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Colin Powell,The First Black U.S. Secretary of State Has Been Nominated For Induction Into The Lawn-Jockey-Hall-Of-Fame

January 14,2010
Hot Water, Mississippi

General Colin Powell, the first so-called Black U.S. Secretary of State has been nominated for induction into the Lawn-Jockey-Hall-Of-Fame located in Hot Water Mississippi. The Lawn-Jockey-Hall -Of-Fame was previously located in Jump Back,Mississippi.
History will show and record that the first Black U.S.Secretary of State personally engineered the theft of the national sovereignty of Haiti ,the world's first Black republic and second nation in the western hemisphere to free itself from European rule. Such is Colin Powell's horrific legacy-an historic shame and blight on the collective honor of Black America.
The following excerpts have been taken from the leading authority on Haiti in the world,Randall Robinson from his excellent book titled "An Unbroken Agony. Haiti from Revolution to the kidnapping of a President.
"On February 29th,2004 the democratically elected president of Haiti,Jean-Bertrand Aristide,was forced to leave his country." The twice elected President was kidnapped,along with his Haitian-American wife,by American soldiers and flown against his will,to the isolated Central African Republic."
Although the American government has denied ousting Arisitide it was clear the Haitian people's most recent attempt at self-determination had not been crushed by Haitian paramilitaries as Washington claimed. Bush and Powell both lied.
In An Unbroken Agony,bestselling author and social justice advocate Randall Robinson explores the heroic and tragic history of Haiti. He traces the history of a people forced across the Atlantic in chains; recounting their spectacularly successful slave revolt against France and the two hundred years of reprisals that would follow. The fate of Aristide's presidency is tied to this people's century-long quest for self-determination and his removal from power exposes the apartheid-like forces that frustrate these aspirations even today.
Robinson majestically chronicles the convulsive history of this island nation-from Columbus's arrival to the fearlessness of the slave revolutionaries who defeated the armies of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1804,wresting from France the most valuable colony and any European power anywhere in the world;from the ideas of the young republic to the foreign backed dictators who corrupted those ideas,culminating in the American led operation removing from power Haiti's first democratically elected president and his entire government in 2004.
As Trans Africa founder Randall Robinson said on learning that Powell had stabbed Jean Bertrand Aristide and the Haitian nation in the back :"Colin Powell is the most powerful and damaging Black to rise to influence in the world in my lifetime."
Any Black person or Negro who calls General Powell a role model is a scoundrel,dishonest or a fool. Most likely,both.
All smart and well read Americans are aware of the duplicitous role that Powell and his accomplices BushCo and Cheney played in using made-up fake intelligence in leading our country into a war solely for the benefit of Israel and U.S. the Military-Industrial-Complex against the sovereign nation of Iraq.
Criterion for membership in the highly distinguished Lawn- Jockey- Hall-Of-Fame is one has to have a consistent proven demonstrated track record for being a sell out(House Servant) to your people,community,county, state , country and to other Black Nations in the African Diaspora. We accept Malcolm X's definition of a sell out and House Negro for membership into the Lawn-Jockey-Hall-Of Fame,now located in Hot Water Mississippi. Membership is open to all Political Parties,Organizations, and Individuals in the United States of America and abroad. And no one from any Political Party,Organization, Corporation, and no individual is EXEMPT from consideration for induction into the Lawn-Jockey-Hall-Of Fame.
There is also an International, Lawn-Jockey-Hall- Of Fame.
Present members of the Lawn-Jockey Hall-Of Fame are as follows :
1. Michael Steele,Chairman of the Republican National Committee is Chair of the Lawn-Jockey-Hall-Of Fame.
2. Ward Connerly-Businessman and front man for white supremacy.
3. Ronald Christie-Crossed eyed Lawyer,Republican Strategist.
4. Clarence Thomas-United States Supreme Court Justice.
5. Walter Williams-Newspaper Columnist,Professor George Mason University.
6.Amy Holmes-Republican Strategist.
7. Juan Williams- National Public Radio News Commentator
8. Larry Bad News Elder- Media Commentator & Front man for White Supremacy & Fox News.
9. Armstrong Williams- Talk Show Host.
10. Ken Blackwell,Former Secretary of State of Ohio and front man for white Supremacy.
11. Condoleezzza Rice- Former Secretary of State under Geo Bush.
* International Lawn-Jockey-Hall-Of Fame
1. Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir, President of the Rogue regime in Sudan.
Therefore Colin Powell's behavior toward the Haitian and Iraqi and American people qualifies him for consideration as a candidate for the Lawn-Jockey-Hall-Of-Fame now located in Hot Water, Mississippi.
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