Monday, January 18, 2010

Pittsburgh Pa.City Councilman Ricky V. Burgess of the 9th. Council District,You Have Been Nominated For Induction Into The Lawn Jockey Hall of Fame

Special Report
January 18,2010
Pittsburgh , Pa.
The Reverend Ricky V. Burgess of the Ninth Council
District, of the City of Pittsburgh you have been nominated as a candidate for the Lawn-Jockey-Hall-Of Fame located in Hot Water, Mississippi.
Councilman Burgess has been nominated because he has shown a pattern & practice of not being responsive to constituent phone calls an letters that have been written to him and doing nothing to address the numerous problems that plague his 9th. Council District.
The pot holes on Bennett street and other streets in the Homewood section of Councilman Burgess's Ninth District are as large as fox holes/craters and most of Homewood looks like a typical garbage dump with trash and liter everywhere. The good citizens of Shadyside and Squirrel Hill would never tolerate this second class treatment by their dully elected City Councilman nor from the City of Pittsburgh Department of Public works who avoids Homewood and East End because of the fact that the vast majority of its citizens are Black. Burgess has not stayed on the Department of Public Works to insure that they are giving prompt and comprehensive service to the residents of the Council District number nine.
The rats are riding in canoes in the Homewood and East End section of Pittsburgh as though they own the place.
Furthermore Homewood-Brushton and the East End Section of Pittsburgh looks exactly like a war torn area from War World II.
And the only thing the disingenuous Councilman Burgess is concern about is getting his picture and name in one of the local newspapers or on T.V. Burgess is a first class "Publicity Hound " who is only concern about his own image and self-aggrandizement.Burgess has to go in fo ! The residents of the Ninth District deserve better accountability from their Councilman who is supposedly represents them. Burgess has treated the good citizens of Homewood Brushton and the East End as though they were second class citizens.
Therefore Mr. Burgess we consider your behavior toward your constituents in the 9th.Council District to be like that of a "House Servant " and worthy of due consideration for induction into said Lawn-Jockey-Hall-Of Fame.
For a list of current members and candidates for the Lawn-Jockey-Hall-Of-Fame please review January 14,2010 at

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