Friday, January 8, 2010

Obama Says The Buck Stops With Him : Is He Willing To Be Timmy Geithner's Cell-Mate ?

January 8,2010
New York, New York
The Congress of the United States has a duty and moral obligation to call Timmy Geithner before them to ascertain his role relative to the emails that link him with covering up his role in the AIG fiasco while at the head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. I have never liked nor trusted Geithner from day one and he is no different than his friend Bernie Mad dog Madoff or the blatantly corrupt Ra hm Emanuel.
So what's that say about our "Harvard Wonder Boy's " judgement in selecting a tax cheat and fraud such as Geithner for Secretary of the Treasury. ? Geithner worked overtime to make sure his friends and cronies on Wall Street got more than their share of the bail-out money from the Feds. And old crooked Geithner had his slimy hands in the cookie jar all along for his own self -serving benefit. Geithner, Emanuel nor Obama give a damn about poor people or creating new jobs or tackling the sky high unemployment problem.
Yes Timmy boy and Rahm must be granted due process but lets put them in jail afterwards with all the other corrupt people from Chicago.
To the Tim Geithners and Barack Obama's of the world,Ethics,Honesty,Legality be damned as long as people like Geithner,Emanuel and Obama are making a profit.
Obama is nothing more or less but a buffoonish tool for people like Geithner and AI PAC. How many people really think Barack Hussein Obama is really running the country and not that Rahm Emanuel crowd of gangsters ? Yes Barack Obama doesn't have the in-depth experience to run the U.S. and it shows on a daily basis. Yes, I wrong for voting for Barack and so were 30 million other voters. If you believe Obama is running the country then I will sell you all of the old Bridges in Pittsburgh Pa that are worn out and run down.
I have never trusted Tim Geithner nor do I like him.
Geithner,Madoff, and Emanuel's Gods are money and more money.
I call on Attorney General Holder to appoint a Special Prosecutor to look into the GeithnerGate and the role of Rahm Emanuel with Freddie Mac.
Holder should be investigating Rahm Emanuel for fraudulent activities on the Freddie Mac board from 2000 to 2001 that resulted in Freddie Mac filling the vacant Inspector General Post and for Rahm's involvement in using accounting tricks to show shareholders they were reaping massive profits even as they counted down on a path of sky high investments.
"When Rahm Emanuel left the board,he was eligible for $ 380,000 dollars in stock and options and $ 20,000 cash.
It is no wonder that duplicitous Rahm has been instrumental in pushing through law changes to allow Freddie Mac Executives to get bonuses of up to six and half million dollars per executives.
Don't expect the hands-off lackadaisical Obama to discharge either Geithner or Emanuel from their respective posts.
Isn't there one decent Republican that will call for Holder to go full speed ahead with the investigation of Geithner and Emanuel and the appointment of a Special Prosecutor ?
Has anyone seen Barack Obama's latest poll numbers ? And why has the sponsored media been so silent on the GeithnerGate and Emanuel's shenanigans with Freddie Mac ?

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