Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On January 20,1947 Josh Gibson,The Greatest slugger in the history of Black baseball dies in Pittsburgh the tender age of 35

January 20,2010
Pittsburgh Pa.

Many baseball experts believe that Josh Gibson was the greatest home run slugger in baseball history. Josh Gibson's Hall-Of-Fame Plaque in Cooperstown,New York says he almost hit 800 home runs.
The following lines are taken from my poem titled : Man Could They Play That Game:Which appears in the book titled "Crossing Limits on pages 28 and 29.

Oh ! Josh Could hit the Long Ball
with authority and consistency
over any Major League Wall,but
he never received
a top Major League Call
Satchel's fast ball curved
in and out and blooped over the plate.
It's a shame that Satchel
arrived in the Major Leagues
with the Cleveland Indians so late
And Man,wouldn't you have liked to
have seen Josh ,behind Home Plate
in Cleveland Stadium as Satchel's
steady battery Mate.

Copyright 1993 by Ronald B. Saunders

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