regulation and religious practice, government funding of religious institutions, and government speech issues such as school prayer and municipal Nativity scenes. He is currently on Michigan's law faculty.

Sullivan and Laycock have put down strong roots in each of the communities in which they have lived, she said. "We like to get involved, and to serve, in the local community. It's important to us."

They have two sons. Joseph, 29, holds degrees from Hampshire College and Harvard Divinity School and is working on his Ph.D. at Boston University. John, 22, is a recent graduate of the University of Chicago.

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Georgetown Beats Duke In Front of President Barack Obama 89-77

January 30, 2010
Washington D. C.

From the opening jump ball between these two perennial powerhouses the Georgetown Hoyas proved on this day that they were the better coached team and they played with more intensity than the Duke Blue Devils.
The Hoyas did not let on the gas as they put a lot pressure on the Duke back court which cause numerous turnovers.
Plus the fact that the Hoyas shot an unbelievable 72 per cent from the field while the Blue Devils struggled to find their rhythm and the Hoyas simply outplayed the Blue Devils in all facets of the game.
It appears as though Duke got all of the calls and if Georgetown player even looked at a Duke player the wrong way Duke went to the free throw line.
One of President Obama's advisers, David Axlerod was also in attendance at the game and Axlerod should have been advising coach K on how to shut down Monroe and the other Hoyas who enjoyed their best shooting game of the season. The Hoyas got a little sloppy at the end of game and Duke made key buckets that made the game appear close but it was really a blowout victory for coach John Thompson III and his Hoyas.
Georgetown and Duke might meet up again this season in the Sweet Sixteen and coach K's boys will be bringing it on all fronts. Can coach John Thompson III do the impossible and beat Duke twice in one season?
Duke and Georgetown used their game to launch an initiative to raise money for children in the Refugee camps in the Darfur region of Sudan.

9/11 Trial to Be Moved From New York

January 30, 2010
New York, New York

The Obama administration is said to have abandoned plans to try Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and four other alleged September 11th plotters in the heart of downtown Manhattan.
What we have in the instant case is a classic example of the Obama administration's gigantic mistake in poor judgment in selecting the city of New York, the site of the 9/11 attack. The Obama officials didn't dot every "I" or cross every "T" when selecting the City of New York which would stand to lose billions of dollars in revenues. Plus, the Federal Government's cost of holding the trial in New York would have been enormous on a federal government that is already financially strapped.
I have been saying for a whole year do not close GITMO until a viable alternative is available for the placement of said detainees. Guantanamo Bay Cuba is where these murderous 9/11 thugs should be tried in a Military Court or Tribunal.
So old scum bag Dick Cheney was right about the inability of President Obama to understand and comprehend all of the complex issues revolving around the war on terror. Thus the Obama administration is made to look again like "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight".
One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter but these 9/11 murderers were not freedom fighters. They were killers.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Ho Chi Minh, Chief Crazy Horse, Martin R.Delaney,Captain Andre Cailloux,Ida B.Wells-Barnett,Rosa Parks, Fannie Lou Hamer,Muhammad Ali,Tecumseh,Geronimo,Chief Joseph,Gullah Pioneer Freedom Fighters, Nelson Mandela ,Fred Hampton,Viola Liuzzo, were freedom fighters. Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, Toussaint L'Ouverture, Queen N'Zinga, and Gabriel Prosser were all freedom fighters. The greatest White freedom fighter in U.S. history was John Brown and he was branded a terrorist by the dominant culture. He was hung by his neck along with other Black & White freedom fighters.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Good People of Pennsylvania Don't Want A So-Called Full Marriage Equality Law.

January 29 ,2010
Poorman Side,Pa.
The sacred institution of marriage is between a normal man and woman and any other relationships involving partners of the same sex is perverted, abnormal and deviate. Furthermore whenever the issue of same sex marriage is put on the ballot in the various states contemplating this horrible topic the voters overwhelmingly reject the idea of same sex marriage and civil unions.
The good people in Poorman Side, Pancake, Slippery Rock, Red Lion, Fort Indiantown Gap, and throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania do not want to legalize "Same Sex Marriage or any other type of ungodly Civil Unions.
Any Pennsylvanian politician advocating this lunacy about same sex marriage will pay a terrible price at the poll.

Tim Geithner Must Go

January,29 2010
Carlisle Pa.

I have asked this question over and over how did Timothy Geithner ever become our Secretary of the Treasury ? Who is doing the vetting of the Obama vetting team ? The poor selection of Geithner by Barack Obama is a direct reflection on Obama's judgement to fill the top positions in his administration with highly qualified people with integrity.
Geithner is super arrogant and he thinks he super super smart and he indeed is Wall Street's man inside the oval office at 1600 Pennsylvania.

What's Up With Toyota ?

January 29, 2010
Hoop & Holler, Texas

Well folks, Toyota wanted to be the biggest cat on the block(World) and they now are, but they manufactured too many models.
Most of the top leading automotive magazines noticed that the overall quality of all its vehicles has considerably gotten worse. The American public has grown accustomed to having all Toyotas manufactured with the highest degree of integrity relative to quality and safety but it's unfortunate that Toyota wasn't more aggressive in remedying the problem with the sticking of the accelerator pedal to the floor mat when they first learned about the issue back in 2007.
Many people have lost their lives as a result of the gas pedal sticking to the floor mat and the top officials of Toyota Motor Corporation of America should have gotten to the bottom of this acute problem rather than covering it up and masking said problem. It is my understanding that there are two types of accelerator pedals in question and one is identified as the CTS pedal which is the main culprit. But all 2.5 million Toyotas should be recalled, fixed and repaired properly before this situation gets out of control. The problem with the accelerator pedal sticking to the floor is on vehicles built in the USA and does not apply to the Toyotas built in Japan. To the best of my knowledge, there have been no problems with the Nipponeso, which is the Japanese accelerator pedal. All the problems are confined to the CTS accelerator pedal which is made in the USA not in China.
There also appears to be a problem with Toyota's Electronic Throttle Control System known as ETCS-Intelligent System.
Vehicles equipped with ETCS-I have a dangerous propensity to suddenly accelerate without driver input and against the intentions of the driver, Toyota customers said in a complaint filed in federal court in Charleston,West Virginia.
Customers and consumers are filing class lawsuits left and right with no immediate end to this madness in-sight. There have been individual lawsuits filed all over the USA which will definitely hurt Toyota's overall image. Safety should always be first at any automotive or vehicle manufacturer. And if it can be proven that said officials knew about this problem with the floor mats sticking to the gas pedal and subsequently conspired to cover it up, Toyota may be in for some difficult times ahead.
The Japanese will have to assert tighter controls of their American Operations to assure the public that they really know how to manage effectively in a crisis situation. The Japanese should have known that you can't trust the incompetent Americans to run anything effectively.
Ford Motor Corporation was almost ruined with their battles with Firestone over culpability in the tire blow out dilemma on its Explorer model and they both accused the other of guilt rather than getting out in front of the problem which became a public relations nightmare for Ford and Firestone.
Audi had a similar problem with their accelerator pedal sticking and sudden acceleration not releasing back in the 1980's and it took them a long to time to recover from that albatross.
Once you mantain a pattern and practice of bad or poor car manufacturing quality in the eyes of the public, it is very difficult to erase that perception with the consumers.
Toyota will have to make sure that all their suppliers/vendors are meeting the highest possible standards in supplying parts to all its manufacturing assembly plants in North America.
This is a very competitive world automotive market and the corporation that builds the most fuel efficient, safest and stylish vehicles will be able to stay on top.
Hopefully, Toyota Motor Corporation of North America will make the necessary top management changes that will help to restore confidence and pride in the Toyota brand.
All the money in the world cannot replace a human life and Toyota better act appropriately or they will be faced with thousands of lawsuits.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obama's First State Of The Union : Will President Obama's Actions Match His Rhetoric ?

January,28 2010
College Park ,Maryland

Congratulations are extended to our "Harvard Wonder Child " who has taken a whole year to learn that our overly sluggish deeply wounded economy needs some semblance of a viable jobs program coupled with a comprehensive job growth development plan with true tax incentives for small businesses.
Is the Obama clan (administration)"The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight "?


Archives,The National Black Political Caucus
January 28,2010
Pittsburgh Pa.

This "Letter To Editor of the Pittsburgh Press titled "Saudi Arms Sale Hit was written on June 9th.1986, by blogger Black Buzz.
Saudi Arms Sale Hit

The U.S. Senate has failed to override President Reagan's veto of congressional resolution blocking a missile sale to Saudi Arabia. The 66-34 vote was one short of the 67 that would have produced the two-thirds margin needed to override the veto.
The Reagan administration has contended that the Saudis have been working behind the scenes in fighting terrorism but what available evidentiary proof does the Reagan administration have its disposal that would that position ?
Saudi Arabia,supposedly pro- U.S. since 1976, has been giving Syria $15 million to $ 30 million per month for its military activities in Lebanon in which the aid has definitely contributed to the instability,quagmire and terrorist climate in Lebanon.
Prince Fahd,Saudi Arabia's leader during April 1982 allocated 250 million to the Palestine Liberation Organization for arms purchases from Soviet-bloc countries.
Arms supplied by the Saudis to the various factions of the P.L.O. in Lebanon,Syria and Jordan permitted the PLO to commit atrocities against both the Christian and Muslim populations throughout Lebanon.
The Saudi leaders hate and fear Israel,and they like the other Arabic nations with the lone exception of Egypt, are still at war with the Jewish state.
The arms sale to the Saudis does not increase the chances for peace in the Middle East. It only exacerbates a very volatile situation which could ultimately involve the great super-powers into the cauldron.
Ronald B. Saunders
The writer is chairman of the board of the National Black Political Caucus

* Presently I do not believe the vast majority of Israeli's are desirous of sharing any of the land in question in the occupied territories whether it be in East Jerusalem, or the West Bank.
The Israeli's want all of the land in question and we are no closer in obtaining a two state solution now than we were in 1947. In many ways the Israelis behavior toward the Arabs living in the occupied territories is reminiscent of the treachery of the "Third Reich " in Germany.
The Arabs living in the occupied territories deserve their own viable state and those Arabs will not continue to roll over and play patsy while the Israelis continue with their duplicitous campaign of ethnic-cleansing of the Arabs.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The University of Virginia,Located In Charlottesville Virginia Maintains High Graduation Rate For Student Athletes

January 27,2010
Hobson , Virginia

NCAA 2008 data shows that the University of Virginia holds a 86 per cent graduation rate among student Athletes having excellent measures in place for helping Student-Athletes achieve academic success.

BLACK BUZZ NEWS SERVICE, recommends that African American prospective Prep Student-Athletes throughout the United States avoid attending and Signing Letters of Intent with the following schools because those schools have not afforded African American Head football coaching candidates an equal opportunity to obtain the position of Head-Football Coach under like and similar circumstances afforded to White coaching candidates in all the systems of the pre-hiring process. Nor have some of the below schools granted African Americans who they have hired for said Head-Coaching positions and equal opportunity to succeed or fail under like or similar conditions as white coaches. Furthermore all of those actions by said schools in question were blatant violations of the various contracts that the African Americans coaches had with said respective schools. Furthermore we find the actions of Notre Dame in the instant case of Tyrone Willingham , Kansas State University in its treatment of Ron Prince , and UCLA in its nefarious treatment of Karl Dorrell to be a classic cases of disparate treatment to be in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,the United States Constitution( U.S. Code 1941 ) and other applicable Federal and State laws governing employment discrimination. The Black coaches who are victims of discrimination by said schools are afraid of pursuing legal action against those schools in question because they fear they will be "White-Balled" by all Colleges and Universities and the NFL teams.
Most colleges rely on the "the good Ol' Boy network as the primary recruitment source to fill their various openings for the position of Head Coach and all African American coaches at all levels of the coaching ranks don't even constitute 1 per cent of the good ol' boys.Many of the Head Coaching positions by many schools in Division I-A are filled by simply a call and phone interview with one candidate and very few schools have a consistent open pre-employment formal interview process in place that would afford opportunities to African American and other coaching candidates who are not part of the "Good Ol' Boy In-crowd ".
The College Presidents and the rest of the college hierarchy don't think Blacks embody the ideas and values their school does and the vast majority of these Presidents suffer from the "Al Campanis Syndrome ".
The NFL Rooney Rule was brought about by the relentless pressure from Ex-Black players and the late Gene Upshaw who was head of the NFL Players Association but there is no such demand among Black college players or their parents.
The apathy + naivety and complacency of these Black high school Prep recruits and their legal guardians (parents) is appalling which has set the Civil Rights Movement back at least twenty five years.
Those schools are as follows :

The Top Eleven Schools To Avoid At All Cost

1.University of Arkansas ,2009-Academic Ranking-125

2.Auburn University,2009-Academic Ranking-96

3. Kansas State University, 2009- Academic Ranking-130

4.Notre Dame University,2009- Academic Ranking-18

5.University of Mississippi,2009-Academic Ranking-Third Tier

6.University of Southern California ,2009 Academic Ranking- 27

7. Syracuse University,2009- Academic Ranking-53

8. Texas Tech University,2009-Academic Ranking- Third Tier

9.University of Tennessee,2009- Academic Ranking-108

10. West Virginia University,2009-Academic Ranking -Low Third Tier.

11. University of California-Los Angeles,(UCLA)-Academic Ranking-25

* Source for Academic Rankings , U.S. News & World Report,2009 Edition, America's Best, Colleges

*Stand up like Rosa Parks and thousands of other persons of color and "Just Say No , to the above eleven institutions on February 3,2010.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To every man who looks upon me: A Poem by Bonita Lee

Special Report-The Arts
January 26,2010
Pittsburgh Pa.

Bonita Lee's great poem titled "to every man who looks upon me " appeared in the book titled the Crossing Limits Anthology in 1996 on page 90.
Crossing Limits is important both for Pittsburgh and for the country , because these poems do cross limits and create a community of words,a community of poets. A strong community celebrates both its commonalities and its differences,as these poems do.
There's a lot of struggle in these poems, but a lot of strength too.

to every man who looks upon me-Bonita Lee

whether he is of African,White, Asian, Hispanic,or European origin
i want them to see me
a Black woman
a Black queen
to know i am not black just by color of my skin
but because of the color of my mind
color of my thoughts
color of my dreams
color of my hopes for the future
color of my pride
to know i am not Black by design because of cowrie choker i wear
or nose ring
i want them to respect me
to respect my Blackness
which some may question
by size,shape,or point of my nose
by texture of my hair , color tone of my skin
my blackness is not limited because of my ancestry lineage
which I had no control
i control my present day
there is no limit to my blackness
i am not African-American-Irish-Spanish-Native American
i was born an African Queen
to walk in pride ,in arrogance of my African descent
to carry myself as mother earth that gave birth to a great and strong race
also grandmother who continues to care for that race.
i am an African Queen.

Wasn't that a powerful poem from a beautiful sister,Bonita Lee.
Bonita Lee, a graduate of Quaker Valley High School,lives in the Manchester Area of Pittsburgh with her three daughters.
She is employed by the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh. She has completed an unpublished poetry manuscript,is at work on a second manuscript,and is in search of a publisher for both manuscripts.

Monday, January 25, 2010


January,25 2010
Pittsburgh Pa.

Chetia Hairston's dynamic poem titled, Beautiful Black Woman appears in the book titled Crossing Limits Anthology on page 79.
This is the anthology every anthology should be: a clamor of voices-sometimes united in harmony,sometimes bravely dissonant- always crossing the limits of the individual voices.

Beautiful Black Woman - Chetia Hairston

Oh beautiful Black woman ,
Strong as can be,
Beaten down , raped,enslaved
For me.

if not for her
I wouldn't be here today,

I have known
Her strength
Is my soul ,
My eyes and my ways.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Once Great Plains

Black Buzz News Service
Special Report
January 23, 2010
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Blogger Black Buzz's poem titled, "THE ONCE GREAT PLAINS," is about the once great majestic, plentiful, fruitful and picturesque plains of the United States of America before the invasion and conquest by European settlers who were not desirous of sharing the land called America with the proud indigenous natives.

                          THE ONCE GREAT PLAINS






Ronald B. Saunders

          January 4, 2000

President Barack Obama: Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. Said"Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere "

January 23,2010
Wounded Knee, South Dakota

The genocide against the indigenous people of Darfur continues as the Obama administration has turned a blind eye to this horrific crisis. The Corporate mass media is not pumping the suffering of the people of Darfur into our living rooms on a daily basis so many Americans remain in a fog about this cruel and unusual happening in the Darfur region of Sudan.
One of my colleagues said to me that " President Obama had to much on his plate presently."My response to my colleague was"Why did Obama asked to come to dinner if he couldn't eat everything on his plate?"
The American people also want to know why did he(Obama) come to dinner if he can't eat everything on his plate.

The American people don't want to know how fancy the meal is they just want to know about how the meat & potatoes taste.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The United States Supreme Court Rejects Campaign Spending Limits

January 22, 2010
Washington D.C.

According to a New York Times report dated January 21st, the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations may spend freely to support or oppose candidates for president and Congress, easing decades-old limits on their participations in federal campaigns. ,
The Court on Thursday overturned a 20 year -old ruling that said corporations can be prohibited from using money from their general treasuries to pay for campaign ads. The decision almost certainly will also allow labor unions to participate more freely in campaigns and threatens similar limits imposed by 24 states.
The Justices also struck down part of the landmark McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill that barred union-and corporate-paid issue ads in the closing days of election campaigns.

This was a 5 to 4 decision and Justice Sotomayor was on the right side of this issue while the conservatives led by Anthony Kennedy basically have said that corporations have more fundamental rights than the American citizens.
What we have in the instant case are true activist ideologue Justices making new law that ignores 20 years of precedent based upon their own biased political philosophical views. In the view of the Anthony Kennedy and the other neo-cons on the court, the citizens of the United States are relegated to a position of secondary consideration while corporations are granted wide sweeping powers for the rich, of the rich and by the rich. This ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court relative to campaign spending limits has made a mockery of our First Amendment and our U.S. Constitution.
What is needed is law that states that a Congressman or Congresswoman or U.S. Senator may not vote on a bill if they receive money from a lobbyist on that legislation.
The corporations with the biggest pockets will be able to control and manipulate every election. The smaller businesses and corporations will be left out in the cold.
Who do you think the Joe "Liebermans" of the world are going to listen to---the person who owns the local hardware store or a corporation like I.B.M or Microsoft ?
Union membership in this country is about 12 to 14 % of the total work force so the unions will not be able to compete with the big dogs in the national or state elections when it comes to spending for campaigns.
On January 7, 2010, I asked this question:
Will the next U.S. President be a corporation like EXXON/MOBIL or General Electric ?
We already have a Corporation with Obama at the helm.
See my blog post for January 7,2010 at

President Obama's public utterances on the subject of campaign spending limits don't match his track record on this vitally important topic.
For a very long time now, the U.S. government and Congress people on every level have been opened to the highest bidder. Will this Supreme Court ruling be the "Straw That Breaks The Camel's Back "relative to our experiment in participatory democratic governance ? But isn't that really the "American Way " ?
Thus this anti-U.S. citizen ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court only validates the claim that the United States has fallen into a type of Machiavellian decadence in every aspect of our private and personal lives. Corporations have taken priority over individual rights, so it's just business as usual. But the average Joe and Suzie Six-Packs don't have a clue to what is going on because they simply don't read, examine, or evaluate what is being presented to them by the Corporations who inundate the American Electorate with show/style nonsense masked as news. The average American is so damn lazy that they rely on these Mass Media Corporations to pump this misinformation disguised as news into their living rooms every night rather than going to the library, attending town meetings and educational and political seminars, or reading books, various newspapers and magazines to really find out what the issues are. Case in point is sister Sarah Palin who is no more qualified to run for President than "Mickey Mouse" is. Sarah Palin couldn't tell Katie Couric of CBS News what the hell she read because she didn't read anything. And there are millions of Americans in the same position as Sarah Palin who are "Functional Morons hooked on ignorance. "
Case closed !

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On Monday January 11,2010 the Great Monica Wright Breaks Another Great University of Virginia Alumni Dawn Staley's Career Scoring Record .

January 20,2010

The beautiful classy Monica Wright of the University of Virginia broke the great Dawn Staley's scoring record in loosing effort against the underdog Maryland Terps 61-60 on January 11,2010 at the John Paul Jones Arena.
Ms.Wright now has 2,140 career points passing Dawn Staley's mark of 2,135. Ms. Staley is current coach at South Carolina. Perhaps one day when coach Ryan decides to hang it up that Dawn Staley would return to Virginia to lead them to the promise land with an NCAA Championship.
Congratulations to Monica Wright for working extremely hard to perfect every aspect of her game and to coach Debbie Ryan for putting in numerous hours with Monica in order to make Monica that great player and perfect role model.
Go Wahoos ! Go Wahoos ! Go Wahoos ! Go Wahoos !

On January 20,1947 Josh Gibson,The Greatest slugger in the history of Black baseball dies in Pittsburgh the tender age of 35

January 20,2010
Pittsburgh Pa.

Many baseball experts believe that Josh Gibson was the greatest home run slugger in baseball history. Josh Gibson's Hall-Of-Fame Plaque in Cooperstown,New York says he almost hit 800 home runs.
The following lines are taken from my poem titled : Man Could They Play That Game:Which appears in the book titled "Crossing Limits on pages 28 and 29.

Oh ! Josh Could hit the Long Ball
with authority and consistency
over any Major League Wall,but
he never received
a top Major League Call
Satchel's fast ball curved
in and out and blooped over the plate.
It's a shame that Satchel
arrived in the Major Leagues
with the Cleveland Indians so late
And Man,wouldn't you have liked to
have seen Josh ,behind Home Plate
in Cleveland Stadium as Satchel's
steady battery Mate.

Copyright 1993 by Ronald B. Saunders

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown Wins U.S. Senate Seat in Massachusetts

January 19,2010
Boston , Massachusetts

Martha Coakley loses the U.S. Senate seat that Teddy Kennedy held for 46 years to the up and coming Scott Brown.
With 99 % of the precents reporting Brown won 52% of the vote to 47.5 % going to Ms. Coakley.
Coakley ran a boring and dull campaign and she did a disservice to the Democrats by not campaigning with any enthusiasm. Plus the fact that Ms Coakley had to fight off the Obama factor in which she proved that she was not quite up to the task. This was stunning rebuke of the Obama agenda and the Democratic Party so Coakley's lost is not entirely her fault.
Coakley lost this race because the voters in Massachusetts and all over the country don't like the proposed health care bill, high taxes, lack of a bona-fide jobs program and the two most recent acts of domestic terrorism in the country.
Obama hasn't quite learned how to connect with the voters who are demanding that he do something about this deplorable unemployment situation and lack of good paying jobs while Obama appears to be obsessed with peddling a flawed and fraudulent Health Care Bill and Americans don't feel safe and insulated from attacks from Muslim extremists.
Ms. Coakely claims she was only joking about Curt Schilling being a Yankee fan and now perhaps she will take a six day vacation to St. Kitts.
The Senate race between Brown and Coakely will go down in U.S history as the pivotal turning point in Obama's first year in office. Obama and the Democrats have lost the Independents because of there national agenda who were key part of the Democrats winning the White House in 2008 and capturing the Congressional races in 2006. The Obama and the Democrats are totally out of sync with the vast majority of voters in the country and Republicans offer just more of nothing.
Scott Brown duped the most educated voters in country who reside in Massachusetts.
Obama travels more overseas than he does around the good old USA and this is one of the reasons why he is failing to understand and appreciate how most Americans are suffering in this lasting recession. When is the last time Obama made a trip into the heartland of Appalachia or to one of the inner City neighborhoods around the country ? Obama has avoided the American people as though they have the plague and this will be his down fall. The people of Massachusetts resented Obama coming into their state telling them who to vote for and why. Obama should have been on the ground in Massachusetts long before January 16,2010.
The American people are tired of "Slick Hip Pimp talking politicians who come to there state only when a special or certain election is at stake. Any candidate that runs as an independent around the USA can win when they tap into all that voter anger do to the Corporate centered policies of Obama and the Democrats. The fact that a dumb or not to bright Sarah Palin who reminds me of a cartoon character is even in the discussion as a potential candidate for President of the U.S. reveals how far the American voters have digressed with their politics. Furthermore the intelligent American electorate is sick and tired of the poor performance and lack of accountability and integrity in Washington and at all levels of government.
People like Scott Brown and the Republican Party nor the Democrats will bring about true change that is vitally needed in all the systems of governance in the U.S. and true change will only come about when people recognize that neither of the main players(Democrats & Republicans) represent the people. Brown's victory in Massachusetts was for maintenance of the status quo and business as usual by both the Republicans and Democrats who have permitted themselves to fall into a decadent type of Machiavellian decay. True meaningful change in our political systems will come about when the people decide to really "Take The Bull By The Horns " and give up their addiction to the Democrats and Republicans who's only promise is more of the same mediocrity and lack of accountability.
Both the Democrats and Republicans are only accountable to their Corporate "Over Lords and the slick lobbyists, special interest, and political front men who do their bidding for them in both Houses of Congress and on the local,county ,state and federal level of government. The American people behave just "Junkies who are addicted to the Democrats and Republicans but remain in denial about that addiction because of apathy, complacency, laziness , and out right ignorance. What is truly needed in the good old USA is the development and establishment of a viable third and fourth political party that will put the local farmer, local school teacher,sanitation worker,factory worker,country doctor, back into a government that is accountable to the American people and not to the elite well heeled families who presently are the movers and shakers because of their obscene levels of wealth and power.The seat that Scott Brown won in Massachusetts doesn't remotely belong to the people. That seat that Brown won in the Bay State belongs to the corporate interest and their lobbyists and a handful of political prostitutes masquerading as our political leaders. Scott Brown will fall in line and serve his corporate masters just like all the other 98 duplicitous buffoons in the United States Senate.
Now that Democrats have lost in New Jersey,Virginia and Massachusetts one would think that Obama and his cohorts would bring the bright Howard Dean back into the role as Chairman of the DNC.
Evan Bayh has been positioning himself to run against Obama in 2012 because of Obama's numerous blunders and left leaning agenda. Furthermore Bayh appears to be a more suitable candidate to run against Obama because of his experience as a Governor and U.S. Senator. Also Bayh can connect with the voters in Mid-America much better than Barack Obama and he understand that the meat & potato issues on a level that Obama is having difficulty comprehending. If Bayh survives a challenge from the Republicans in his 2010 Senate campaign I believe he could be the Democratic candidate in 2012. Bayh is a Yellow Dog Democrat and the folks in Move ON.Org and others on the left may have many problems with Bayh's very right centered agenda.
If the 2012 Democratic Primary for President were held right now Bayh beats Obama by 13 percentage points.
However don't rule old Hillary out of the equation for 2012 her supporters have been aggressively working behind the scenes to raise money for her candidacy and to back door her in 2012. I have given Hillary a generous D for her first year as Secretary of State primarily because our good world neighbor in Iran Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made a complete fool out Hillary and Obama by going full speed ahead with an aggressive nuclear enrichment program and with the testing of long range missiles that can reach the shores of Israel and Poland. Iran and the Bear(Russia) are more closely aligned presently than ever before and Iran and Russia control the largest natural gas reserves in the world. Plus the fact that the conniving Israeli's under Netanyahui have built more settlements on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem against the recommendations and advice of the Obama administration. The Arabs living in the occupied territories will not continually rollover while the U.S leaves then out to dry. Obama has to play patsy with the Israeli's because of AI PAC and we are no closer to reaching a so-called two state solution than we are in sending a mission to the Sun. A true mission impossible !
So the U.S. has paid a terrible price for Hillary's and Obama's inability to learn on the job with their misguided foreign policy which is more reminiscent of Geo Bush.Hillary nor Obama had a clear grasp of what do in Afghanistan with the requests from the top brass for additional troops so they took the safe way out by honoring the Generals call for more troops when it appears as though Afghanistan is also a true mission impossible.
Nothing has been remotely accomplished in Darfur and people are still dying from left to right with no end to the genocide in-sight.
The Horn of Africa is a big powder keg and bubbling over and Muslim extremists are threatening all of those governments in East Africa including one of the oldest Christan nations in the world Ethiopia.
We don't have any semblance of a Latin America policy that will provide the mechanisms for true empowerment and self determination of many of the people that live under despotic regimes throughout Central and South America.
Furthermore we have totally neglected the nations that make up the Caribbean basin and we still treat most of those nations like we are their colonial masters. So yes its just business as usual with the U.S.A's undercover Manifest Destiny foreign policy in the Caribbean.
The OJT(On The Job Training) has been very painful for Hillary and Barack and the USA is suffering as a consequence for their lack of preparedness to handle the vast complicated complex problems that exist at home and abroad.
Both Obama and Hillary are mostly show/style and very little on substance.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The People In Massachusetts Don't Need Obama To Tell Them Who To Vote For There U.S.Senator

Breaking News
January 18,2010
Melrose ,Massachusetts

The good people in the state of Massachusetts don't need the "Johnnie Come Lately" condescending President Barack Obama telling them who they should cast their votes for relative to the vacant U.S.Senate seat in the Bay State.
The Obama factor is killing Massachusetts's Attorney-General Coakley and a recent Suffolk University Poll shows that Scott Brown will beat Coakley by eight percentage points.
The vast majority of people in Massachusetts and the USA know that they have been had by the Democratic Party in regards to the proposed Health Care Reform Legislation. And everyone in the most educated state in the Union Massachusetts understands that the present Health Care Bill is not reform in any way. The present bill under consideration by Congress will only put more money in the hands of the Insurance,and Pharmaceuticals Companies and HMO's with significantly higher premiums for all citizens.
The folks in Massachusetts ran old deceitful elitist Mitt Romney out of the state because of the over-priced Romney-Care which doesn't recognize any pre- existing medical conditions.
Indeed this is political referendum on the White House and the Democrats in Congress. Obama and the Democrats have acted against the interest of the American people in peddling this non-sense called Health Care Reform and the American people are keenly aware of all the mistakes the Obama administration has made in the last year.
George W. Bush paid the price for stubbornly pursuing a war that had lost public support. Obama is repeating his mistake. There is strong possibility that Coakley will loose the U.S.Senate seat in Massachusetts which will be directly attributable to the Barack Obama factor plus her own complacency and incompetence and the inept Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. One would have thought that the Coakley campaign would have learned a thing or two from the pathetic campaign run by John Kerry.
The Democrats are loosing most of these wars in the trenches because Barack Obama does not have the leadership skills nor the political savviness to win over Independents and the Yellow Dog obstructionist in his own party.
The people of Massachusetts should send a loud and clear message to the Obama White House saying that our vote is not for sale. More importantly the people of Massachusetts don't need Obama trying to pimp them for there votes for his own warped ,twisted and vacillating agenda and self aggrandizement.
The people in Massachusetts are fed up with people like Duval Patrick,Barney Frank and Barack Obama.
Just Say NO To Ms. Coakley she is not quite up to speed in representing the good folks in the Bay State and neither is the right wing Zealot Scott Brown.

Pittsburgh Pa.City Councilman Ricky V. Burgess of the 9th. Council District,You Have Been Nominated For Induction Into The Lawn Jockey Hall of Fame

Special Report
January 18,2010
Pittsburgh , Pa.
The Reverend Ricky V. Burgess of the Ninth Council
District, of the City of Pittsburgh you have been nominated as a candidate for the Lawn-Jockey-Hall-Of Fame located in Hot Water, Mississippi.
Councilman Burgess has been nominated because he has shown a pattern & practice of not being responsive to constituent phone calls an letters that have been written to him and doing nothing to address the numerous problems that plague his 9th. Council District.
The pot holes on Bennett street and other streets in the Homewood section of Councilman Burgess's Ninth District are as large as fox holes/craters and most of Homewood looks like a typical garbage dump with trash and liter everywhere. The good citizens of Shadyside and Squirrel Hill would never tolerate this second class treatment by their dully elected City Councilman nor from the City of Pittsburgh Department of Public works who avoids Homewood and East End because of the fact that the vast majority of its citizens are Black. Burgess has not stayed on the Department of Public Works to insure that they are giving prompt and comprehensive service to the residents of the Council District number nine.
The rats are riding in canoes in the Homewood and East End section of Pittsburgh as though they own the place.
Furthermore Homewood-Brushton and the East End Section of Pittsburgh looks exactly like a war torn area from War World II.
And the only thing the disingenuous Councilman Burgess is concern about is getting his picture and name in one of the local newspapers or on T.V. Burgess is a first class "Publicity Hound " who is only concern about his own image and self-aggrandizement.Burgess has to go in fo ! The residents of the Ninth District deserve better accountability from their Councilman who is supposedly represents them. Burgess has treated the good citizens of Homewood Brushton and the East End as though they were second class citizens.
Therefore Mr. Burgess we consider your behavior toward your constituents in the 9th.Council District to be like that of a "House Servant " and worthy of due consideration for induction into said Lawn-Jockey-Hall-Of Fame.
For a list of current members and candidates for the Lawn-Jockey-Hall-Of-Fame please review January 14,2010 at

Sunday, January 17, 2010

How Can A Jerry Jones Team Put Forth Such A Poor Effort In Loosing To The Vikings ? Bum's Son And Romo Must Go !

January 17,2010
Big Bend, Texas

Football is the consummate team sport and the lack of effort and intensity on the part of Dallas Cowboys against the upstart hard charging Minnesota Vikings is a disgrace to Dallas fans and ownership of the Dallas Cowboys.
All the coaches,staff and players on the Dallas Cowboys are compensated well for performing there respective jobs and when they don't carry out their position responsibilities in an exemplary fashion it is time for changes to be made at all levels of the entire Cowboy Organization.
Mr. Jones , Bill Cowher is available for the position of Head-Coach if the"Price Is Right ".

I am H.A.I.T.I.

Black Buzz News Service
January 17, 2010

By Zili Danto

I don’t want your fucking pity. Thank you for the $5.00 you send me through your cell phone. But really, how about you give me a fair price on my natural resources. I am H.A.I.T.I., I don’t want your charity, I just want the dignity to provide for my own sons and daughters. I am H.A.I.T.I., keep your IMF and World Bank money, money you give me with strings attached that keep me in bondage. I am H.A.I.T.I., I don’t need prayers from DEVILS like Pat Robertson. I am H.A.I.T.I., you see me crying black tears of oppression and dejection on your HD TV....

thanks for the rice you drop from the sky for me, but really, instead of $498 million you give me for my natural resources, how about you pay a fair price and instead offer me $5 billion for my exports. That way, I can build my own rice fields, I can have my own emergency services, I can build my own houses and schools with grade A concrete so when there is another earthquake, my children won’t perish in the process....

**********************in this post**************


I am H.A.I.T.I.

Unbowed and unconquered since the time when my son Fran├žois-Dominique Toussaint L’ouverture defeated a French colonial power. I was Adwa before Adwa. I gave hope to millions of enslaved brothers and sisters from Africa. I am H.A.I.T.I., I have been punished ever since by the Western world. Exploited for my raw resources, corruption tolerated and in most instances perpetuated by outside influences so that I can always be destabilized.

I am H.A.I.T.I.

I have been deemed a third world country. Tourists come from the west to appreciate my natural beauty, while disregarding the abject poverty as they drive from the airport to their luxury hotels as quickly as possible. My neighbor and I (Dominican Republic) are popular destination for would be bachelors. They come and stay in my villas, and I being so poor I prostitute my daughters to quench the loins of these soon to be married men. My sons are their porters, carrying their bags and speaking broken English and tap dancing to their desires so that they can feed their seed.

I am H.A.I.T.I.

My natural resources are taken from me, forced to sell my sugar, concrete, timber,and flaxseed oil for a penny on the dollar. I am H.A.I.T.I., my net export last year was $498 million dollars, mega tons of my resources shipped off to the western world. Those raw resources translate into billions of dollars once they are turned into finished goods. I am H.A.I.T.I, see I am still colonized.

I am H.A.I.T.I.

No one pays attention to me. Everyday, the equivalent of Katrina happens on the streets of Port au Prince. My sons and daughters die by the thousands on a monthly basis, the byproduct of desperation, drugs, and violence turned against me by my sons and daughters. I am H.A.I.T.I., my children die from the scourge of malnutrition as I watch my kids drink from infested pools of dirty water.

I am H.A.I.T.I.

The only time the world cares about me is when I rise up and bury my own children, when I eviscerate my offspring. I am H.A.I.T.I., you pay attention to me when my children are entombed by the shoddy concrete that is left over for me to house my family while the grade concrete is shipped off to Western cities and suburbs. I am H.A.I.T.I., you now cry for me, when usually you don’t give a shit about me.

I am H.A.I.T.I.

All I ask is that you stop raping my natural resources. I am H.A.I.T.I, I don’t want the crumbs you provide, give me the ability to make my own pie. I am H.A.I.T.I., thanks for the rice you drop from the sky for me, but really, instead of $498 million you give me for my natural resources, how about you pay a fair price and instead offer me $5 billion for my exports. That way, I can build my own rice fields, I can have my own emergency services, I can build my own houses and schools with grade A concrete so when there is another earthquake, my children won’t perish in the process.

I am H.A.I.T.I.

I guess I should be grateful for the millions you just gave me in AID, while you profited from me by the billions last year alone. I am H.A.I.T.I., thank you for your charity, but really, how about you just give me my dignity so that I can care for my own sons and daughters.


Forwarded be Ezili's Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network