Friday, January 15, 2010

The True Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Civil & Human Rights Leader The Rev. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Was Born on Jan.15,1929

January 15,2010
Yellow Springs ,Ohio

If brother Martin were alive today he would say Mr. President, Barack Obama that 100 million dollars you have offered in the way of humanitarian assistance to the great people of Haiti is an embarrassment and extremely insufficient.
Furthermore Mr. President you are giving the state of Israel over 100 million dollars a month to continue with their genocidal campaign against the Arabs who live in the occupied territories and we are no closer to a (Two) state solution now than we were in 1947 or 1967 .
Mr. President I find the offer of one hundred million dollars to the people of Haiti appalling and outright sinister on the part of the United States of America."
How much did Obama give those crooked Bankers, financial thugs and gangsters on Wall Street ? So why can't the good old USA give the desperate people of Haiti more substantial assistance in order to saves lives is beyond my comprehension.
Where are all of those racists in Operation Rescue and the other duplicitious clowns in the Pro-Life Movement. Oh ! I get it you are only interesting in saving little white babies , infants and the unborn.
If this catastrophe(Earthquake) had happened in Ireland Obama and Biden would have been on Air-Force One with over 10 Billion dollars as down-payment to give the people in Ireland.
The U.S,Canada,France,Haiti's ruling elite families,the Haitian Army and other European nations and their Multi-Nationals Corporations have been robbing Haiti for the last 150 years and that's the reason why the U.S. and the west doesn't want to see any leader come to power in Haiti that will be accountable to people of Haiti. The U.S. , Canada and Euro powers only want to have their hand picked thugs running things in Haiti and they could care less about the Haitian people that's why our good friend Colin Powell and BushCo,Canada and France engineered the overthrow of Aristide. Aristide was all for the Haitian people and he demanded that those Robber Barons , IMF,World Bank, and their corporations pay Haitians $ 2.oo dollars a day for working in the sweat factories and other business's so that's why uncle Sam had him Aristide ousted because he was for self-determination for the Haitian people rather than nefarious thugs and Gestapo death squad like henchmen , and U.S. puppets that have run the country for the last one hundred twenty five years.
Please do not mention Colin Powell's name during this farce called Black History Month in February without a proper in-depth examination,investigation, of his role in taking down the first democratically elected government in Haiti of Mr. Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

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