Friday, January 8, 2010

The Tide Holds Off The Pesky Longhorns To Win The National Title Game 37-21

Pasadena, California
January 8,2010

The Crimson Tide held off the hard charging Longhorns of Texas to capture the bogus National title game 37-21.
With Colt McCoy down after the first offensive series in the first half, the Longhorns were led by their Five-Star Freshman Quarterback Garrett Gilbert who proved that he could play with the big boys from Bama.
The five turnovers by Texas basically cost them the game as Bam's Marcell Dareus the man who ended Colt McCoy's dream's of a National title, ran roughshod over the Texas offense causing havoc throughout the game. Dareus has to be considered a top first round pick and in my opinion he is more valuable than his over hyped teammate Big Cody.
Alabama controlled the game with their inside running with a tandem of Heisman man Mark Ingram who gained 116 yards and 2 TD's and with Trent Richardson,who gained 109 yards
and 2 TD's. Texas's failure to stop Bam's ground offensive cost them the game because Alabama's QB, McElroy really didn't find his rhythm as Texas kept him off balance the whole game with seven sacks.
Bam's Darecus and Javier Arenas should be among the first 20 players selected in the upcoming NFL Draft for they had an outstanding game and careers at Alabama.
This is the fourth consecutive title for the SEC which is the premier conference in college football.
I still say the four best college teams for the 2009 season were Alabama, Florida,Texas and Boise State,and unfortunately we will never know what would happen in a true four or eight team playoff because of the greed of the College Presidents,the Bowl folks and gangsters representing the BCS. What happened to TCU ?
Alabama,Florida,Georgia will all be in the hunt for the bogus National title game next year. The entire SEC went to bowl games this football season except for Vanderbilt and Mississippi State and they could beat anyone in the Big East except for the mighty Pitt Panthers.
The SEC is the land of Chitlins or Chitterlings,Hog-Maws,Collard, Kale , Turnip, and Mustard Greens, Fried Chicken,Grits, Poke Salad,Turnips,Red Beans & Rice, Buttermilk, Duck, Cornbread, Black eyed Peas, Neck Bones, Okra, Spuds, Pig Ears, Ribs, Pig Feet, Potato Salad, Mac & Cheese, Watermelon,Virginia Ham, Cat Fish , Sweet Potato Pie, Yams, Fatback, Gumbo, Oxtail ,Ham Hocks, Cress, Dandelions, Hog Jowls, Tripe,Smoked Turkey, Soy Beans, Venison, Pig Tongue, Raccoon, Rabbit, Squirrel, Opossum, All kinds of Berries, Tabasco and Red Devil, Corn on and off the Cob, Corn Whiskey, Lima & Navy Beans etc.
*I like to see Javier Arenas wearing the Black & Gold for the 2010 season with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Are you listening Mr. Colbert ?
The Tide Rolls On !

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