Monday, January 18, 2010

The People In Massachusetts Don't Need Obama To Tell Them Who To Vote For There U.S.Senator

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January 18,2010
Melrose ,Massachusetts

The good people in the state of Massachusetts don't need the "Johnnie Come Lately" condescending President Barack Obama telling them who they should cast their votes for relative to the vacant U.S.Senate seat in the Bay State.
The Obama factor is killing Massachusetts's Attorney-General Coakley and a recent Suffolk University Poll shows that Scott Brown will beat Coakley by eight percentage points.
The vast majority of people in Massachusetts and the USA know that they have been had by the Democratic Party in regards to the proposed Health Care Reform Legislation. And everyone in the most educated state in the Union Massachusetts understands that the present Health Care Bill is not reform in any way. The present bill under consideration by Congress will only put more money in the hands of the Insurance,and Pharmaceuticals Companies and HMO's with significantly higher premiums for all citizens.
The folks in Massachusetts ran old deceitful elitist Mitt Romney out of the state because of the over-priced Romney-Care which doesn't recognize any pre- existing medical conditions.
Indeed this is political referendum on the White House and the Democrats in Congress. Obama and the Democrats have acted against the interest of the American people in peddling this non-sense called Health Care Reform and the American people are keenly aware of all the mistakes the Obama administration has made in the last year.
George W. Bush paid the price for stubbornly pursuing a war that had lost public support. Obama is repeating his mistake. There is strong possibility that Coakley will loose the U.S.Senate seat in Massachusetts which will be directly attributable to the Barack Obama factor plus her own complacency and incompetence and the inept Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. One would have thought that the Coakley campaign would have learned a thing or two from the pathetic campaign run by John Kerry.
The Democrats are loosing most of these wars in the trenches because Barack Obama does not have the leadership skills nor the political savviness to win over Independents and the Yellow Dog obstructionist in his own party.
The people of Massachusetts should send a loud and clear message to the Obama White House saying that our vote is not for sale. More importantly the people of Massachusetts don't need Obama trying to pimp them for there votes for his own warped ,twisted and vacillating agenda and self aggrandizement.
The people in Massachusetts are fed up with people like Duval Patrick,Barney Frank and Barack Obama.
Just Say NO To Ms. Coakley she is not quite up to speed in representing the good folks in the Bay State and neither is the right wing Zealot Scott Brown.

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