Friday, January 8, 2010

The System is wrong that permits Low Lifes To tote guns around President Obama but Arenas is suspended for carrying and having a piece in his locker.

January 8,2010
Washington D.C. (NW)
How can all these Joe and Suzie Six-Packs carry guns around the President of the United States and nothing happens to them in the way of a criminal prosecution while a mixed up and confused NBA basketball player gets suspended before a thorough examination of the facts in the instant case ? Has the cantankerous David Stern , NBA Czar ever heard of due process of law ?
Although I'm against the carrying of firearms it seems to me that anyone who's a millionaire NBA player should carry a firearm for their own protection providing they have all the necessary legal paper work and permit to carry said. And all people carrying a firearm must go through 60 hours of in-depth instructions at one of the Dick Cheney Schools for Firearm Safety.
All of these NBA and NFL players have become targets for many in the Under and Under/Under class because of the extreme rates of poverty that exist throughout all the African American communities in the USA.
Whether Mr Arenas was carrying a piece because of "Shaq " is only speculation and we really need to cease and desist with the rumors about Shaquille O'Neal having an affair with Mr. Arenas wife.
Can anyone prove that Shaquille O'Neal was having an affair with Mrs. Arenas .
Put up or shut up ! And who really cares !
I asked all the bona-fide psychologists and psychiatrists is it a healthy sign that America has more hand-guns than all of the rest of the world combined ?

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