Thursday, January 14, 2010

Toussaint L' Ouverture and his great mulatto rival,General Rigaud were both thrown into the same dungeon in France by Napoleon in 1802.

January 14,2010

Toussaint L'Ouverture and his great mulatto rival,General Rigaud,were both thrown in the same dungeon in France by Napoleon in 1802. Later at St. Helena,Napoleon declared that the imprisonment of Toussaint was a grave political error.
According to world renown historian J.A. Rodgers,Toussaint
L'Ouverture had planned after Haiti was freed to go to Dahomey,West Africa,and use it as a base from which to fight the slave trade. For this purpose Toussaint saved 6,000,000 gold francs,equivalent to that sum in dollars now,which he entrusted to Stephen Girard,an American ship captain.
After the treacherous capture of Toussaint,Girard would not turn over this money to Toussaint's family.
During his nine months imprisonment Toussaint was tormented by Napoleon's agents to reveal the hiding-place of the money. Later Girard,a Frenchman by birth became the richest American of his day. He left millions on his death in 1831 for the founding of Girard College in Philadelphia stipulating that it should be for whites only. Old man Girard gave money to buy coal for the poor of Philadelphia with the same racist provision.
According to blogger Black Buzz, Girard College was only integrated by court order in 1968 after years of massive and sometimes violent protests by Philadelphia's Black community. Even the great Rev.Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. protested with Philadelphia's Black community over the discriminatory admissions policies of Girard College.
Presently Girard is overwhelmingly Afro-American and the Philadelphia Phillie's were the last team in the National League to integrate their baseball team in 1957 a decade after Jackie Robinson broke the modern day color bar. And Jackie Robinson received his worst treatment from the Philadelphia players , coaches, fans,sport writers out of all the teams in the National League.
Philadelphia is MSNBC's Chris Matthew's city of"Brotherly Love ". All those racist Philly fans that called Richie Allen and Jackie Robinson every kind racial slur in the book are the same group of racists that moved into Suburbs of Philly and said they didn't want to swim with those Black and Hispanics kids last summer at that allegedly private club in a Philadelphia Suburb.

* We should praise the achievements and accomplishments of Toussaint L'Ouverture and his successful revolution against the nasty French, and castigate the sell out General Colin Powell and others of the same ilk.


Marie said...

Hi...Greetings to you. May this New Year be of prosperity and good health! This is your pal from Puerto Rico.(Ceci) (Long time ago)I still have some pics that maybe you would be interested to get back.

Black Buzz said...

Hi Ceci , it was great hearing from you and may God bless and watch over you always.
May this New Year be of prosperity and bring excellent health to you and your family. It hasn't been that long has it ?
I like to hear from when you have the time.
I still have some pictures that you might be interested in getting back.
The people in Haiti need all our prayers and help. Are you safe in Puerto Rico ? You never know when one of those earthquakes are going to strike.

Marie said...

Thanks for taking the time to write back. Rainy days over here, but we are blessed! Even this area is on same plaques and in 1918 there was a bad earthquake here, we still have had no bad one. Just sometimes one feels kind of a small movement, but nothing to fear. And sometimes they occur and no one even knows, since this is an island. Actually here, there are lots of marathons to get goods for the people of Haití and they are asking for tents also, because those people just are not even homeless, they just do not know if there is any water available. Did you know that in common living the kids you saw with black lips, was not because they were playing games,or doing body paint? That happened because they had no food and ate the coal befcause there was no food available. My mail is Hope to hear from you!