Friday, January 29, 2010

The Good People of Pennsylvania Don't Want A So-Called Full Marriage Equality Law.

January 29 ,2010
Poorman Side,Pa.
The sacred institution of marriage is between a normal man and woman and any other relationships involving partners of the same sex is perverted, abnormal and deviate. Furthermore whenever the issue of same sex marriage is put on the ballot in the various states contemplating this horrible topic the voters overwhelmingly reject the idea of same sex marriage and civil unions.
The good people in Poorman Side, Pancake, Slippery Rock, Red Lion, Fort Indiantown Gap, and throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania do not want to legalize "Same Sex Marriage or any other type of ungodly Civil Unions.
Any Pennsylvanian politician advocating this lunacy about same sex marriage will pay a terrible price at the poll.

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