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Terrorism is war: By Ronald B. Saunders,Pittsburgh Press Sunday,August 18,1985

January 13,2010
Pittsburgh Pa.
ARCHIVES-The National Black Political Caucus

The following article written by blogger Black Buzz appeared in the Pittsburgh Press on Sunday, August 18 1985.
How old was Barack Hussein Obama on August 18, 1985 ?

Terrorism is war

President Reagan and his administration continually fail to comprehend that terrorism is a form of war and the administration has not responded appropriately to the threat of terrorism at home or abroad.
This month in West Germany,a well-known West German terrorist organization claimed responsibility for a bombing that killed two Americans and injured more than 20 at the Rhein-Main U.S. Air base. When you attack a U.S. military installation,U.S. civilians or its military personnel,that is a declaration of war.
West German authorities had warned officials in the U.S. military command and top officials in the Reagan administration of a plot by terrorists to inflict damage on our military installations one week prior to the attack on Rhein-Main.
What steps did our military and governmental officials take to prevent such an occurrence ? Apparently the lax security at Rhein-Main contributed to the attack.
As soon as our government received word of a pending attack our troops and other military and civilian personnel should have been placed on high maxium alert. Why didn't the U.S. government place our troops on standby high alert ?
Four U.S. Marines and two U.S.civilians were recently murdered by leftist terrorists in El Salvador. Radical Shiite terrorists killed a brave Navy frogman aboard a hijacked TWA jet in the Mideast.
The U.S. Embassy in Lebanon was destroyed and 63 people were killed by a bomb in April 1983. The U.S. Marine headquarters at Beirut Airport was destroyed and 241 U.S. servicemen were killed by a bomb or numerous bombs on October 23,1983.
We of the National Black Political Caucus believe the best defense against terrorism is an aggressive,swift offense.
Therefore we will be recommending to Congress the Establishment of a separate Department of Counter-Terrorism to effectively and efficiently combat national and international terrorism.
Ronald B. Saunders
( The writer is chairman of the board of the National Black Political

* This editorial was written when Barack Hussein Obama was 24 years old and does any of this subject matter sound familiar ? Contrary to the public utterances by the Republican Party of today the records and documentation shows that Ronald Wilson Reagan was softer on fighting terrorism than Presidents Clinton and Obama. The Reagan administration committed blunder after blunder in supposedly fighting the war on terror and there was a gross lack of accountability in the Reagan White House and no one was ever fired or discharge from their positions for those overt errors. The Republicans just do a better job of spin and misrepresenting the facts on the alleged war on terrorism. Many of these recommendations made by said (Caucus) in 1985 were adopted by the Congress of the United States and are in place today and they have made all Americans safer. We now have more intelligence agencies allegedly fighting the war on terror than any nation on the planet.
I have seen American style of terrorism perpetrated by Supremacist Organizations, The American Government, and white individuals on Native Americans, African Americans, Asians Americans and so-called Hispanic Americans in the past and to the present which continues to make Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream a living night mare for people of color.

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