Monday, January 11, 2010

Nevada Senator Harry Reid's only mistake was saying aloud what the vast majority of Whites in the USA think.

January 11, 2010
Possum Trot, Mississippi

U.S. Senator from Nevada, Harry Reid, was raised in one of the most racist institutions in the U.S., the (Mormon Church), which only changed its racist practices in 1978. Reid was brought up on racism and bigotry and was fed a steady diet of deep seeded bias. Mr. Reid only echoed what many Whites say about Blacks behind close doors. In the past, Senator Reid has called Negro Congresswoman Maxine Waters "chickenhead". So Mr. Reid is not without sin. Why did it take Senator Reid a whole year to apologize to "Barack The Magic Negro " Obama ?
Furthermore, all the racially bigoted philosophies and teachings of Reid's Mormon Church were reinforced by the dominant culture here in America. You would have to be a complete fool or dishonest to believe that one could live in an infected environment of racism and not have some of the disease or other pathologies of individual and institutional racism.
If the environment is infected with racism, how can one not have some remnants of the disease ? How many Whites have built up an immunity to the disease of white racism and what mechanisms have they used to strengthen their immune systems?
It's a fact that if Obama would have been the color or complexion of Supreme Court Justice(Uncle) Clarance Thomas, or baseball pioneer Jackie Robinson, he would not have gotten up to the plate to run for President let alone make his way to first base. America is as color conscience as it is racial conscience. And there is still an overt color problem within the the African American community which is a carry- over from slavery and its by-products and antecedents that at times has pitted light skin against dark skin and vice-versa. World famous Ebony Magazine has written numerous articles about color consciousness in the Afro-American community and the practice of color discrimination by Negroes toward other Negroes. Its been estimated by numerous scholars that millions of Negroes have passed for white to escape the treachery and brutality of a harsh recovering Jim Crow society.
Race like it or not is part of our DNA in the United States of America.
In my own family my mother's grand-mother Dicie Gady Rorie Wolfe's sisters,crossed over into the white race" and settled in Savannah, Atlanta and South Carolina. Bob Gady who is passing for white is still living in and around the Charlotte North Carolina area. When other family members contacted the Gady's in 1980 for a annual family reunion to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina they informed us that they didn't want to be contacted ever again because they were passing for white.
Millions of Negro families have similar stories relative to what I have talked about in the previous mentioned sentences.
White Americans are both color and race conscious and they have in the past and continue to the present to discriminate against Negroes of all complexions and colors in all facets of American life.
But Mr. Reid is not half the racist bigot that "Slick Willie" Bill Clinton is and was. Watch how the Negro apologists such as former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown try to come to the aid of Harry Reid and old Bill Clinton. These are the same type of "House Servant Negroes" who did the bidding for the master in the Ante-Bellum South. That same slave mentality exists in most Negroes today particularly in the ones masquerading as members of the Congressional Black Caucus and other front men for white supremacy.
I'm just keeping it real !

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