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January 28,2010
Pittsburgh Pa.

This "Letter To Editor of the Pittsburgh Press titled "Saudi Arms Sale Hit was written on June 9th.1986, by blogger Black Buzz.
Saudi Arms Sale Hit

The U.S. Senate has failed to override President Reagan's veto of congressional resolution blocking a missile sale to Saudi Arabia. The 66-34 vote was one short of the 67 that would have produced the two-thirds margin needed to override the veto.
The Reagan administration has contended that the Saudis have been working behind the scenes in fighting terrorism but what available evidentiary proof does the Reagan administration have its disposal that would that position ?
Saudi Arabia,supposedly pro- U.S. since 1976, has been giving Syria $15 million to $ 30 million per month for its military activities in Lebanon in which the aid has definitely contributed to the instability,quagmire and terrorist climate in Lebanon.
Prince Fahd,Saudi Arabia's leader during April 1982 allocated 250 million to the Palestine Liberation Organization for arms purchases from Soviet-bloc countries.
Arms supplied by the Saudis to the various factions of the P.L.O. in Lebanon,Syria and Jordan permitted the PLO to commit atrocities against both the Christian and Muslim populations throughout Lebanon.
The Saudi leaders hate and fear Israel,and they like the other Arabic nations with the lone exception of Egypt, are still at war with the Jewish state.
The arms sale to the Saudis does not increase the chances for peace in the Middle East. It only exacerbates a very volatile situation which could ultimately involve the great super-powers into the cauldron.
Ronald B. Saunders
The writer is chairman of the board of the National Black Political Caucus

* Presently I do not believe the vast majority of Israeli's are desirous of sharing any of the land in question in the occupied territories whether it be in East Jerusalem, or the West Bank.
The Israeli's want all of the land in question and we are no closer in obtaining a two state solution now than we were in 1947. In many ways the Israelis behavior toward the Arabs living in the occupied territories is reminiscent of the treachery of the "Third Reich " in Germany.
The Arabs living in the occupied territories deserve their own viable state and those Arabs will not continue to roll over and play patsy while the Israelis continue with their duplicitous campaign of ethnic-cleansing of the Arabs.

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