Friday, January 29, 2010

What's Up With Toyota ?

January 29, 2010
Hoop & Holler, Texas

Well folks, Toyota wanted to be the biggest cat on the block(World) and they now are, but they manufactured too many models.
Most of the top leading automotive magazines noticed that the overall quality of all its vehicles has considerably gotten worse. The American public has grown accustomed to having all Toyotas manufactured with the highest degree of integrity relative to quality and safety but it's unfortunate that Toyota wasn't more aggressive in remedying the problem with the sticking of the accelerator pedal to the floor mat when they first learned about the issue back in 2007.
Many people have lost their lives as a result of the gas pedal sticking to the floor mat and the top officials of Toyota Motor Corporation of America should have gotten to the bottom of this acute problem rather than covering it up and masking said problem. It is my understanding that there are two types of accelerator pedals in question and one is identified as the CTS pedal which is the main culprit. But all 2.5 million Toyotas should be recalled, fixed and repaired properly before this situation gets out of control. The problem with the accelerator pedal sticking to the floor is on vehicles built in the USA and does not apply to the Toyotas built in Japan. To the best of my knowledge, there have been no problems with the Nipponeso, which is the Japanese accelerator pedal. All the problems are confined to the CTS accelerator pedal which is made in the USA not in China.
There also appears to be a problem with Toyota's Electronic Throttle Control System known as ETCS-Intelligent System.
Vehicles equipped with ETCS-I have a dangerous propensity to suddenly accelerate without driver input and against the intentions of the driver, Toyota customers said in a complaint filed in federal court in Charleston,West Virginia.
Customers and consumers are filing class lawsuits left and right with no immediate end to this madness in-sight. There have been individual lawsuits filed all over the USA which will definitely hurt Toyota's overall image. Safety should always be first at any automotive or vehicle manufacturer. And if it can be proven that said officials knew about this problem with the floor mats sticking to the gas pedal and subsequently conspired to cover it up, Toyota may be in for some difficult times ahead.
The Japanese will have to assert tighter controls of their American Operations to assure the public that they really know how to manage effectively in a crisis situation. The Japanese should have known that you can't trust the incompetent Americans to run anything effectively.
Ford Motor Corporation was almost ruined with their battles with Firestone over culpability in the tire blow out dilemma on its Explorer model and they both accused the other of guilt rather than getting out in front of the problem which became a public relations nightmare for Ford and Firestone.
Audi had a similar problem with their accelerator pedal sticking and sudden acceleration not releasing back in the 1980's and it took them a long to time to recover from that albatross.
Once you mantain a pattern and practice of bad or poor car manufacturing quality in the eyes of the public, it is very difficult to erase that perception with the consumers.
Toyota will have to make sure that all their suppliers/vendors are meeting the highest possible standards in supplying parts to all its manufacturing assembly plants in North America.
This is a very competitive world automotive market and the corporation that builds the most fuel efficient, safest and stylish vehicles will be able to stay on top.
Hopefully, Toyota Motor Corporation of North America will make the necessary top management changes that will help to restore confidence and pride in the Toyota brand.
All the money in the world cannot replace a human life and Toyota better act appropriately or they will be faced with thousands of lawsuits.

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