Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown Wins U.S. Senate Seat in Massachusetts

January 19,2010
Boston , Massachusetts

Martha Coakley loses the U.S. Senate seat that Teddy Kennedy held for 46 years to the up and coming Scott Brown.
With 99 % of the precents reporting Brown won 52% of the vote to 47.5 % going to Ms. Coakley.
Coakley ran a boring and dull campaign and she did a disservice to the Democrats by not campaigning with any enthusiasm. Plus the fact that Ms Coakley had to fight off the Obama factor in which she proved that she was not quite up to the task. This was stunning rebuke of the Obama agenda and the Democratic Party so Coakley's lost is not entirely her fault.
Coakley lost this race because the voters in Massachusetts and all over the country don't like the proposed health care bill, high taxes, lack of a bona-fide jobs program and the two most recent acts of domestic terrorism in the country.
Obama hasn't quite learned how to connect with the voters who are demanding that he do something about this deplorable unemployment situation and lack of good paying jobs while Obama appears to be obsessed with peddling a flawed and fraudulent Health Care Bill and Americans don't feel safe and insulated from attacks from Muslim extremists.
Ms. Coakely claims she was only joking about Curt Schilling being a Yankee fan and now perhaps she will take a six day vacation to St. Kitts.
The Senate race between Brown and Coakely will go down in U.S history as the pivotal turning point in Obama's first year in office. Obama and the Democrats have lost the Independents because of there national agenda who were key part of the Democrats winning the White House in 2008 and capturing the Congressional races in 2006. The Obama and the Democrats are totally out of sync with the vast majority of voters in the country and Republicans offer just more of nothing.
Scott Brown duped the most educated voters in country who reside in Massachusetts.
Obama travels more overseas than he does around the good old USA and this is one of the reasons why he is failing to understand and appreciate how most Americans are suffering in this lasting recession. When is the last time Obama made a trip into the heartland of Appalachia or to one of the inner City neighborhoods around the country ? Obama has avoided the American people as though they have the plague and this will be his down fall. The people of Massachusetts resented Obama coming into their state telling them who to vote for and why. Obama should have been on the ground in Massachusetts long before January 16,2010.
The American people are tired of "Slick Hip Pimp talking politicians who come to there state only when a special or certain election is at stake. Any candidate that runs as an independent around the USA can win when they tap into all that voter anger do to the Corporate centered policies of Obama and the Democrats. The fact that a dumb or not to bright Sarah Palin who reminds me of a cartoon character is even in the discussion as a potential candidate for President of the U.S. reveals how far the American voters have digressed with their politics. Furthermore the intelligent American electorate is sick and tired of the poor performance and lack of accountability and integrity in Washington and at all levels of government.
People like Scott Brown and the Republican Party nor the Democrats will bring about true change that is vitally needed in all the systems of governance in the U.S. and true change will only come about when people recognize that neither of the main players(Democrats & Republicans) represent the people. Brown's victory in Massachusetts was for maintenance of the status quo and business as usual by both the Republicans and Democrats who have permitted themselves to fall into a decadent type of Machiavellian decay. True meaningful change in our political systems will come about when the people decide to really "Take The Bull By The Horns " and give up their addiction to the Democrats and Republicans who's only promise is more of the same mediocrity and lack of accountability.
Both the Democrats and Republicans are only accountable to their Corporate "Over Lords and the slick lobbyists, special interest, and political front men who do their bidding for them in both Houses of Congress and on the local,county ,state and federal level of government. The American people behave just "Junkies who are addicted to the Democrats and Republicans but remain in denial about that addiction because of apathy, complacency, laziness , and out right ignorance. What is truly needed in the good old USA is the development and establishment of a viable third and fourth political party that will put the local farmer, local school teacher,sanitation worker,factory worker,country doctor, back into a government that is accountable to the American people and not to the elite well heeled families who presently are the movers and shakers because of their obscene levels of wealth and power.The seat that Scott Brown won in Massachusetts doesn't remotely belong to the people. That seat that Brown won in the Bay State belongs to the corporate interest and their lobbyists and a handful of political prostitutes masquerading as our political leaders. Scott Brown will fall in line and serve his corporate masters just like all the other 98 duplicitous buffoons in the United States Senate.
Now that Democrats have lost in New Jersey,Virginia and Massachusetts one would think that Obama and his cohorts would bring the bright Howard Dean back into the role as Chairman of the DNC.
Evan Bayh has been positioning himself to run against Obama in 2012 because of Obama's numerous blunders and left leaning agenda. Furthermore Bayh appears to be a more suitable candidate to run against Obama because of his experience as a Governor and U.S. Senator. Also Bayh can connect with the voters in Mid-America much better than Barack Obama and he understand that the meat & potato issues on a level that Obama is having difficulty comprehending. If Bayh survives a challenge from the Republicans in his 2010 Senate campaign I believe he could be the Democratic candidate in 2012. Bayh is a Yellow Dog Democrat and the folks in Move ON.Org and others on the left may have many problems with Bayh's very right centered agenda.
If the 2012 Democratic Primary for President were held right now Bayh beats Obama by 13 percentage points.
However don't rule old Hillary out of the equation for 2012 her supporters have been aggressively working behind the scenes to raise money for her candidacy and to back door her in 2012. I have given Hillary a generous D for her first year as Secretary of State primarily because our good world neighbor in Iran Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made a complete fool out Hillary and Obama by going full speed ahead with an aggressive nuclear enrichment program and with the testing of long range missiles that can reach the shores of Israel and Poland. Iran and the Bear(Russia) are more closely aligned presently than ever before and Iran and Russia control the largest natural gas reserves in the world. Plus the fact that the conniving Israeli's under Netanyahui have built more settlements on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem against the recommendations and advice of the Obama administration. The Arabs living in the occupied territories will not continually rollover while the U.S leaves then out to dry. Obama has to play patsy with the Israeli's because of AI PAC and we are no closer to reaching a so-called two state solution than we are in sending a mission to the Sun. A true mission impossible !
So the U.S. has paid a terrible price for Hillary's and Obama's inability to learn on the job with their misguided foreign policy which is more reminiscent of Geo Bush.Hillary nor Obama had a clear grasp of what do in Afghanistan with the requests from the top brass for additional troops so they took the safe way out by honoring the Generals call for more troops when it appears as though Afghanistan is also a true mission impossible.
Nothing has been remotely accomplished in Darfur and people are still dying from left to right with no end to the genocide in-sight.
The Horn of Africa is a big powder keg and bubbling over and Muslim extremists are threatening all of those governments in East Africa including one of the oldest Christan nations in the world Ethiopia.
We don't have any semblance of a Latin America policy that will provide the mechanisms for true empowerment and self determination of many of the people that live under despotic regimes throughout Central and South America.
Furthermore we have totally neglected the nations that make up the Caribbean basin and we still treat most of those nations like we are their colonial masters. So yes its just business as usual with the U.S.A's undercover Manifest Destiny foreign policy in the Caribbean.
The OJT(On The Job Training) has been very painful for Hillary and Barack and the USA is suffering as a consequence for their lack of preparedness to handle the vast complicated complex problems that exist at home and abroad.
Both Obama and Hillary are mostly show/style and very little on substance.

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