Thursday, January 7, 2010


JANUARY 7,2010

Blogger Black Buzz's poem titled: Barack Hussein Obama's Unjust Afghan War is a moving extraordinarily powerful, dynamic and ardently written work about Barack Obama's wanton disregard and contempt for the Afghan and American people.
President Obama is following the exact same path that George W. Bush followed as he blindly led the U.S. into Iraq without any basis in fact relative to our national security solely for the benefit of the neo-cons and our vast expansive Military-Industrial Complex.
Now that the U.S.S.R. has been essentially defeated the U. S. and the EU and other Western powers have to have a enemy or bogey man to fight and they have found a convenient target and scapegoat in a bunch of ragtag Muslim extremist in a group called Al-QA'IDA and their fellow travelers and proxy's for Al-QA'IDA(Worldwide). The "Bear and the "Panda are only consolidating their power and infleunce around the planet and they are spending a ton on new High Tech Weapons Systems.
And China is building three times as many carriers as the U.S.
These U.S. wars of aggression around the globe are all for the benefit of the Military-Industrial-Complex and to maintain the supremacy of the American Empire, and they have nothing to do with our national or internal security.
Obama's Afghan war and our one-sided foreign policy against the Arabs living in Palestine are great recruitment tools for Al-QAIDA and other moderate Muslims worldwide.
More importantly the Iranians have made a fool and buffoon out of Obama and his girl Hillary while they continually proceed with their nuclear-enrichment program.
The Republicans are going to have a field day with Obama's foreign policy decisions in 2012.


American soldiers are dying on
the crusted cold dry desolate,
Afghan plains from left to right
with no immediate end to the
incessant genocide
in sight

How will the obstreperous
Taliban resist America's
avaricious Imperial
might ?
Maybe the Taliban and their
compadres will play hide-and-
but I know they will fight

I have seen courageous mothers
and rueful spouses crying
but when I look around
our soldiers are still dying

Why must our brave American
soldiers die ?
For the despotic government
of unsavory corrupt Hamid
Karzai ?

Why must gallant American
soldiers die ?
For Barack Obama's deceitful
lies ?

The cunning Obama says the
Afghan fight is a just war,
But I ask our laudable young
Is this the change you voted
for ?
Is this the change you voted
for ?
Then you go sign up,
Then you go sign up,
For Barack Hussein Obama's Unjust

By Ronald B. Saunders,January 7,2010

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