Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Like Alabama in the Bogus National Title Game, But the Longhorns Could Win This One

January 7, 2010
Vinegar Bend, Alabama

This has been a terrible bowl season for the SEC at 5-4.
Hopefully the "Tide" will be able to restore some semblance of pride and respectability to the Southeastern Conference.
This game will be won in the pits and trenches and Bam better bring their A+ game because the men from Austin are on a mission. Colt McCoy is an outstanding talent and if the "Longhorns" were playing someone other than Alabama, I would have to say Texas would win.
Texas has just as many or more high school All-Americans on their squad as Alabama. So look for the team that makes the least amount of mistakes and field position as important factors in who wins this fake title game.
Head-Coach Saban has had six weeks to prepare for this match-up and I would not advise anyone to bet against the "Tide".
Will the "Longhorns" come up with a gimmick play or two to win this contest?
We shall see who wants this game the most.

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