Friday, January 1, 2010

Tebow Led Gators Crush The Bearcats 51-24 In The Sugar Bowl

January 2,2010
New Orleans, Louisiana

All World Tim Tebow who is one the greatest collegiate players to ever play the game of football led his Florida Gators to a Sugar Bowl ambush of the over matched Cincinnati Bearcats of the Big East. Tebow broke every major passing(482) and(533) total yards records in the entire history of the Sugar Bowl. Vince Young of the famous Texas Longhorns had the previuosly total yard record for the Sugar Bowl and BCS.
The Gators let up on the gas in the fourth quarter and permitted the Bearcats to give an appearance that this was a close game but it wasn't .
The Cincinnati Bearcats don't belong on the same field as the Florida Gators and they were there only because of a flawed and bias BCS format. The Pitt Panthers were the best team by far in the Big East.
But until those Ultra conservative college Presidents who are hiding out in their fake Ivory Towers decide that this present BCS formula doesn't work we will never have a true bona-fide playoff system in NCAA Division 1-A(Football ).
Under the right pro system Tim Tebow could develop into a top-notch NFL pro quarterback with his excellent attitude coupled with his physical and field generalship abilities. Mr Tebow is truly a class act and he has been an asset to the game of football both on and off the field of play.
I'll take a good consistent positive attitude any day of the week AL La(Hines Ward ) over a more talented whining and selfish and " I'll play when( I) want to play" attitude like the infamous Randy Moss of the New England Patriots.
If Florida played Alabama next week for that fraudulent National Title ,Tebow would lead his Gators to a rematch victory over Bam.
Congratulations Mr Tebow for giving College football fans 100 % on each and every down in every game. How about those Florida Gators !

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